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The Magus Era - Chapter 92



The endless rain seemed as if it was dominating the entire world.

Man Man was carrying Ji Hao on her shoulder and running madly towards the North, like a fly without a head. While running, Man Man would let out a few sobs from time to time. Tears mixed with the rainwater, only a pair of red eye-sockets could be seen.

Man Man had purely relied on her instinct, running as fast as she could;she couldn't even think of covering the traces she was leaving behind her. She ran two to three miles with a single step, and her terrifying strength left deep and huge pits on the ground every few miles. Her strong body smashed countless trees. With all these traces she had left behind her, even blind people could have easily found her.

Ji Hao breathed difficultly. From inside the Yuan Dan in his spiritual space, silvery phoenix calls, occasionally, were coming out.

The drop of phoenix blood that the mysterious man had given, had only tentatively merged with Ji Hao's body before. This time, Ji Hao's soul had almost exploded;this strike somehow completely triggered the drop of phoenix blood, which had been hidden in his soul for all this time. The phoenix blood drop had now turned into large amounts of purple mist and was merging with Ji Hao's soul.

Ji Hao's soul was like a china bottle that had been nearly shattered by the force of the blood-red smoke. With the power of the phoenix blood, those cracks on his soul started to heal;slowly, a mysterious, beautiful and novel purple light started flashing from deep inside his soul. The Yuan Dan, which was about to disintegrate, now quickly recovered under the nourishment of the purple mist, and started rotating fast. Soon, the rotating Yuan Dan began to extract the natural power from the surrounding jungle and was absorbing those powers to replenish its own, and healing itself.

Along with the self-healing of the Yuan Dan and soul, Ji Hao finally got a slight trace of consciousness back.

He raised his head from Man Man's shoulder. Abruptly, a slight wisp of purple mist flashed deep across the insides of his pupils. The world in his sight suddenly changed weirdly. At this moment, within the area of about twenty miles in radius, within which Ji Hao's spiritual power could reach, the paths of every single drop of rain could be seen clearly by Ji Hao, and the routes of every single gust of wind could be easily perceived by him as well.

Within this moment, Ji Hao accurately predicted the movement of every single raindrop, in the next moment, he calculated the effect that every single gust of wind had on every single drop of rain. He could also clearly measure the sizes, weights, shapes of these raindrops, as well as the changes they would undergo by the air-friction.

This was almost an almighty and supreme ability.

Ji Hao had been immersed in this magical situation that was beyond description, for about one billionth of a seconds, then completely ran out of the slight little bit soul power that he just had recovered back. Ji Hao spat a mouthful of blood out, shook his head in a flurry, and forced himself to come out from that magical state.

This state was not for Ji Hao to reach with his current power. Not to mention that he was only a Junior Magi, Ji Hao even wondered if those that were Senior Magi, or even Magus Kings were qualified to touch a magical world like th.

’’Old man, you almost got me killed!’’ Ji Hao complained in his head, even silently cursing the mysterious man for a while.

[Sky opening], which the mysterious man used to break the formation, just had ripped a thick, heavy curtain apart in front of Ji Hao, showing a magical world that was even hard to imagine for Ji Hao;however, even a single dirt of this world was way beyond the limit of Ji Hao's soul and spiritual power. Although he had gained benefits that he didn't know how to explain for now, but this had still almost got him killed.

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao tried his best to breathe with the special method of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]. The natural power and life-force energy became a different coloured mist and was continuously being absorbed by Ji Hao's body. The multicoloured flame in Ji Hao's lower belly was blazing;the tens of Senior Magi blood that he had gained from the tens of Senior Magi, who had been killed by him while fighting against the allied forces not long ago, were now floating above the multicoloured flame. Around seventy percent of the Senior Magi blood that hadn't been digested by the flame yet, was now shining with a bright light, transforming into streams of multicoloured light, and nourishing Ji Hao's entire body.

Both Ji Hao's body and soul were being nourished by the lights and the cracks on Ji Hao's bones started to heal quickly as well.

Ji Hao got some of his power back. He raised his head, looked at the sky, then glanced at the jungle's surrounding, gnashed his teeth in pain and said, ’’Man Man, are you running towards the North? No, don't run that way, not the North. The Fire Crow Clan is already the most northern clan of the Southern Wasteland. If we go further up north, nothing and no one would be there, except for completely primitive land.’’

Man Man had been muddle-headed and was running without any thought for all this time;hearing Ji Hao's words, she trembled, stopped running at a loss, stared at Ji Hao while sobbing, with her face filled with sadness and confusion, and asked, ’’Then where should we go? Old Yan...Old Yan died, Old Yan has been killed by friends Xing, Hua, they...they're going to be so sad...’’

Man Man cried out like a helpless poor little baby.

She was a few months younger than Ji Hao, even in the Southern Wasteland, she was only a little kid. Not to mention that she had been such a spoiled kid ever since she was a newborn baby, Ying Yan had always taken care of everything for her so how could she ever have suffered through any danger like this?

Carrying Ji Hao and running out was already way beyond her experiences and capability, but this proved that this little girl had a conscience and was extra faithful to friends.

Just after crying for a short while, Man Man abruptly spew a mouthful of blood out, onto Ji Hao's face and body. Man Man's blood was extremely hot, even as hot as the boiling lava that even burned Ji Hao's skin with a sizzling sound, nearly making him scream out in pain.

This was the might of the great bloodline power that Man Man's blood possessed, hidden inside Man man's body;however, this little girl hadn't activated this unimaginable powerful bloodline during all this time, and had only depended on her physical strength and running this far.

’’Man Man, you're hurt!’’ Ji Hao struggled down from Man Man's shoulder, and looked at her back.

Man Man's back was badly mutilated, even Ji Hao couldn't help but gasp out of astonishment after seeing it, and instantly started feeling anxious for Man Man.

When Man Man carried Ji Hao and rushed into the jungle, Di Luo had released all of the Blood Moon's power, before it collapsed, and threw a deadly attack at Man Man. Because the formation was completely broken after that, the attack had missed the vital parts of Man Man's body, only hitting on the right side of her back.

After Man Man had beaten the mountain god and turned him into her slave, she had gone to the mountain god's nest and mischievously gathered all kinds of precious stones in that cave;back then, she felt that the armour she was wearing was a hindrance, so she had taken it off;now she was only wearing a long dress made of golden-red silk.

Obviously, this long dress was also some kind of powerful magic treasure, almost blocking the attack launched by the Blood-Moon with all of its remaining power. On Man Man's back, the long dress had been shining with a bright light, and a lot of spell symbols were flashing on the surface of the dress.

However, the Blood-Moon was way too powerful. It had opened a baby-fist-sized hole on the long dress, therefore, the right side of Man Man's back was nearly punctured. Through the bloody wound, Ji Hao saw her bone, which was glowing red and blazing like living charcoal, and her lung, which was squirming and spurting huge pieces of flame.

Her lung was badly injured, so every time she tried to talk, a mouthful of blood would spew out from her mouth.

With such a serious wound, this little girl, who had never been through any kind of life-threatening danger, had carried Ji Hao on her shoulder and ran this far for such long time.

’’Good Man Man, if it wasn't for you, we all would have died.’’ Ji Hao was frightened by Man Man's wound. These kind of wounds would kill any ordinary people instantly;fortunately, Man Man had an extremely strong body, so this wound only caused some effects to talking and moving abilities, and was not really threatening her life.

Man Man grabbed Ji Hao's sleeve while weeping, and looked at Ji Hao with a pair of eyes that were filled with tears.

Ji Hao had woken up so Man Man, the little girl, suddenly lost her braveness, and didn't even know where to run.

A few swishing sounds came from behind them. They had only stopped and talked for a short while, and the Blood Fang had already caught up.

Ji Hao gently rubbed Mr Crow, who had been huddled up in his arm and was trembling, held Man Man up, and carefully leapt high into the air, going into the misty, dense jungle.

Unlike Man Man, who could even shake the earth while running, Ji Hao wasn't leaving even the slightest of trail behind him. He brought Man Man and disappeared into the dense jungle, just like a real phantom.


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