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The Magus Era - Chapter 90


Opening the Sky

Was Ying Yan killed so easily?

Ying Yan just got killed so easily!!

Ji Hao felt that his entire body was frozen, as cold as ice. He gazed at the blood-red moon in the sky, and couldn't let any word out for quite a while.

He then slowly put Man Man down on the ground. Man Man's face had now been covered by tears;she was blinking her eyes rapidly and staring at Ying Yan's body, yelled with a trembling voice, ’’Old Yan! No...Old Yan! Please don't die...I...I'll never bully your grandchildren again...please don't!’’

While crying, Man Man grabbed Ji Hao's arm hard with both her hands. Her huge strength even made Ji Hao's arms bones emit a cracking sound. If Ji Hao hadn't absorbed large amounts of essence milk of the earth and one piece of essence crystal of the earth, his arm would have been broken by Man Man long ago.

Even then, Ji Hao still felt a great pain coming from his arms, which woke him up from his deepest despair, and forced him to focus on the current situation.

’’Whatever this is, break!’’ Ji Hao shouted out;afterwards, he whispered a spell from the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]. Before his voice faded, from his right hand, a sphere of firelight spurted out and started transforming under the control of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]'s power. After absorbing enough natural power from the surrounding jungle, the fiery light had condensed into a sphere of glowing red, lighting-bolts. Ji Hao threw the lightning-bolts sphere towards a wisp of blood-red smoke, which was about a thousand feet behind him, with all of his strength.

Followed by a loud boom, the sphere of fiery lightning bolts burst against the wisp of blood-red smoke.

However, the blood-red smoke, that seemed hazy and weak, didn't even move a little bit. A huge flame and lighting had been caused by the explosion of the fiery lighting sphere, along with waves of scorching air, flying towards Ji Hao. Ji Hao's long hair blew upwards by the hot air and stood straight up towards the sky.

’’It's useless! You stupid little bastard!’’ yelled Do Luo while crushing the rose in his hand into ashes. He then pointed his finger at Ji Hao and shouted furiously, ’’It's all useless! No matter how hard you try! It is the 'Hazy Blood Moon Ghost Killing' formation, a deadly formation! Its made by a powerful master with the blood-moon bloodline of the Xiu Clan! He made this especially for our Blood Fang! There is no way for you to break out of this formation, all you can do is raise your hands and wait to be captured by us!’’

Di Luo pulled out a long sword, pointed the sword tip at Ji Hao, then continued, ’’I remember that you chopped off my arm and dug out my eyeball. You wild, stinky barbarian, what you have done to me, I will do back to you! But hundreds, thousands of times worse!’’

Man Man's guards ran down the stairs and stood in front of Man Man, forming a semicircle, while shielding Man Man and Ji Hao behind them.

’’Young master! You go figure a way to get out here, we will stall these guys!’’ said a guard in a low voice.

The pretty face of Man Man suddenly became embarrassed;she kept her head down, slowly took out the red tablet that she had used to hurt the mountain god not long ago, and said in a low voice, ’’Without the sunrays, this tablet given by Abba, can't be refilled, using the energy of the sun, it's...useless now...Those other treasures that...Abba and Amma had given me, I didn't bring any of them with me, because I thought that they would be inconvenient.’’

The faces of the tens of guards suddenly became deadly pale, endless despair had filled their pupils.


A sharp, dramatic laughter came from the blood-red smoke. Followed by the voice, Jiang Yao slowly walked out dramatically. She was wearing an extremely luxurious cloak, with one hand holding a bloody human head. After she walked out of the smoke, she threw the human head towards Ji Hao. The head rolled down the stairs along with rub-a-dub sounds, leaving large amounts of half curdled blood on the stairs.

Hundreds of dark skinned slave warriors of the Blood Fang walked out of the smoke while laughing viciously. Each of them had been holding a couple of human heads in their hands. They then threw those head down the stairs one after another. Thousands of human heads thudded against the stairs and rolled down, the scene was like the most horrible nightmare. A fury instantly hit right into Ji Hao's head from his heart.

These were the three thousand young boys and girls from the Fire Crow Clan, who had been all brought here by Ji Hao himself. They were all dead!

They were all brutally killed and beheaded.

Looking at the badly mutilated faces of theirs, Ji Hao couldn't even imagine how hopeless and fearful they were before they died.

’’Jiang Yao!’’ Jia Hao roared, tendons standing out under Ji Hao's skin all over his body. He pointed his finger at Jiang Yao and growled hoarsely, ’’I will chop you into pieces! I will! Filthy bitch! And Ji Shu, Jiang Bo, anyone related to you! None of them can live!’’

Jiang Yao slighted twisted the slim waist of hers, letting out a smile. She stood beside Di Luo, chuckled and crooked her finger towards Ji Hao and said, ’’Do you want to kill me? Come, just do it! Look, so many kids of your Fire Crow Clan had been slaughtered by us, do you feel any pain about it? Do you?’’

Ji Hao didn't respond, only glared at Jiang Yao.

’’Scream, just scream it out. I know that it must be hurting badly, and you must be so angry! That's how I felt when you got Wu killed. This is how angry I was!’’ Jiang Yao's face gradually became twisted as she started screaming with a piercing voice, and her beautiful eyes had now been filled with blood, turning into a scary blood-red colour.

’’Do you know how badly that hurt? My son! Wu! My only, dearest son!’’ screamed Jiang Yao, ’’Even if he was going to be killed by someone, then that should have to be me! Only I could do that! Not you bunch of lowly, stupid Crow people!’’

’’I, Jiang Yao, am the daughter of the Master Maguspriest of the Bi Fang Clan! I have a noble bloodline and a noble family background! I am the noblest woman! My son, was also one of the noblest people in the world! And He! Got killed by you! You! A little bastard!’’ Jiang Yao had gone hysteric, not even being able to make a whole sentence and her fingers had been twisted like chicken claws, madly waving in the air.

’’Run, struggle, hurry, do all you can and try to figure a way out of this!’’ Jiang Yao gasped heavily, waving her arms in the air, and growled, ’’Despair! Cry! Scream! Because you only have a quarter of an hour left! I give you a quarter of an hour so you can figure out how to get out of this formation! You should try your best to cry and scream and kneel down on the ground! And beg to live! If you can't get out, I will kill you! All of you!’’

’’Haha, you heard the lady.’’

Di Luo laughed out, then pointed his finger at the blood-moon in the sky. A beam of sharp, yet phantom-like blood-red light, flashed through the air. In the next second, the mountain god, who had been standing in front of Man Man with both of his arms opened, let out a muffled groan and his gigantic body then fell hard on the ground. A punctured hole was showing up on his forehead.

The mountain god's accompanying animal let out a shrill wail, running fast around the mountain god's body, and ceaselessly moaning like a hurt puppy.

The Blood-red light flashed across the air again and again. The tens of guards standing in front of Man Man fell down on the ground one after another. All of them were either punctured in the chests, or their stomachs were ripped apart and bared their squirming internal organs, or arms or legs been chopped off. Every single one of them had been seriously injured within a moment and fell onto the ground, and couldn't help but shout out in pain.

’’Hurry! Ji Hao! I gave you a quarter of an hour, to break out from the formation!’’ Jiang Yao's face was blushing in utmost excitement, laughing insanely and yelled, ’’Don't say that I, your auntie, am bullying you. Once you break this formation, I will allow you another quarter of an hour to run away from us!’’

Ji Hao growled in rage, turned around and threw tens of fiery lightning bolts onto the blood-red smoke wisp behind him.

Mr. Crow, who had been standing on Ji Hao's shoulder all this time, let out a resonant call, flapped his wings and released a huge beam of flames towards the blood-red smoke;however, the wisp of blood-red smoke stayed absolutely still.

Di Luo sniffed, pointed his finger again at the blood-moon, another beam of blood-red light darted over, and punctured Mr.Crow's body from the chest to the tail. Mr.Crow fell on Ji Hap's shoulder, couldn't stop twitching while hot blood gushed out of his body.

’’Kid, try to break this strategy with only your own power, not this bloody huge crow!’’ Di Luo looked down at Ji Hao proudly, and laughed out loud as if he was the god who had been dominating the entire world.

Inside Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man opened his mouths and let out a resonant voice.

’’Little guy, during all these days, I have been studying on your [Mantra Dan with Nice Secret Words]. I learned something interesting from it, combined it with my own power, and made something new.’’

’’Let go of your mind and let me take control of your body temporarily. I will use the [Sky Opening] with your body, which should be able to break this formation.’’

Without any hesitation, Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and instantly drew all of his spiritual power back into his Yuan Dan.

The mysterious man took a deep breath, and slowly stood up from the white, foggy flat. This seemed to be the first time that Ji Hao saw himg standing up, during all these years.

The mysterious man then made a weird posture. Followed by this move, Ji Hao's body made the same posture;then, led by the mysterious man, Ji Hao thrust out the forefinger of his right hand, and drew a simple yet mysterious arc that was very hard to describe, in the air.

The skin and flesh on Ji Hao's finger suddenly exploded, leaving the finger bone, which was shining with a dim light. The badly damaged finger of Ji Hao slightly touched the blood-red smoke, which had been blocking their way out, while spurting large amounts of blood.


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