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The Magus Era - Chapter 89


Blood Moon

Ji Hao felt like he had been staying in a cozy and warm bed that had a nice sunshine-like scent left on it, but someone had suddenly thrown hundreds of highly poisonous snakes into his bed.

An unspeakable cold and wet atmosphere hit directly into Ji Hao's brain along with his spine. Ji Hao opened all his pores simultaneously, drawing the vast natural power surrounding his body. A pair of fiery wings suddenly stretched out behind his body along with a thunderous boom. Ji Hao then rushed down through the stairs at his highest speed.

Those guards didn't desert their duties. What really happened was, they had all been killed already.

The heavy rain had flushed all of the traces away, without leaving even a stain of blood or a slightest scent of blood, but at the moment before those guards death, their souls had struggled violently and left an extremely slight, invisible trace near the arch, with the last bit of their power.

Reminded by the mysterious man, added with his great and sensitive spiritual power, which was even greater than that of the Southern Wasteland magi above the Senior level, Ji Hao ultimately had sensed the slight trace of cold, subtle vibe, that had lingering around the arch, and was left by the souls of those guards as a message before they had vanished.

The [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] which was capable of purifying the soul and connecting with the universe, was unimaginably mysterious. Ji Hao triggered the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] with all of his power. His Yuan Dan started rotating fast in his spiritual space, releasing waves of soul power;soon, Ji Hao's soul power quickly spread towards the surrounding area, like a huge net. He instantly perceived a horrible, homicidal vibe in the air that was so thick that it even nearly condensed into a visible entity.

Ji Hao injected all of his power into the fiery wings, fleeing as fast as he could. He held the small body of Man Man, while leaving large numbers of afterimages behind him. Followed by a loud boom, Ji Hao suddenly darted out like a cannonball. He moved so fast that he even shattered the air, and caused an air explosion;nine air explosions had then been started by Ji Hao in a row. His body flashed across the air and appeared in the middle part of the stairs. It seemed that in the next moment, Ji Hao could rush down the stairs and flee into the jungle around the lake.

Until now, Ying Yan and the tens of guards hadn't even realized what was happening.

They were indeed powerful, and had a noble status. They were a group of people that were representing the highest class of the Southern Wasteland. Normally, no one dared to offend them. Those guards were more like working slaves during most of the time;as for Ying Yan, he came from a good family and was doing an especially important job;staying by Man Man's side. Ying Yan's status was equal to the Grand Chancellor;he had never fought against any man, and had not even seen real blood for his entire life.

Judging on basis of fighting experiences, even if Ying Yan and the tens of the guards combined their experiences together, they wouldn't be able to compete with ten percent of Ji Hao's experiences.

Ji Hao had already ran nearly a thousand feet far, when Ying Yan turned his head back in both panic and confusion, opened his mouth and yelled, ’’Ji Hao, are you stupid or crazy? What are you running from?’’

Without any preparation, Ying Yan suddenly sensed a light blood scent. An old, bronze tablet tied around his waist, that was embossed with a totem of a three-headed pheasant, and contained some kind of special magic, suddenly lit up. The six pupils of the three-headed pheasant spurted out streams of bright cyan light, which quickly coiled around Ying Yan's body and wrapped him up.

’’This...magical poison?’’ Ying Yan rubbed his own nose and murmured. Green blood started dripping down from his nostrils. At first, the blood was only coloured light-green, soon, it turned into a dark-green colour and then started emitting a blood-like odour.

It was a magical poison, but not some ordinary kind of poison;it was the most effective and deadly poison that was made from the most poisonous creatures in the jungle;this kind of poison acted fastest amongst all kinds of magic poisons. Ying Yan wasn't an expert of magical poisons, but after all, he had been living for nearly a thousand years;his rich experiences allowed him to instantly recognize the scents of venoms from at least a hundred different kinds of poisonous creatures;this meant, this magical poison was made from at least a hundred different kinds of highly toxic venoms.

Mixing the venoms of over a hundred different kinds of highly poisonous creatures, and making them into magical poison, in the Southern Wasteland, such drug-making skills had only been secretly inherited by a few Maguspriests of the big clans like the Bi Fang Clan and Rosefinch clan. Any other small or middle scale clans could never have this kind of mysterious and powerful skill, neither did they have enough money nor power-level to make this kind of magical poison.

Facing the magic poison that had attacked suddenly, the bronze tablet tied around Ying Yan's waist automatically activated and tried to protect its owner. The power of the tablet blocked the poison from spreading any further inside Ying Yan's body, however, a slight trace of magical poison had already got into his body, which made him feel extra weak. The poison had weakened his power by around thirty percent.

’’Which clan did you come from? Are you trying to challenge us?’’ After been sneak-attacked by the magical poison, Ying Yan didn't have any other reaction, but only growled towards the air with a hoarse voice, ’’Do you have any idea that, if you ever offend our young master, what will happen to your entire clan? Do you want your entire clan to die?!’’

Ji Hao held Man Man tight, while running as fast as he could. He clearly understood that Man Man could not die - At least, while he was still considered as Man Man's bodyguard, Man Man could not die. By following Man Man around for these couple of days, Ji Hao had learned that once this little girl died while he was around, the entire Fire Crow Clan would be cruelly punished by her Abba.

Ji Hao used all of his power, trying to run faster. While he was running, he heard that Ying Yan was still yelling at the enemies, who had just sneaked-attacked him. Ji Hao couldn't help but sigh with regret. Whoever that was, they had already killed all of the guards, which meant that they had come with a resolute purpose;if really so, who would be frightened by your threats? thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao took another step forward and darted again out. His body shape became hazy, and large numbers of afterimages appeared behind him. He had already ran to the last step of the stairs.

The sky suddenly darkened, a huge, blood-red moon silhouette appeared in the sky. Thousands of wisps of smoke rushed down from the blood-red moon, transformed into a gigantic net, and shrouded the area within tens of miles around.

Ji Hao hit a wisp of blood-red smoke, felt a stream of extremely soft and sticky power coil around his body, which slightly pushed him backwards. This power badly shocked Ji Hao, even making him feel dizzy and unable to see. He staggered back for hundreds of steps while gasping heavily. The power had just pushed him back to the stairs in front of the manor.

’’Moon...Blood moon?’’ Ji Hao raised his head, gazed at the huge, blood-red moon in shock.

’’Moon?’’ Man Man looked at Ji Hao carefully and asked, ’’what is a moon?’’

Ji Hao stayed silent.

The night sky of the Southern Wasteland had always been and only been thickly dotted with countless, different sized stars. Ji Hao somehow saw the moon from pieces of his own, mysterious previous life's memory, but here in the Southern Wasteland, he had never seen the moon that should have been dominating the night sky. Therefore, to kids like Man Man, there wasn't such thing as a 'moon' that existed in this world. This was the first time that she had heard 'moon', the strange pronunciation, and it came from Ji Hao's mouth.

Ji Hao stared at the blood-red moon above in the sky. Although this was the first time he saw this thing in this life, he instinctively felt that this thing was called 'moon'. At the same time, he also felt that this blood-red moon, floating above the manor, was not a real moon that really existed over there, but was only a phantom.

The hazy blood-red smoke took the place of the watery mist that was caused by the heavy rain, rising from the ground. Within the blood-red smoke, tall, sturdy, and ferocious, ghost-like silhouettes slowly emerged one after another.

The Jia Clan warriors were standing in the blood-red smoke while laughing viciously in low voices. They were wearing heavy, full armours;except for their faces, every inch of their skins had been covered in heavy, full metal armours. Two pair of pupils shone on each of these Jia Clan's warriors' eyes, as if they were the most ferocious ghosts that had come to the living world straight from hell.

Ji Hao took a quick glance, and found out that at least over a thousand Jia Clan's warriors had come out from the surrounding area.

’’Four-eyes?’’ Ying Yan yelled harshly, ’’Are you monsters from the Jia Clan? How dare you! You had invaded into our Southern Wasteland and captured our people, you have already committed a death crime! Now, how dare you come and harass our young master! You! Aren't you afraid of death?!’’

’’Look at what we have already done, now, can you tell us, are we afraid of death or not?’’ Di Luo laughed scornfully while slowly walking out of the smoke, with a red rose held in his hand. He threw a vicious smile towards Ji Hao, then said unhurriedly with a dramatic tone, ’’That little girl is very pretty, she must be worth a fortune, haha, don't you think so?’’

Ying Yan shouted out in rage.

Di Luo suddenly pointed his finger at the sky. When he did that, the blood moon flashed in the sky, then a stream of blood-red light darted down from the moon, towards Ying Yan. Ying Yan instantly let a great howl out in pain. In the next moment, a great cloud of blood-mist burst out from his left arm - the blood-red light stream chopped his entire left arm off from his body.

The blood moon then slightly spun in the sky, another blood-red light stream flashed through the air. Ying Yan had just grabbed a red jade tablet out from his cloak, and before he had crushed it, the blood-red light stream sliced his body into two pieces from the middle.

Blood splashed everywhere. Ying Yan's internal organs fell on the ground, flowing like streams;even his soul had instantly been shattered by the power of the blood-red light stream.


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