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The Magus Era - Chapter 86


Harden the body

Man Man thrust her little finger into the pool and dipped a little bit of essence milk of the earth, then put the finger tip into her own mouth and tasted it with her tongue. She instantly spat a few mouthfuls of saliva out, frowningly, after that.

’’It's not as useful as you said! Old Yan!’’ Man Man immediately lost interest in the essence milk of the earth, leaping and running towards the hill of precious stones, over a hundred feet tall, located quite far away from the pool. That small hill was piled up with uncountable, difference-sized and multicoloured precious stones, which were shining with a bright, piercing light that could blind even an ordinary man.

’’To you, our young master, it will certainly be useless;however, to other people, this is a treasure!’’ said Ying Yan;at the same time, he took out a fist-sized jade bottle from his sleeve, and threw it into the pool that contained the essence milk of the earth.

The jade bottle suddenly expanded out into a human-head-size, and released a fierce gust of air stream from the opening. A thumb-thick essence milk of the earth slowly rose from the pool and flew into the opening of the bottle. Ying Yan seemed like he was trying very hard to control the bottle, his facial expression suddenly changed, and his white facial skin had turned blood-red because of overexertion.

A buzzing sound came from the bottle;the essence milk of the earth started flying into the jade bottle in a stream while the bottle was shaking intensely.

The liquid surface level in the pool started declining. An inch, three inches, seven inches...a foot, three feet, seven feet...

When the liquid surface level dropped for sixteen feet, hundreds of human-head-sized yellow crystal showed up in the liquid. These crystals were transparent and shining, wisps of thumb-thick smoke could be seen coming in and out of them, and circling around them;from time to time, a bright light flashed through these crystals and lit up large pieces of ancient, simple spell symbols on the crystals.

Seeing the crystals, Ying Yan waved his hand with an excitement-filled face, then the jade bottle stopped extracting the essence milk of the earth, instead, it released tens of streams of air, and started absorbing those crystals.

Those human-head-sized crystals seemed strangely heavy. Ying Yan pointed at the jade bottle with his forefinger and middle finger;fire sparks burst out from between his fingers. He seemingly used all of his power to control the jade bottle, and finally, those crystals rose slowly, flying towards the narrow opening of the jade bottle, along with a low buzzing sound.

’’Ji Hao, you and the guards did a good job by taking care of our young master, you should take these essence milk of the earth. The essence milk of the earth is condensed by the power and life force energy of the earth, it is able to slightly improve your strength, and largely improve the condition of your bodies, and your defensive power;more importantly, it can purify your meridians and Magus acupoints, and bring great benefits for your practice in the future.’’

While Ying Yan was trying his best to control the jade bottle and absorb these crystals, he pointed his fingers at the remaining essence milk of the earth in the pool, which was about fifty-six feet in radius and a feet deep, and said with a calm voice, ’’But, you have to be extra cautious and careful when you absorb this, do not absorb the amount that is beyond the capacity of your bodies, otherwise, your body will turn into stone, which will be huge trouble.

Ji Hao and the tens of guards glanced at each other, then all jumped into the pool.

Those guards were overcautious, they wouldn't dare to lose their politeness in front of Ying Yan and Man Man. They would only sit in the pool of essence milk of the earth and carefully absorb the liquid with their special methods. But, Ji Hao didn't care that much, he even took off his clothes, leaving only a short underwear that was made of leather, directly laid down on the ground and soaked his entire body into the essence milk of the earth.

In the meanwhile, he triggered the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell];every single pore of his body opened simultaneously, formed countless tiny swirls and started absorbing the essence milk of the earth.

The essence milk of the earth had been formed from the essence of the earth that had gathered the power and life-force energy of the earth. The essence of the earth was purified by the mysterious universal power, over a very long time span;the essence of the earth slowly condensed into liquid and gathered in caves that had the perfect environmental conditions;by the perfect environmental conditions, it meant that these kinds of caves were able to gather the natural power and energy, and brewed the earth essence liquid like wine, for at least ten thousand years, after which it finally would become the essence milk.

The earth power was highly rich and nourishing, and had always been considered as the mother of all kinds of beings. The essence milk of the earth was formed by the earth power and thus had the magical effect which could largely improve the condition of human bodies. If a Southern Wasteland's warrior would have a chance to improve his body with the essence milk of the earth, normally speaking, after the warrior did that, his or her power would be able to far exceed that of the other peer-level warriors and could probably compete with three to five warriors, who were in at the same power level, at the same time.

A drop of the essence milk of the earth had been inhaled into Ji Hao's body, then quickly transformed into wisps of yellow smoke and was swallowed by the multicoloured flame in his lower abdomen. Soon, streams of multicoloured lights, which were a lot brighter than the usual, had flown out of the flame and quickly been absorbed by Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao had a strange feeling that previously his body used to have a lot of interspaces between his body-cells, but now, those interspaces had started to be filled with an unknown material that had high consistency;however, his body didn't become heavier at all, instead, it became firmer in quality.

Ji Hao kept his breath orderly. Every time he breathed, larger amounts of essence milk of the earth were merging with his body.

The essence milk of the earth was formed by the essence of the earth, therefore, every single drop of it was incredibly heavy. Even Ying Yan seemed to have spent quite an effort to move those essence milk of the earth into the jade bottle with his power.

After absorbing even a single drop of the essence milk of the earth into the body, an ordinary warrior needed to spend large amounts of energy to digest it. He would need to extract the beneficial powers from it and send the powers to each part of the body. After doing so he would have to improve the condition of his body and lay a better base for future practice.

However, Ji Hao had the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell], which was an unimaginably, powerful special ability. The magical multicoloured flame in Ji Hao's lower abdomen only needed a short while to absorb the essence milk of the earth. First, it would neutralize all of the negative power, which would make a human body slowly crystallize, contained in the essence milk. Then, the flame would transform the essence milk into pure power and energy that would be most beneficial to the human body.

Ji Hao's muscles had been waving orderly under his skin, like a quiet, peaceful ocean. His breath gradually turned heavy and powerful. From the skin to the flesh, from the meridians to the internal organs, and from the bones to the marrow, even the brain and nerves, which were extremely hard to be purified, his whole body had been quickly improving and strengthening by the multicoloured light streams, which had become a lot brighter and thicker than usual.

The little group of Man Man's guards, even the few Senior Magi amongst them, could only carefully intake a few drops of the essence milk of the earth each time, and worked very hard to digest and purify it with their own blood and energy, extract the power from it and averagely send the power to their entire body.

Those Junior level guards had to spend the whole twelve hours, which was a half day, to barely digest a single drop of the essence milk of the earth;as for those Senior level guards, although their blood was pure and powerful, and the power and energy contained in their bodies were as great as a dragon and as vast as an ocean, they still needed the span of one breath to digest one drop of the essence milk of the earth.

But with the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell], Ji Hao could digest at least over a hundred drops of the essence milk of the earth during the span of one breath. Ji Hao's digesting speed was over a hundred times faster than those Senior Magi!

Most of the power that had been extracted from the essence milk of the earth became nutrients for the multicoloured flame itself. The originally dim flame had now become more and more brighter, and even doubled in size. Because of his continuous absorption of the power of essence milk of the earth, the multicoloured flame's digesting ability had also been improving.

The essence milk of the earth could not largely improve the physical strength within a short time span, instead, what it had been doing was upgrading the condition of Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao observed his own body with his spiritual power, he clearly perceived that after everytime he had digested one drop of the essence milk of the earth, his physical strength would only improve by tens of 'stones', however, the firmness and defensive power of his body would improve by a larger amount.

To Ji Hao, who was still in the Junior Level, the effect of this natural-formed treasure - the essence milk of the earth, was unspeakably great.

Especially the condition of the meridians and Magus acupoints inside his body which had been improved by many times, and was still continuously improving. He sensed that his meridians had become wider and firmer, and those Magus acupoints had become clearer;the power contained in them had become greater as well;additionally, the capacity of his meridians had also been increasing by many times.

Every single drop of the essence milk of the earth that had been digested by Ji Hao, had brought him benefits that was equal to what he would've gained by eating a Junior level beast.

Although Ying Yan took most of the essence milk of the earth, there was certainly more than a million drops of it left in the pool, which would be enough for tens, even hundreds of Ji Hao's more to use.

Ji Hao laid his head on a piece of yellow crystal, while concentrating on running the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell]. This crystal that contained a vast earth power also started to be slowly absorbed by Ji Hao's body.

His body was becoming stronger, and even grew two inches taller;at the same time, his shoulders grew wider and his muscles swelled greatly.


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