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The Magus Era - Chapter 69




Black Water Jiao, who had been badly wounded, finally fell onto the ground. A few Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors rushed over and held him up. An old Maguspriest took out a black stone jar, withdrew an ointment that was emitting a light and nice herbal scent out from the jar, and spread a thick layer of it on Black Water Jiao's wounds.

Black Water Jiao paid no attention on his own serious injuries, instead, he was pointing his finger at Ji Hao and wildly laughed out loud while yelling.

’’Ji Hao, you little bastard! You're so dead! Hahaha! This little woman, your people are the ones who killed her! Her father is Jiang Shu, an elder Magus of the Bi Fang Clan! You're no more than an ordinary clansman of a Bi Fang Clan's dependency clan, and still you killed this little woman, you're in so much trouble!’’

While gasping deeply, Black Water Jiao continued with a ferocious face, ’’Not only you, your Abba, your Amma, and anyone that has any connection with you, will have to die! Hehe, I heard that your Amma was the most beautiful woman in Qing Yi Clan long time ago, killing her like this would be such a waste...How much do think your Amma would be worth? How much should I spend to buy your Amma as my slave?’’

Ji Hao raised his left arm, then put his right hand on his left arm while looking at Black Water Jiao's twisted face. Ji Hao's right palm suddenly spurted out a large piece of flame.

’’Black Water Jiao, Jiang Xue was killed by you, how does that has anything to do with me?’’ said Ji Hao coldly and expressionlessly He had already made up his mind that he was going to kill Black Water Jiao today. ’’I'm a Fire Crow Clan's clansman, I don't have any reason to kill the daughter of a Bi Fang Clan's elder. It has to be you who killed Jiang Xue.’’

’’Little bastard! We have so many people here! We can testify that it was you who killed Jiang Xue!’’ Red Horn, who was lying on the ground, with half of his body smashed and continuously twitching, screamed aloud after he heard Ji Hao.

’’You? Testify?’’ said Ji Hao loudly, ’’but you all died, who else can testify?’’

While laughing, an eye-piercing, golden-red fiery light darted out from Ji Hao's right palm;the light was so bright that people nearby couldn't even look directly at it;a great heat instantly shrouded the jungle for miles round. The rocks hundreds of feet away behind Ji Hao were suddenly burnt red by the heat, and tens of rocks near Ji Hao's body quickly melted into lava.

’’’’ Black Water Jiao and the other people exclaimed loudly altogether.

’’This is...take this!’’

A high-pitched voice came from the sky;followed by that voice, a gigantic black eagle, with the wingspan of hundreds of feet long, silently glided through the air above the crowd;from the back of the eagle, a black, huge ape leapt down, holding a heavy, large wooden stick in his hands. The ape's body was wrapped around by a fierce gust of black wind, like a great dragon that was circling around Ape's body. In the air, Ape raised the wooden stick high and swung it towards Black Water Jiao, along with a loud roaring-sound of the wind that seemed powerful enough to crack the earth and split the sky.

Every single black hair of the gigantic black ape was standing up;his pupils were shining with a blood-red light. The huge wooden stick was falling from the sky like a lightning bolt. Just as Black Water Jiao raised his head and glanced up at the sky, trying to find out what was happening, the thick stick had already hit hard on his forehead.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the old Maguspriest standing beside Black Water Jiao raised a serpent skull in the flurry. Wisps of black smoke spurted out from the palm-sized serpent skull, which held Ape's thick stick back.

With a loud crash, the bodies of Black Water Jiao and the old Maguspriest were shocked violently, blood spurted out from their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses simultaneously.

The fierce Black Wind blew towards the surrounding, and sent the four Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi and other thousands of elite warriors away towards all directions, like a bunch of fallen leaves.

The four Senior Magi barely stood still under the strong wind, they even waved their swords towards Ape a few times;but the other thousands of Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors were all howling in the air. Novice Magi warriors were torn into pieces by the horrible wind at first;afterwards, Junior Magi warriors were torn apart by the wind while screaming, one after another. Blood and body pieces were splashing everywhere, even covering the sky.

One single full-powered attack launched by Ape shattered thousands of elite Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors, who were present there, into pieces, with the exception of Black Water Jiao, the other four Senior Magi, and the old Maguspriest.

All of the Southern Wasteland Warriors were required to remember one life-saving principle - When Senior Magi were fighting, the rest of the non-Senior Magi warriors had to run as far away as possible;if they would stay at least twenty miles away from the fighting spot, then it would be possible to keep themselves alive.

However, these Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors obviously didn't follow that principle this time, and thousands of them were killed by a single attack of Ape.

The Black eagle glided across the lower part of the sky again, seven to eight sturdy beasts that walked on their two legs similar to humans, leapt down from the eagle's back, howled and rushed into the surrounding groups of the allied forces. Amongst these beasts, were two highland King Kong gorillas, one male and one female;three blood-face baboons, which were close relatives of apes;the other four were cold-wind soft monkeys, they had relatively small bodies, but moved as fast as ghosts, and would let ceaseless high-pitched howls out, while running.

The two highland King Kong gorillas didn't have any weapons;they were tens of feet tall, and were waving their tank-sized fists. Every punch thrown out by them caused the ground within tens of feet in radius to shake, hundreds of allied clans' warriors were shattered into clouds of blood-mist while screaming and crying under the power of their punches.

The three blood-face baboons had been standing on the ground in a triangle. Their blood-red, ghost-like faces were squirming;they opened their mouths widely, continuously swallowing and spitting towards the air;every time they did this, there were a thousand of warriors who would lose control of their bodies and spew blood from every opening of their bodies;all those blood were drawn into the stomachs of these blood-face baboons through their mouths, and absorbed by their bodies.

The four cold-wind soft monkeys were even more horrible. They had been running fast and leaving nearly a thousand feet long trail of afterimages behind their bodies, none of the ordinary warriors could clearly see even their shadows. Every time they thrust their sharp claws out, they would dug out a warrior's heart, then threw it away. Hot, beating hearts were thrown everywhere.

Blood splashed everywhere, bones and flesh were thrown flying in the air. These nine beasts called by Ape were incomparably fierce and cruel, each one of them was a Senior Magus level powerful creatures. Within the blink of an eye, over ten thousands of warriors were slaughtered by them. The allied troops were unprepared for all this, causing everyone to be badly frightened.

’’Get out of the way! You trash!’’

An especially strong and sturdy man growled out, raised a heavy axe, and went hacking towards a highland King Kong gorilla.

Only a Senior Magus could deal with another Senior Magus. When Senior Magi were fighting, the rest of the warriors better stayed as far away as they could. There were over one hundred Senior Magi amongst the allied troops, once they started fighting with all of their power, the rest of the warriors standing within ten miles near them would all be smashed and die.

Therefore, all of Senior Magi from different clans started yelling at their clansmen, telling them to leave as fast as they could.

However, to leave was not as simple as they thought. Ape's nine friends rushed into the crowd and started massacring. Soon, streams of blood were flowing on the ground like rivers. Senior Magi could barely hold attacks of these beasts back, however, they couldn't risk to launch any attack with all of their powers and kill their own clansmen accidentally.

The allied troop had fallen into chaos. They didn't even had made retreatment plans how could they draw back within a short time span if they didn't even know which direction to go?

Watching the warriors from different clans being massacred by the few beasts, Black Water Jiao, who was trying his best to resist the thick stick of Ape, let out a scream.

’’Ji Hao! How dare you! Even Ji Xia wouldn't dare to kill warriors from this many clans at once! Do you want the Fire Crow Clan to become the common enemy for countless Southern Wasteland Clans?!’’

Ji Hao looked at Black Water Jiao, as if he was looking at a fool, and said, ’’You challenged us first, and attempted to kill us. Common enemy? All these clans are already our enemies. And as far as enemies go, we can just kill them all!’’

Ji Hao had prepared for quite a while, finally, he waved his right hand in the air. A large piece of golden fiery light burst out from Ji Hao's right palm;in the next moment, a nearly twenty feet long spear that was spurting a raging fire appeared in Ji Hao's hand.

Within the flame of the spear, a palm-sized, three-legged Gold Crow was hovering lively and cawing with a silvery, sweet voice.


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