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The Magus Era - Chapter 376


Chapter 376: True Heart
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Natural soil essence?
Dragon Pool shook his head and gave a scornful sneer, then kept walking away with big steps.
He knew nothing about natural soil essence. He was only an old tree growing in the forest and
was nourished by nature itself; luckily, he became conscious and cultivated himself into a spirit
being, a treeman. For the leopard, his only friend who had been accompanying him all the
years, he was forced to leave that deep valley where he had been living peacefully, and came to
the outside world.
No one had ever told him about natural soil essence, and neither did he have any interest in this
’’Idiot!’’ Song Gu roared ragingly. An even stronger life-force swiftly reaching over from
underground had been injected into the Song Gu's replication, the cypress. The big fire burning
on the cypress instantly extinguished, and that cypress became taller, thicker, even showing a
faint sign of becoming a real treeman.
’’Natural soil essence is a precious treasure, which can make your power improve rapidly!’’ Song
Gu growled in a hoarse voice, ’’Put it on your roots, it will gather all essence earth power
contained in the land a million-mile in radius around you. With this treasure, the outcome of
cultivating yourself for one day will be equal to a whole year of cultivation of the other
'A day of cultivation equals to a whole year of cultivation of the others'?!
The few Magi Palace apprentices who had followed Dragon Pool into the woods couldn't help
but pop their eyes out in shock. Song Gu was willing to give so much for drawing Dragon Pool to
his side?! Dragon Pool was one of the Magi Palace's Magi Masters now, he was supposed to be
protected by the Magi Palace and accept remuneration and benefits offered by the Magi Place.
By attempting to draw Dragon Pool to his side, Song Gu was trying to steal from the Magi Place!
One apprentice silently crumbled a tiny jade slip with which, he sent the message regarding
what was happening around here, out.
Dragon Pool snorted, and didn't stop walking back towards the special army camp with big
steps. At the same time, he said, ’’What would be different even if you can improve fast? A day, a
year? To our kind, what is the point of improving fast? Anyhow, we are rooted in the soil,
absorbing the rain and dew, our lives are what are truly precious to us... powers are just
'Lives are what are truly precious, powers are just additions', Dragon Pool's words enraged
Song Gu so badly yet, Song Gu couldn't find any word to contradict it. The leopard intimately
rubbed Dragon Pool's root with his head, then comfortably gave a loud snort.
’’The ancient Green God's tree-heart!’’ Song Gu threw out his trump card, screaming in a nearly
desperate voice, ’’You idiot! That is the ancient Green God's tree-heart! The Green God was the

dominator of all ancient trees, and as long as you merge his tree-heart with your body, you will
have the Green God's supreme power and you will have a chance to become a god!’’
’’Become a god?’’ Dragon Pool pondered briefly, then shook his enormous tree-crown. He didn't
have a clear understanding of becoming a god at all. In Dragon Pool's eyes, a god standing high
above the masses and an ordinary old tree in the forest didn't have much of difference, did
Even if he truly became a god, he would still be rooted in the soil, absorbing the sunlight, rain
and dew as much as he liked, right?
’’What is the big deal about becoming a god?’’ Dragon Pool laughed and said.
’’Of course it's a big deal!’’ That pair of dark and hollowed eyes of Song Gu's replication were
even about to start burning, while he yelled, ’’Idiot! You idiot! Becoming a god, god! A god
standing high above the whole world, who possesses inexhaustible power! A god who can
dominate all the greenery in this world! Back in the ancient time, all our treemen were warriors
or slaves under the Green God's command. This tree-heart that once belonged to the ancient
Green God can give us a chance to become the new Green God!’’
’’So where is the Green God?’’ Dragon Pool turned around and asked, ’’Where is the old Green
’’Eh?!’’ Song Gu looked at Dragon Pool stunned. Dragon Pool's question even made him feel hard
to breathe.
Green God, the god of the East, the god of all greenery, the supreme god that once ruled the
entire Eastern Wasteland. However, the Green God's bloodline had gone downhill since long
ago. During recent years, the last Green God descendant who was known by this world was Man
Man's mother. They said that Man Man's mother was the elder sister of the last Green God!
Was the Green God bloodline still existing in this world? But where were those possessors of the
Green God Bloodline now?
The Zhu Rong Family had rooted in the Southern Wasteland, and was now thriving; the Gong
Gong Family was entrenched in the Northern Underworld Sea, and was also having great days.
However, families of the Green God and Gold God, these two ancient god families, had nearly
disappeared in the recent years. Some people might know about where they currently were and
what they had been doing, but Song Gu didn't have a clue about them.
The current strongest force on the Eastern Wasteland, which was once under the Green God's
domination, was the Ten Sun Country, a country of human beings. People of the Ten Sun
Country, like Ying Yunpeng and his families, what they had been worshiping were their own
ancestors and clan totems; as for the Green God, many of those people probably had already
forgotten him.
’’What would be different even if I became the Green God?’’ Dragon Pool spread his pair of huge,
arm-shaped branches, honestly looked at Song Gu and said, ’’I think nothing would change. I
would still be Dragon Pool, a purple grain dragon sandalwood.’’
’’Song Gu, one of my own kind,’’ Dragon Pool looked at Song Gu in a profound way and
continued, ’’We are treemen, being able to root in the soil and live a free life, is the greatest gift
given to us by nature. As for the king of the trees, powers or becoming a god...are these the
thoughts that a treeman is supposed to have? Do you still have your true heart, as a treeman?’’

The heart of a treeman, the true heart that a treeman naturally has...
Song Gu remained silent for a while. His replication had been constantly breathing out large
clouds of frosty mist while its enormous body was ceaselessly shaking.
Tens of thousands of miles away, Song Gu's real body was punching the ground in a blazing
rage while roaring in a hoarse, thunderous voice, ’’What a bastard! He doesn't know what's
good! He doesn't want the natural soil essence, doesn't want the ancient Green God's treeheart
either! Who does he think he is?! What does he think he is?! The true heart of a treeman?!
I am the king of all trees of this Chi Ban Mountain and all surrounding lands, do I need him to
preach to me?!’’
’’What about a treeman's true heart? What I want is strength, what I truly want is...power!’’ That
dim light of Song Gu's pupils grew brighter and brighter while he was growling in a deep voice,
’’I, am not like you, you stupid dumb wood sticks, I have a...'Dao'! I have a Dao that I've been
’’Shut up!’’ Feng Qi stomped her foot heavily against Song Gu's branch, frowned and said with a
sneer, ’’You silly old wood, what do you know about 'Dao'? Are you even qualified to know about
'Dao'? Back then, our leader saved you only because you were big and strong, and can be a guard
of our kind. Don't focus too much on yourself.’’
Song Gu closed his mouth, however, that dim light in his pupils didn't stop brightening. From
that dim light, which looked like burning liquid iron, one could found anger, hatred and all the
other kinds of negative emotions.
Did Dragon Pool mention 'true heart'?
'Hehe,' Song Gu roared silently in his head, 'Are you even qualified to mention 'true heart' to
Back in the woods, Dragon Pool walked away with big steps and left Song Gu's replication,
which now had smoke puffing out of its entire body. He also left the natural soil essence and
ancient Green God's tree-heart, which were both extremely attractive treasures. All of a
sudden, Dragon Pool determined his will - being with Ji Hao and his friends was indeed happy
and relaxed; although they were human beings, but the feeling they brought to Dragon Pool was
so natural and relaxed.
On the contrary, Song Gu, even though he was also a treeman, Dragon Pool felt an immensely
great dislike when talking to him. A treeman who had lost his true-heart, did he even know
what he was now?
Standing on Song Gu's tree-crown, Feng Qi gave a heavy sigh while her pair of beautiful eyes
were shining with a multicolored light.
’’Those violent stupid dragons couldn't do it, but I can do it! I can! Since you won't listen to Song
Gu, I'll just go straight to the humankind! Those poor, lowly beings, do they dare to go against
the will of our phoenix-kind? I doubt it.’’
Proudly letting out a series of sneer, Feng Qi put that piece of natural soil essence back in her
little purse, then transformed into a multicolored light stream, rising into the air.


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