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The Magus Era - Chapter 369


Chapter 369: Scare Off
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Swish! Swish-swish!
Man Man gripped that glowing-red wooden cane with her little tender face tightened seriously,
glaring at those dragon warriors.
Numerous dragon-shaped fiery light streams had been released. In every single second,
thousands of dazzling fiery light streams would swoosh across the air and blast the air, causing
thunderous air explosions, as if the sky was even punctured. After this, those dazzling fiery
light streams would transform into shreds of flame, diving down towards those dragon
Friends that Ji Hao admitted were all friends of Man Man as well; since the old tree and leopard
were both Man Man's friends now, seeing them being hunted like animals and were even
wrapped in a giant net truly pissed Man Man off!
And Since Man Man was angry, some people were going to suffer really bad!
Therefore, just like Yu Yu had been telling Ji Hao to not rely too much on weapons and tools,
when back in the Pu Ban city, Zhu Rong had also been exhorting Man Man to not easily take out
those powerful treasures given to Man Man by himself, and use them to do whatever she
However, this time, Man Man directly took out this 'natural fire spirit flame-dragon cane',
given by Zhu Rong without much hesitation, and gave an outburst of her anger at these poor
dragon warriors with it.
The Zhu Rong Family was the dominator of the Southern Wasteland, therefore, regarding how
many power meridians were buried under the vast Southern Wasteland, how many natural
power-gathering spots were located on each power meridians, and what kind of places were
most likely to naturally produce holy weapons, the Zhu Rong Family may not know all, but they
at least had about fifty to sixty percent of all the above information in their hands.
During the past countless years, the Zhu Rong Family had been living and developing in the
Southern Wasteland; every few years, they would search through the land and surely, they
would harvest quite a lot of powerful treasures.
The natural fire spirit flame-dragon cane was graded between the natural-crafted magic
treasure and holy weapon; with just a little bit of improvement, it could become a naturalcrafted
magic treasure and possess the power which would be great enough to dominate a piece
of land. Nevertheless, an ancestor of the Zhu Rong Family was a bit careless when collecting
this precious cane, as he collected it three-thousand years earlier than the prime time. As a
consequence, this cane didn't manage to absorb enough amount of natural power and ended up
stuck in the doorsill of the natural-crafted magic treasure grade.
Man Man activated the natural fire spirit flame-dragon cane with her Fire God power. Those
dragon-shaped fiery light streams were condensed from the purest natural spirit fire, and that
terrifying heat released by those was great enough to melt metal immediately. Added with that,

powerful treasure had a violet, blazing-flame-like temper. Once it was activated,
thousands of fiery light streams would be released instantly. Controlled by Man Man's current
power, every single fiery light stream released by this treasure cane was equally powerful as a
full-strength attack launched by a peak-level Senior Magi.
Within a second, thousands of fiery light streams darted out and every single light stream was
as powerful as a full-strength punch given by a peak-level Senior Magi.
Man Man's Fire God power consumed quite swiftly. At most, she could control this treasure
cane for the span of three breaths, after which her power would be drained completely.
However, the span of each breath contained about ten seconds, and within each second, around
four to five thousand fiery light streams would be released by the treasure cane. This meant,
more than a hundred thousand violent and fierce fiery light streams would be released within
the span of three breaths and crazily strike on the bodies of those dragon warriors.
Three dragon warriors were already knocked down, while the rest fifteen raised their holy
weapons high and activated their armors, which were also holy weapons. They bent down,
shielded their heads with their weapons and fought against those fiery light streams with some
solid difficulties.
This was a fight between rich beings, also between a holy weapon and some other holy
With a horribly great heat, those dragon-shaped fiery lights struck hard on those dragon
warriors' armors, cracking and shattering them inch by inch. Flame bumped into their armors,
the thick, sticky natural spirit fire burned through and began to torch their bodies, making
these dragon warriors howl themselves hoarse.
The natural spirit fire, the most violent type of natural fire in this world, also known as 'essence
of natural fires'...
These dragon warriors had strong and solid bodies that allowed them to remain perfectly
unharmed under the heavy strikes caused by those fiery light streams. However, they could not
endure that hell-like pain brought by the natural spirit fire. Large pieces of dragon scales were
burned broken, muscles and fleshes were grilled and the air was even filled with a strange scent
of grilled meat.
The span of three breaths was more than needed. In the span of two breaths maximum, Man
Man could defeat all these dragon warriors with that flame-dragon cane she just took out.
A hundred miles away were two elders of the dragon-kind, who had been confidently watching
that group of dragon warriors collecting their trophy. They left the Pu Ban City and came after
those dragon warriors purely for ensuring the perfect success of this trophy-collecting
mission. At this moment, both of them growled out while a thick sphere of watery cloud rose
from under their feet, by treading on which, they intended to come to the battlefield and help
those warriors.
Both of these two dragon elders were Magus-King-level powerful beings, their body condition
could even be compared with divine Magi. Moreover, they were masters of all kinds of secret,
dragon-kind magics, and had different types of natural water carried with them, which could
naturally restrain natural fires. If they launched their moves, Man Man, Ji Hao, Yu Mu and Feng
Xing couldn't possibly win even by gathering all of their powers; in fact, all four of them could
be directly pinched to death by the two dragon elders.

Nevertheless, that white, misty watery cloud shattered and dissipated once after it rose.
The two dragon elders weren't prepared for this. They fell down from hundreds of zhang high,
heads loudly thudding against the ground. After that, before they could even raise their heads
up, a red silhouette flashed across the air. Yu Yu showed up right in front of their faces just like
a ghost, each hand grabbing a dragon horn of each of them, then lifted their bodies high.
Yu Yu then put forth his arm strength, and bashed the ground hard with the two dragon elders'
The surrounding environment was sealed by Yu Yu with a mysterious magic, with which, not a
single, slight dent was knocked into the ground, even though the two dragon elders were beat
so hard that blood had spurted out in streams and puffs of dragon scales had risen into the air.
Not only that, the ground didn't shake even slightly when Yu Yu bashed the ground with their
enormous bodies, neither was any noise made.
Yu Yu smiled, lifted the two dragon elders back up and once again, and smashed them onto the
’’I've met shameless beings, but none were as shameless as you.’’
’’You're one of the three lineal races anyhow, how can you now become more and more
’’Bullying kids? Having lots of fun? It must be so interesting, huh? Enjoying the sense of
achievement? Feel so proud, hah?’’
’’Ayaya, attempted to rob that treasure I gave my disciple for him to defend himself, you must
feel that's so interesting, don't you? And so easy, right?’’
’’Help your stupid kids to bully a few children, who are way younger than yourselves... are you
pleased so much by doing that?’’
’’You bunch of scaled idiots, playing lords in the East Ocean, without anyone to govern you. Well,
it's not that no one will go deal with you, it's just not yet your turn to suffer. Upon the current
situation of this world, I always feel that your dragon-kind are gonna fall into a huge
misfortune. Do you believe me?’’
’’You don't believe me, do you? So, I won't try further to talk any sense into your heads. All in all,
you've messed with my disciple, so you're gonna suffer for that!’’
Crack! A dragon horn of each of the two dragon elders, which was zhang-long and purely
golden, was suddenly broken off by Yu Yu. He then directly threw the two dragon elders, who
were still in a bad dizzy and had been vomiting blood, on the ground. After that, he swiftly
moved his arms at a lightning speed, breaking their other horns off as well.
What came next was a loud series of howls. Scales of these two poor dragon elders were pulled
off one after another, as well as those zhang-long dragon beards. Even worse, Yu Yu took out a
sword, poked both of their chests then took out two large wine calabashes, getting a full
calabash of dragon blood from each of their bodies.
’’How wonderful, dragon blood is the best quenching material you can have when crafting a
weapon!’’ Yu Yu gave a satisfied grin then said, ’’Not getting your asses away yet? Do you want
me to turn your whole bodies into materials?’’
Whole bodies into materials?!

The two old dragons howled out once again, turned around instantly and rushed away as fast as
they could. While fleeing, they were also giving urgent signals with a secret dragon magic.
The eighteen dragon warriors, who were struggling hard under those roaring fiery light
streams, raised their heads and simultaneously gave a plaintive howl, then rose into the air one
after another, transforming into hundreds of zhang long, gigantic dragons, fleeing away in


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