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The Magus Era - Chapter 356


Chapter 356: Thunder Formation
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
All arrow guards were dumbfounded.
They could never know that Ji Hao, who had just launched an amazing sword attack, was also
able to manipulate thunder and lightning.
The dazzling lightning bolts struck right onto their heads along with ground-shaking thunder,
without leaving any time for them to dodge. Simultaneously, all twenty-four Arrow guards
were struck down on the ground.
Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, while those Arrow guards let out hoarse howls. Their
outfits, which were made from black feathers, immediately released strong yet dim black light,
blocking a big half of the power contained in the lightning, for their owners.
However, the rest of lightning power still managed to strike into their bodies, causing spasms
in their muscles and meridians, and burning their internal organs with the great heat, produced
by the electrical currents. Some Magus Acupoints in their meridians were even injured by those
electric currents, which caused their uncontrolled power to surge out of the Magus Acupoints,
rampantly damaging their own meridians.
When the lightning bolts struck down, Feng Xing had dashed out with all of his power, moving
towards Ji Hao at his highest speed.
Seeing this, the Arrow guard who had threatened Ji Hao with Feng Xing's life before, yelled out
in anger while extending his arms and attempting to grab Feng Xing's ankles. This Arrow
guard neglected the damage that the lightning power had been doing inside his own body, and
the hell-like pain caused by it. Even by risking his own life, he was trying to grab Feng Xing
back into his control.
Ji Hao growled out again while locking his fingers together and pressing both of his hands
forwards. Following his moves, three human-head sized lightning seals, condensed from
countless dazzlingly sparkling electric bolts, suddenly released eye-piercing silver and purple
light, then swiftly swooshed out from Ji Hao's hands; along with muffled booms, and against
the heavy rain of arrows that was roaring towards Ji Hao.
’’Thunder! The magic formation, rise!’’
Ji Hao changed his hand motions. Within this short span of time, an elementary-level, Evilsurrendering
Thunder Formation, that contained three basic power elements- 'heaven', 'earth'
and 'human', was already set up.
The Three lightning seals were transformed from Ji Hao's golden Dan power, and were able to
call and control the power of lightning and thunder. The three seals were the core of this
thunder formation, which were capable of continuously absorbing natural power and

transforming it into lightning to attack the enemies. This was the lightning formation built by
Ji Hao almost out of nothing.
A series of thunderous rumbles rose into the sky. The swishing rain of arrows was surrounded
by countless tiny electric bolts. The lightning power was great and violent, purely positive, and
could destroy all kinds of evilness and break all dark powers. The lightning power was able to
wash off the negative atmosphere created by evil creatures, for the entire world, and purify this
world in whole; it could truly serve as the ultimate command of this world. In the ancient time,
gods in heaven used to awe all kinds of creatures living in this world with the lightning power!
Ji Hao wasn't powerful enough yet. He couldn't vibrate the entire sky and split the air,
awestriking all living creatures in this world with the power of lightning, just like the ancient
Thunder God did. Nevertheless, what he could do was more than enough for dealing with those
flying arrows.
Countless arrows blasted out in the lightning formation one after another. Some arrows were
shattered into bits, some were burned or melted; the spell symbols attached on those arrows
were quickly disintegrated under the effect of the great, purifying lightning power as well. The
small lightning formation covered the area that had a radius of around ten-zhang, and easily
destroyed most of the arrows, which were flying towards Ji Hao.
Closely following the lightning formation sent out by Ji Hao, Man Man stormed out as well.
When that arrow guard's hands were about to lock on Feng Xing's ankles, Man Man had already
dashed up to him, wielding her pair of hammers towards his palms.
’’Little bitch!’’ The Arrow guard shouted out furiously, while clenching his fists and punching
against Man Man's hammers.
’’You cursed’’ Man Man was enraged. At first, she had just used ten-percent of her power but
now, she raised it to seventy-percent.
Pop! Pop! Following this noise, both arms of the Arrow guards were blasted away and blood
surged out in big streams, to hundreds of zhang away. His body was struck twisted and sent up,
flying in the air for tens of miles, while hoarsely howling.
’’Take my flying hammer!’’ Man Man wasn't willing to let go of this Arrow guard, who cursed
her only when they just met, so easily. She threw out one of her hammers and activated the
magic formation set on the hammer by Yu Yu.
The flying hammer suddenly expanded into hundreds of meters long. The enormous hammer
brought up a hurricane while roaring towards that Arrow guard, pressing down onto his head
like a descending mountain. That Arrow guard was still entirely wrapped by a thin layer of tiny
electric bolts. Seeing such an immense hammer swooshing down, he immediately burst out a
terrified scream.
His black feather cloak rose, transforming into a pair of gigantic wings and suddenly shook;
following that, the arrow guard's body was dragged out while flying, leaving a huge arc in the
air, and barely dodged the hammer attack. The mountain-huge hammer struck down tens of
miles away, on a thousand-meter tall mountain. Following only an earth-shattering boom and
a slight vibration of the ground, the mountain was flattened, and a sky-burning fire rose from
the collapsed mountain.
’’What a brutal girl!’’ All Arrow guards yelled out in both anger and fear. What a terrifying
hammer... God bless them if that hammer ever struck their bodies!

of those arrow guards instantly soaked in cold sweat. They dared not to even imagine
what it would feel like if the hammer struck on their own bodies. For these archers from the
Eastern Wasteland, even though their archery was already good enough to allow them to even
shot the stars down, their bodies and physical strengths were always relatively weaker than the
other Senior Magi. The other Senior Magi might survive after a strike of Man Man's hammer,
but they would certainly have been smashed into puddles of liquid!
Arrow guards leapt up one after another and pulled their longbows open.
’’Kill this little girl along with those two!’’ roared an arrow sword, ’’Kill her! What's the big deal
of being Zhu Rong's daughter? The dead cannot give witness! This place is filled with nonhumankinds,
who would know that we killed her?!’’
Along with loud swooshing noises, another heavy rain of arrows was released. A big half of
arrows were darting towards Ji Hao and Feng Xing, while a small half of arrows were aimed at
Man Man.
’’Armor!’’ Just like what Ji Hao was used to doing, Man Man would now growl out every time
before she made a move. A stream of fiery light instantly rose, and within that light, the armor
given by old Zhu Rong swiftly covered Man Man's body. Man Man called her hammer back,
then wielding both her hammers, easily shattered those arrows before those arrows even
approached her.
’’Thunder!’’ Ji Hao gave a long and resonant shout. He quickly changed his hand motions and
following his moves, the three lightning seals had been swooshing up and down in the
formation. Countless lightning bolts emerged in the lightning formation, then formed into a
thick, sphere of lightning miles in radius, releasing a dazzling light.
’’Immense Thunderstrike!’’ Ji Hao laughed out loud and flicked his finger. Countless tank-thick,
purple lightning bolts, which were parallel to the ground, swept across the air. Those arrows
were all blown into pieces by the violent lightning bolts before they approached Ji Hao.
Afterwards, those lightning bolts roared into the group of Arrow guards. Tens of Arrow guards
screamed out when the lightning bolts, which were times more powerful than the ones that
struck them before, hit on their bodies. Their whole bodies were burned black by the lightning
power, and were all sent flying away backwards.
Puff! Ji Hao didn't even get to see where it came from, yet a fierce arrow had pierced into his left
face and came out from the back of his head.
Another sharp arrow pierced into his right palm, then fiercely drilled into his bone, and into his
arm for a whole foot deep.
The last arrow, which was as tiny as a needle, was straightaway zipping towards his right eye.
Fortunately, Ji Hao had instinctively sensed something and lowered his head; that arrow
brushed against his temple and hit a mountain over ten miles behind him, silently opening a
huge hole that had a diameter of a hundred zhang, on that mountain.
When Ji Hao was shot, the Gold Crow Cloak had already released a bright golden fiery light and
blocked a big half of the power contained in the arrows for Ji Hao. Nevertheless, just as Yu Yu
had said, the defensive power released by this cloak could only grow along with Ji Hao's own
defensive power; which meant, the protection provided by the cloak was exactly as strong as the
defensive power of Ji Hao's own body.

These arrows released by those arrow guards were amazingly powerful. Those arrows had even
managed to pierce through the golden fiery light and actually harm Ji Hao's body.
’’Thunder Kill!’’ Ji Hao endured the pain and roared out. Along with his voice, numerous
human-head sized lightning balls appeared around those arrow guards.


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