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The Magus Era - Chapter 347


Chapter 347: Qian Tan
’’Eh? Sell himself?!’’ Man Man said while staring at Ji Hao with a pair of sparkling eyes and
dragging his sleeve, ’’Ji Hao, they want that old wood to sell himself!’’
At that moment, a magical light was glowing in Ji Hao's eyes. After drinking that cup of tenthousand
years old cyan stone milk given by Candle Dragon Gui, his eyesight was improved
largely, now as sharp as a dagger. Swiftly, Ji Hao scanned through every corner of that old tree
man's body with his pair of glowing eyes. The texture of that old tree man's body was as rough
as all ordinary trees and covered in suncracks; nevertheless, Ji Hao had also seen that the edge
of every crack on his body was twinkling like jade or pearls, and his cyan-purple colored tree
trunk under the rough tree bark was as beautiful as the greatest jade.
What had even caught more attention of Ji Hao were those sticky, green teardrops that had been
ceaselessly gushing out of the old tree man's eye sockets, which had a dense, attractive aroma.
Besides all the above, this old tree man's appearance was largely different from the other
treemen. Branches and leaves of his crown were sparse, only tens of leaf-fan-sized, yellowcolored
leaves hung on his head and were swaying. However, between those leaves and
branches, over a hundred human-head-sized, cyan-purple colored fruits were hanging.
The pericarp of those fruits was wrinkled and lusterless, making those fruits look like huge
raisins, and no aroma was sensed from those fruits either. Nevertheless, in Ji Hao's eyes, those
fruits seemed like exquisitely carved out of jade pieces, and had been releasing a clear, jade-like
light, that only people with magically great eyesight could see.
’’This is a 'purple grain dragon sandalwood'!’’ Ji Hao searched through all the knowledge he had
learned from those mountain-huge piles of books back in the Magi Palace for quite a while, and
finally found some information about this kind of tree. After that, he stared at this old tree man
in shock and murmured, ’’Such a rare and precious tree has cultivated himself into a spirit
creature?! Isn't this...’’
Imagine a three-year-old boy walking in a busy street with a giant bag of gold being dragged
by his hands. To Ji Hao, this was what that old treeman look like at that time.
Following a series of food steps, around ten Yu Clan's men walked out from the back of the Red
Wood Palace, surrounded by nearly a hundred Jia Clan's warriors. They quickly blocked that old
tree man's way.
’’You can only buy that Xiao Marrow pill from our Red Wood Palace.’’ That Yu Clan's man who
had whispered to the tree man earlier looked at him coldly and said, ’’You will not find even a
half Xiao Marrow pill in any other shop.’’
’’We know that creatures like you have all worked especially hard in order to gain your
consciousness, but you're still too weak.’’ That Yu Clan's man continued talking to the old tree
man pityingly, ’’Therefore, you can sell yourself to our Red Wood Palace, to settle down and be
our slave for the rest of your life, added with this cyan-eyed dragon leech, we can mercifully
give you a Xiao Marrow dan to save your friend.’’

’’Be a slave?’’ The old tree man waved his pair of enormous arms and roared out.
’’Well, in this case, you can just watch your only friend die!’’ said that Yu Clan's man with a
frosty look, ’’Judging from the color of the poisonous smoke releasing from his body, he is
poisoned by a 'heart-scorching butterfly', right? He's rather strong and powerful, and can still
hold for another two days, but after that, he'll definitely die!’’
Waving his hand, the Yu Clan's man then looked at the old tree man with a sneer on his face,
and said, ’’Except for the Xiao Marrow pill, I doubt you can find any other antidote for the heartburning
butterfly's poison. And even if you can, do you think you'll be able to afford it as such a
poor old tree?’’
The old tree only waved his arms in confusion, while angrily letting out a deep and loud
grunting sound.
The gigantic winged leopard, who was held in the old tree man's branches, abruptly raised his
head with difficulty, giving a few roars, and then growled, ’’Old wood, let's go!’’
A dense cloud of black smoke puffed out of the leopard's mouth, and instantly, the leopard's
body seemed to shrink to a smaller size. The heart-scorching butterfly's poison was extremely
powerful, which had been directly burning the leopard's spirit blood. By saying the few words,
at least thirty percent of the leopard's spirit blood was burned just now, which made him turn
skinnier in a single moment.
’’Go? Go means die to you now!’’ said the Yu Clan's man blandly, ’’Old tree, you can figure it out,
can't you? This is the only friend you have!’’
The Yu Clan's man gave a few proud laughs, then turned to all the others who had been
watching this show, nodded and said, ’’As you can see, our Red Wood Palace have never forced
anyone to do anything!’’
Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and raised his arms, slightly pushing two people who were standing in
front of him, aside. Wwhile he was doing that, Man Man had already yelled out in anger and
kicked a few poor men who were standing in her way, flying straight into the air. After that,
Man Man carried her pair of hammers and rushed into the Red Wood Palace with big steps.
’’Get out!’’ Followed by a series of popping noise, seven to eight Jia Clan's warriors were struck
flying away by Man Man one after another. Those poor things were all especially strong and
tall, while Man Man was only a tiny little girl, therefore, when she swung her hammers
upwards and tried her best to stand on her tiptoes, her hammers could only barely reach the
waists of those Jia Clan's warriors. Consequently, two Jia Clan's warriors were struck by Man
Man's hammers right on the most vulnerable and essential body parts. They screamed out
immediately, fell on the ground, covering the spots between their legs with their hands and
struggled intensely, while their faces turned deadly pale right away.
All the other guards of the Red Wood Palace then roared out in shock, pulled out their weapons
altogether and circled Man Man up; an ear-piercing series of metal-clashing noise lingered in
the lobby for quite a while.
’’Oi, the big one!’’ Man Man carelessly glanced at those Jia Clan's warriors surrounding her, then
walked up to the old tree, grinned and patted on his big toe in a friendly manner. The old tree
man was way too huge, so much that even his toes were three to five times taller than Man

Man. He tried very hard to stoop down, leaned his head and stared at the ground for a long
while with extreme strain, then finally found Man Man, who was only slightly over four-foottall.
’’Little girl!’’ The old tree man then mumbled to Man Man, ’’You're not allowed to beat people in
this place...’’
’’Eh, whatever. They're bullying you on purpose!’’ Man Man responded while warmly patting
the old tree man's toe. She then conveniently took out a baby-fist-sized silver pill from the
small bag tied around her waist. Once after she took out that pill, a strange, frosty and stinky
smell speedily spread out. Sensing that smell, the winged leopard, who was held on the old tree
man's head, couldn't help but quiver and let out a few big sneezes.
’’Big cat, catch this!’’ Man Man flicked her fingers and sent that pill upwards. The pill zipped
into the sky then accurately fell into the leopard's mouth.
Completely out of his instinct, the leopard swallowed the pill right away. Immediately after
that, the black smoke coiling around his body thinned down, and his scrawny body quickly
swelled back up. Soon, the leopard had gained a big half of his energy back, shaking his head
and standing up.
The old tree man laughed out loud in happiness, then reached a thin branch down, rubbing Man
Man's head and said gently, ’’Is that Xiao Marrow pill? But I don't have enough jade coins...’’
’’Eh? No, it's not a Xiao Marrow pill, it's a dragon marrow detoxifying pill!’’ responded Man Man
while staring at those fruits hanging on the old tree man's head, as a stream of saliva drooled
out of her mouth corner. ’’I don't want money, but can you give me a few of those fruits on your
head? I really want to taste them!’’
Ji Hao buried his face in his hands, as if he couldn't bear to see this.
'What a gluttonous little girl!' thought Ji Hao.
Dragon marrow detoxifying pill was a god-level magic pill given to Man Man by Zhu Rong, as a
life-saving pill. That was a true top-grade magic medicine, made from genuine dragon
marrows. The market price of dragon marrow detoxify pill was at least twenty times higher
than Xiao marrow pill. However, even if one had the money, one wouldn't be able to buy it,
because normally, human beings had absolutely no ability to get genuine dragon marrows!
That Yu Clan's man stared at Man Man with a nearly mad look, all of his three eyes had already
turned into pure, glowing red, like three pieces of rubies.
’’You little bitch! No one in the entire Chi Man Market ever dared to steal customers from me,
Qian Tan! You! you! you! Go and get this little bitch! She has just stolen our business on vicious


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