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The Magus Era - Chapter 325


Chapter 325: Kill that Captive

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Without any pause, Ji Hao quickly twisted his wrist and at the exact same time, a sharp stream of fiery light burst from the tip of the Flame Dragon Sword, directly cutting the main meridian of Di Sha's heart. Raging flame gushing out of Di Sha's body, and in the meanwhile, his three eyes dimmed down and his body began burning in the fire.

The great fire rose into the air, burning Di Sha's skin, muscle and internal organs into ashes in no time, only leaving a skeleton that was around two feet taller than Ji Hao and entirely dark purple-bronze in color. Within the roaring flame, this translucent skeleton was shrinking slowly, gradually down to the same height as Ji Hao, and ultimately stopped shrinking.

It was a dark purple-bronze, translucent skeleton, that had three huge and dark eye sockets on the skull.

Ji Hao was slightly shocked, silently looking at this skeleton. This thing somehow reminded him of some old memories that were already forgotten intentionally. But soon, Ji Hao calmed back down, threw this skeleton that was still in a perfect shape and showed no sign of breaking, on the ground.

Following by a buzzing noise, blood-red spell symbols emerged on Di Sha's skeleton. A weird, magical power stream began slowly coiling around this skeleton, which enabled the skeleton to float up into the air, a couple of feet high above the ground.

’’Eh? He was burned to bones, how can he still fly?’’ Man Man walked over in curiosity, with her pair of hammers carried in her hands. She carefully tinkled the skeleton with the hilt of her hammer, hearing the silvery sounds, she continued saying, ’’And his bones are fireproof, that also shrink in fire! This man's bones are so interesting!’’

Watching what had just happened, Di Suo and Di Mo, who were not far away from where Di Sha died, were both soaked in cold sweat already and had been quivering intensely in fear, unable to even say a word.

Di Sha was burned into a skeleton, this scene was way too cruel and brutal. To Yu Clan's noble people like Di Suo and Di Mo, this was a pure nightmare, even worse than one could imagine. Di Sha's remaining skeleton proved that his death wasn't blessed by the great Blood Moon and his bones had failed to return to the Blood Moon. In their eyes, this was an extremely cruel curse.

To Yu Clan's people, skeletons remaining after death equaled to souls perishing after the death of the humankind, which meant these people could never have the chance to reincarnate and live again.

Because the Yu Clan's people believed in such a thing, they were very much likely to make their enemies'skulls into wine containers and carry with them. By doing this, they could not only flaunt their powers, but could also curse their enemies.

However, no matter how pleasant and satisfying they would feel when making their enemies'skulls into wine containers, when this happened to themselves, it would become a completely unbearable terror, which was even more unacceptable than death.

For the above reason, Di Suo and Di Mo were already scared nearly to death. Their faces had gone twisted and the way they were looking at Ji Hao had changed - Never ever offend Ji Hao, at least before they get out of the control of the humankind. Before that, the last thing they wanted to do was to displease Ji Hao. They would rather die than leaving their skeletons in the hands of the humankind.

High up in the air, an enormous cyan eagle flew over. Ying Yunpeng stood on the eagle's back, pointing his finger at Ji Hao and yelled out in anger, ’’Ji Hao! How dare you kill that captive without reporting? He was such an important captive! Do you have any idea about how difficult it could be as capturing a Yu Clan's member alive?!’’

Pulling the Flame Dragon Sword out, Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, carelessly looking at Ying Yunpeng with a sneer on his face, and responded, ’’That's because of your incapability, how can you blame me for that?’’

Ying Yunpeng's eyeball seemed even to popping out because of the anger, and he pointed his finger at Ji Hao but couldn't let out a word for quite a long while.

From behind Ji Hao, Shaosi's gentle and soft voice rose into the air, ’’According to our rule, everything that Ji Hao captured alive can be considered as his personal property. Also according to our rule, as an owner, he possesses the full right to do anything he wants to his properties, including burn them up. Not even Emperor Shun has the right to accuse Ji Hao for killing his captives.’’

Giving a faint smile, Shaosi raised her head, looked at Ying Yunpeng and continued, ’’Ji Hao has just done nothing but killed a captive, what power do you have that allowed you to accuse Ji Hao? Do we all have to be extra nice and compliant to you just because your son and nephew died?’’

Hearing Shaosi's words, Ying Yunpeng's wrinkled face turned thoroughly red and his eyes were instantly filled with blood streaks. He shouldn't be showing up here at all. As the commander of all Ten Sun Country's archers who were stationed in the Pu Ban City, and was sent here to the Chi Ban Mountain area as a reinforcement, he should be in the main camp of the human army, dealing with all kinds of military issues. Nevertheless, Ying Yunpeng had been suffering the depression which lingered in his heart all these days. Therefore today, he decided to come out with a team of guards, and do some hunting and try to drive away the depression.

When he was enjoying his leisure time, Ji Hao abruptly broke the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation with the Sky-Opening move. The dense blood-red smoke that swooshed straight up into the air immediately startled Ying Yunpeng. Despite the fact that he hadn't always been a decent man, he never dared to breach off his duty when things turned big. After reporting to the camp, Ying Yunpeng himself and his team of guards came over as fast as they could.

The first thing he saw when he reached this area was that Ji Hao poked his sword into Di Sha's chest, so he hurriedly yelled out before he could think the whole thing through.

However, Shaosi's words had just smashed all kind of thoughts that were popping out in Ying Yunpeng's head.

The truth was exactly the same as she said.

The rule of the human army was clearly defined, according to which, everything one had gained or captured in battlefields could be considered as this warrior's personal property. Not even the Emperor Shun himself had the right to take a single thing away from the most ordinary warriors, unless they were Emperor Shun's clansmen. If so, Emperor Shun could own half of their gains.

Ji Hao gave a big grin, tapped his own forehead and said to Ying Yunpeng, whose face now looked like an eggplant, ’’Ah! So true! I have just killed a lowly slave, what is the big deal about that? Did this stupid slave worth you to come all the way over here? Is there any collaboration between you two?’’

Hearing Ji Hao, Ying Yunpeng's face suddenly turned pure black. What Ji Hao said was way too evil, he had just put such a heavy accusation on Ying Yunpeng's head - colluding with the non-humankind.

’’Nonsense! All nonsense! Who do you think I am?! Why the hell would I collude with those monsters?!’’ Ying Yunpeng was utterly discomfited and nearly screamed out at Ji Hao.

’’Well, in this case, dear Elder Ying, may I ask why are you here yelling at Ji Hao? Don't you have anything to do back in the main army camp?’’

In the air, two master Magi tutors, who were no one else but Wulong Yao and Kuafu Yan, suddenly showed up from behind a cloud. Stably, they floated in the air, which clearly revealed their Magus-King-level powers.

Ying Yunpeng remained silent for a while, gasped deeply then slowly breathed out.

From all directions, large groups of Magi Palace's Senior Magi, wearing long black cloaks, showed up and speedily moved over. Judging from the fierce aura of killing releasing from their bodies, they were all clearly well prepared for a great fight. Behind these Senior Magi, on could see countless silhouettes moving in the jungle. That was the main army, at least a hundred thousand warriors were moving over at a considerable speed.

’’So I see, you have already prepared for this, haven't you?’’ Ying Yunpeng slightly nodded, turned to Wulong Yao, smiled and said, ’’Elder Wulong, this time you have indeed earned yourself some amazing credits. None of these three-eyed monsters is ordinary... Hehe, I never thought that they can be so stupid, to come this far into the area under our domination.’’

Without taking another glance at Ji Hao, Ying Yunpeng stamped his foot on the eagle's back. Following his move, the eagle turned around and flew away swiftly, leaving an arc-shaped streak in the air.

’’However, I will have to find Si Wen Ming and sue Ji Hao for what he has done today.’’

’’Even though that was his personal property, we all know how valuable a Yu Clan's army commander can be. But he killed one of them just like that... he has to be punished severely for his irresponsibleness.’’

Back on the small island, which was pretty far away from where Ji Hao and the others were at this moment, and on the straw mattress, Yu Yu sat with his legs crossed. He raised his head and took a quick glance at Ying Yunpeng, then abruptly, he curved both of his mouth corners downwards, giving a genuinely frosty sneer.


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