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The Magus Era - Chapter 321


Chapter 321: Magic Formation Escape

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Within the blue wave, beams of sword light had been sparkling faintly, ceaselessly hacking on the bodies of those Jia Clan's big warriors. The blood-red light screen that had been shrouding the entire island rippled intensely, causing waves of strong impact force that made Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo unable to even stand. Instead, all they could do was roll all over the ground like catkins in the wind, in embarrassing shapes.

Those surging blue waves seemed as heavy as mountains, clapping down along with ground-shaking booms from time to time. The four Jia Clan's big warriors who had been guarding the three incense sticks on the altar all this time hurriedly raised their shields and attempted to stop those terrifying blue waves. However, multiple sword lights swished over from all directions and struck on their bodies sumptuously, right after which, all four Jia Clan's big warriors howled out immediately. All of the joints of their arms and legs were injured and they couldn't help but begin rolling like pieces of rocks after falling onto the ground.

An enormous blue wave killed the three burning incense sticks, then Yu Mu, who was now standing beside the altar, let out a series of simple sounding and innocent chuckle. At the same time, his pair of sleeves started fluttering quickly as if he had an air blower in each sleeve. Soon, a green, heavy rain fell from the sky, mixing with those surging blue waves, adding a faint layer of green to them.

Hundreds of Jia Clan's warriors had been roaring or howling in those blue waves because of anger or pain. The great power of Ji Hao's magic formation disabled them from fighting back. Even though every single one of them was fully experienced and skillful, they couldn't possibly protect themselves from those sharp sword lights that were zipping towards them from every direction.

Those sword lights accurately broke their bone joints and deadly poison attached to those sword lights drilled into their bodies in slight streams, paralyzing their nerves and muscles, completely disabled them from moving. These Jia Clan's warriors were all left drifting in those blue waves, filled with great despair.

’’Natural Five Elements killing formation - Kuei, Water and Sword Killing Formation!’’ Yu Yu pulled out his earplugs made from straws, sat straight with a big smile on his face, narrowed his eyes, satisfyingly watching Ji hao manipulate this killing formation.

’’Hm, not effective enough... loopholes are a bit too much, and many parts of this formation are not flexible enough during operation.’’ sitting on that straw mattress, Yu Yu pointed his finger at the formation and began making his comments.

Ji Hao carefully listened to Yu Yu's words while continuously changing his hand motions. Following his moves, positions of the forty-nine embossed weapons slightly changed. In the meanwhile, the water power that had been gathering into those weapons from the surrounding rivers grew greater and greater, purer and purer. The power of Ji Hao's magic formation soared up straight, and within the span of a few breaths, it had improved to three times greater than before.

Yu Yu was excited. He rolled up his sleeves and took over the magic formation from Ji Hao's hands.

’’The changes of magic formations shouldn't happen merely according to those patterns. The art of magic formations will root and grow in your heart. Always adapt your magic formation to changing situations!’’ Quickly and apparently randomly, Yu Yu pointed at a few core spots of the magic formation. Immediately after that, a magical change happened to the magic formation.

The light streams, that looked like faint blue water ripples and had been surging on the surfaces of those embossed weapons, now turned silver-blue, shining with a gorgeous yet bone-piercing cold light. Before Yu Yu took over the magic formation, those dazzling and zipping sword lights in the formation could only break shields and armors of those Jia Clan's warriors and barely harm their skins, but once after the color of these sword lights changed along with those light streams on the surfaces of embossed weapons, all of these sword lights suddenly became tens of times sharper than before. These sword lights were now able to pierce right into armors of those Jia Clan's big warriors and hurt their bones, cutting their bodies as easily as cutting pieces of tofu.

’’Dear Shifu! Don't kill! These are worth a lot!’’ seeing this, Ji Hao yelled out hurriedly.

’’Ah, money is nothing that truly matters... Ji Hao, you have to...’’ Yu Yu threw a sideway glance at Ji Hao, intending to take this opportunity to educate Ji Hao, his new apprentice.

’’As your apprentice, I am preparing to build a huge, huge wine cellar in my palace back in the Pu Ban City, and store millions of vats of top-grade, delicious wine in it!’’ looked at Yu Yu, Ji Hao said word by word, ’’But building the wine cellar, purchasing materials, making the wine, even storing them... each process will cost a lot!’’

’’Hm, well, things in this world emerged as the time required.... money had emerged and has been existing for all this long. This certainly proves that, its existence fits the natural law and the needs of this world. Hm... what a magical universe.’’ while slowly rubbing his jaw, Yu Yu said to Ji Hao with a serious face, ’’Okay, this time, let Shifu help you.’’

While speaking, Yu Yu slightly clapped his hands, following which, those sword lights beamed even faster and fiercer than before. Every time after a sword light pierced through the body of a Jia Clan's big warrior, a terrifying stream of frosty power would immediately freeze this Jia Clan's warrior. As dazzling sword lights ceaselessly striking on these Jia Clan's warriors, those heavy shields and thick armors froze to cracking one after another by that strong and cold power. In no time, many Jia Clan's big warriors were sealed in ice, turned into ice statues, looking completely lifeless.

The magic formation was still the same one built by Ji Hao, however, in Yu Yu's hands, it had generated some incredibly magical changes. Before, it was merely a pure water power killing formation, but now, ice power attacks had been delivered, that were more destructive and irresistible.

Silently, Ji Hao memorized what Yu Yu had done to the magic formation. After watching Yu Yu's demonstration, Ji Hao's understanding of magic formation art had improved to another level.

By now, Ji Hao could only build the magic formation with those embossed weapons that he seized from Jia Clan's warriors, yet, his magic formations had already reached such a great level. In the future, after he made a complete set of magic formation banners especially for all kinds of big-scale magic formations, the powers of his magic formations would increase by multiple times.

Magic formation art was a mysterious, supreme art. It could allow the weak to win over the powerful, allow the few to defeat the many, allow impossible to become possible and allow miracles to happen. Bit by bit, Ji Hao had learned about the power and enchantment of the magic formation art.

Abruptly swinging his arm forwards, the Flame Dragon Sword darted out of Ji Hao's sleeve, tailed by a soaring stream of fiery light. Within the fiery light, a flame dragon was twisting its enormous body and faintly, a resonant dragon roar came from the heaven.

With a single, slight touch, the Blood-red light screen that had been covering the entire island was shattered by the Flame Dragon Sword. A bright fiery light spread out on the broken blood-red light screen. Being burnt by the roaring flame, the blood-red light screen released a dense, stinky odor. Rising along with the odor were huge clouds of blood-red smoke, rising directly to the height of thousands of feet.

Like a duck in a thunderstorm, Di Sha raised his head in panic. The dense blood-red smoke swooshing up right into the sky served as a clear message to the main human army, telling them that something serious was happening in this area. According to the average reaction speed of the main human army, in the span of ten breaths at most, human reinforcement would definitely come!

’’Ma-Master Julou Xiu! Get us out of here!’’ Di Sha screamed out while he crumbed a triangle-shaped amulet that was tied around his waist.

Di Suo and Di Mo each crumbed an amulet as well, while nervously looking at the sky, with their mouths widely opened.

From the blood-red light screen that had been burning by the flame and cracking continuously, three immense blood-red, erect eyes emerged. Each of these blood-red erect eyes then poured down a thick blood-red stream of light, enveloping Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo. A few Jia Clan's big warriors, who were rather lucky and happened to stand beside the three at that time, were covered by the blood-red light streams as well.

Following a series of sizzling noise, Di Sha, Di Suo, Di Mo and around twenty lucky Jia Clan's big warriors suddenly disappeared from Ji Hao's Gui, Water and Sword Killing formation.

A few surging waves were roaring towards Di Sha and his fellows, attempted to freeze them, but they abruptly disappeared. Those waves bumped into each other, caused ground-shaking booms and ear-piercing, metal-clashing noise.

Yu Yu paused, then shook his head and grinned, and said, ’’Hm, since they have already fled, I won't continue bullying those poor kids... Otherwise, I'd be too ashamed of myself.’’

Raised his hand and pointing at a certain direction, Yu Yu continued, ’’Ji Hao, go get them. They're in the jungle, northeast, thirty-eight miles away from here, all injured. Hehe, they have a five-eyed magic formation artist with them... That is gonna worth a genuine fortune.’’

’’Aha!’’ Ji Hao laughed out loudly as a response, then left the magic formation, which was still in operation. He directly rose into the sky, leaving a long, arc-shaped fiery light in the air. Side by side with Mr Crow, Ji Hao flew away at a terrifying speed.


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