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The Magus Era - Chapter 306


Chapter 306 - Curse Casters

There was an overflow of happiness on the small island lying at the cross section of two rivers.

Yu Mu had caught quite many large prawns and crabs from the rivers and boiled them into a whole pot of delicious soup, which was emitting a heaven-like dense aroma. Feng Xing was a wind-fast runner;he had gone back to the special army's camp and traded his credit for hundreds of vats of wine.

Wolfing delicious food and drinking mellow wine, while watching Yu Yu re-craft Man Man's hammers, Ji Hao and his teammates were pretty happy at the moment.

Both hammers of Man Man had been as huge as a water tank. Although the master craftsmen of the Zhu Rong Country had tried their utmost best to make these hammers beautiful, all they had been able to manage was to add some flame patterns on the hammerheads.

During the reprocessing, Yu Yu compressed the hammerheads from water tank-size and oval-shaped to the size of ordinary human's head and shaped them like exquisite flower buds. he also embossed countless patterns of the wind. the flame and fiery dragons and clouds on them.

Yu Yu liked Man Man very much, therefore he was generous to put a piece of natural and pure thunder crystal into each hammerhead. Use the thunder crystal as core, Yu Yu constructed an immensely powerful 'ninety nine purple thunder dragon' magic formation in the hammerheads. Once this magic formation would be triggered, the hammerhead would immediately release fierce and fiery purple lightning bolts to attack enemies. These kinds of lightning bolts were not only destructive for ordinary living creatures, but also highly harmful to all kinds of evil spirits, mysterious beings and even ghosts. Even more importantly Yu Yu had also put a tiny piece of natural soil breath jade, which was considered valuable and had been collected appropriately for quite a long time, into each hammerhead.

Natural soil breath jade was incredibly solid and heavy, and with endless variations, could deliver all kinds of magical effects. For example, after the two small pieces of natural soil breath jade were melted in Man Man's hammerheads, the hammerheads gained the ability to change their weights automatically upon Man Man's wishes;in another words, once the hammerheads landed on the bodies of the enemies, they could immediately become hundreds or even thousands times heavier than they had been when being held in Man Man's hands.

With the power of the natural soil breath jade, a strike of Man Man's hammer would seriously be like a strike of hundreds of gigantic mountains altogether;it was hard to imagine what kind of solid armours and strong bodies were actually capable of warding off an attack launched with such a pair of terrifying hammers.

It needed to be mentioned that Yu Yu truly liked all the teammates of Ji Hao, after all, they were all talented and special kids. Although he had already taken Ji Hao as his apprentice, he still generously took out large amounts of precious and rare materials, which he turned into weapons for each of Ji Hao's teammates, according to their specialities and needs.

Shaosi had received a shield that would float in the air and automatically follow Shaosi, blocking all kinds of attacks aimed at her. She also received a spear that would automatically return to her after having gone through the target.

Yu Mu received an authentic solid and huge pot that was capable of adapting to all kinds of flames and could also be used as a magical storage tool. Ji Hao had launched three punches with his full strength and felt as if he had broken the bones of his fingers, but had failed to leave even a mark on the pot.

Feng Xing received a pair of boots. Triggered by only a slight stream of power, a fierce gale would immediately swoosh up from under this pair of cyan boots, which would instantly raise Feng Xing's speed by over ten times. Along with the improvements of Feng Xing's power, this pair of boots could even raise his speed much faster. When taking over this pair of boots from Yu Yu's hands, Feng Xing was way too exciting, even his legs were trembling so intensely that he was unable to support his body and even though he was about to fall to the ground, he still couldn't help but wanted to hug Yu Yu's waist. Seriously, this pair of boots was exactly what he had been dreaming about since he had been a little kid.

Taisi was the only one who made Yu Yu stare at him for quite a long while, and yet left him undecided about the kind of weapon that would be right for Taisi.

This kid Taisi couldn't run, couldn't even walk fast, neither could he carry any relatively heavier stuff. Except all kinds of evil and weird curses that he had mastered, he almost couldn't do anything.

After pondering for quite a while, Yu Yu sighed helplessly. He had crafted a perfectly suited weapon for each of them with various kinds of materials, but for Taisi he took out a black and white mirror that had eight corners and the shape of a turtle shell. Yu Yu tore his finger and dropped three drops of blood on this turtle-shaped mirror, which he then suddenly threw directly into Taisi's chest.

Right after Yu Yu had thrown the mirror inside Taisi's chest, Ji Hao and the others were unable to feel Taisi's existence. Although they all popped their eyes wide open and were staring at Taisi, who was still standing right beside them, they all failed to sense even the slightest trace of power coming from him. It was nearly as if Taisi had vanished completely within this past instance and the one who was staring at them was nothing but a shadow or vision of his. Ji Hao swept his spiritual power across Taisi but failed to grasp any trace of proof that Taisi still existed.

What was even more important, along with the gradual merging between Taisi and the mirror, Taisi's silhouette became more and more hazy, to the point they barely could see his face!

’’Nothing good,’’ said Yu Yu with a bitter smile on his face. ’’At the time this world had just been created, a legendary and magical tortoise, named Yin, lived in this primitive world. Yin was best at hiding all its traces in order to survive. After Yin died, its shell absorbed the pure essence natural power that only existed when this world was created, and naturally transformed into that mirror, called the Yin mirror.’’

[Tl note: 'Yin' literally means hide, invisible in Chinese.]

The Yin Mirror couldn't be used as a weapon, neither had it any defensive power. The only effect it had was that it hid all the traces of its owner and turned its owner into a mysterious and invisible being. After someone had merged with this mirror, no ordinary Magi would be able to find traces of that someone's existence. Only legendary god-level beings like Yu Yu would be capable enough to barely able to sense the existence of such a person. However, now that Yu Yu had dripped three drops of his own blood onto this mirror, the quality of it had been improved by many times. Unless a being many times more powerful than Yu Yu activated his spirit blood to search for the owner of the Yin Mirror, he would be unable to discover him.

Taisi's face had turned red with excitement, while his body began to tremble lightly.

Magic curses were the most fierce and terrifying type of magic and could easily take a person's life away, but in order to cast the curse, the caster had to collect personal materials, or some special personal information, or even a slight stream of the targeted person's power. The Yin Mirror would allow Taisi to 'vanish' from this world, which meant that from now on Taisi wouldn't need to be afraid of all kinds of magic curse attacks. Apart from this, back on the battlefield, which non-humankind monster would attack a hazy 'silhouette' that seemed to be not even real?

Taisi instantly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Yu Yu, expressing his gratitude. Shaosi did the same thing while trembling - finally, from now on she wouldn't have to worry so much about Taisi's life any longer!

’’Yay! Sister Shaosi! This is just as you hoped for! From now on you will only have to check on him every couple of days, just to make sure he doesn't starve himself to death! After all, from now on no one will be able to hurt him!’’ Yelled Man Man while chuckling happily. ’’How about we grill some meat and hang it around his neck every four to five days, just so he won't starve to death!’’

Ji Hao turned his head to the side to keep himself from rudely laughing out loud, while Yu Mu and Feng Xing directly burst out in a series of resonating laughter, till both of them even got stomachache. Taisi's face turned embarrassed and he stared angrily at Man Man. Man Man slightly waved her newly reprocessed, flower bud-shaped hammers. Taisi immediately stopped his body and changed his angry look into a big, flattering grin.

Inside Ju Xiu's bedroom, a few human males, wearing black cloaks and their entire bodies covered in twisted tattoos, were each releasing a strong and evil sense of power. They were looking silently at Ju Xiu's twitching face and listening to her scary screams.

Di Sha, Di Sa, and Di Mo were standing at the side. Each of them had tens of brightly shining, magic curse resistant talismans hanging around their necks or attached to their clothes, and were anxiously looking at the few human magic curse casters, who had just arrived from the Liang Zhu City.

’’It's a very evil curse and hard to trace, nearly not perceivable.’’

’’However, after all, a magic curse can only reach the target through a certain medium. In Lord Ju Xiu's case, the medium probably is her power that she released back on the battlefield.’’

’’Therefore, since they have managed to reach Lord Ju Xiu through that trace of power, we can also reach back to them through the same trace.’’

’’But in our own way.’’

The little group of curse casters had a short discussion, after which they quickly built an altar with bloodied bones in Ju Xiu's room, which was shrouded in a dense and thick layer of evil power, which could be sensed easily by everyone. Thousands of strong and healthy living beasts were sent into the room by the Jia Clan's warriors, where they were beheaded instantly. The group of curse casters circled around the altar with the bleeding heads of the beasts.

Those twisted tattoos on all seven human magic curse casters' bodies lit up simultaneously, after which they started to dance madly around the altar, while singing a weird, creepy spell.

Back on the small island, a gust of freezing wind rose from the ground, which blew slowly across the entire island.



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