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The Magus Era - Chapter 303


Chapter 303 - Knowledge

A huge sphere of warm fiery light appeared in front of Ji Hao, which now sensed warm and gentle, not as violent and fierce as it had been before at all, neither were there raging and destructive streams of fiery power gushing out from it.

Yu Yu frowned and glanced at Ji Hao, then crooked his finger towards Ji Hao. Instantly, the turtle shell armour, which Gui Ling had gifted him, flew out.

’’Your sister Gui Ling meant well when she had given you this, but, she naturally possesses the water power, while you have the fire power. If you wear this armour, your own power will be reduced by at least fifty percent. Lucky for you, this turtle shell is hard and solid, so even though you are unable to kill your enemies while wearing this, your enemies are also unable to kill you.’’ Yu Yu said with a smile while pointing his finger at the turtle shell. The shell shattered abruptly into countless light spots, which then turned into wisps of shining smoke that was absorbed by the sphere of warm fiery light.

’’Fortunately, this armour was made from your sister Gui Ling own shell, possessing natural and great spirit power. I melted it with this new piece, so that you won't need to nourish it with your soul power for years, until the spirit power has grown in natural way inside it.’’

Primitive natural scenes flashed across Yu Yu's eyes. He gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then grinned and said, ’’And this stone dagger, eh, so ugly, and so weak, nearly useless. Let's not keep it.’’

Crooking his finger once again, the stone sword and the black dagger flew out from the middle of Ji Hao's eyebrows at the same time. Yu Yu looked at the stone sword. gave a faint smile, and said, ’’Finally, there is a good piece.’’

Yu Yu pointed his finger at the stone dagger, which shattered instantly into beams of fiery lights and was absorbed by the stone sword. Yu Yu then took out eighteen fist-sized, ragingly blazing, fire-red pearls, smashed all of them with a single punch, then carefully spread the red powder on the stone sword.

A long and loud dragon roar rose into the air, while a fiery dragon silhouette emerged from the hilt, coiling around the stone sword, making nine circles. At last, the dragon's tail hooked onto the sword hilt, and the dragon head merged with the sword tip. When Yu Yu put his hands down, the stone sword had already turned into a gold-red colour, with a lively fiery dragon pattern coiled around it. Streams of faint purple smoke and fiery light were ceaselessly spurting out of the sword's edge.

Ji Hao could sense clearly that a fragile soul had appeared inside the stone sword. He could feel that the newborn, young and weak soul was very close and intimate with him. It was just like the connection between Mr Crow and him had been when he had been only a baby who was lying on the back of Mr Crow while looking curiously at this world.

’’This sword is natural, pure and powerful. I have just activated its spiritual power with eighteen natural pure Yang pearls and have created a soul for it, which is why it looks like this now,’’ said Yu Yu while grinning with satisfaction. ’’I don't want my apprentices to be poor and dowdy, this sword now can barely match you, as an apprentice of mine!’’

Laughing out loud, Yu Yu then pointed his finger up. The new piece of treasure that was made from the Yan spear, Gold Crow armour, fiery feather boots, and other tens of kinds of rare materials, slowly dived down from the air, hovered around Ji Hao for nine times, then abruptly turned into soft and warm stream of fiery light and quickly merged with Ji Hao's body.

It was a red cloak, which looked as thin and soft as silk and as light as the clouds. This fire-red cloak fluttered in the air, while those faint flame patterns on the edge of the cloak sparkled from time to time, looking especially magical and beautiful.

On the sleeves and bottom of the cloak were ninety nine vivid three-legged Gold Crows. With Yu Yu's magnificent, magical toolmaking skill, the ninety nine Gold Crows were as lively as real ones. Although each of them were only as big as a human palm, one could even see the finest fluffs on their slightest feather.

Ji Hao could clearly sense that the ninety nine Gold Crows were tightly connected with this long cloak, yet, each of them was an independent entity. The red cloak had the functions of both the Gold Crow armour and the fiery feather boots, aside from the incredibly great defensive power, it also could largely improve the power of Ji Hao's fiery wings.

As for the ninety nine Gold Crows, each of them could transfer into a blazing, fierce flying sword and dart out immediately, upon Ji Hao's will. The natural Gold Crow flame contained in those blazing flying swords were terrifyingly powerful.

’’Thank you! My tutor!’’ Feeling the vast, immeasurable great power contained in that red cloak, Ji Hao couldn't help but kneel down and kowtow to Yu Yu, in order to express his gratitude.

Although Ji Hao still felt that, he was taken by Yu Yu as an apprentice too suddenly and abruptly, even a bit inexplicably, Yu Yu had been extremely nice to him all this time. Deep down, Ji Hao had already begun to accept this tutor of his who had half-forcibly taken him as an apprentice.

’’Good!’’ Yu Yu grinned with satisfaction. After looking at Ji Hao up to down for quite a while, he continued, ’’Whether it is the sun banner or this Gold Crow fiery cloak, with your current power, you will now be able to control them freely and release the power contained in them. Compared to those three old pieces of yours, which looked quite amazing but could not be used smoothly, these two new pieces are much better.’’

’’However, as your tutor, I don't want you to bully others with the powers of these treasures,’’ said Yu Yu while his face suddenly became serious. ’’If I want, I can carelessly give you a few natural formed powerful treasures, which will allow you to kill anyone you want, even divine Magi. But in the end, the powers of treasures doesn't truly belong to you. It is similar to the reflection of the moon in water or the reflection of flower in mirrors, it will disappear within no time.’’

'So, I will make a few simple rules, which have to be obeyed at all times. First of, you may not use that immemorial sun banner, unless your life is in peril.’’

’’Secondly, I have set up a restraint on this Gold Crow fiery cloak. Under normal conditions, it can only release the defensive power that equals your own power. If your power improves, the cloak's power will improve proportionally as well. When the river rises the boat goes up too, the more powerful you are, the more powerful the cloak will be.’’

’’You can also break the restraint when your life is threatened, which will allow you to release all of the cloak's power and ensure your safety,’’ continued Yu Yu harshly. ’’But, you cannot even think about relying on the powers of these treasures, even with the reputation of mine, and do whatever you want recklessly. Do not be unworthy of my cherishing, if you dare to do any things unruly with the treasures I have given you, don't blame me for teaching you some real lessons in my own way.’’

Yu Yu said this while taking a quick glance at Ji Hao, and suddenly, an extremely great, enormously strong sense of power was released from the corners of Yu Yu's eyes. Ji Hao even felt as if the entire heaven had descended from the sky and was pressing directly onto his head. He began trembling immediately, even losing control of his own body, and thudded loudly with his knees against the ground. Ji Hao felt that the fierce sense of power, released from Yu Yu's eyes, which was as terrifying as great natural disasters, would tear him to pieces in the very next moment. Within only a few seconds, Ji Hao's entire body was soaked in cold sweat.

’’I dare not, dare not!’’ Under the great, horrible and boundless sense of power, as if someone had been pushing the entire world down toward Ji Hao's head, Ji Hao completely lost the power of resistance. The threatening sense of power released by Yu Yu was like a roaring hurricane, which could destroy mountains, jungles, and anything in this world, while Ji Hao was only like a small, tiny ant, who couldn't even think about resisting when facing such a hurricane.

’’Hm, I believe in you, you're a good kid.’’ Yu Yu's lips curved upwards and satisfied he retracted that crazily great sense of power. He raised his wine calabash and took another sip of the wine flavoured river water contained in it. With a frown, he complained something about 'that lazy old big brother' in a low voice, then narrowed his eyes, and took out a book with purple cover, which had four golden, ancient style characters written on it, which were 'Yu Yu's magic formation study.

’’Come here, check this out. Hm, since you're now my apprentice, as your genius tutor, I will have to teach you some good stuff,’’ said Yu Yu excitedly while looking at Ji Hao with a pair of blinking eyes and putting that book on Ji Hao's hands. ’’I have taught a few other books to your brothers and sisters, only this one, I have just sorted these magic formations into a book in recent years. I haven't taught this to any of my apprentices yet.’’

’’My magic formation knowledge is quite special among other magic knowledge that I studied in, and is quite inclusive. Study this knowledge regarding magic formations. You can still directly reach the original natural law, after all, this entire world is actually a vast, magnificent magic formation.’’

’’Therefore, Ji Hao, you should thoroughly read this book, and try to discover the core of it. I will stay here for another couple of days, and will give you some directions.’’

Ji Hao gripped the book with both of his hands, and couldn't help but began quivering intensely.

A magic formation book compiled by Yu Yu himself...that was the legendary, supreme book among all the other Daoist books, which he had heard about in his previous life! In his previous life, people had spent all their lives searching for traces of this book, but no one had ever seen it in real.


Edited by SecondRate and TrinityMusic

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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