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The Magus Era - Chapter 295


Chapter 295 - Nailhead

Ji Hao returned to the tent his team was allocated.

Within the tent, the body position of Yu Mu and Tiasi hadn't changed at all, while the two of them were still in deep sleep. The huge hammers of Man Man and a few other objects, which were all releasing great heat, were randomly thrown in the tent, but both, she and Shaosi, were not in the tent. Ji Hao had no idea where the two girls had gone to.

But he did notice that the innermost three flagstones were each nicely sheeted by a piece of soft and clean belly leather of a fiery dragon. This kind of leather was three inches thick, soft, elastic, could block moisture and naturally remain warm;it definitely could be counted as a luxury mattress in a campsite like this.

Three small jade slips had been placed near each flagstone orderly, judging from the twisted, leaning characters written on them, it was the work of Man Man.

The characters on the three small jade slips were, Shaosi, Man Man, Ji Hao.

Man Man had set up beds for the three of them and arranged herself in the middle. Ji Hao and Shaosi were at her left and right side. Ji Hao was arranged in the most inner flagstone.

’’Haha, this little girl.’’ Ji Hao shook his head, smiled, then turned towards Yu Mu and Taisi, who were snoring thunderously. He shook his head pitifully and murmured, ’’Well, you two should have built good relations with our little rich girl. Look at you now, you can't even have a nice mattress.’’

Yu Mu at least had a bear leather, but poor Taisi, he was lying directly on the cold and hard stone.

Ji Hao walked up to Taisi and threw a heavy kick on his butt, but Taisi only twitched his neck slightly and moaned, then began snoring again. Ji Hao kicked him once again. This time, Taisi slapped hard on Ji Hao's foot while sleeping and murmured, ’’Hmm, don't, don't, I am sleeping, wake me up, if, if there's meat.’’

Ji Hao sighed, grabbed Taisi up and put his head closely near Yu Mu's feet. The team had been running and fighting out in the mountain area for these many days. Yu Mu had been so tired that he didn't even have the energy to take a quick shower after they had returned. Even worse, he was only wearing a pair of straw shoes, which were soaked in mud, sweat and blood over and over again;you could just imagine the smell!

The body of Taisi tightened suddenly, then he sneezed shockingly hard. Right after that, he burst out in long series of screams while leaping up from the flagstone.

Awakened by the ear-piercing screams of Taisi, Yu Mu grabbed a huge iron pot without opening his eyes and shielded himself under the pot. The next moment, his muffled, badly frightened voice came out from within the pot.

’’Who attacked us? How many people are there? Why didn't that bastard Feng Xing loud the alarm?!’’

Taisi shook his head and finally awakened from his deep sleep. He was now looking at the soft fiery dragon belly leather under Ji Hao's butt and murmured sadly, ’’What? You're only slightly bit more handsome looking, so you got someone to set a nice bed for you? But, I, I look pretty good as well...’’

Yu Mu took out a cold boar leg and a small dagger, sliced a thin piece of meat off and thrust it into his mouth and began chewing with a joyful face. Hearing Taisi's complaint, Yu Mu couldn't help but quickly throw a measuring glance at Taisi's scrawny face, after which he showed the whites of his eyes.

This time, even Minister Si Wen Ming had miscalculated the enemies 'improvements’’. Ji Hao frowned and told Yu Mu and Taisi all the information he had gotten from those warriors of the Huaxu Clan.

In the past few wars that had occurred between the human race and the non-human race, quite a few of the Yu Dynasty's official armies had been encircled by the human armies, but every time this occurred, their reinforcements could only reach them by traveling a long distance to arrive at the battlefields. Or the encircled army had to spend quite an effort to build a teleportation magic formation right on the battlefield, then the reinforcement would come through it.

If this time such a magic teleportation formation had been hand built on the battlefield by Di Sha, then the four human armies who were surrounding him, would definitely be powerful enough to destroy that formation, completely cutting the connection between him and the reinforcement off.

However, no one had thought that the reinforcements would arrive through a built-in teleportation function of the divine tower. Something like this had never occurred before! Si Wen Ming and his team were trying their best to discover if this was a trump card the Yu Dynasty had been hiding all this time or if those non-human monsters had actually made a breakthrough in the last couple of years in the area of magic spell symbols and formations, which allowed them to directly incorporate magic formation functionality in the divine tower.

’’No matter which it is, it's the problem of those ministers. What concerns me is how we can defeat Di Sha, and how to take his damn army out!’’ Fiddling with that exquisitely crafted arrow, Ji Hao said in a cold voice, ’’After Di Sha and his three reinforcement armies have gathered together, they have now become incredibly powerful.’’

Four Blood Moon armies being gathered together meant that at least twenty-thousand Yu Clan warriors and two hundred thousand Jia Clan warriors were in that allied army. The majority of the slaves and slave warriors belonged to to Di Sha's army, but he wasn't sure if the other three armies hadn't already teleported there own slaves and slave warriors over through the divine towers.

Even if these things were put aside, according to the estimate made by the warriors of the Huaxu Clan, without an army that was fifty times greater than the current one, it would be close to impossible to break through that solid metallic city and the great defensive magic formation, which was jointly constructed by the four divine towers.

However, a fifty times larger human army meant an army with over ten millions warriors.

Those four official armies were not the only four active armies in this Chi Ban Mountain area. There were over a hundred more official armies of the Blood Moon, which were attacking human clans in the northern parts. Once they had swept across all the human clans over there and were unable to find any more targets, they would immediately push forward into the Chi Ban Mountain at their highest speed.

’’Therefore, the current situation is that Minister Si Wen Ming still wants to take Di Sha's army out, but he doesn't have enough available military strength at this moment,’’ continued Ji Hao in a cold voice. ’’He has already applied for reinforcement to the Pu Ban City, but those elders of the big-scale clans...It's not that easy to persuade them.’’

’’Without enough military strength, well, to be more accurate, even if we did have it, minister Si Wen Ming wouldn't give the order. If we forcibly attacked that metallic city, we probably would suffer losses that we can'tcouldn't afford the possible loss. Therefore, we have to figure out another way to take them out.’’

Ji Hao gave an especially fierce and evil glance to both Yu Mu and Taisi, which made both of them to quiver simultaneously. At this instance, the sense of power his body was releasing was incredibly sharp and malicious, which made Taisi and Yu Mu feel that this Ji Hao in front of them was totally different from that friendly and charming guy who they are normally familiar with.

’’If we want to defeat a group of powerful enemies, we have to turn them against each other.’’

’’If they are not against each other at present, we can create some issues between them to turn them against each other. After all, rumours are always impossible to defend against effectively,’’ continued Ji Hao while staring at Taisi with a cold expression. ’’Is there any dark curse that will definitely kill a person but in a relatively longer time, and which no one else could undo?’’

Straightening his fingers, Ji Hao gritted his teeth and grinned, then he said, ’’Twenty days, thirty days or forty days, I just want a person to die slowly while suffering.’’

Taisi frowned, took out a tiny calabash out of his sleeve and took a small sip of alcohol contained in it, then gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao. He nodded slowly and responded, ’’I know many fierce and cruel curses, which will take a person's life away in an instance, but I also can kill someone slowly.’’

Raising his hand and abruptly turning his palm up, a stream of black light emerged, and within that light, a small black book, a tiny bow and seven thin and short arrows appeared.

’’Nailhead Seven Arrows Book, an inherited dark magic treasure of my family,’’ said Taisi blandly, ’’As long as you are powerful enough, you can even curse the Emperor of the heaven to death, with this treasure.’’


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