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The Magus Era - Chapter 292


Chapter 292: Counterattack

Seeing the arrival of the reinforcement, the fleeing and frightened warriors of Di Sha's army regained their moral. They all calmed down and gathered orderly towards the four divine towers.

The three newly arrived Blood Moon armies launched the counterattack as quick as they could.

The army of Di Sa had forty thousand fully-armoured warriors, who were riding large, fully-metallic, beast-shaped puppets. These warriors lined up in twenty horizontal rows and rushed towards the warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan while roaring loudly.

These metallic puppet beasts were also wearing thick and solid metallic armours, which were densely dotted with countless sharp blades that could slice parts of the human body apart by the slightest of touch of it. All of these puppet mounts were chained together with a shining blood-red chain. Due to this chain, these forty thousand warriors moved as an unified entity. They moved,while roaring, towards the Thunder Luster Clan like a huge mountain pressing down from the sky, putting the warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan under immense pressure.

Long spears thrown out by the warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan swooshed across the air along with dazzling light bolts, and clashed fiercely against the solid armours of Di Sa's warriors along with loud bangs. Within the span of only a few breaths, tens of thousands of spears struck down from the air, sending up countless broken armour pieces. However, not a single warrior of the non-human race had been struck from the backs of their puppet mounts.

All the Jia Clan warriors had chained themselves to their puppet mounts, using exquisite metallic chains, so unless their bodies were struck into pieces, it would be impossible to make them fall of their puppet mounts.

Followed by a thunderous, earth-shaking boom, the army of the Thunder Luster Clan clashed against the army of Di Sa.

The warriors on both sides raised their long spears simultaneously, burst out resonant roars and lunged their weapons towards the vital body parts of their enemies.

As powerful Senior Magi, the warriors on both sides were skilful and experienced. They would never miss their targets within such a short distance. Those sharp weapons pierced into the bodies of their enemies one after another, squeezing out streams of fresh, warm blood.

Those warriors whose bodies were torn apart and fell on the ground while bleeding, were all from the Thunder Luster Clan.

The spears held in the hands of the Jia Clan warriors were strangely sharp and solid. The armours of those Thunder Luster Clan warrior were not able to block those crazily sharp spears. With only the slightest of touches, their armours were sliced open and their bodies were sent flying away by those thick, sharp spears.

The thunder beasts roared out in rage, while creating countless thick, dazzlingly bright lightning bolts down from the heaven, which struck hard onto those Jia Clan warriors. However, streams of light emerged from the surface of their solid armours, which rotated around their bodies. These streams of light neutralized the majority of the lightning bolts, leaving only a small portion that managed to break through the layer of light and struck on the armours.

Some of the Jia Clan warriors were struck by the powerful lightning bolts, causing their bodies to tremble intensely, while black smoke rose out of their armours. A few of them were even burned instantly into pieces of black coke by those bolts. Even though they died, their bodies still remained seated firmly on the backs of their mounts.

While roaring loudly, the army of Di Sa swept across the front lines. The Thunder Luster Clan army was not able to hold off the fierce onslaught launched by the warriors of the Jia Clan, retreating quickly.

Water-tank-thick lightning bolts struck down from the heaven one after another. Although countless warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan were sent flying by those long spears of the Jia Clan warriors, the equal number of Jia Clan warriors were burned to death by those forceful lightning bolts. The number of warriors who were falling in the battle, began to raise swiftly, after the span of a few breaths, Di Sa's army began to retreat also.

Over two thousand Jia Clan warriors were killed during the short period of confrontation, while over four thousand warriors had fallen on the side of the Thunder Luster Clan. An additional two thousand were seriously injured and couldn't even stand back up from the ground.

Ji Hao was completely stunned by this short yet bloody confrontation. It was obvious that both, the equipment and the fighting skills, of the Di Sa's army was way above than that of Di Sha's army.

Shrill whistles abruptly came from afar. Along with those whistling noises, the beautiful Yu Clan female commander, who had arrived through the teleportation formation as the last one, trod on a multicoloured, shining round flat, and rose into the air. The zhangs-in-radius round flat suddenly released large amounts of dazzling light streams. Along with loud and strange buzzing noises, those streams of light instantly darted up into the sky, tens of miles away from the ground.

Behind the female commander whose name was Ju Xiu, twenty thousand fully-armed Jia Clan warriors, who also were trodding on similar round flats, also rose straight into the air.

Over ten thousand archers under the command of Great Gale Bao had been hovering around in the air and waiting for right opportunities to launch their attacks. After Ji Xiu and her army had risen into the air on those weird-shaped round flats, lines cracks suddenly started appearing on those round rounds flats, after which streams of blood-red light darted out along with loud swooshing noises, to over tens of miles away.

Within those swiftly darting blood-red streams of light, countless thumb-thick, three feet long metal arrows were shot out followed by high-pitched swishing sounds.

Great Gale Bao gave a loud resonating shout, followed by which he and all the archers behind him ordered their flying mounts to turn around and dive downwards, trying to dodge those arrows along arched flying paths. Each of those twenty thousand flying round flats had shot over a hundred arrows in passed moment, which meant, a whole two million, fully alloy-based metallic arrows, which were enhanced with special magic symbols, had been shot towards Great Gale Bao and his archers.

They eyes of Ji Hao popped wide open and he released his |Golder Crow Pupils|. He could clearly see that on each of those armour-breaking owl-shaped arrows, at least three hundred spell symbols were sparkling rapidly.

Judging from the techniques of weapon forging, mastered by the Magi Palace, if three hundred spell symbols were embossed on a single one arrow, that arrow would definitely be powerful enough to threaten the life of a Senior Magus.

Although Great Gale Bao had given the order instantly, and the archers behind him dodged as quickly as they could, those swooshing blood-red arrows had still shrouded the entire piece of sky, within a single moment. Over two thousand archers were enveloped by the storm of blood-red arrows, and soon, blood began dropping down to the ground along with the sounds of muffled moans.

Over a thousand archers were hit right onto the head and had died. The remainder one thousand of them were injured seriously, and fell onto the ground directly.

Ju Xiu pointed her finger at the air, followed with the motion of her hand, the twenty thousand flying round flats released those streams of dazzling blood-red light once again, which swooshed directly towards Ji Hao and the others, who had been guarding the exit of the valley. Ji Hao immediately gasped deeply in shock while activating the power contained in his turtle shell armour, and released the pure water essence power that instantly shrouded the area within a radius of a few miles. Right at the following moment, those arrows struck straight down.

The layer of black mist released by his armour rippled intensely. Although the black mist near Ji Hao remained perfectly still, in the outer circle, the black mist layer was way too thin;those fierce arrows quickly broke into the black mist after the black mist had slightly neutralised their powers.

Waves of howls rose from behind Ji Hao. The black cheetah warriors who had remained behind Ji Hao were hit by those arrows one after another. The power contained in these spell-symbol-embossed metallic arrows were terrifying. If one of those arrows hit you in the shoulder, your entire arm would explode into pieces immediately, if it hit on your leg, you would lose a leg as well, and what was even more horrible, it would blow you into two if it would hit you on your chest.

After the first wave of arrows, three hundred of the remaining two thousand black cheetah warriors were killed.

Ji Hao gritted his teeth and glared at Ju Xiu, the beautiful woman, who had been hovering around, up in the air.

How could the newly-arrived three armies be so much more powerful than Di Sha's army? Whether it was their equipment or fighting skills, they were all much, much better than Di Sha's army!

Before Ji Hao could figure out the reason why these three armies were so much more powerful than Di Sha's army, Di Mo's army had already built up a miles in square, solid metal wall around the four divine towers, with constructional metallic pieces that were well-prepared earlier.

By the time Ji Hao had turned his eyes towards the metallic wall, a few muffled yet thunderous booms came from the western side of the battlefield. Two odd-shaped, gigantic crossbows shot two huge arrows and instantly pierced through the bodies of the three most enormous serpents under the control of those Maguspriests of the Northern Wasteland. The arrows had pierced seven inches below the head, which was where their hearts were located. The serpents screamed out shrilly, while their hearts were punctured by the human-waist thick and ten zhang long arrows.

Followed by the screams of the serpents, raging growls emitted by the Kuafu Family giant warriors also resonantly rose into the air - one of them was shot by this kind of gigantic arrow as well, on the leg.


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