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The Magus Era - Chapter 288


Chapter 288 - Tangled Fight

This Netherworld Priest looked scrawny and gentle. He did not seem dangerous at all, but he had launched his attack swiftly, without talking too much.

Both of his swords were amazingly powerful. That young man of the Yu Clan had been comparable in power to a human divine Magus, yet the sword light released by the Netherworld Priest was able to easily cut his head off, without even giving him time to react.

’’Netherworld Priest!’’

Enraged, Dishi Yanluo growled out. He was an evil and violent emperor of the Blood Moon, otherwise he wouldn't have started such a great war as soon as he took over the throne. Through years Dishi Yanluo had been able to launch attack at enemies and invade lands as he pleased. There was no one who dared to provoke him on their own initiative. Especially after gaining the backing of the former emperor and earning increasing amounts of power within the Blood Moon, there had passed ages that someone beside the twelve emperors in power, dared to go against him, in front of his face.

Although Dishi Yanluo was clearly aware that with his power he couldn't even bare to enrage this Netherworld Priest, who was a legendary, bloodcurdling powerful being, he still raised his sword without showing any fear, transformed his entire body into a black and red stream of dazzling light, bringing up countless sharp, blood-red beams of sword light and darted towards the Netherworld Priest.

’’You're seeking death!’’ roared Dishi Yanluo enraged, while injecting all of his power into the long sword in his hand.

’’Ignorant little kid...hehe, back at that time, even the first generation of Emperors in power of your so-called Yu Dynasty didn't dare to wave his swords at me. Well, well, the world has been changing so quickly, so, so quickly,’’ said the Netherworld Priest with a ghost-like voice, along with hissing, cold laughers, while pointing his finger at Dishi Yanluo again.

The tremendous black banner instantly rolled up, right after which, a cloud of thick and smooth black smoke rose from under the Netherworld Priest's feet that condensed into a thick flat shield in front of him, firmly blocking Dishi Yanluo's attack.

The dazzling black and red sword light emitted by Dishi Yanluo fiercely pierced into the black smoke shield along with a shrill swishing voice. Countless electric bolts were sent flying adjacent the black smoke shield. The thick black smoke shield seemed soft, even empty without any counter effect. The sword light released by Dishi Yanluo struck directly into the shield of black smoke, but he only felt as if he had punched into the void and that all his power were drained by a bottomless black hole;this terrible feeling made Dishi Yanluo nearly vomit.

At the same time, Emperor Shun and the four mysterious silhouettes raised their swords high with both of their arms and rushed over once again along with tens of thousand of dragon silhouettes.

From the shade of the throne of Dishi Yanluo another ten silhouettes walked out. Added with the first batch who had walked out earlier, over twenty Yu Clan's men sneered altogether while letting out beams of blood-red light from the erect eye on their foreheads. These blood-red light streams gradually condensed into a blood-red moon above their heads.

The dense blood-red light lit up the entire space, while Emperor Shun and the four mysterious men roared out in rage along with those dragon silhouettes, and launched a crazily great attack at that blood moon. The blood moon instantly began shaking, and soon became dimmer. In the meanwhile, five-coloured, gigantic dragon silhouettes shattered the adjacent blood-red light one after another. Emperor Shun and the four men had been quivering slightly as well, it seemed that they were all affected by a great counter force.

Over ten Jia Clan warriors pulled out their weapons simultaneously and rushed silently towards Emperor Shun and the four hazy silhouettes.

Emperor Shun took a deep gasp, along with which, a pair of pupils in each of his eyes began to shine brightly. Soon, a Magus Acupoint on his chest lit up, within which, an incomparably gigantic star was rotating slowly, ceaselessly releasing pure essence of fire power.

Judging from the size and shape, the Magus Acupoint of Emperor Shun was only as big as a thumb, while the star rotating inside it was only the size of a half thumb. However, at the very first glance, everyone who saw it would feel that the star was immeasurably huge, and its bright luster had the ability to lit up the entire universe, while the heat released by it could warm the whole world.

’’This is my spirit star, the blazing Arcturus!’’ Emperor Shun growled in a resonant voice. Suddenly, seemingly inexhaustible fire power spurted out from his body. With this pure essence of firepower, those dragon silhouettes hovering around the five of them instantly became clear and solid, even making it possible to even clearly see their scales. Judging by their roars and attacking effects, each dragon silhouette had improved by Emperor Shun's fire essence power by at least a hundred times.

The over ten Jia Clan warriors simultaneously launched their attacks at Emperor Shun. Emperor Shun slightly waved his sword and let out a thunderous boom, along with which, blood gushed out of the mouths of the over ten divine Magus level Jia Clan warriors when they were sent flying while rotating, for thousands of miles.

Dishi Yanluo turned his head around and glared at Emperor Shun with a blazing look. He yelled, ’’Shun! If this crazy old bastard didn't mess around in here today, I would certainly kill you!’’ He then turned back and growled, ’’Go! Do whatever you can to kill him! I would like to find out if without an emperor, what do you, the weak human race have left to resist our attacks!’’

The human emperor was elected by the leaders of all the clans of the human race cooperatively., in the alliance of the clans human race, which meant, if Emperor Shun died, his son could not take over the throne directly. Instead, the new emperor would only be elected by those leaders of the large-scale clans, who were qualified to vote during the emperor elections, after they gathered together in Pu Ban City.

This process of election would waste three to five years!

During these three to five years, the alliance of the human race clans would be like a group of leaderless dragons, and with this great opportunity, Dishi Yanluo could easily break into Pu Ban City with his Blood Moon army!

Along with Dishi Yanluo's growl,thirty silhouettes more walked out from the shade of his throne, and among these people were two old men of the Yu Clan, who had shining silver hair and wrinkled skin.

’’Netherworld Priest...if you had stayed out of this, our Yu Dynasty would never turn against you, but since you have already stepped in, you should not blame us for killing you!’’ One of the Yu Clan old man sighed slightly, while slowly taking out an eyeball that had been carved out of a piece of blood-red crystal.

Another Yu Clan young man approached Emperor Shun along with a few others, while murmuring in a low voice, ’’Is Arcturus the human emperor's spirit star? Hm, such a great cultivation, just wondering to how many stars the human emperor's power equals to?’’

Emperor Shun let out another resonant growl while another eight Magus Acupoints lit up on his body, one after another. Every Magus Acupoint of his had flame-red, brightly shining stars slowly rotating within them. The sense of power released by him suddenly became much stronger than it had been before. At this moment, the sense of power he was releasing could even compete against Dishi Yanluo.

The facial expression of Dishi Yanluo changed slightly. he turned back and glance at Emperor Shun, then shouted out harshly.

’’Do it! Kill!’’

The Netherworld Priest smiled blandly while slightly waving his hand. Followed by that movement of his, hundreds of black silhouettes instantly rushed out of the arched door behind him. All of these people seemed creepy and weird. There were green flames blazing in their eyes, and their bodies seemed so crawny and stiff that they couldn't even move agilely. These were not the living but were instead zombies created by the Netherworld Priest with a secret special magic!

These were the zombies of the Netherworld Priest, which could fly in the sky, move underground and be even as powerful as a human divine Magus!

Dishi Yanluo couldn't help but show a badly shocked look on his face while shouting out loud.

’’Netherworld Priest! Do you seriously want to turn against our Yu Dynasty?’’

Before the voice of Dishi Yanluo had faded, a gentle and warm voice interrupted him. That voice sounded like it had come from the heavens. ’’In broad daylight, how can we tolerate evil creatures like this?! Netherworld Priest, you made zombies and against the natural transmigration, disorganised the Yin and Yang, this is against the natural law. This world will not allow you. Today, I enforce justice on behalf of this world!’’

Along with this voice, a shining white lotus descended down. The dazzlingly bright light released by it instantly lit up the entire space, which then struck directly towards the Netherworld Priest's head.

The Netherworld Priest let out an angry shout when the hundreds of zombies sent out by him howled out simultaneously. Over thirty zombies dissipated directly in the white light, while all the others were apparently badly harmed and even had black smoke streams puffing out of their bodies.

The handsome young man, who had been hiding deeply in the void and was watching this great show suddenly burst out a great growl, stood up and began yelling.

’’You little shithead! This is between them, what does it have anything to do with you?! Don't you feel shameless?! You bloody bastard! Duo!’’

Along with his roar, four flying longswords darted out from his sleeve, flashed across the air and momently reappeared above the battlefield. Right the following moment, followed with a thunderous boom, the four flying swords began rotating overhead the white lotus, instantly shattering the brightly shining white lotus into pieces.

After dealing with the white lotus, one of the four flying swords let out another beam of sword light. Dishi Yanluo growled madly when this sword light hacked his exquisite throne into two.

SR's note: So some white lotus dude tried to interfere and Po's master got enraged because his entertainment was disturbed? I like Po's master more and more.

Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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