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The Magus Era - Chapter 287


Chapter 287 - Seeing a ghost

Once Emperor Shun had pulled his sword out, even the clouds and the wind of the entire Midland had changed. Ji Hao, who was down at the Chi Ban Mountain area, which was located millions of miles away from Emperor Shun, suddenly raised his head and seemed to have felt something. He felt a mysterious type of surging stream of hot power deep inside his body that had been hidden inside of him, but was now gushing wildly within his body, making Ji Hao feel as of this power would burst out his body and rise towards the heavens at anytime.

Not only Ji Hao, all the other human warriors on the scene raised their heads as well and all turned their heads towards the same point that was located deeply in the void, beyond those clouds, even beyond the sky. But soon, they turned their eyes back down, growled out and continued to fight.

Each of these human warriors somehow became three time more agile and powerful than they had been earlier. They could now wave their weapons faster and punch harder on the faces of their enemies. The blood vessels of each of them were standing out from under their skins, making them feel as if their blood was boiling and that their power was increasing naturally within their bodies. None of these warriors could feel even the slightest bit of fear remaining in their hearts.

’’What happened?’’ Ji Hao couldn't help but be shocked deeply.

Inside his spiritual space, the mysterious man appeared, with dim blue light spots sparkling inside his eyes while murmuring in a low voice, ’’The sword, was it left here?’’

Up in the air, Dishi Yanluo narrowed his eyes, while he stared at the long sword held in Emperor Shun's hand. That sword was wrapped in a bright sphere of golden light. With Dishi Yanluo's power, he could only hazily see that the sword was embossed with large amounts of complicated patterns and characters.

’’You're not Emperor Xuan Yuan!’’ Dishi Yanluo grinned teasingly, stood up from the throne while pulling out his own sword with his right hand. A beam of sword light, which combined the streams of red and black lights, darted suddenly out. At the same time, half of the sky was shrouded by dark clouds, out of which countless blood-red light streams poured down like a waterfall.

’’Therefore, this sword can never release its true power in your hands!’’

Dishi Yanluo laughed out loud, took three big and heavy steps forward while at the same moment hacking thrice towards Emperor Shun with his sword.

The first of the three launched attacks emitted a great stream of blood-red light, which instantly crushed the tens of thousands of dragon silhouettes that were released by Emperor Shun.

The second of those hacks released a enormously great cloud of black mist, which made the brightly shining golden sword, held in Emperor Shun's hand dim suddenly down.

The third one completely darkened the sky and seemed to have shaken the entire universe. Emperor Shun gave a slight, muffled moan, after which he staggered tens of steps - each of them being nearly a hundred miles - backward. Even though all this transpired in a single moment, Emperor Shun had still moved thousands of miles away from where Dishi Yanluo was standing.

’’Look, look at yourself!’’ Dish Yanluo gripped his sword while letting out a series of high-pitched laughter, which sounded more as if he was screaming.

’’Back then, you were still a minister of Emperor Yao and I was only a commander of the Blood Moon army. At that time you were able to chase me for a whole three months without even resting once. You were able to kill a whole twelve hundred of my personal guards, while gravely injuring five of mine blood brothers, who almost died because of those wounds.’’

’’But, look at yourself now, Shun. This is the difference between us, the Yu Dynasty and your human race!’’ Dishi Yanluo shouted while raising his sword high in the void and released hundreds of miles long beams of black light from all of his three eyes. Everywhere those beams of black light passed through, the space - even the void - would twist slightly and show signs of rippling.

’’How many years have you been sitting on that chair of the human emperor? Three-hundred years? Five hundred years? A thousand years? And how much have you improved during all this time?’’ growled Dishi Yanluo. ’’I have been the Emperor for only a year and eight months but the great Blood Moon has granted me inexhaustible power. Now, I am far more powerful than you!’’

Emperor Shun gasped slightly for air, while the longsword held in his hand emitted a buzzing noise and released again a bright golden light. He looked at Dishi Yanluo and responded blandly.

’’Although I am unwilling, I have to admit that monsters like you are indeed hundreds of times more powerful than our human race, but, so what?’’

Raising his long sword slowly again, Emperor Shun continued in a low yet reverberating voice. ’’Back then you failed to keep us enslaved, and even now, after so many generations, you won't be able to achieve it again this time. Although those three legendary ancient emperors have passed on, we won't be defeated easily!’’

Dish Yanluo let out a heavy breath, while a dim yet fierce light flashed across his eyeballs, then he said, ’’The thing I hate most is your so-called pride and dignity! Why wouldn't you just lower your head and be our slaves nicely? Isn't that something great? Look at those creatures who are enslaved by us now, aren't they all living happily right now? You're just like them, weak, stupid and ignorant. Those things were enslaved by us more than willingly, why can't you do the same?’’

Emperor Shun smiled shook his head slightly. Suddenly, another tens of thousands of flying dragon silhouettes swooshed out from his sword. At the same time, four human silhouettes standing right behind him simultaneously took a step forward.

All of these four silhouettes were hazy. One could not even clearly see their faces, only incomparably great and mysterious powers could be sensed, which were ceaselessly gathering over from unknown sources. When Emperor Shun waved his sword in the air, an odd-shaped sword abruptly appeared in each of these four silhouettes' hands. Followed with this, black, white, red and green, four multi-coloured sword lights suddenly spurted out from their swords, then perfectly merged into one with the golden sword light, released by Emperor Shun.

The five-coloured beam of sword light turned into a dazzlingly bright light stream and roared up into the air. The tens of thousands of dragon silhouettes were sent towards Dishi Yanluo, but now they darted up into the air, seemingly on their way to shatter the entire world.

The dark clouds that were shrouding the entire sky suddenly dissipated, while those blood-red light beams shattered into light spots. The facial expression of Dishi Yanluo changed slightly, and the sword light that his black and red long sword had emitted, began to twist intensely. An invincible power crushed the light till the light of that sword started to sent out light spots.

’’Who the hell are you?!’’ Dishi Yanluo took a deep breath, while staring at the four silhouettes quite cautiously and yelled. ’’You are not even really here...You're just streams of spiritual powers, who sent you?!’’

Emperor Shun laughed out loud, while the four silhouettes simultaneously let out a faint and hazy sneer. All five of them stood side by side, gripped their swords with both of their arms and quickly stepped forward towards Dishi Yanluo. Tens of thousand of dragon silhouettes were flying around them, roaring like the raging ocean, shaking even the entire void, and constantly bringing up huge ripples of power in the void.

’’Hah!’’ sneered Dishi Yanluo as well.

From the shade of his magnificent throne over ten silhouettes walked out. Among these people, the majority were of the Yu Clan, while the remaining were people of the Jia Clan. All the people of the Yu Clan were wearing blood-red cloaks, while the people of the Jia Clan were wearing blood-red armours.

All the people of the Yu Clan that walked out from behind the throne, had blood-red eyes and there was a hazy blood-red, erect-standing eye floating above each of their heads. The skins of the people of the Jia Clan had turned into a faint gold colour, which made them look like golden statues that had been beared gale and rain through ages, causing them to look heavy and powerful.

’’Shun, you have only brought four people here today. I will not pretend to be polite to you, I will just chop off your head!’’ said Dishi Yanluo while showing a proud smile on his face. ’’I will certainly take out your skull in whole by myself, then let my craftsman turn it into the most beautiful art piece, to decorate my palace!’’

’’Yo hohoho~ hoho~’’

A weird, creepy laughter abruptly came from not far away, along with which, two spheres of green spooky flame suddenly appeared in the air. Right between the two flames, a purely dark, metallic, arched door gradually emerged, upon which, two huge devil statues widely opened their mouth, and gave that high-pitched, horrible laughter.

Dishi Yanluo paused instantly, while even his jaw dropped slightly due to shock, and subconsciously murmured, ’’Damn it, you, the Netherworld Priest, what are you doing here?’’

The black metallic, arched door slowly opened, from which, a black straw cushion flew out. On that straw cushion, a scrawny young man, whose skin was so pale that one could even see his blood vessels through it, but had a pair of cherry-like tender lips that made him look quite handsome, was sitting with his legs crossed. A pair of weirdly shaped longswords, in black and white colours, were floating on each side of that young man, while an enormous black banner was fluttering behind him, ceaselessly releasing huge streams of cold, freezing wind.

’’Emperor Shun said that if I fight against you for him, from now on, the souls of all human warriors, who die in battles, will join my side upon their own willingness,’’ said the Netherworld Priest in a soft and gentle voice while letting out a grin, ’’Therefore, although I have nothing against your Yu Dynasty...’’

While speaking, the Netherworld Priest slightly raised his finger and pointed at Dishi Yanluo. At exactly the same moment, the pair of black and white swords silently and swiftly darted out, and a Yu Clan young man standing behind Dishi Yanluo instantly let out a howl.

By the time Dishi Yanluo had turned his head back and looked at him, the head of that Yu Clan young man had already fallen off from his neck without making even the slightest noise.


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