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The Magus Era - Chapter 281


Chapter 281 - Blood Scent

’’Weak, ignorant barbaric creatures,’’ murmured Di Sha while a blood-red, moon shaped ring suddenly lit up on his left middle finger.

Human-head-size, pure and clear, all-adapting magic crystals flew out from the ring one, after another, which then were quickly absorbed by the divine tower. The ten zhang tall divine tower was like a bottomless black hole, devouring over a hundred thousand pieces of magic crystals within a second.

After having absorbed all the crystals, the blood-red erect eye that was floating above the tower, began to shine. Suddenly it emitted a zhang-thick beam of blood-red coloured light, which struck violently against the ocean of bugs, followed by a second and third beam of blood-red coloured light. Within the blink of an eye, a total of twelve beams of blood-red light had struck down onto the swarm of bugs.

Each of the beams of light struck down with a loud, muffled boom, and causing countless tiny spell symbols to be sent flying everywhere. Every bit of space that was hit by the beam, masses of bugs would be blown into puddles of sticky, bloody liquid. Before the surviving bugs were able to devour those puddles of blood and could lay eggs again, the beams of light drained all the power contained in that blood.

Clouds of powers of the Blood Moon were injected into the bodies of the warriors of the Jia Clan, who were trapped in the ocean of bugs. Due to the injection of power, their bodies began to swell and reached soon the length of ten meters. The weapons they were holding in their hands, changed along with their bodies, and became even more huge and heavy, making them look even more wildly-shaped.

The twelve beams of blood-red light wiped the majority of those bugs out, and nearly a thousand Jia Clan warriors, who had been trapped in the ocean of bugs, rushed out with their skins shining like silver, while shouting and roaring crazily, going towards Ji Hao with big steps.

Two Jia Clan warriors holding gigantic axes threw a fierce glance at Ji Hao, while each grinned hideously. They abruptly swung their axes bringing up two beams of cold, sharp light, hacking towards Ji Hao's head.

Each of the Jia Clan warriors were over five times taller than Ji Hao, which made them look like small hills in front of Ji Hao. Their huge body gave them a definitive advantage in physical strength and a battlefield like this, allowing them to fully exploit their height. They could beat up a kid like Ji Hao very easily, without any worries. After all, a kid like Ji Hao would not be able to reach their vital parts.

Mr Crow rose into the air and hovered around, while cawing with a resonating sound. It expanded its body swiftly, from one feet to over hundreds of feet wide, while being wrapped in a blazing fire. It waved its pair of huge blood-red, jade-like claws and gripped onto the two axes.

The two warriors of the Jia Clan burst out in a series of angry yelling. Temporarily they stopped attacking Ji Hao and instead pulled their weapons as hard as they could, and tried to compete with Mr Crow in strength.

If looked at their anatomical structure and the shape of their body, the warriors of the Jia Clan would have undoubtedly a huge advantage in physical strength against human warriors, but when faced with an offspring of the ancient and legendary powerful animal, their huge bodies of what they were so proud of, turned into weakness.

Mr Crow was more powerful and wilder than these Jia Clan warriors. The two Jia Clan warriors couldn't even stand steadily;they were being dragged by Mr Crow and staggered a few steps forward.

Ji Hao gave a long growl. He put the long black dagger, which was less effective against these Jia Clan warriors and instead pulled his stone sword out. All the power contained in his over ten Magus Acupoints suddenly swooshed out and gushed into the stone swords. Once that had happened, the seemingly dusky stone sword let out an over ten-zhang long fiery light, turning entirely glowing red, while tens of dim flame patterns slowly emerged on its surface.

The stone sword was a naturally-formed holy weapon. Nature had only given it a simple, most original shape, and as for its spirit, power and soul, these were all depended on its owner. The owner needed to cultivate it and build a connection with it. Ji Hao had been ceaselessly injecting his fire powers into the stone sword and gradually guiding this stone sword to turn into a fire-power adapted holy weapon.

’’Die!’’ Ji Hao roared out while abruptly trotting on a flying cloud and rose into the air. He swung the stone sword, leaving a huge, bright arc in the air, and launched the [Sky Opening] with all of his power.

Blood immediately spurted out. The two skilful and powerful Jia Clan warriors were held at bay by Mr Crow and couldn't free their own hands within a short while. Ji Hao took this opportunity and accurately attacked their weakest body parts. The amazingly sharp stone sword sliced their heavy armours open and cut both of them into two. In the next moment, raging flames swooshed out from their bodies. This two Jia Clan warriors howled out, they had incomparably strong life-force that allowed them to not die immediately. Instead, they fell onto the ground in pieces, howling, twitching and madly rolling their broken bodies.

Raging flames enveloped their bodies. The stone sword had completely cut their meridians open, disabling them from self-healing. They stared at Ji Hao with despair, while continuously uttering the most vicious curses they knew at Ji Hao in a strange language that Ji Hao didn't understand.

Taisi swung his bone cane and created large clouds of black smoke, shrouding the two Jia Clan warriors immediately. The black clouds rapidly drained out all of their life-force from their bodies, and soon transformed them into tens of black, twisted spell symbols, floating right beside Taisi's body.


Taisi swung his left hand forward and said in a low voice. Following his order, those black spell symbols darted out and quickly merged with the bodies of the other Jia Clan warriors, who had just rushed out of the ocean of bugs and were now running towards Ji Hao. Once those black spell symbols bumped into their bodies, these Jia Clan warriors suddenly slowed down and their bodies seemed to become stiff. Tremblingly, they kept trying to move forward while screaming out;their faces were filled with fear.


Lie Mountain Gang shouted. He waved his long spear and rushed up with a squat of black cheetah warriors. They whipped their black cheetahs and rushed towards those stiffed Jia Clan warriors at a lightning speed. All those sharp long spears they had been holding in their hands were sent out along with beams of fierce light.

Those Jia Clan warriors, who had been cursed by Taisi, were not able to dodge those sharp long spears at all. They could only watch as those spears pierced right through their own throats. Those long spears each brought up a few light sparks, easily piercing into their neck armours and going through into their throat while squeezing out streams of hot blood, and then came out from the back of their necks.


Another hundred of Jia Clan warriors rushed up like wild raging tigers. They moved at fast as beams of light, accurately and swiftly launched attacks to Lie Mountain Gang and his soldiers, who didn't have enough time to pull their spears back.

Streams of blood spurted out like a heavy and warm rain, except Lie Mountain Gang, who had barely blocked three machetes hacking towards him simultaneously with his solid muscle and powerful armour, whole one hundred armoured black cheetah warriors, who had rushed up along with him, were all, suddenly killed by those Jia Clan warriors! Behind Lie Mountain Gang, a hundred humans head were sent flying into the air simultaneously.

All the black cheetahs, which had been ridden on those brave warriors, turned furious after their masters were killed. They angrily showed their sharp teeth and claws, darting into the group of Jia Clan warriors. Their sharp teeth and claws created huge amounts of fire sparks against the armours of those Jia Clan warriors. These black cheetahs set their soul and spirit blood ablaze. They traded their lives for more power, launching a final attack at those Jia Clan warriors who had murdered their owners, their comrades.

Ji Hao popped up his eyes.

He saw these brave and loyal battle beasts leaving deep marks on the armours of those Jia Clan warriors with their claws and teeth, but none of them managed to break those thick, solid and exquisite armours. These black cheetahs were powerful and fearless, they launched their final attacks with their lives on the edge, however, the armours of those Jia Clan warriors had perfectly blocked their attacks.

’’Stupid animals!’’

Those Jia Clan warriors raised their machetes again, and in the very next moment, a hundred black cheetahs were all chopped into two, nearly simultaneously. Those sharp, cold and fierce machete chopped their bodies apart, and sent their broken bodies flying into the air along with beams of cold light, and soon, shattered them into pieces.

Another Lie Mountain Clan black cheetah squat rushed over. They laughed out loud while swinging their long spears as hard as they could, piercing right towards enemies' bodies.

Those Jia Clan warriors showed absolutely no fear. They lined up in straight manner and raised their machetes high, hacking down onto the necks of those black cheetah warriors. Those warriors riding on the backs of the black cheetahs finally reached the same height as those Jia Clan warriors, and could fight against them in a relatively fair situation.

Another blood rain came from the air, while another hundred black cheetah warriors were beheaded by those Jia Clan warriors, but this time, without the help of Taisi's curse, only eighteen Jia Clan warriors were killed in the fight!


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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