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The Magus Era - Chapter 267


Chapter 267 - Hatch

Run, run, at your highest speed.

Abruptly, a gigantic blood-red flagstone blocked the way of Ji Hao and the others with him, causing them to slow down immediately.

’’Lang Yi! Take these people and run!’’ Ji Hao raised his long black dagger while a beam of fiery light flashed across the dagger's edge.

Behind him, over two hundred metallic spiders rushed out of the valley like a sparkling and freezing metallic tide, quickly spreading out towards all directions. Sooner or later, those spiders formed a miles long line, moving their thin yet sharp feet, while continuously approaching Ji Hao and his team.

The metallic spider, which was standing in the middle of the line, looking especially thin but had more and complicated spell symbols embossed on its body, and with black-blue gemstones inlaid in its compound eyes, suddenly raised its head, opened its jaws and let out a high-pitched scream. Waves of strong sense of power instantly gushed out of its body and spread out.

A huge buzzing sound rose from its body, along with which, the flagstone began shaking violently, and countless thin electric sparkles popped up in the air. Ji Hao saw the dirt slowly rising from the ground. The air was trembling and charging. Great electric repulsion were causing dirt, even small stones rise into the ground. After the span of two breathes, even gigantic rocks, which would take a few people to hold their arms around it, were slowly rising from the ground as well.

A blood-red beam of light darted out from this metallic spider's body, within which, an erect eye gradually opened, letting out countless beams of extremely thin and dim light, which swept across the surrounding area. The air around the flagstone was still vibrating, while a faint layer of black mist continuously blew up, exposing the apprentices of Magi Palace, who had been hiding in the mist with the power of those banners held in their hands.

Fifty to sixty apprentices were shocked to discover that they were already exposed, desperately waving their banners, not knowing what else they could do.

Ji Hao popped up his eyes. He had read from books in the Magi Palace, which said that amongst the fighting puppets of the Yu Clan, there was one that was extremely expensive, and could release a powerful magic, which was called [Heaven Blessed Great Magic] by the people of the Yu Clan. This so-called [Heaven Blessed Great Magic] could largely suppress all kinds of magics and magical powers, in front of which, ordinary magic formations or ambush formation had no way of staying hidden.

However, this kind of puppet was incomparably expensive. Except the people who possessed the highest status amongst the entire Yu Clan, and their direct offsprings, none of the others would be able to afford such a top-grade fighting puppet.

Behind the hundreds of metallic spiders, a proud and arrogant laughter was let out by a Yu Clan's young man, ’’Hah! Ambush! You all should thank me for this, if I hadn't spend all my money and bought this heaven-eyed puppet, we would all rush into this ambush formation!’’

’’You all, each, own me a life, remember this,’’ the owner of the heave- eyed puppet yelled out in excitement, ’’According to the rules, I should take a major part of the contribution, for killing these people.’’

The other young men of the Yu Clan looked like they each had swallowed a huge pile of cattle dung and were very embarrassed.

They glared at Ji Hao and the others and began cursing angrily.

’’Bastard! How dare you ambush us here?!’’

’’You lowly sneaky barbarians! So evil! But, can't you arrange more people to ambush us? Only these few? It's not even enough for us to split the contribution!’’

’’You're so dead, lowly stupid creatures, you're just so dead. We have found you, which means that you're all dead already!’’

The men of the Yu Clan were yelling and shouting, cursing and threatening Ji Hao and the others. Surrounded by tens of thousands of slaves warriors and guards, they rapidly rushed out of the narrow valley, and got onto this huge flagstone.

A few cautious and cowardly young men from the Yu Clan took out their special-shaped jade talisman and threw them hard against the ground. Those talismans instantly blew up into beams of dazzling light and spread out. Countless tiny spell symbols emerged in the light and sparkled in the air, everywhere they swept across, the surface of the flagstone would be burned black, as if being struck by lightning bolts.

Not a single hidden spell or magic spell symbol was detected on the surface of the flagstone, and if there was any, those specially crafted detecting talisman would certainly trigger it and cause abnormal images or sounds.

However, except those apprentices of the Magi Palace, who were hidden around them with the powers of those banners, no other spell symbols had been left on the flagstone by Ginger.

The young men of the Yu Clan surveyed the surrounding carefully. When they were unable to see anything abnormal had occurred on the flagstone, they immediately became excited and started to yell even louder at Ji Hao. ’’Surrender yourself! You lowly barbarians! We can grant you an easy death if you surrender now!’’

’’And those two beautiful ladies, you two should just kneel on the ground and beg for our mercy, after all, we don't want to smash your pretty, lovely faces.’’

’’Oi, oi, let's talk, that girl with a white dress, I like her. I'll give two-hundred jade coin, for having her.’’

’’You bastard! Such a beautiful slave, she will be worth at least five hundred. I want her as well, be fair, the one who gives the highest price will get her!’’

’’I want this kid's armour, my uncle is a deputy commander working for General Di Sha, whoever dares to scramble with me?’’

Before they even had won the fight, these proud and arrogant young men of the Yu Clan were considering Ji Hao and the others as their reward for winning the battle, and started arguing with each other regarding the distribution of these 'booty'.

Lang Li led his fellows and dragged those refugees, while continuing to flee forward. From time to time he would turn back and take a worried glance at Ji Hao and his team. But when he saw that they were surrounded and that the ambush formation laid exposed, he couldn't help but show a despairful face.

’’You! What are you doing?! The ambush has been exposed!!’’

Lang Li shouted as loudly as he could while waving his arms hard, intending to tell Ji Hao that he and his people would keep running for lives.

Ji Hao smiled while shaking his head, he then took a deep breath, straightened his middle finger up towards those Yu Clan's young men, then locked his fingers together. Followed by his hand motion, his heavy arm immediately was wrapped by a thick layer of flowing water again. In the meanwhile, large streams of water essence power spurted out, turned into a zhangs in radius water shield, enshrouding all six of them, including Taisi's big black cat.’’

’’Man Man, take out the treasure given by your Abba and cast our curse away,’’ said Ji Hao, ’’Such a difficult journey.’’

Man Man happily let out a yell then took out a fist-sized, exquisite bronze lamp. Once she had taken it out, a slightly red light spot on the lamp burst out into a dense red light sphere, wrapping all of them up.

The huge flagstone under their feet suddenly began shaking lightly. Soon, countless thin cracks emerged on the surface of the flagstone. At the exactly same moment, all bug eggs exploded simultaneously, and countless different-sized, multicoloured and scary bugs hatched, buzzing out of the flagstone. Immediately after these bugs had flown out from those silent eggs, which had been feeling like completely dead just now, instantly released an amazingly great sense of power.

Cracking noise lingered around the flagstone, watched by the Yu Clan's men and their guards and slave warriors, all ugly, disgusting and horrible bugs crawled out of their eggs while screaming.

It was a tsunami of poisonous bugs. The over ten miles in radius flagstone had suddenly been swallowed completely by these bugs.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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