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The Magus Era - Chapter 262


Chapter 262 - Magic bow

’’Nice job Feng Xing!! The best liquor back in Pu Ban City!! My treat!!’’

Ji Hao was laughing out loud while his body was still wrapped in popping blood-red electric sparks and his head was still buzzing and dizzy, waving his fist hard in the air.

Yu Mu supported his body painfully with his arms while screaming, ’’Get the hell off my body! Damn it!! My fat! Ouch! My fat! Fat!!’’

Ji Hao was sent flying by the blood-red lightning bolt launched by the Yu Clan young man, and had bumped right into Yu Mu's soft and chubby back. Yu Mu's thick layer of fat offset over eighty percent of the power that was contained in that lightning bolt, therefore, those blood-red electric sparks didn't cause any harm to Ji Hao, but had nearly knocked poor Yu Mu out.

A loud sizzling noise came from Yu Mu's body. A huge area around his waist was charred black, and those thin blood-red electric sparks were still madly drilling into his skin. These blood-red electrical sparks activated the blood curse that lingered inside his body, releasing even greater powers.

Yu Mu's skin quickly turned deadly pale, his lips were even becoming dark gradually;this was a sign that his spirit blood was withering rapidly.

Ji Hao slapped hard on Yu Mu's body and injected a stream of Gold Crow Flame into his body. The stream of flame drilled into Yu Mu's body like a living snake. Yu Mu gritted his teeth and let the stream of flame quickly gush around his body. Wherever the stream of flame passed, the corroded blood was evaporated into black smoke and puffed out from his nose, mouth and ears.

’’Hold on! Until they came over!’’ said Ji Hao in a deep voice, while putting the black tablet back into this sleeve.

’’Just a second, a tiny, little, short second! My fat! My poor dear fat!’’ complained Yu Mu. He rubbed his own waist in misery and large amounts of carbonised skin turned into black ash and fell off from his body, showing a bowl-sized huge wound.

Then he took two pills that were concocted with the purpose of replenishing lost blood. He gnashed his teeth and struggled back up from the ground, while continued moving forward along the valley. While running, Yu Mu's fat shook intensely, and newly-grown fat and skin quickly sealed the wound.

Inside the woods, Feng Xing, whose whole body was soaked in sweat, waved his fist, gnashed his teeth, and looked at the headless dead body of the Yu Clan young man, letting out a laugh, then murmured a word.


The old longbow, which was claimed to be a magic bow by Feng Xing himself, looked quite simple. It even was roughly crafted normal and ordinary branch. But at this moment, that old bow was glowing with a beautiful light, and the natural and simple shaped bow had now turned translucent, as if it was carved out of a fine piece of jade.

The bow string, which normally looked like three thin dry grasses twisted together, now seemed like transparent tendons of a dragon, reflecting the sunrays and releasing a faint light. It seemed also as if a very mysterious dim light was flowing around inside the string.

The arrow that had punctured the armour of the Yu Clan young man and had blown off his head like a watermelon, was now deeply stuck in the ground. Countless thin golden spell symbols flew continuously out from the arrow. After the last golden spell symbol dissipated in the air, the arrow turned back into a normal and ordinary wooden arrow. Suddenly, the arrow popped up and became a puff of ash, falling onto the soil.

This was one of the most ordinary wooden arrows, you could buy a thousand of them in the Pu Ban City with a jade coin. The arrowhead was forged by steel, with the arrow body carved out of normal ironwood. However, when Feng Xing shot this arrow out with all of his power, and the inherited old longbow, countless spell symbols were automatically injected into the arrow, turning this arrow into a magically sharp one that could easily pierce into any armour.

’’Ah! God damn it!’’ Feng Xing waved his hand and complained in a deep voice, ’’With my current power, I can shoot three arrows out like this, at the most, then I'll just die!’’

Gasping deeply, Feng Xing yelled out aloud, ’’Only booze is not enough! Oi, Ji Hao! Why don't you treat me in the Regretting Beauty? I heard that place is filled with fun! I've never been there yet!’’

Ji Hao's face instantly became dark. He remained silent and kept rushing forward. Regretting Beauty? Of course he knew what that crazy place truly sold. Ying Yunpeng's nephew died nowhere else but that place, accidentally being killed by a little girl, who sucked out all of his blood during se*ual intercourse.

Yu Mu let out a simple grin and said, ’’Eh? Regretting Beauty? I heard that all of their dishes are made from meat of Senior Magus level beasts! Ji Hao, why don't you invite me as well?!’’

Man Man carried her pair of hammers and was running at the front. Hearing the conversation of these boys, she excitedly leapt up and yelled out, ’’Good, good! Ji Hao's treat! We will go together! Shaosi! Let's go together! Regretting Beauty? Such an interesting name!’’

Shaosi's bland face became colder and colder. She slightly turned her head and took a quick glance at the woods, shook her head and said blandly, ’’Man Man, don't listen to their nonsense. Hm? Already?’’

Ji Hao and his team had been running quite fast, but the Blood Moon army moved even faster.

Over two hundred elite Yu Clan warriors had already caught on. Seeing the dead body of the Yu Clan young man, they yelled to stop their riding beasts one after another. They looked at their fellow warrior, whose head had been blown up, with weird smiles on their faces.

The two remaining Jia Clan warriors kneeled on the ground, staring at their master's dead body without any expressions on their faces. As for those slave warriors and slaves, they kneeled on the ground as well, while quivering intensely, not even daring to raise their heads.

’’According to the law, your master has already died, but you're alive, you have all committed a crime of death!’’ said one of the Yu Clan warriors, whose status seemed to be the highest amongst all those people, and was wearing the most luxurious armour, which reflected the sun rays into a bright huge sphere of light around his body.

’’However, since we're facing a great war, I can spare you from death. Are you... willing to swear your allegiance to me?’’ this Yu Clan young man stretched his hand out with a smile towards the two Jia Clan warriors and continued, ’’Work for me, I will spare you from your dead punishment and will take you under my protection. This also goes for these lowly slaves, they will live as well.’’

Judging from the bronze-purple skin of these two Jia Clan warriors, they were elite warriors among Jia Clan warriors, who were called 'big warriors'. They were as powerful as peak-level Senior Magi, and were quite valuable. Normally, to have a few warriors like these would cost Yu Clan people quite a big price and quite many efforts. But now, their master had died in battle, and they were still alive, which meant that they had already committed a dead crime. Therefore, only if any Yu Clan man was willing to give them a olive branch to hold on, they would grip it without any hesitation.

’’You respectful lord, we are certainly willing to contribute all of our loyalty and power to you!’’ The two Jia Clan warriors, who were kneeling on the ground with faces looking like dead, seemed to have suddenly gotten their life force back. They happily grinned and made their vows to their new master.

Their original master had died in battle, if they returned to the Blood Moon like this, not only would the Blood Moon execute them according to the law, their killed master's family also would never let them live. But as long as another Yu Clan lord was willing to take them and protect them, all those wouldn't be a problem at all!

Such things were more than common in the Yu Dynasty. Not to mention these guards, warriors and slaves, when a Yu Clan man died in battle, everything he had when he was alive, even his wives and children, would be taken over by other Yu Clan people, and a lot of the Yu Clan men would be more than willing to do that.

All these, were witnessed by their great Blood Moon, and were all allowed by their law!

The Yu Clan man, who had just taken the two Jia Clan warriors over, let out a satisfied grin, while the other Yu Clan young man stared at him, eyes filled with jealousy.

Within the woods, Feng Xing pulled his old longbow open once more, ten spat a mouthful of spirit blood on its bowstring.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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