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The Magus Era - Chapter 245


Chapter 245 - Domineering

The pagoda stood right on the ground and sank three zhang deep into the ground.

A cloud drifted over. Ku Quan slightly waved his hands, followed by which, the white pagoda slowly rose into the air again, showing Feng Xing, who was lying in the deep pit with his limbs stretched and being unable to move.

This pagoda seemed relatively small and light, but it was actually incredibly heavy. Being struck right on the head by it, all of Feng Xing's bones were broken. Many of his meridians were shattered as well, even quite a few Magus Acupoints of his were nearly damaged. Lying in the deep pit filled with mud, Feng Xing grinned bitterly, while vomiting mouthfuls of blood out.

’’Didn't manage to run from that,’’ said Feng Xing after letting out a hollow and embarrassed laugh, ’’I'm...still a bit slow.’’

Ku Quan stood up on the chariot and looked down at Feng Xing, saying proudly, ’’Even if I let you run for over ten thousand miles at first, you will never be able to run from mine, Ku Quan, hunt. Senior Magi like you know nothing besides fighting recklessly with that stupid strength of yours, how could you possibly understand how magical and limitless our great magic is?’’

Pu trod on a gust of wind and flew over, with a misty cloud following right behind her. Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, and Yu Mu all were lying on that misty cloud in a line. From a great distance, Pu Tong put her palms together and saluted Ku Quan, and said politely, ’’My great, powerful tutor, how could such kind of stupid Magus understand your magnificent magic?’’

Ku Quan gave a faint smile, dramatically waved his hands and said, ’’Well, well, let's not mention it. Pu Tong, you own a bit credit for catching these few kids. When we get back, as your tutor, I will certainly reward you. Hm, these few kids are the ones who cursed elder Ying Yunpeng's few boys to death. It's them.’’

Deep inside his pupils, a beam of greedy light flashed across, Ku Quan then laughed in a deep voice and said, ’’Well, these few kids would certainly die, however, this nature has its mercy, and we have our special magic. We should open our gate to the entire world, inviting all kinds of people to join us.’’

Pu Tong grinned and said hurriedly, ’’This is their luck, to be able to become your, my respectful tutor's, apprentices. They're blessed. Once they join us, they will become outsiders of this earthly world, therefore, we don't need to punish them for what they have done earlier.’’

Prince Xu stood aside, let out a fake cough and said, ’’I'm just afraid that these few are naturally violent and rude, probably won't become your apprentices willingly.’’

Ku Quan blandly smiled, threw a quick glance at Prince Xu then said quite proudly, ’’Our magic is unimaginably powerful. As they have already been caught by me, it won't be their decision whether to become my apprentices or not. After they been through thousands of different lives in their dreams and have gained a clear understanding of the sadness and bitterness of the world, they will cry and shout, beg me to take them as apprentices.’’

Speaking of this, Ku Quan couldn't help but proudly laugh out loud, then continued, ’’My dear Prince, you can just relax, after I take them as apprentices, they will go on their own initiative to the Magi Palace and tell the truth about the crystal mine, which is certainly discovered by your, my prince's, clansmen, and that it didn't have anything to do with them.’’

Prince Xu gave a faint smile as well, and said, ’’Well, in that case that would be the best solution.’’

Narrowing his eyes, Prince Xu took a glance at the over ten thousand tramps who were standing afar, and said in a deep voice, ’’Well, I don't want to hide it from you. It is just that with that crystal mine, I will be able to have enough budget to make those stupid things neat and clean.’’

Ku Quan narrowed his eyes as well, with a beam of cold and sharp light flashing across his pupils, glancing at those dirty muscular men as well, and said, ’’Indeed, but they're quite low in quantity. Only tens of thousands of people, how many Senior Magi could be among them? What important job could these things possibly do?’’

Hearing his words, Prince Xu instantly laughed out loud and responded, ’’About that, Mr Ku Quan, I think you got it wrong. These group of idiots, of all those tramp groups that I have conquered, is only equal to a hair of nine cattles.’’

Ku Quan paused shortly, then looked at Prince Xu and let out a loud laughter and said, ’’Dear Prince, you're quite a wise man who can certainly learn all the essential parts of our great magic.’’

Prince Xu took a deep breath, held his breath in his lung but didn't let it out for quite a long time, while seriously looking at Ku Quan and said slowly, ’’If I can truly be spared from death and enjoy my great life forever, I would be willing to do anything.’’

Ku Quan proudly laughed out again and said, ’’If you really willing to do anything, to live forever will only be a small case.’’

Staring at each other in the eyes for quite a while, the two of them simultaneously laughed out loud again, gradually, they couldn't even stand still because of the intense laugh. They swayed their bodies and their faces turned blood-red, even tears gushed out of their eyes.

All prince Xu wanted was to live forever and never die. Just like Ying Yunpeng, he only wanted to enjoy his wealth and high status forever, as for Ku Quan, what he wanted was what could be brought by the power and wealth of Prince Xu and Ying Yunpeng.

Prince Xu and Ku Quan could perfectly meet each other's needs, without any disharmony, therefore, the longer they stared at each other, they liked each other more, even began appreciating each other because of their shared interests.

’’Just let me take them down with my magic one after another.’’ Having laughed for a while, Ku Quan gave a close look at the few kids, who had been put in deep sleep, and said. He then suddenly thrust his hand out, grabbed towards Shaosi and said, ’’This girl is quite talented, unspeakably powerful, she will certainly be able to take some great responsibility as my apprentice.’’

His five fingers let out a bright white light, and a faint white lotus appeared on his palm, Ku Quan then pressed his palm directly onto the forehead of Shaosi.

Suddenly, a small stone fell straight from the air and hit on Ku Quan's hand. Ku Quan instantly let out a cold sniff, let out a brighter beam of white light from his finger and conveniently flicked the stone, while raising his head and yelling harshly with a fierce smile, ’’Who is that?! How dare you...’’

Along with a loud cracking sound, the stone smashed Ku Quan's hand into pieces. Ku Quan howled out in pain, held his wounded hand and quickly stepped backwards. At the same time, the eighteen white pearl wrapped around his wrist immediately rose into the air, transformed into a white pagoda and floated right above his head, letting out beams of white light and shielding him entirely inside.

Pu Tong, the little girl who hadn't yet perceived the danger, screamed out in a high-pitched voice, ’’How dare you! How dare you offend my respectful teacher?! Just show your face immediately and prepare to die!’’

A breeze blew over and Gui Ling, who was tall and extremely beautiful, abruptly appeared right in front of Pu Tong, conveniently throwing a heavy slap on Pu Tong's face. Pu Tong's tiny, slim body was instantly sent flying while rotating, to tens of zhang away. After that, she thudded against the ground with her head upside-down, eyes showing the whites, causing her to faint.

When Gui Ling had slapped Pu Tong away, she had also grabbed the small leather storage bag, tied around her waist and actually belonged to Man Man.

Turning around, Gui Ling took out the horsetail whisk and waved it slightly. She stared at Ku Quan with a pair of bone-piercing cold eyes and said harshly, ’’Tell me the name of your teacher. Forcibly taking apprentices with these shameful confusing small magic, do you even know about the agreement that was made back then, on the top of the pillar that had been supporting the heaven?!’’

[TL note: The pillar supporting the heaven should actually be a really tall mountain.]

Ku Quan paused briefly, gave a measuring look to Gui Ling, gnashed his teeth and said coldly, ’’My friend, don't you think that you are worrying too much? This is not the same era when that agreement was made. The world has been changing, our methods should naturally change along with it, this is the rule of nature. I assume, my friend, you must understand this.’’

’’Change of the world? Rule of nature?’’ Gui Ling frowned, raised her pair of dense and sharp eyebrows and said straightforwardly, ’’I'm not as good at talking as you, so I won't be wasting my time on arguing with you. These few kids are apprentices of ours, attacking them is equal to provoking us. Get lost! Or stay here forever!’’

Ku Quan laughed out in a great anger, popped his eyes, glared at Gui Ling and yelled, ’’How can you, my friend, be so domineering? When and where did they become your apprentices?’’

Gui Ling suddenly lifted her left hand, threw out her black jade Ru Yi, which darted out like a lightning bolt and directly smashed the pagoda that was floating above Ku Quan's head, heavily striking on Ku Quan's head.

Ku Quan's head was instantly hit broken and blood gushed out in streams. He even rolled for tens of rounds on the ground. Without saying anything, he held his wounded head and abruptly leapt up from the ground, trod on a white beam of light and fled swiftly away, leaving Pu Tong, his own apprentice, behind without any hesitation.

’’Domineering?’’ smiled Gui Ling and said, ’’I think you should already know.’’


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