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The Magus Era - Chapter 242


Chapter 242 - Kang

A heavy rain was pouring abruptly on Pu Ban City.

Si Xi was standing on a mountainside that was covered in blooming white star-like orchids. The small piece of sky above his head was abnormally clear, without even a slight gust of the wind nor a drop of rain. The dense and thick dark cloud, which had almost covered the entire sky, cracked above his head, letting the bright and magnificent starlight descend down in spiral form, shining on Si Xi's body, and also lightening the orchids hundreds of miles around Si Xi.

The white orchid petals were beautiful and transparent, reflecting the starlight and making the entire mountainside look like it had was covered in sparkling stars.

A breeze blew across the air along with raindrops, rolled up thousands of petals, lightly flying up into the air. Those petals slowly rotated in the air and gathered in front of Si Xi, abruptly moving inwards and folded, forming a square and serious face, who then opened his mouth and began talking.

’’Abba, I heard that someone has been giving Ji Hao trouble?’’

Si Xi nodded, looked at the face formed from the petals, let out a bitter smile and said, ’’Elder Wulong and the other master Magi tutors, they...they're not that good at intriguing. It's already quite impressive that they have managed to maintain the current stable situation of the Magi Palace, it's a bit difficult for them to well protect those kids, carefully selected and brought back by us.’’

Si Wen Ming, who had sent a wisp of his soul back, from god knew how many thousands of miles away, forcibly manipulated the natural power at Si Xi's side, formed his own face with the petals and talked to Si Xi, sighed as well and said, ’’Therefore, Abba, you have to stay in the Pu Ban City, can't go anywhere at this moment. We have way too few trustworthy people, who can help us right now.’’

Si Xi nodded, and worryingly asked Si Wen Ming, ’’What the hell is happening in the Chi Ban Mountain that made you redeploy so many people to that place?’’

Si Wen Ming helplessly smiled, the face formed from petals seemed suddenly darkened, however, after only a moment, all the petals rose again and the face instantly turned as energetic as usual, then said, ’’The Emperor in power came from the Blood Moon Bloodline, Dishi Tian, has returned, while Dishi Yanluo, who came from the Di Shi Family, hasn't inherited the throne. According to Yu Clan's tradition, the new Emperor has to build enough meritorious achievements.’’

Si Xi's face immediately tightened after hearing Si Wen Ming's words, ’’Which means, the main enemies that the Chi Ban Mountain area is facing now is the Blood Moon?’’

Si Wen Ming nodded and said with a deep voice, ’’Dishi Tian is relatively kind, he has been ruling their world for a thousand years, and within this period, conflicts that have over ten-thousand people involved in it, have never happened between them and our kind. However, Dishi Yanluo, has been looking down upon our humankind with hatred all the time. He sees all the creatures except of his own race in the world, as slaves and lowly animals. This coming great war...I assume that, many people will die.’’

Staying silent for a while, Si Xi said slowly, ’’So, this time, regarding Ji Hao and the other few kids...we can only clearly tell them that they have to accept the disadvantageous situation, and prepare for the possible losses, is that right?’’

Si Wen Ming took a deep breath, said tiredly, ’’In a couple of days, when I return to the Pu Ban City, I will tell them myself. As for Ying Yunpeng, since he has initiatively come to us, we shouldn't worry that much. All archers in the Pu Ban city, who have come from the Ten Sun Country, have to obey the orders and go to the Chi Ban Mountain in preparation of the war.’’

Si Xi narrowed his eyes, raised his head and looked at the starry sky for a while, then said slowly, ’’Just as you said. Zhu Rong has already caught all of their attentions, and I have sent Si Dao and his fellows.’’

’’That's good, I can worry less if that is so,’’ said Si Wen Ming deeply, ’’Kang has left for the Pu Ban City as well, I think it won't be too difficult to find out what genuinely has happened.’’

Another breeze blew over, dissipated the face formed from the petals. Si Xi held his hands behind his back, while his red face seriously tightened, eyes filled with nervousness and tiredness.

’’Dishi Yanluo, if you insist on attacking us, I will fight against you with no fear. If you intend to destroy our humankind, then, let's see who will be able to last until the end.’’ An earthquake-like, muffled yet great sound came from Si Xi's body. It seemed that his entire body had merged with the land and the sky, and the sense of power released from his body had become incomparably great and stately. He then continued, ’’Our ancestors were born on this piece of land, have lived on this land and were buried in this land. Our humankind has been living and reproducing on this piece of land, from generation to generation, this piece of the world belongs to us, not you.’’

A nearly crazy thunder came from the heaven, and along with a dazzling lightning bolt struck on the ground. The dense and thick dark cloud abruptly merged back together, completely blocking the starlight pouring down from the crack above Si Xi's head. At exact the same moment, Si Xi disappeared completely under the dark sky. Even heavier rain poured down from the sky, tore countless starlight orchids on the mountainside apart, which then withered immediately.

Within the heavy rain and roaring fierce wind, over twenty sturdy young men were walking slowly.

These young men had all bare upper bodies and long hair that was hanging loosely and fluttering behind their bodies. Huge raindrops and sharp gusts of wind all were smashed when bumped against their muscular chests. Lightning bolts flashed across the sky and lightened their young and grinning faces. Step by step, they steadily and slowly walked on the ground, however, every single step these young men made, was more than a hundred miles big.

The four young men walking in the front, carried a sword, an axe, a spear and a machete. Moving in the dark night and against the fierce wind and rain, they arrived at the Rong Mountain Clan's new territory. They were standing on a small hill in front of the new territory, and looked at the dark valley, which was occasionally lit up by lightning bolts.

’’Big brother, shall we get start according to our old master's order?’’ the young man carrying a long spear grinned and asked.

’’Si Qiang, in front of your master, you should never ever mention the word 'old', you want to be fed to those Jurassic beasts for another three months?’’ the young men carrying a machete grinned back and said, then he waved his hand backwards and continued, ’’Hmmm, they are here as well, let's start then, find out the truth as soon as possible, after that, we can go back and make our report.’’

Another lightning bolt flashed across the air, at the same moment, the silhouettes of over twenty young men suddenly merged with the rain and got into the Rong Mountain Clan's new built village.

On the fence wall, tens of Rong Mountain Clan's night shift guards suddenly and simultaneously lost their eyesights, before they could make a slight moan. An especially solid and powerful palm struck the back of each of their heads, directly knocking them down on the ground.

After that, in the two small camps behind the fence wall, a few Senior Magi, who had been leisurely chatting and drinking alcohol to warm their bodies, abruptly lost their eyesights as well, and were knocked down without even knowing what had happened.

Over twenty silhouettes swiftly moved inside the village, wherever they moved past, those asleep Rong Mountain Clan clansmen would fall into an even deeper sleep, and the few elders, who were living in a few mansions in the deepest area of the valley, were silently moved into the mine that had been opened up earlier by Ji Hao and his teammates.

Iron Yan suddenly quivered and woke up from a nightmare.

He suddenly leapt up from the ground, and discovered with a shock that he wasn't in his cosy room, where he should be in, instead, someone had moved him into the cold, moist and dark mine, without waking him up. Before Iron Yan could shout out, a heavy axe swooshed across the air and struck hard on his shoulder.

Loud bone cracking sound instantly came out from his body. Iron Yan let out a great howl, held his shoulder with the other hand, fell on the ground, and couldn't help but intensely twitch his body.

A long spear heavily thudded against his body, whipped him for a hundred time within the next moment, struck every single bone of his into seven to eight pieces, causing Iron Yan to nearly pass out from the pain.

A soft gentle light sphere lit up, from within which, a young man, who had a dignified and serious face, wearing a faint gold long cloak and a golden coronal, held his hand behind his body, slowly walked out, up to Iron Yan. He raised his feet and threw a heavy kick on Iron Yan's chest, nearly smashing Iron Yan's entire chest.

’’I am Lie Mountain Kang, the blood-related grandson of Emperor Yan, the last generation of the King of the humankind. My friends call me Kang, you can also call me Prince Kang,’’ said Lie Mountain Kang while narrowing his eyes, harshly staring at Iron Yan, ’’I was with my warriors in the Chi Ban Mountain, preparing for the war against those non-humankind monsters. But you bunch of bloody bastards ruined our Lie Mountain Family's reputation, and also made me leave my warriors and come back from the Chi Ban Mountain and deal with this.’’

’’Just tell me what exactly has happened, I'll allow you an easy death,’’ continued Lie Mountain Kang coldly, ’’Or, I'll wipe your entire Rong Mountain Clan out.’’


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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