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The Magus Era - Chapter 228


Chapter 228: Association

Ying Yunpeng fell ill.

He had suffered from major blood loss and shoulders were shaking badly, which meant as a Magus King he had fallen ill, both physically and mentally, becoming completely bedridden. Huge vats of liquid medicines that he had taken, had failed to recover even the slightest bit of his power.

A dense smell of medicines lingered above his house. Ying Yunpeng was huddled up under a thick fur of a bear with his face looking deadly pale. Two dim glowing green flames were sparkling inside his hollowed eye sockets. A few pretty maidservants were standing beside his bed, without daring to even move their eyes.

An elderly Magus Mediciner was sitting beside the bed. He checked Ying Yunpeng's body with a pair of glowing eyes, then slightly shook his head.

’’Elder Yunpeng, you are overly sad and anxious, so...’’

’’Piss off,’’ said Ying Yunpeng with a cold and bland tone, while waving his hand.

The elderly mediciner instantly stopped working, hurriedly and silently stood up, leaving his bedroom as quickly as possible.

Ying Yunpeng wrapped his own body tight with that piece of bear fur, paused for a while then slowly let out a weekly sigh and said, ’’Yun is dead, fine, I can still have hundreds of sons if I want, but, Su, should I explain his death to my big brother?’’

Ying Su was the son of Ying Yunpeng's elder brother and was sent to the Pu Ban City by his father in order to improve his cultivation. The Ten Sun Country was quite powerful, therefore, Ying Su, as the son of an elder, had gotten some not-so-good hobbies. That was why he knew nothing about the abrupt deaths of Great Gale Ling and Ying Yun. When Great Gale Ling and Ying Yun had died, Ying Su was happily having se* with some girl in Regretting Beauty, under the bright daylight.

No one would have ever thought that he would meet such a little girl, who had a slight trace of the bloodline of 'life-seizing beauty' in her. Ying Su accidentally activated that evil and scary bloodline, which then sucked all of his spirit blood out. Within only a moment, even Ying Yun's soul was sucked out of his body and devoured by the bloodline power of the 'life-seizing beauty', completely vanishing from this world.

This way of dying was truly humiliating.

A real man should die in battles, for the future and honour of their clans, for the entire humankind. Even death that happened peacefully on bed because the natural consummation of life force, was seen as a humiliation by Magi. However, Ying Su had died on top of a woman's belly.

Hearing about Ying Su's death, Ying Yunpeng, as a powerful Magus King, was struck down by anger and sadness, and ended up vomiting blood in front of tens of thousands of people, who were watching this show, then fell on the ground and fainted. Those Ten Sun Country's people, who had all been freaked out by this, hurriedly carried him back to the Ten Sun market, and fed him with countless kinds of magic medicines and finally managed to wake him up.

’’How should I...what should I say to my big brother?’’

Ying Yunpeng buried his face in his hands and ceaselessly shook his head. He felt like he had lost control of everything, and everyone had gone against him.

Great Gale Ling had died, a bit weirdly, but he could still barely accept it, as an accidence.

Ying Yun had died, in an unbelievable way, but he could still grit his teeth and blame it on fate.

However, he just couldn't accept Ying Su's death, and the way he had died. The bloodline of a life-seizing beauty was a mysterious and evil kind of bloodline, only had one in hundreds of millions of probability in this world of existing.

While he was sighing, a series of noises came from the outside. Ying Yunpeng angrily yelled out, ’’What the hell is happening out there?!’’

A while later, a maid walked in shaking, kneeled on the ground once she had walked into the room and said, ’’Elder, the mediciner who had just checked you, was hit by a Single-Horned Crazy Cattle once he had left here. The cattle's horn had damaged two of his Magus Acupoints, now everyone is trying to help him!’’

Ying Yunpeng was suddenly shocked, his old wrinkled face turned darker and darker.

Single-horned crazy cattle was a kind of beast to carry burden, in the most common use here in the Ten Sun market. They were incomparably powerful, they could carry amazingly great amounts of cargos, and during wartime, they could also serve as battle beasts. The few leader cattles working in Ying Yunpeng's yard were all Senior Magus level beasts. Being hurt by these horrible animals, that poor elderly Magus mediciner, who didn't have too much fighting experience to begin with, much be suffering like hell.

’’What? Why? Why on earth are all kinds of bad things happening to me at once? Why do I have such a terribly bad luck lately?!’’

Bad luck.

Ying Yunpeng quivered suddenly. His eyes abruptly glowed, then he threw a heavy slap on the huge bed of his, which was carved out of a gigantic piece of stone. Along with a thunderous boom, the stone bed was shattered into ashes, and Ying Yunpeng shouted out in both rage and shame, ’’You old Candle Dragon bastard, damn you!! You old piece of shit! You accepted my money, but still did this to me!!’’

Ying Yunpeng thought back to a few days ago when Great Gale Ling had returned with Yu Mu's poison still lingering within him. Then Ying Yun, Ying Su, and few other kids were there helping him to heal. All those kids had been in contact with Great Gale Ling physically.

That old man, master Candle Dragon! In order to make him check the two kids who had suddenly been cursed to death in the Magi Palace, Ying Yunpeng had spent quite an amount of money, putting his dignity aside and begged quite a few powerful people, but once Great Gale Ling had returned, master Candle Dragon had instantly ran away, without leaving so much as his fart behind.

The weirdest thing was that, Ying Yunpeng had ignored this himself, as if this hadn't been a big deal at all.

As for Great Gale Ling, he seemed quite confused when he returned. He didn't tell the others what he exactly had been through, he only told them that the mission had failed. He failed to kill Ji Hao and his team. On the contrary, Great Gale Ling's own teammates were all killed by Ji Hao's team.

While Ying Yunpeng was considering how he would extract revenge for Great Gale Ling, he was told to arrange the shipment of the annual total income of the Ten Sun market, therefore, he had temporarily put the revenge plan aside.

After hearing the accident that happened with the fleet of ships, he had also heard about the death of Great Gale Ling, Ying Yun and Ying Su.

’’No, they were not the only three who had been in touch with Great Gale Ling, a few other boys that had been in touch, had all been in that fleet of ships! The fleet of ships was swallowed by the void beast, with only a Magus King surviving!’’

Ying Yunpeng gasped in shock, leapt up from the bed.

’’It's me! I somehow have ignored all these! Curse! Curse! What kind of curse could make me forget about all that, Great Gale Ling was seriously injured and his team was wiped out?!’’

’’So horrible, so terrifying! Even I fell into the curse, what about, what about Yun and Su? Those boys?!’’

Cold sweat gushed out from his back, and Ying Yunpeng murmured, ’’If I hadn't been this powerful, I might have already died in some ridiculous accident, just like those boys!’’

’’Good, good, good, you old Candle Dragon bastard, it's all because of you!’’

’’And you bunch of little bastards! Shaosi and Taisi! You little bastards! Hehe, I know all these are related to you, how could I let you live?!’’

A slightly trembling voice came from the outside.

’’Elder, Prince Xu from the Lie Mountain Family wants to see you.’’

Ying Yunpeng paused for a second, frowned, then suddenly raised his eyebrows and laughed out loud, then said, ’’Ah! Prince Xu from the Lie Mountain Family! Rong Mountain Clan belonged to the Lie Mountain Family. I seem to remember that those few little bastards had gone to the Rong Mountain Clan earlier!’’

’’Hurry up! Let Prince Xu come in! No, no, no, I will go out to greet Prince Xu myself!’’


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