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The Magus Era - Chapter 223


Chapter 223 - Confession

In a cold and dark cave that was located in a primitive desert surrounded by plant-less mountains.

Meng Ao and his two companions were thrown on the ground while howling in pain and fear, huddled up their bodies and rolled around in the cave

Each of their Magus Acupoints was wrapped up by a sphere of green mist, which were Yu Mu's secretly concocted poison. The poison had gushed deeply into their Magus Acupoints and was remaining firmly there, mixed up with their blood and life force.

Every time a new wisp of power formed inside their bodies, the poison would transform into a new stream of poisonous power, damaging even more muscles and bones around it. Finally, the faces of the three had turned green. They could feel but being powerless and in great pain, barely having a last bit of power that allowed them to speak.

Ji Hao squatted in front of Meng Ao, grabbed his long hair and threw a series of heavy punches onto his face without saying anything. Ji Hao's solid punches smashed Meng Ao's nose into his face, and squeezed blood out in streams, which made Meng Ao let out another great howl.

’’ this to me?’’

Meng Ao screamed, his tears even gushed out because of the pain. He screamed hoarsely, eyes filled with anger and confusion.

’’In the past ten years, thirty thousand young girls have gone missing. When their bodies were discovered in the wild, their clothes were all ripped open and they all had been raped in an extremely cruel way.’’ While speaking, Ji Hao punched on Meng Ao's eye sockets once again, then continued, ’’You have done all these.’’

’’What?!!’’ Man Man let out a great growl in rage, ’’Did this guy kill all those innocent girls?! Let me smash him into a meat pie!!’’

Along with a muffled swooshing sound, Man Man waved her hammer towards Meng Ao's head. Fortunately, Yu Mu had been standing right beside her and reacted especially fast. Yu Mu hurriedly grabbed Man Man's arm, the gigantic hammer then swooshed across the air, right in front of Meng Ao's face, leaving a deep pit in the ground.

Meng Ao was about to be driven crazy, he screamed and cried, ’’I didn't! No! Ji Hao! Don't you frame me! How could I possibly do something like that?!’’

Pausing for a second, Meng Ao abruptly yelled out again, ’’You lied! No girl has gone missing in the Pu Ban City during the past ten years!’’

Ji Hao pulled out his long black dagger, quickly piercing it into Meng Ao's leg. This black dagger was once a sacrificial ceremony dagger of the Gold Crow Clan, therefore, it automatically began sucking Meng Ao's blood greedily. Not long after that, Meng Ao's entire leg had turned a dead pale.

’’We saw it, it was you. You raped and killed all those girls,’’ said Ji Hao with a cold voice, ’’Thirty thousand girls have gone missing in the Pu Ban City, but no one has ever talked about this. Meng Ao, you're pretty good, aren't you? Which elder of the Magi Palace has been helping you to hide your crimes?’’

Gotten stabbed for no reason and losing that much of blood, Meng Ao could now only murmur weakly with a ginger and bitter look, ’’Ji Hao, you have to be reasonable. I didn't do that, nothing like that has ever happened in the Pu Ban City. I didn't do such things, I didn't! But you, you have attacked the Deacons of the Magi Palace, that's a capital crime!’’

Ji Hao responded with an extremely cold tone, ’’I have witnesses, everyone here has seen you do all those things. If you want more witnesses, I can find ten million witnesses from the Southern Wasteland. Over ten million Gold Crow Clan clansmen can be my witnesses, testifying that you have tortured and killed those thirty thousand girls.’’

He conveniently slapped hard on Meng Ao's face, even half of Meng Ao's teeth were sent flying out of his mouth because of this slap.

Ji Hao remained cold and continued, ’’If you still want more witnesses, I can ask Prince Zhu Rong Tonggong to testify to your crimes.’’

Meng Ao had now nearly gone mad. His body was twitching madly and bouncing on the ground like a desperate fish.

’’No! No! How can Gold Crow Clan clansmen be testifying to this?! They're not even in the Pu Ban city! You, you, Ji Hao, you, this, why does this have anything to do with Prince Zhu Rong? Zhu Rong...Tonggong, he, he is a prince, of God country, you...’’

Meng Ao couldn't even let out a complete and logical sentence, he was really driven mad by Ji Hao.

’’Eh? Can't Gold Crow Clan clansman testify to your crime? But, why did you believe those Rong Mountain Clan people and take their words as evidence?’’

’’Since you have framed us, I just want you to know what does being framed by others and not getting the truth straight out, feel like.’’

Ji Hao sneered and continued, ’’Just cut the crap, tell us what did Prince Wuyou and the so-called Prince Xu say to you after they had called you in.’’

Crooking his finger, the new leather storage bag tied around Meng Ao's waist was abruptly grabbed off by Ji Hao. Then tens of human-head-sized all-adapting magical crystals were poured out by Ji Hao, clanging against the ground and rolling around Ji Hao's feet.

’’Damn you! These are the magic crystals we found in that mine!’’ Feng Xing grabbed a piece of crystal and smashed it on Meng Ao's face with all his power, while yelling, ’’Bastard! How did you get these crystals? Were Wuyou and Xu's brains damaged that they would give you all these, for no reason?’’

Meng Ao's eyeballs rolled quickly inside his eye sockets, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation.

However, Ji Hao wasn't planning on giving him another opportunity for lying. He locked his fingers together and let out a spell, then pressed his finger hard against the middle of Meng Ao's eyebrows. Instantly, Meng Ao's shoulders began shaking - Ji Hao had nearly shattered his soul into pieces.

’’Yu Mu, do you have any poison that can make him more sensitive? I mean, for example, with that kind of poison, if I cut him with my dagger, he would feel more pain than he would usual by hundreds, even thousands of times. I have read about something like this back in the Magi Palace, called 'Nine-Death Soul-Shattering Poison', but I didn't have enough time to concoct it yet.’’

Yu Mu gave Ji Hao a simple and honest grin, then took out a bottle of poison from his sleeve and said, ’’I happen to have a bottle of that. Hm, I have also added thousand-ant grass, centipede-grass, blood-scorpion leaves, black-snake petals, white spider and a few other rare poisonous materials. Feed him this, then you don't need to do any extra work, he will beg for death.’’

Feng Xing subconsciously leapt away from Yu Mu, learned his head and yelled at Yu Mu, ’’Damn you! Bloody fatso! So cruel!’’

Ji Hao happily took over that bottle and conveniently poured a small half of the bottle into Meng Ao's mouth.

Not long after that, a horrible heart-breaking scream came out from the cave. Meng Ao gasped quickly while screaming. Under the control of Ji Hao's soul attacking magic, Meng Ao's soul was nearly squeezed broken. Without any hesitation, Meng Ao screamed out everything that Gong Gong Wuyou and Prince Xu had asked him to do, in details, and with a high-pitched voice.

Just as Ji Hao had thought. Gong Gong Wuyou and Prince Xu first threatened Meng Ao with their family backgrounds, then gave him these crystals. Meng Ao easily agreed to do what he had been told, and had already informed the Magi Palace about Ji Hao and his teammates having fled away for their own safely when the campsite was attacked by wild beasts, then attempted to blackmail the Rong Mountain clan for their newly discovered crystal mine.

After this, Gong Gong Wuyou and Prince Xu would only need to push a little bit with their own powers and Ji Hao and his teammates, who had committed such a huge serious crime, would never be able to stay in the Magi Palace for another day. Even if Si Wen Ming guaranteed their innocence himself, Ji Hao and his teammates would still be kicked out of the Magi Palace.

After the Magi Palace would have kicked them out, with Gong Gong Wuyou and Prince Xu power and backgrounds, they could just randomly send a few assassins and easily crush Ji Hao and his teammates, after all, they were just a few kids.

’’Such a perfect plan.’’ Ji Hao threw another series of punches on Meng Ao's face, then took out a piece of leather, cut Meng Ao's finger open and made him write his confession on that leather piece in details.

Ji Hao then did the same thing to Meng Ao's two companions, getting three confessions in total, then he carefully put the three pieces of leather in his storage bag.

’’Now, we have to go to the Pu Ban City and find a powerful person to support us. Without a powerful supporter, it still won't be easy for us to get out of this trouble,’’ said Ji Hao, after letting out a light sigh.


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