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The Magus Era - Chapter 222


Chapter 222 - Interception

Late at night.

The sky was covered by a dense layer of cloud and the jungle was enshrouded by darkness. Only from a select few fissures of clouds, starlight poured down like streams of water directly on this primitive land in the form of multicoloured light columns.

The wind was blowing across the grassland. Suddenly, a deep yet terrifying roar of a wild beast came out from the tall and thick grassland, then soon spread out along with a blood scent.

A stream of starlight happened to shine on a weirdly-shaped, small blood-red coloured tree that looked quite vigorous. Seven fist-sized, milky-white buds were blooming silently and slowly under the starlight, quickly absorbing the starlight power. The multicoloured starlight even formed seven visible multicoloured swirls on top of each milky white flower.

Countless fierce wild beasts rushed towards this small tree. The beasts were fighting madly against each other, shedding blood that seeped quickly into the ground. The branches of the small tree started to sway happily. The blood of the beasts that had seeped into the ground was continuously being absorbed by the roots of this small tree, along with which the blood-red colour of the tree became even more vivid.

The seven milky-white buds started glowing brighter and brighter, emitting a nice sweet fragrance that grew more and more alluring. Those beasts, which had been fighting for these buds, grew crazier and crazier.

A gigantic eagle flew silently across the sky, while its wings were spurting out large clouds of black smoke.

Meng Ao stood on the eagle's back, gnashed his teeth and yelled at the air, ’’They can't blame me for this, those stupid kids pushed themselves into this situation. They have offended Prince Xu and Price Wuyou, they will certainly die for doing so.’’

’’No need to mention how powerful Prince Xu is, we all know about how influential the Lie Mountain Family is. As for Prince Wuyou, he has currently taken the place of the Water God, Gong Gong, holding all kinds of powers and rights that had belonged to the Water God. In the Pu Ban city, every single person who came from the Northern Wasteland has to follow every word of his. Since Prince Wuyou has already said that he can't let those kids live, those few poor kids can only end up dying.’’

Touching the new storage bag tied around his waist, Meng Ao turned his head back and looked at his two companions, then said, ’’Therefore, regarding this Rong Mountain Clan event, you should know what to say back at the Magi palace. Do Prince Wuyou a favour, although he is too powerful to ask us a favour, we won't lose anything anyway. We have this one hundred highest-grade all-adapting magic crystal, which is enough to buy the lives of many people.’’

The two young men, who were standing behind Meng Ao, glanced at each other, nodded and said, ’’Deacon Meng Ao, you're absolutely right. We are not that stupid, we know what to say back at the Magi Palace.’’

Meng Ao grinned satisfied, pointed his finger down at the grassland, where the small tree was emitting a nice alluring fragrance, then said with a sneer on his face, ’’See, the law of the jungle, the truth of nature. Those weak animals will all end up dead, nourish this spirit-growing tree with their blood, and eventually, only the most powerful seven beasts will be able to taste those beautiful flowers, and grow spirits and intelligence.’’

’’If you want to live a good life, you can't be like those stupid animals that will end up as sacrifice for the purpose of others, instead, you have to...’’

While Meng Ao was comparing human life to that spirit-growing tree and those beasts who had been fighting for it, and giving his speech regarding how to be a survivor, a long arrow silently darted up from the ground, accurately puncturing the head of the black eagle under the feet of Meng Ao and the two young men.

The night was so dark that you wouldn't be even able to see your fingers properly and the eagle had been flying in the air, two thousand feet above the ground. If seen from the ground its head looked even smaller than the head of a fly. However, that arrow still punctured its head accurately through its beak and came out from the top of the skull.

The gigantic eagle didn't even cry out, and began silently falling down while spinning in the air.

Meng Ao and the two young men, all screamed out instantly. They were only Senior Magi and were unable to fly in the air yet. Only powerful Magi who were Magus King or above, were capable of manipulating the natural power to fly through the air. Therefore, they could only fall straight to the ground together with the eagle, like three shooting stars with nothing to hold onto.

’’Feng Xing, you get the younger two!’’

While coldly giving an order to kill, Ji Hao rushed with big steps towards the place where the three people were about to fall.

Feng Xing's fingers were slightly trembling, but Yu Mu, who was standing beside him growled out in a deep voice, ’’Go! Do it! During all these years, haven't you had enough of these bloody cowards? Except ganging up with enemies to bully apprentices like us, what else can these bastards do?’’

Wu Mu clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and continued, ’’Just do it. The worst result will be nothing but us leaving the Magi Palace. The world is vast, we can always find our own happy place either in the four Wastelands or in this Midland.’’

Feng Xing took a deep breath, his eyes that were hesitating became firm. He pulled his longbow open, along with his move, the simple and roughly crafted longbow suddenly had a bright beam of light flash across it. Two arrows were put on the bow string simultaneously by Feng Xing, then he growled out.


Two arrows darted out and at almost the same moment that Feng Xing let the two arrows out, the hearts of the two young men were punctured simultaneously.

Feng Xing's arrows were as fast and powerful as the claws of a devil, deeply piercing into the hearts of the two young men. After the arrowheads had pierced into their hearts, Yu Mu's poison that was added on each of the arrowheads, already spread out and reached every corner of the bodies of the two young men. Before they could pull the arrows out and activate their power to heal their hearts, Yu Mu's poison had consumed up to seventy percent of their powers and life force.

Senior Magi had amazingly strong life force, none of the Senior Magi were easy to kill. Although each of these two young men had lost seventy percent of their power and life force, but they still were able to shout out in both anger and fear, while putting their quivering hands into their sleeves, taking out detoxification medicines and life-saving pills.

However, Ji Hao had rushed over.

Ji Hao let out a resonating shout, while a bright stream of fiery light darted out from his right arm and transformed into the Yan spear. Ji Hao gripped the spear and conveniently swept the spear across the bodies of the two young men.

The Yan spear brought up a great, fierce gust of wind around the two young men. On both of their bodies, several spell symbols began sparkling. The black cloaks both of them had been wearing, had great defensive powers and under their black cloaks they also had tight armours protecting them. With the protection of both, the black cloaks and the tight armours, they could each withstand at least three to five attacks, launched by any ordinary Senior Magi.

But the Yan spear was a powerful inherited magic treasure, after all, which had belonged to a divine Magus Against it ordinary magic treasures could hardly hold their power. Therefore, the spearhead sliced the bodies of the two young men, as easily as slicing across the surface of water. The two young men screamed out simultaneously, while four broken arms were sent up into the air and blood instantly spurted out from their wounds.

’’Ji Hao! How dare you! attacked the Deacons of our Magi Palace!’’ screamed Meng Ao, seemingly unable to believe what Ji Hao had just done.

He hurriedly waved his left hand. A silvery white, round shield flew out from his wrist, and blocked the Yan spear that was swiftly hacking onto Meng Ao's head. In the meanwhile, he flipped his right hand and let out a soft spear that was as soft and flexible as a snake. The soft spear directly swished towards Ji Hao while sparkling with a cold light.

’’I always dare to attack bastards like you.’’

Ji Hao gripped the Yan spear with both of his hands and waved it hard in the air. Waves of hot air rose around Ji Hao's body, while streams of raging flames darted out towards every direction. Meng Ao's soft spear was sent flying straight away by the power of the Yan spear. At the same time, the Yan spear let out a stream of golden flame from its spearhead, which then clashed heavily against Meng Ao's round shield.

The stream of flame exploded against the shield, causing the shield let out an intensive buzzing noise. Meng Ao was sent flying by the explosive power for around a hundred zhang, while screaming.

His round shield was made from the essences of a hundred different kinds of metals of the Western Wasteland and was especially solid. Ordinary weapons would never be able to leave even a slight mark on it.

However, the flames of the Yan spear was able to burn down almost anything in the world. While flying in the air, Meng Ao looked bitterly at his round shield, into which a fist-sized hole had been burned. This shield was now completely destroyed.

Meng Ao heavily thudded against the ground while howling, before he struggled back up, Man Man had rushed over with her pair of hammers raised high. The following moment, Man Man's hammers swooshed across the air and smashed onto his body, over and over again, just like how blacksmiths hammer iron blocks.

Within a moment, Meng Ao was smashed by Man Man's hammers for over an entire three hundred times and had become a soft piece of meat, lying on the ground while blood was gushing out of his mouth, alive but unable to ever move again.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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