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The Magus Era - Chapter 219


Chapter 219 - Wuyou

Even if you were an offspring of the Flame God, you have no right to call the white black, and just falsely accuse anyone you want! thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao controlled his anger forcibly, gnashed his teeth, stared at Meng Ao and said angrily, ’’Meng Ao, as a Deacon of the Magi Palace, are you going to just watch them carelessly frame your own people?!’’

Meng Ao didn't even dare to look at Ji Hao in the eyes. He steered clear of the crucial point and said, ’’Actually, I shouldn't be the one to even come here today. Ji Hao your messages were delivered to elder Wulong Yao and few other elders, but, today all elders have been convened by the King of the humankind and went to Pu Ban City, in order to attend a meeting. As it is the King of the humankind who has called, no one dares to be absent from the meeting.’’

Coughing embarrassedly for a short while, Meng Ao laughed hollowly and said, ’’I mean, I didn't want to come, it is just those elders sent me here.’’

Ji Hao looked at him and yelled in anger, ’’What are you even talking about?! You're a Deacon of the Magi Palace, you...’’

Before Ji Hao finished his sentence, the facial expression of Meng Ao changed abruptly and he raised his head, pointed his finger at Ji Hao and yelled, ’’What I am trying to say is that, you, you are a bunch of bastards! A group of reckless stupid kids! You have offended Prince Xu! Do you know? I have seen reckless people, but I've never met someone as stupid and shameless as you!’’

Meng Ao moved his arm and pointed at the new village of the Rong Mountain Clan, located inside the valley, and continued loudly, ’’It is not some big deal but a magic crystal mine, are you really so greedy and shallow to this point that you shamelessly tried so hard to gain yourselves some benefits from that small crystal mine?! Haven't you seen anything valuable in your entire life?!’’

Ji Hao was enraged so much by Meng Ao's sudden change that he even had wisps of smoke rising from his head. His powers automatically activated, gushing around inside his body like scorching hot streams of flame. There were literally wisps of smoke rising slowly from out his ears, mouth, and nostrils. Along with this, his long hair which was hanging loosely on his back floated up one after another. Out of every strand of hair an extremely thin stream of flame was spurting out. Not long after that, all of Ji Hao's hair transformed into flame and rose into the air, looking like a fiery cloak fluttering behind Ji Hao's body.

Inside his spiritual space, the unnamed stone sword began to vibrate while producing high-pitched sounds from time to time.

This natural crafted holy weapon had been buried underground and had been in deep slumber ever since it had been formed. Now that it had been awakened by Ji Hao, it couldn't wait to drink some blood.

’’Meng Ao, the Magi Palace has sent you here to seek justice for us!’’ said Ji Hao word for word, while gnashing his teeth.

A series of silvery tweedle came from deep in the valley. Along with it, a gust of cool wind blew out. Flooded by the wind, hazy watery mist gushed out of the valley like streams of water, sweeping quickly over trees and flowers. Finally, it bumped against the fence wall, rolled up along it and eventually wrapped it entirely.

Fist-sized, glowing white flowers were floating on the mist, rolling over along with it. These flowers were pure-white, had a very lovely shape and nice fragrance. When the streams of mist bumped against the fence wall, the petals of those white flowers clanged against each other, letting out jade-cracking like noise.

Tens of tall and slim, breathtakingly beautiful girls, who had white and tender skins, cherry-like lips, and were wearing white long dresses, trod on the mist and slowly walked out from the valley.

Some of these girls were holding jade bottles that contained some unknown liquid with nice flowery fragrances, and wines which smelled quite tasty. Some of them were holding a huge jade tray, containing shining precious pearls that were rolling around on those trays and silver magic wine. Some of them were carrying censers that were carved out of magic crystals, there were no fire blazing in those censers, instead, only scented materials that were made from ten thousand years old black ice, which were slowly evaporating by magic powers and releasing a faint nice scent through an icy mist.

This kind of scent was extremely pure, without being mixed with even the slightest smell of pyrotechnic. The scent was being spread for miles along the breeze, making people feel extremely clean and elegant.

Each of these girls were being followed by an Ice Chi, or an Ice Luan. These rare and magical animals were pure-white as well, and all had fine ice crystals continuously spurting out from their bodies, forming an ice cloud under their bodies that held them up in the air, a few feet high from the ground.

[TL note: Both Chi and Luan were legendary and magical animals in ancient Chinese culture. The Chi had a dragon-like shape while the Luan had a phoenix-like shape. However, both of these two kinds of animals are normally classified as being evil.]

These Ice Chi and Ice Luan were apparently carefully selected. Each ice Chi was less than three foot long, looking crystal-like and adorable, while each Ice Luan was about two feet long and especially beautiful. They were observing the surrounding area curiously, with pairs of brightly glowing eyes. Although these magic animals were relatively small in shape, the sense of power released from their bodies were as great as that of a Senior Magus.

Meng Ao's facial expression suddenly changed again. He had already turned into a nice dog in front of Prince Xu, but now, once he saw all these girls and animals, he had instantly turned into a poor injured dog, which had been broken at the waist. He was nearly kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy.

Ji Hao looked at Meng Ao's face that had changed so suddenly, with a cold expression. Without a doubt, if it was not because he still was a Deacon of the Magi Palace, Meng Ao would have hopped on the black eagle's back and fled away as quickly as possible. Tthe reason why he was staying here was not because he had his dignity or pride, but he was worried that if he fled away, Ji Hao might sue him after returning to the Magi Place, which might cost him his position of Deacon.

’’A domestic animal would be more useful than you,’’ said Ji Hao. Ji Hao had lived in the Southern Wasteland for over ten years, which had built his straightforward personality, just like most of Southern Wasteland men were. He couldn't help but yell out at Meng Ao, ’’Meng Ao, you have humiliated the Magi Palace so badly! Even a pet is much better than you! Pets would at least try to protect their owners!’’

As a proud deacon, Meng Ao was instantly enraged by Ji Hao's words. His face even turned black. He stared at Ji Hao in rage, and was going to scream out, but another series of silvery tweedle came at this moment.

This tweedle, which contained bone-piercing cold power, instantly shut Meng Ao up, causing him to become unable to dare to let out any sound. The anger that he was about to show Ji Hao, also disappeared instantly because of this.

’’Prince Xu, you seemed to have encountered some troublesome nasty people who are trying to blackmail you,’’ A clear and bright voice that sounded like jade clanging and was as cold as the crack of an iceberg, came from afar. The voice was similarly powerful as the sound created when a sword was being pulled out of its sheath.

Ji Hao shook his body slightly. He felt streams of cold power quickly gathering over from all directions, attempting to gush into his body through his pores. Ji Hao hurriedly activated all of his power and launched a counterattack to those streams of cold power. Each of his pores spurted out large streams of scorching hot power and clashed against those streams of cold power.

Along with a swooshing sound, white cold mist rose around Ji Hao's body, forming a small whirlwind and wrapped Ji Hao's entire body up.

Without even showing his face, the person, who had talked to Prince Xu just now, had already launched a fatal attack onto Ji Hao.

’’No wonder you dared to blackmail Prince Xu, you do have some power in you!’’

Followed by a series of light footsteps, a young man, wearing a silver long cloak, trod on icy mist and walked elegantly over.

Mr Crow cawed slightly and expanded abruptly its body to a few zhang length. It carried Ji Hao and slowly floated up into the air, slightly higher than the fence wall.

Staring at the young man who was walking over slowly, Ji Hao couldn't help but silently praise this young man for his appearance, in his head. This young man was even more handsome than Zhu Rong Tianming, and was showing a natural impressive manner by every slight move he made. Such kind of manners Ji Hao had only seen from Zhu Rong Tonggong so far.

This young man had silver hair, eyebrows and pupils, and his skin was as tender and smooth as top-quality jade. Holding an odd-shaped stringed jade musical instrument that had only three strings, this young man walked slowly over. Everywhere he walked past, all Rong Mountain Clan people would kneel hurriedly down and salute him.

Prince Xu turned smilingly his head, bowed slightly to the young man with silvery hair, and said, ’’Just a few wild dogs barking. I didn't mean to disturb you, dear Prince Wuyou. As an older brother, I apologize for loose hospitality.’’

[TL note: Wuyou as a name, literally means 'have nothing to worry about' in Chinese. Although Wuyou and Xu are all called 'prince', Wuyou is a blood son of a god that is equal to the Fire God, while Xu is not! The two of them are not real brothers, they call each other brother because they're pretty close friends.]

The young man with silver hair let out a few laughs, looked at Ji Hao from quite a distance and said, ’’I am Prince Wuyou, you can also call me Gong Gong Wuyou. Greedy and cowardly people like you...since I have already seen you, how can I let you go back to the Magi Palace alive?’’

While speaking, Gong Gong Wuyou crooked his finger and the stringed musical instrument suddenly let out a thunderous, ear-piercing sound.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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