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The Magus Era - Chapter 214


Chapter 214 - Body Strengthening

The power of the dragon's silhouette was great and fierce while the power of the phoenix' silhouette was gentle and light. The powers of both the dragon and phoenix silhouettes transformed into gusts of wind and blew quickly through all the meridians of all the members of Ji Hao's team.

They eyes of Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Taisi and Shaosi popped simultaneously out, showing surprised yet unbelieving smiles. When the powers of dragon and phoenix silhouettes swept through their bodies, those blocked humankind meridians that they were born with, which were said to be useless, had slowly and silently awakened inside their bodies. It was similar to how mirrors that had been covered with dust for centuries were wiped clean suddenly. Those faint meridians were gradually starting to glow how they should have glowed long ago.

They were able to sense clearly that slight wisps of natural power were emerging from those thin meridians, of which the power had never been touched before. Those wisps of power were way too faint to the point that they could even be ignored. Nevertheless, natural power did emerge from those meridians, which meant that from this point on they could cultivate those meridians. They could strengthen and broaden them and could store more power into them, in order to allow their Acupoints to contain more and greater power when awakening them in the future.

When Senior Magi awakened their Magus Acupoints, the power of each Acupoint would be based on the total amount of power contained in all their meridians. The Magus Acupoint would absorb all that power during its first awakening. The more power it could absorb during its first awakening, the greater the potential of that Acupoint would be. Therefore, every single extra meridian able to store power, would make a Senior Magus more powerful that his peers with the same amount of Acupoints but less meridians.

Just as it was back in the Southern Wasteland!

The reason the Bi Fang Clan was much more powerful than the Gold Crow Clan was that their inheritance system, the bloodline of the Bi Fang, reserved nearly thousand active meridians. Compared to them, the bloodline of the Gold Crow only reserved a few hundreds of active meridians. That was why not only the Senior Magi of the Gold Crow Clan were less powerful than the Senior Magi of the Bi Fang Clan, but they were also with tens of even hundreds of times less potential to break through the level of Magus King compared to the Senior Magi of the Bi Fang Clan.

One meridian, two meridians, three meridians...ten meridians, twenty meridians, thirty meridians...a hundred meridians, two hundred meridians, three-hundred meridians...

The power of both the dragon power and phoenix here were condensed from pure natural power, which was the purest power and the one with the most essence of the world. They were especially connected with this location. This kind of power was gentle and clean, without any impurity. Especially that, since the dragon and phoenix power had naturally crafted the holy weapon, it was easy to figure out how great and creative these two powers actually were.

To this geographical area, this two creative powers were too weak even to be mentioned. However, for these few kids, these two powers were more than enough to thoroughly remould their bodies and lay a perfect body condition for each of them. Because of this foundation, each of them would certainly grow into magnificently powerful Magi and Maguspriests.

Mr Crow cawed slightly, and laid leisurely on Ji Hao's shoulder, silently feeling the strengthening of its body that the dragon and phoenix power had caused for it. This kind of creative power was extremely beneficial to Mr Crow as well. On its head, tens of feathers had gained a layer of gold colour. Obviously, the Gold Crow bloodline contained in it, had been purifying and improving.

The two tiny little magic fiery snakes were hanging on Ji Hao's earlobes with straightened bodies and were slightly waving their tails. Their eyeballs were sparking brightly. Clearly they were enjoying very much. Spots of dim lights emerged on their heads and began spreading towards their tails, along with which, their bodies started to grow slowly.

Only Man Man had pure god's bloodline, without a single human-kind meridian in her body. Therefore, the power of the dragon and the phoenix were only able to nourish her body, making her body even more solid and powerful. Apart from that there was nothing beneficial that Man Man could gain from these two powers.

As for Ji Hao, he had already completely awakened all his 129600 meridians, therefore, he didn't need the powers of the dragon and the phoenix to awaken his humankind meridians for him. However, these two powers were great and creative after all. These two powers gushed gently into his body, filled his meridians up and nourished the faintest tips of his meridians. Within a half hour his meridians had broadened by thirty percent compared to how it had been previously, thanks to the powers of the dragon and the phoenix. After that, great streams of natural energy swooshed abruptly through his body like water during tide. The natural power immediately transformed into his internal energy, sweeping through the meridians across his whole body in all directions. Magus Acupoints were lighting up one after another on Ji Hao's chest and stomach. Tens of them had even reached the threshold to awakening. All Ji Hao needed to do was spent a little thought and these Magus Acupoints could be broken through and awakened by these great streams of power.

Not only Ji Hao, but the bodies of Taisi, Shaosi, Yu Mu, and Feng Xing, even Mr Crow, had different amounts of light spots lighting up. Every light spot was shining either dimly or brightly and were on the point of awakening.

Ji Hao observed the others with his spiritual power and was shocked to discover that Taisi was the one who gotten the most benefits from this process of body strengthening. Probably because his body was the worst amongst all the team members. A whole three-thousand brand-new meridians had been awakened inside his body.

The other three team members had different amounts of new meridians awakened, the one gaining the least had still gained around two thousand new meridians.

Great streams of power were flushing madly inside their bodies as well, continuously striking on septums that had grown naturally outside their Magus Acupoints.

Soon, the first thunderous boom came from Ji Hao's body. The power contained in his meridians were the greatest among all the team members. Therefore, he was the first to awaken a Magus Acupoint. This time, under his precise control, he had awakened the most important Magus Acupoint located beside his heart.

A sphere of red light emerged on Ji Hao's chest that seemed like a blazing flame. All of Ji Hao's blood and power swooshed briefly into the Magus Acupoint of his heart. Then they transformed into drops of dense and sticky concentrated blood, and flowed quickly to the rest of his body. The new blood was heavier and more powerful. Every drop of this new blood could contain more bloodline power. This kind of blood was the key of the great and nearly inexhaustible great life force of Senior Magi that allowed them to recover within a moment from all kinds of serious injuries during battle.

After the Magus Acupoint of his heart, Ji Hao awakened the two important Magus Acupoints located in his lungs. Along with which, Ji Hao sensed that the capacity of his lungs had improved by hundreds of times. He could now bring up a fierce gust of wind from the air around his body, by only taking a deep breath.

In order to be powerful enough to even lift up mountains and fill up oceans, or manipulate air streams by breathing and remain athletic in battles for as long as needed, a pair of strong and prolific lungs, which could discharge waste gas, breath in fresh air and continuously provide life force to the human body, were highly necessary.

After lungs, were kidney, liver, spleen...Ji Hao was very cautious. He was awakening the most important Magus Acupoints located at his internal organs one after another, using the knowledge regarding the human body he had gained in his previous life. Doing so, he improved the functioning of his internal organs largely. Also he strengthened his somatically power and laid a better foundation for his future cultivation.

Gradually, nine Magus Acupoints let out eye-piercing light on Ji Hao's chest and stomach. With all the powers of the phoenix and dragon that had gushed into Ji Hao's body earlier, he had only been able to barely open nine Magus Acupoints.

Apart from Yu Mu and Feng Xing, who had broken into the level of Senior Magus few years ago, Taisi and Shaosi were a sharp contrast to Ji Hao. Each of them had lit up hundreds of Magus Acupoints in a row, bright light spots ceaselessly sparkling on their bodies, while great amounts of power swooshed into and out of those Magus Acupoints. It seemed quite terrifying.

Ji Hao had absorbed much more amounts of natural powers than the two of them, by over ten times, but he had only awakened eight new Magus Acupoints. This clearly showed how much better Ji Hao's foundation was compared to the two of them.

Fierce gusts of wind transformed from great natural power that had been blowing around inside the underground cave, had gradually quietened down. The powers of the dragon and the phoenix had been consumed as well.

Letting out the last mouthful of waste air, Ji Hao shouted out loudly. Followed by his voice, a silhouette of the stone sword spurted out from the middle of his eyebrows, transformed into a white beam of light along with his body, and struck hard on a corner of this underground cave.

The stone wall collapsed instantly along with a series of muffled booms. Behind the collapsed stonewall was a rapidly flowing underground river.


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