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The Magus Era - Chapter 198


Chapter 198 - Struck Down (edited)


SR's note: In chapter 136 it had been said that Ji Hao opened all his meridians, which were a total of 1,209,600. However, it seems we of TME team, had made a mistake. It should be 129,600, as it has been lately in all the chapters. We apologize for this and will change it in chapter 136. Thanks to all who had pointed this mistake out to us. :)


Chapter 198 - Struck Down

Ji Hao gathered all of his spirit power inside his body, while continuously swallowing bottles of magic medicines that he had prepared before. He had just awakened the Magus Acupoint inside his Dantian and all his power was currently stored within it. The 129,600 meridians were completely empty at the moment, without the slightest stream of power. Every time Ji Hao swallowed the magic medicines, they would immediately be digested by the two multicoloured flames, then transformed into multicoloured light streams and merge with the empty meridians.

Each meridian had absorbed the essence power contained within those magic medicines, becoming broader and more solid, becoming able to contain more power than it could before. Normally, when Ji Hao would try to strengthen his meridians with magic medicines, the great powers contained in his meridians would always interfere the process of strengthening his meridians. Therefore, amongst the hundred portions of magic medicines that he would take, perhaps only one portion would truly be effective. In contrast to ordinary days, his meridians were now completely empty, and could absorb all the essence power contained in those magic medicines without any disturbance.

Such a perfect opportunity that allowed Ji Hao to strengthen his meridians was only able to last for only the span of ten breaths. After the span of ten breaths, all of Ji Hao's spirit blood gushed into the Magus Acupoint of his Dantian. The thin and mist-like blood of a Junior Magus level spirit blood circulated through the Magus Acupoint of the Dantian, and transformed instantly into the liquid-silver-like, heavy and condensed spirit blood of a Senior Magus. His spirit blood flowed out again, flooding through Ji Hao's muscles, marrow, and meridians, and finally it gushed into each and every one of his blood vessels within a moment.

As a Senior Magus, every time a Magus Acupoint was awakened, the body would be strengthened greatly as well.

When ordinary Junior Magi, who didn't have that much magic medicine resources, broke into the level of Senior Magus, they needed to spend lots of time, swallowing meat of Senior Magus level beasts for a total of ten times their own weight or thousand times more of meat of Junior Magus level beasts, in order to gain enough essence power the meat and the blood of the beasts, to complete the strengthening process of their bodies.

Luckily, Ji Hao had the Magi Palace as a resource of magic medicines. When his Magus Acupoint of his Dantian began transforming his spirit blood, he instantly took out a bottle of 'Three Birds and Nine Beasts pill' that had been concocted by Wulong Yao and poured the entire bottle into his mouth.

These thumb-sized, blood-red 'Three Birds and Nine Beasts' were made from the marrow of three different kinds of birds and nine different kinds of wild beasts, containing an incredible amount of essence power. A single 'Three Bird and Nine Beast' pill could replenish the majority of the power and vitality of a Senior Magus, allowing a senior Magus to have a nearly inexhaustible life force during battle. As long as a Senior Magus still had 'Three Birds and Nine Beasts' pills in his hands, he or she could recover from all kinds of wounds without any limitation.

Ji Hao had swallowed an entire bottle of 'Three Birds and Nine Beasts' that contained twelve pills in total, within the span of only a few breaths. Instantly, tremendous essence power and vitality filled his body, soon transforming into Ji Hao's own power through the Magus Acupoint in his Dantian.

Ji Hao's bones began to grow inch by inch, his body becoming taller and more muscular, making him look no longer like a slim boy. The following moment, Ji Hao's spirit blood that had been surging through his body in streams, suddenly swooshed into his Golden Dan. Half of his powers and his spirit blood was swallowed abruptly by his Golden Dan. After that, the Golden Dan, which was initially thumb-size and had a purple-gold-like texture, began to spin rapidly and expanded slowly. Every time it revolved three thousand times, the Golden Dan would increase in size. Not long after, it reached the size of chicken's egg.

A wisp of purple smoke rose from between Ji Hao's eyebrows. He opened his eyes and released his spirit power in streams, which was now greater and purer than it had been before, by quite a few times. At the same time, his spirit power shrouded the entire surrounding area within a radius of a hundred miles. Just like raindrops that fell from the sky and seeped into the ground, Ji Hao's spirit power was all-pervasive, allowing him to perceive even the slightest movement of everything within this area.

Purple-gold coloured mist formed in his eyes, within which, the nine symbols located around each of his gold-red pupils became much clearer than they had been before. Looming magical scenes, such as the blooming of flowers, falling of rain or snow, the rotation of the stars, could be seen from Ji Hao's pupils.

When the mysterious man had used the [Sky Opening] for the first time inside of Ji Hao's spirit space, Ji Hao had a touch at the deepest area of this world and the most original natural rules. However, back then, Ji Hao's soul hadn't been solid and powerful enough for those natural rules. Even the slightest wisp of power that had been released by those original rules, had nearly crushed his soul. Now that he had successfully broken through to a higher level and became a Senior Magus, his soul had been nourished by the powerful spirit blood of a Senior Magus and had suddenly grown ten times more powerful than it had been before. Therefore, Ji Hao had now gained a deeper understanding of the magical and magnificent world that the mysterious man had shown him, and which was formed by the most original natural rules.

’’Mr Crow!’’

Lightning bolts sparked in Ji Hao's pupils, and huge numbers of dazzling lightning streams surged around. Ji Hao saw that Mr Crow was being attacked madly by a few men, who were hiding in the shadows and fierce airwaves, with long swords, transformed from dark shadows, held in their hands.

The six black totem pillars were the source of those fierce airwaves. However, the real source of all the shadow and darkness, as well as the powers of those six totem pillars, was the core of the magic formation that had been formed by the six totem pillars. The core was located at over ten miles away from the six totem pillars and was in the erect eye of that man from the Yu Clan, who had been ceaselessly spurting out clouds of darkness from his erect eye, and laughing viciously. He was the one who had been manipulating all of this.

’’Duo!’’ shouted Ji Hao in a low voice. At the same time, he patted the ground with both of his hands. Followed by this move, the soil under his body began to flow like the surface of an ocean. Ji Hao then merged easily with the soil, and darted to over ten miles away, right under the man from the Yu Clan, within a single moment.

Ji Hao had become a Senior Magus, both his power and Golden Dan had been upgraded. Therefore, Ji Hao felt especially comfortable when he launched the [Natural Spirit Soil Escaping Magic]. When moving underground, he had only made a slight sound, and the Yu Clan man, who had been fully concentrating on Mr Crow, was unable to notice the slight sound, which sounded like a few earthworms were moving slowly.

Raising his head, Ji Hao located the Yu Clan man through the foot-thick layer of soil. Anger instantly rose in his heart. Ji Hao thrust his hands out from the ground and grabbed the ankles of the Yu Clan man and pulled the man hard downwards.

The soil around him began to move in waves and the ground had soon turned into a large puddle of mud. The man from the Yu Clan had been concentrating on dealing with Mr Crow with his special ability and hadn't thought that such a surprise attack would be launched on him. Howling out in shock, the Yu Clan man was suddenly dragged deep into the mud by Ji Hao.

The soil was like water and Ji Hao was like a fish. The soil had absolutely no effect on Ji Hao's movements. As for the poor Yu Clan man, although he was able to control space and the shadow, he had no idea how to deal with soil.

Large amounts of mud gushed into his mouth and nostrils, the panicked Yu Clan man was being pushed hard to the bottom by Ji Hao. Overwhelmed by the mud and fright, this Yu Clan man abruptly closed his erect eye in the middle of his eyebrows, and huddled his stiff body up while twitching. Ji Hao didn't say anything, only grabbed his head silently and tore it off from his neck.


Ji Hao let out another spell while releasing large amounts of lightning bolts from his palm. The soul of the Yu Clan man was instantly struck into a wisp of smoke by these lightning bolts.

This was something Ji Hao had learned from Si wen Ming - when Si Wen Ming killed an enemy, he would always destroy the soul as well.

Ji Hao rose from the ground carrying the dead body of the Yu Clan man. A cloud emerged from under his feet and held up his body, allowing him to float in the air. He raised the dead body high and yelled out to those few men who were attacking Mr Crow.

’’Stop! Your leader has already died!’’

The few muscular men, who were attacking Mr Crow madly while letting out shrill, vicious waves of laughter from time to time, instantly stopped in shock. They turned their heads back and looked at Ji Hao, unable to even believe what they just had heard.

Along with a series of cracking sound, the six totem pillars cracked, and Mr Crow let out a resonant caw towards the sky, spurting out a great stream of flames. All those muscular men were immediately rolled into the flame streams and were burned to ashes within the blink of an eye.


Edited by SecondRate and Dylan

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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