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The Magus Era - Chapter 166


Chapter 166 - Lesson

The sanguinary fight abruptly stopped.

Once Ji Hao had seriously been wounded by the two Jia Clan warriors, Si Wen Ming immediately crushed Aluo Zhai's neck. A wisp of yellow smoke rose from his palm, which then swallowed Aluo Zhai's head and his soul. After he died, the blood-red mist that had shrouded the entire area instantly dispersed, and all of those Jia Clan warriors shook their bodies simultaneously. After releasing large amounts of blood-red mist from their bodies, their bodies shrank rapidly, and fell on the ground slowly.

The Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors rushed up one after another, raised their weapons and chopped the heads of these enemies off.

The Jia Clan warriors, who had just been fighting light crazy monsters, were now despairingly roaring and cursing, but they barely had any power to wave their weapons.

Aluo Zhai's secret power had given these Jia Clan warriors incredibly great powers that was greater than the powers of their selves by several times;however, the fatal weakness of this secret power was Aluo Zhai himself, once he was killed, all these warriors who were strengthened by this power would all become weak chickens.

The Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors piled those heads up into a small altar. They raised their weapons high, while cheering and shouting over this victory, but when those elders and Maguspriests tried to find Si Wen Ming and thank him, they couldn't even find the slightest trace of the three guests.

Hundreds of thousands miles away, Si We Ming carried the badly wounded Ji Hao on his shoulder, while holding Man Man's hand with his left, and was moving forward on the wild land, step by step.

It seemed as if he had been walking at a slow pace, however, both of his feet were wrapped by a yellow light, and every single step forward corresponded by the power of the earth;muffled, heart-beating-like beating sounds came from under the ground regularly, and Si Wen Ming could move over a hundred thousand miles across countless mountains, rivers and lands, with a single step.

Ji Hao lied on Si Wen Ming's shoulder, looking at his tight armour with a heartache. It had shrunk into a small sphere on his palm.

This had been a gift from Po, a powerful treasure, and was capable of blocking the attacks that were launched by any ordinary Senior Magi. When Ji Hao had still been in the Southern Wasteland, this tight armour had saved him over countless times. Without the protection of this armour, Man Man and he would have been chopped into meat paste long ago.

However, those two Jia Clan warriors had been way too crazy to have turned their own bodies into weapons. They had weakened the defensive power of Ji Hao's armour with the great power of Aluo Zhai's blood-red mist, then turned their own ribs into sharp fierce swords. Within that moment, the power that was contained in their final attack had almost surpassed the limitation of the Senior-Level. Because of that, they had broken the armour with a single attack and badly wounded Ji Hao at the same time.

Looking at the two clearly visible holes on the armour, Ji Hao let out a moan of pain.

Over ten thick and sharp ribs had punctured his body, he had at least seven to eight bone fractures, and his internal organs were seriously injured as well, which would cause a great pain even when he take a slight breath, that made him want to kill himself.

’’Red Sun's warriors were largely different from the High Moon's warriors,’’ said Si Wen Ming while walking and taking out a round pill and thrusting it into Ji Hao's mouth. ’’The High Moon's warriors were the greatest warriors, and the Red Sun's warriors were purely lunatics, they were only killing machines, who were born for slaughter and damage.’’

’’Of course, this is not my point!’’ Continued Si Wen Ming while keeping his head down and walked with big steps. ’’What I am trying to say is, this time, the two of you, both, were nearly beaten to death by those crazy things, you should learn from this that the Midland is a very dangerous place, more dangerous than the Southern Wasteland by ten, even a hundred times.’’

’’In the Midland, you cannot take any impulsive action, because any of your slight mistakes would get you killed here.’’ Si Wen Ming took a glance at Man Man, and said seriously, ’’Especially Man Man. Although you have your armour that is made by your Amma herself to protect you, even I can knock you down in a thousand different ways, then yank off your armour, those powerful Jia Clan's warriors can only do worse.’’

Hearing Si Wen Ming's words, Man Man's tender face suddenly turned pale, then yelled at Si Wen Ming, ’’Uncle Wen Ming! How can you take off Man Man's clothes?! Amma said that Man Man's clothes can only be taken off by only one man in this life!’’

Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao showed the whites of their eyes simultaneously. Especially Si Wen Ming, he now really wanted to thud his head against the ground and knock himself out.

Letting out a few hollow smiles, Si Wen Ming said embarrassedly, ’’Er, well, I was just trying to make an example...alright, let's change the topic. When you get to Pu Ban City, you will have tutors to teach you some basic knowledge. Eh...Man Man, your Amma is too...’’

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Si Wen Ming didn't finish his sentence.

’’Hao, you have been too lucky in the Southern Wasteland, therefore, this time, I had let you suffer a little bit on purpose.’’ Si Wen Ming then said to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao raised his upper body with some difficulty while moaning in pain, pointed at the two huge punctured wounds on his chest, and said with a bitter grin, ’’Dear uncle, you call this a little bit of suffering?’’

Si Wen Ming grinned back at him carelessly and said, ’’Alright, how serious can this be? The ancient god Xing Tian's head had been chopped off but still had a great life after. Senior Magi are all incredibly tough, none of us can be easily killed!’’

[TL note: Xing Tian was a legendary god in Chinese culture, his head was chopped off by his enemies, but after that he turned his nipple into eyes and belly button into mouth, and kept living and fighting.]

Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and murmured, ’’But uncle, I am only a...’’

Si Wen Ming slapped on one of Ji Hao's wounds that was near his pelvis, make him howl out in pain once again.

’’Kid, you are indeed still at the Junior Level, that is correct, but your body, hehe, even new Senior Magi can't compare with you on physical condition. Hmm, just wondering what kind of treasures have you eaten back in the Southern Wasteland...These small scratches are nothing to you.’’

Ji Hao let out another bitter grin, then took a deep breath. Great natural power quickly gathered towards him from all directions, along with which, his skins and muscles near the wounds began squirming quickly, and those horribly serious wounds, which would make others feel pain by only looking at them, gradually started healing themselves.

’’Remember what happened today. In the Midland, an unvalued distant offspring, who came from a small family of the Yu Clan, which was not even worth mentioning, with a bunch of personal warriors and slave warriors, who were not that powerful, these people left their hometown and came out to opened up their own territories;but just a bunch of weak useless people like that have wounded you as seriously as this.’’

’’The Midland is a good place, the Pu Ban City is even better, but dangers are everywhere, and people could die anytime.’’

’’I won't be able to always be with you, I have a lot to do, so, you have to remember the lesson you have learned today.’’

Ji Hao slightly rubbed his wounds, which had been healing themselves, took a deep breath and asked a question.

’’Uncle Wen Ming, since we have already arrived in the Midland, I really want to know what...these monsters from the Yu Clan and Jia Clan, what are they? Why the patterns on those jade coins you have been using, were their totems? The Spirit Turtle Caravan, why did they have to pay a tax to those Jia Clan people? And that Aluo Zhai, how could he just declare the occupation of a piece of land, which did not belong to him?’’

Man Man raised her head in surprise and asked, ’’Eh? Uncle Wen Ming, are those patterns on your jade coins same as those the totems of those monsters?’’

Si Wen Ming smilingly nodded to Man Man then let out a sigh slowly, and said, ’’For this kind of things, you will understand when you get to the Pu Ban City. Man Man, I will send you to your Abba, and we will see what he would want you to do. As for Ji Hao, I have a place that is perfect for you, which was also the reason for me to take you to the Pu Ban city.’’

Si Wen Ming gently patted Ji Hao's head with his palm then continued with the smile remaining on his face, ’’Young man, to keep learning can't be wrong. Your injuries are not that serious, but won't be healed within a short time either, you should just take a rest, and we will arrive at our destination when you wake up.’’

Ji Hao felt that his head had become heavier and heavier along with Si Wen Ming's words, soon, he lost his eyesight and fell into a dizzy sleep.

After which, he seemed to have felt that Si Wen Ming had thrust another handful of round pills into his mouth.


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