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The Magus Era - Chapter 163



Chapter 163 - Crazy Monsters

’’Only dead monsters are good monsters!’’ Yelled Man Man while swinging her pair of gigantic hammers upward and leaping high into the air, ’’My big brother said so, so it must be true! Look at Man Man, I'll hammer you all to death!’’

The five warriors from the Jia Clan growled out as well. They held their broadswords in their hands and were approaching Ji Hao with big steps;the sharp and fierce power released from their broadswords tore the ground apart and left five hundreds zhang deep cracks on the ground behind them. They were only miles away from Ji Hao, and rushed up to him with only five to six steps.

The broadswords were raised high into the air while shining with blood-red lights. The five of them coordinated perfectly and hacked down towards Ji Hao's limbs and neck simultaneously, obviously, they were attempting to chop Ji Hao into pieces. However, before Ji Hao had reacted, Man Man had already leapt up right above the heads of the five Jia Clan's warriors, with her huge hammers swinging in her hands.

The flame-like patterns on the surfaces of the pair of mountain-crushing hammers lit up, and spurted out raging flames while letting out a swooshing sound;the dark night-sky was instantly lit up by this pair of small-suns-like, ragingly blazing hammers. The great heat that was being released from the hammers had even twisted the air within the area of ten miles round, everyone's eyesight was blurred and everyone's silhouette looked twisted and hazy.

Man Man raised her pairs of hammers while laughing madly and wildly. Facing Man Man's horrible hammers, which were smashing towards their faces without any hesitation, the five Jia Clan warriors showed absolutely no sign of dodging. They only raised their left hands and attempted to hold the hammers off, at the same time, their right hands didn't stop swinging their broadswords towards Ji Hao.

’’Lunatics!’’ Ji Hao silently defined these five Jia Clan warriors. He stamped his foot hard against the ground, and under his feet, the ground began squirming like a living creature. Ji Hao had used a natural [Soil-Manipulating Escape Magic], with the help of the earth power, he immediately escaped to hundreds of zhangs away, and abruptly leapt up from the ground.

Five shining broadswords struck hard against the ground, loud sounds of explosions quickly spread out like thunder. Five strands of sword powers, which had gushed out of those swords, and over ten miles long, cut the ground open and left scary, huge cracks on the ground.

Man Man let out a great roar, and suddenly swung the pair of heavy hammers down with all of her power;the hammers then smashed on the left hands of the five Jia Clan's warriors along with a thunderous boom.

These five Jia Clan's warriors had completely underestimated Man Man's power level, moreover, they had underestimated the terrifying great power that was contained in her pair of mountain-crushing hammers. As the most beloved little girl of the Fire God, Man Man's pair of huge hammers were powerful enough to make them having endless nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Fiery light shone and the temperature kept rising, the five Jia Clan's warriors were soon shrouded by raging flames. The armours worn on their arms and hands were immediately burned to glowing-red, after which it quickly melted, and eventually turned into puffs of smoke.

Their palms were set ablaze, their skins and flesh were soon burned out and bared their crystal-like, blood-red bones. The mountain-crushing hammers struck hard down, and after that, the bones of these five Jia Clan's warriors, which were thoroughly strengthened over thousands of times, had burst and showed spider web like cracks.

Along with a swishing sound and due to the counterforce of smashing on those Jia Clans' warriors, Man Man leapt high into the air, over ten thousand meters high from the ground then landed back in front of the entrance gate of the clan.

’’Man Man, good job!!’’ Ji Hao suddenly yelled, while clapping his hands hard.

A great stream of fire that had a diameter of one-hundred-zhang, suddenly rose into the air. Within the fire stream, the five Jia Clan's warriors were roaring hoarsely and struggling hard, and had been sent up into the air by the great earth fire stream that was called out by Man Man. The terrifying, raging flame mixed with lava quickly corroded their bodies, and continuously seeped into their bodies through the cracks of their armours. Their skin was soon roasted and their muscles were parched;the flame and lava gushed into their internal organs through their broken muscles, bringing them a deadly great pain.

’’Haha! Man Man good job!!’’ Man Man raised her pair of gigantic hammers proudly and yelled back at Ji Hao. Abruptly, she popped her eyes open and stared at Aluo Zhai, who had been stunned, and whose mouth was hanging open but seemed unable to say anything, and began yelling.

’’Oi, you! What's your name again? You said that you were jealous of Ji Hao, because he looks more handsome than you, didn't you? Haha, not a problem, let Man Man give you a little help, then you will look much better than Ji Hao!’’

While speaking, Man Man gripped her pair of heavy hammers and rushed towards Aluo Zhai's chariot with huge steps, just like a mad dinosaur. She waved her pair of hammers and carelessly struck on the ground from time to time, causing the ground to shake violently. In the meanwhile, she hadn't stop shouting.

’’With only a good stick right on your face with Man Man's hammer, you will certainly look better than Ji Hao, by at least a hundred times!!’’

Aluo Zhai gnashed his teeth and stared at Man Man. Suddenly, the erect eye on his forehead opened and let out a beam of weird, piercing red light. Aluo Zhai's body began shaking intensely, and a strange sense of power, which was as hot and crazy as that of a wildfire, gradually spread out from his body.

Circles of odd red light spurted out from Aluo Zhai's erect eye, swept across the hundreds of Jia Clan warriors and the thousands of slave warriors behind him. The bodies of these warriors began to shake as well. Soon, all of their eyes had turned into a scary blood-red colour.

’’Kill!!’’ One Jia Clan warrior raised his weapons and roared out hoarsely.

Along with bone cracking sounds, these Jia Clan warriors, who were tall and muscular, started to swell rapidly. Baby-fist-thick vessels popped out from under their skins, and transformed them into gigantic creatures that looked like real monsters. Their muscles expanded weirdly, to the point of even being squeezed out from the cracks of their armours;soon, all of these Jia Clan warriors were turned into gigantic spheres of muscles.

Not only these hundreds of Jia Clan's warriors, but also those slave warriors, who had only been about a foot taller than Ji Hao previously, had quickly started growing in size. Soon, these slave warriors had all become muscular giants, a time taller than Ji Hao.

Apparently, the bodies of those slave warriors were not as solid as that of those Jia Clan warriors, neither could their bodies perfectly adapt to this strange and strong power that was being released from Aluo Zhai's erect eyes. Their bodies had indeed expanded and turned times stronger than before, but their skins were burst into pieces, baring blooded muscles.

Flooded with a swooshing sound, thousands of slave warriors raised their weapons and swept across the three smaller clan troops that were behind them, like a fierce gust of wind.

The warriors in the three dependent clan troop's were all slaughtered by those slave warriors, who had improved in speed, power and level of agility by a few times, before they even had realized what was happening. Every single warrior in these three clan troop's died in a horrible way. Every attack that was launched by these slave warriors would shatter one clan troop's warrior, some of them were even struck into a puddle of meat paste, spraying everywhere.

Blood flowed on the ground, the sense of death soon filled the air.

Shrouded by the blood-red light that had spurted our from Aluo Zhai's erect eye, the sense of death had turned into a nearly solid, visible blood-red mist. All Jia Clan warriors and slave warriors opened their mouths wide, greedily breathing this mist of dead.

Their bodies had been through a weird and horrible change, their senses of powers had turned stronger and crazier.

From the eyes of these warriors, Ji Hao couldn't see any remaining traces humanity;only the craziest desire of slaughter and the coldest will of killing was left in their eyes.

Aluo Zhai raised his arms high and screamed with a high-pitched voice, ’’The warriors of the great Red Sun, killing and violence are the sources of our powers! Kill these people! Slaughter them, torture them as much as you want! Make them cry, make then wail, make then scream out in pain!’’

Letting out beast-like roaring sounds, all of those Jia Clan warriors and slave warriors suddenly rushed up towards Man Man.


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