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The Magus Era - Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Wait A Second

’’My fellow, you are so young and so naughty!’’

Said one of the two young men while laughing at Ji Hao and raised his small finger. Followed by his move, a beam of faint white light suddenly darted towards Ji hao.

’’Naughty! You should receive a beating. That lightning was scary, our young fellow here, you should receive a proper lesson from us!’’

The beam of faint white light instantly merged into the rain, similar to a thin stroke of glowing light, which occasionally appeared on the edges of dark clouds in the sky, and were hardly noticeable. However, once this white light had appeared, the entire world seemed to have become slow and soft.

The wind stopped roaring and the rain stopped pouring, even all the plants in the jungle that were shaking because of the wind and rain, had slowed their movements down. The vast jungle, which seemed a bit misty and grey under the, with dark clouds filled, sky had become brighter and warmer after the white light had appeared.

The faint white light flashed across the rain. Wherever the light passed, all the raindrops within that area tens of zhangs around the light, transformed into fist-sized, crystal water-lotuses, and bloomed one after another. Along with a deep and solemn sound, which sounded as if someone was chanting a spell, the white light left a long, arc-shaped traill in the air and darted towards Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao popped up his eyes, and stared at this thin beam of white light, which didn't seem like a big deal at all, while considering how to react to it.

Large amounts of water lotuses, which were actually transformed raindrops, were flying towards Ji Hao along with the white light;wherever he looked, he could see those transparent, crystal water lotuses rotating in the air, seemingly dancing in the sky. Those small and delicate water-lotuses stirred the air intensely and brought up strong airwaves;every single water-lotus was followed from behind by a strong whirlwind that was as fierce as a tiny, furious dragon.

These water-lotuses, which seemed so pretty and delicate, as if they couldn't possibly do any harm, had brought a great pressure upon Ji Hao, making him feel as if a small hill was about to fall on his head.

’’So interesting,’’ said Ji Hao. He then laughed out loud while a great golden fiery light darted out from his back;two round and shining Gold Crow's pupils flashed across the light and dissappeared soon after;after this, a layer of faint fiery light wrapped Ji Hao's fist up. Ji Hao raised both his arms and began to smash those water-lotuses that were flying towards him.

’’So rude and wild, he is indeed a Southern Wasteland barbarian, can't be wrong,’’ taunted the two young men together.

One water-lotus hit against Ji Hao's fist, Ji Hao threw a heavy punch towards the lotus with all his power;however, he felt nothing. The space in front of him was all empty;the water-lotus that had flown towards him and put him under great pressure, was all an illusion. Ji Hao's punch that was launched with all of his power, was thrown into the air and instantly transformed into a huge sphere of fiery light that had a radius of at least a few zhangs, along with a thunderous boom.

’’Not real?!’’ exclaimed Ji Hao.

The following moment, hundreds of punches heavily struck against Ji Hao's body from all directions, the power of every single hit was as great as a small hill falling from the sky. The leather armour worn by Ji Hao shattered into pieces within only a moment, baring the tight armour under it.

The tight armour made by Po instantly released a faint, clear light, which then quickly transformed into a palm-sized light-lotus that closely attached itself onto Ji Hao's body, and began to slowly rotate around him.

Countless water-lotuses suddenly emerged from the air, swooshing down, hitting against Ji Hao's body one after another;however, no matter how many water-lotuses fell from the air and no matter how hard they hit againstJi Hao's body, the light-lotus, which was slowly rotating and circulating around Ji Hao's body completely shattered all of them.

A beam of white light suddenly flashed across the air and struck against Ji Hao's best along with a loud bang. The soil around Ji Hao's body instantly rose into the air, turned into hundreds of zhangs high waves of soil and sprayed towards every direction. A miles wide and hundreds of zhangs deep pit abruptly appeared on the ground, right under Ji Hao's feet. Ji Hao was hit by an extraordinarily great power, temporally losing balance and fell into the pit.

’’Interesting, interesting, look what we've found here!’’ said the young man, who had been watching with a smile on his face all this time, without making any moves, ’’This tight armour is so good!’’

The two young men didn't even try to hide the greed inside their eyes, staring at Ji Hao like two starving wolves.

’’Senior Brother!’’ yelled the young man who had just let out the white beam of light and had attacked Ji Hao, ’’I launched the attack just now, the armour is destined mine!’’

The Senior Brother, who hadn't launched any attacks on Ji Hao yet, yelled back to the other young man, ’’My junior Brother, you're not strong enough yet, you need to calm down and focus on practicing. Indeed you had just launched an attack, but you failed to kill this kid. That armour is meant to be mine!’’

Both of them raised the bamboo sticks that they were holding in their hands and waved hard in the air;suddenly, large amounts of white light beams emerged from the air within the radius of miles, followed by which, countless raindrops bloomed simultaneously and transformed into water lotuses, swooshing down towards the deep pit.

Ji Hao had been lying in the pit with his face towards the ground, and his entire body covered in mud.

One of the young men just lightly raised his little finger and let out a white beam of light, which seemed quite insignificant but actually contained a horrifyingly great power, which absolutely was no weaker than the power of any senior-level fighter. If it hadn't been for the powerful tight armour that Ji Hao was wearing, he would already have been killed by this attack.

Although the armour had blocked ninety-nine percent of the attacking power for Ji Hao, the remaining one percent of power still hit onto Ji Hao's body through the armour, violently shaking all of his internal organs. This was how Ji Hao felt after he had been through all kinds of magical journeys with Man Man, absorbed all those nutritious natural treasures, including the essence milk of the earth, and largely improved his body condition.

If Ji Hao's body condition hadn't improved through all kinds of methods during the past few weeks, every single one of his internal organs would have badly been hurt by this attack.

While lying on the pit and covered in mud, Ji Hao frowned and thought.

’’Where did these two guys came from? Their attacking methods are so weird, I had my eyes fixed on that water-lotus, how could I have missed it?’’ murmured Ji Hao in his head.

’’And why is it that when they launched their attack, I had a strange feeling, which made it so that I couldn't help myself but relax both my soul and body, even feeling lazy and sleepy, yet, their attacks were actually containing an incomparably great power. How on earth did that happen?’’

While thinking, Ji Hao sensed that the sky above his head had suddenly became brighter. Countess crystal water-lotuses were falling towards the deep pit from the sky, even covering Ji Hao's entire eyesight;the power that was contained in these newly formed water-lotuses must be hundreds of times greater than the probing attack's power that was launched before. Ji Hao opened his eyes wide and raised his head in shock, both of his pupils suddenly turning into a pure golden-red colour.

He had just activated his |Gold Crow Pupils| and injected all the power into his pupils;the pair of golded-red pupils now seemed like two small suns, which were bright enough to radiate the entire world, and were able to break all kinds of illusions.

Nine spell symbols of the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words] appeared and began to rotate rapidly around Ji Hao's golden-red pupils;the world in front of Ji Hao's eyes suddenly changed colour.

Through the faint and white light, Ji Hao saw that the sky was still dark, and the jungle was still showered in the heavy rain and shrouded by the grey mist;the water-lotuses, which were transformed from raindrops, were swooshing down from the sky like shooting stars, towards Ji Hao.

All the soft, beautiful arc-shaped trails that were left in the air by those later-formed lotuses, and those swirl winds that were brought up by those water-lotuses, were illusions!

Within all of those illusions, and hidden in the countless water-lotuses, the two young men had already approached Ji Hao, raised their bamboo sticks high into the air, hitting towards Ji Hao's head, seemingly using all their power.

The two young men seemed so ferocious, as if Ji Hao was their archenemy who had killed their father, and was absolutely irreconcilable to them.

’’Such a bad temper. Two 'fellows', I need to go, can't waste more time on you,’’ said Ji Hao, while laughing, after which he quickly transformed his body into a sphere of water, and exploded.

Two bamboo sticks heavily hit onto the water sphere to which Ji Hao's body had transformed into, causing water drops to splash everywhere, but missing Ji Hao;Ji Hao had already taken advantage of the heavy rain, and used the [After-Born Water Manipulating Magic], fleeing hundreds of zhangs away within a moment.

One white lotus bloomed between each of the two young men's eyebrow, along with which, waves of pure spiritual power quickly spreadg towards the surrounding areas;soon, they successfully located Ji Hao with their spiritual powers.

’’Dear fellow, wait a second! The precious treasure you are wearing is fated to be ours, please accept this fate!’’ yelled the senior Brother while flicking his hand and throwing a fist-sized white pearl towards Ji Hao.

TL note: In Chinese martial arts culture, fellows learning from the same master (师父) are ’’senior/junior male/female fellow apprentices’’.


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