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The Magus Era - Chapter 104


Shocking Information


When Ji Hao was about to fall onto the ground, he let out a deep shout;following which, an invisible gust of wind quickly wrapped his body up from under his feet. Ji Hao's body then transformed into a gust of wind, gently blowing across the air, close to the ground. Within the downpour of rain, tens of raindrops slightly trembled. After the span of one breath, Ji Hao's body reappeared on top of a tree, three miles away.


Once he had thrust his head out of the dense branches and leaves of the gigantic tree, Ji Hao waved his arms and shouted. Along with his voice, all of the crystal-like raindrops in the radius of a few miles, were frozen into ice blocks altogether. The thumb-sized ice blocks fleetingly fell down onto the ground from high altitudes, along with an ear-piercing swooshing sound, like a heavy rain of shooting stars, which was going to wash the entire planet.

Tens of huge trees that would take two people to hold their arms around the tree trunks, had been punctured by the frozen raindrops along with a loud cracking and exploding sound. Large amounts of wood fragments and shattered tree barks were shot into the air. Ji Hao smiled, locked his fingers together and lightly waved outwards.

’’Thunder!’’ shouted Ji Hao.

While shouting, Ji Hao raised both his arms towards the sky. High in the air above Ji Hao's head, large amounts of dark clouds started rolling intensely and formed a whirlwind-like cloud swirl, and extended towards the ground for hundreds of feet. Within the cloud swirls, a sphere of bright light suddenly flashed, followed by which, a human-head-sized, fire-red sphere of lightning darted down onto the ground, along with a sonorous thunder that was loud enough to awaken the dead, and fell into the dense jungle two miles away.

Followed by another thunderous boom, the fiery lightning sphere exploded;countless fist-sized fire-lightning-spheres darted out towards every direction, instantly shattering tens of towering trees into pieces;branches and leaves of hundreds of trees that were a bit further in the surrounding area, were broken due to the reverberations;fragments of leaves and branches were sent flying over a mile away by strong airwaves. After all this, a huge pit that had a radius of tens of feet, had appeared in the ground.


Ji Hao let out the last shout, and injected all of the pure and great power into the spell symbols that had appeared on his palms, from his Golden Dan.

Movements of the dark clouds in the sky seemed to had become even more intense. Circles of silver-blue lightning bolts appeared in the dark clouds, continuously moving towards the cloud's surfaces from inside, like ripples on the surface of water. Those lightning ripples quickly condensed into tens of tank-sized, round lightning spheres. Ji Hao then pointed his finger towards the sky;followed by his movement, tens of lightning bolts that were flashing eye-piercingly, fell straight down towards the ground, like tens of sharp knives, from the sky and hit hard against a hundreds of feet tall rock-hill.

The sounds of an electric current came out from the small hill. The small rock hill, which was even harder than steel, had been struck violently by the tens of lightning bolts. Large clouds of dirt and ashes suddenly rose from the hill along with fire sparks - the hill that had been formed by pure hard rock was torn into pieces by the electric-power that came from the lightning bolts.

After having breathed out a mouthful of turbid air, Ji Hao raised his head and deeply grasped towards the sky. His soul power, which had improved by hundreds of times, transformed into a huge, invisible net, and drew the natural energy from the jungle and the air from miles around, towards Ji Hao, after which it was quickly being absorbed by his body. The great natural energy quickly gathered towards Ji Hao;every single pore of his had opened and started swelling, and every single fine hair on his body was standing straight up. Wisps of transparent, visible air-swirls were coming out of every single pore, along with a sizzling sound made by the natural power, when it was moving quickly and gushing into Ji Hao's body.

Within the short span of over ten breaths, the power of the Golden Dan, which had run out just now, was quickly refilled. Compared to the original power that Ji Hao had just fully released, the newly refilled power was about ten thousand times better in quality.

Ji Hao changed his hand motion - Each of the nice secret words in the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] had a corresponding hand motion. With different combinations, the nine hand motions could generate countless, unpredictable different effects.

With the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], Ji Hao could make a connection with the universe and develop the potential of the human body, and depending on the power of the Golden Dan, Ji Hao could manipulate the natural energy and universal power;at the same time, the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] could purify the body and improve the soul power! Ji Hao felt that his soul had become bright and shining, round and smooth, like a top-quality jade, and as hard as gold;he also felt that his every slight movement now could produce an unimaginary effect and release an unbearable power.

The 'Wind', 'Rain', 'Thunder', 'Lighting' that had been cast by Ji Hao just now, was only a small trial. At the moment, countless magical, and mysterious magics and powerful spells had suddenly emerged in his mind;he could now easily come up with an innumerable number of magical fighting methods to face his enemies.

Inside Ji Hao's chest, a sphere of raging flame was blazing, and it seemed as if it couldn't wait to burst out;wrapped around Ji Hao's body, was the shining and glowing [Gold Crow Armour];slightly shaking behind his body, was a pair of fiery wings;golden-red light had been flashing in his pupils - the [Gold Crows Eye] were as sparkling as the stars, and with a single glance, Ji Hao could clearly see a single leaf at a distance of tens of miles away.

Compared to all kinds of magic that he had learned in his previous life, his four special abilities that he had gained from the bloodline power in this current life, could be activated faster, and consumed less power. With the same amount of power, the effects that were delivered by the four special abilities, could be one and a half times greater than those previous life's magics. Since a while ago, Ji Hao had started silently comparing the four special abilities with all of the other magics that he had learned, and was objectively measuring his current power.

Miles away, Man Man was hiding under a huge sweet potato leaf, curiously staring at Ji Hao.

’’Uncle Wen Ming, Ji Hao is a Fire Crow Clan's kid, and has inherited the bloodline power of the ancient Gold Fire Crow, which means he should only be able to control the fire element. But, how come he can control all of the wind, rain, thunder and lightning elements?’’ said Man Man while looking at Ji Hao in surprise, ’’Although during the last couples of day, I saw Ji Hao cast some weird magics, Man Man didn't get the time to think about stuffs like this yet.’’

The eyes of Si Wen Ming had been shining while he was smilingly staring at Ji Hao, who was on top of a hill far from Man Man and himself.

After remaining silent for a while, Si Wen Ming then responded calmly, ’’Hm, Man Man, who said that the Fire Crow Clan's clansmen, who have inherited the Gold Crow's bloodline, can only control the fire element? Isn't Ji Hao's Amma a Qing Yu Clan's clanswoman? The bloodline that is inherited by the Qing Yi Clan is the ancient wind-row's bloodline.’’

’’Even if so, that is only the wind power he could possibly inherit in addition to the fire power. What about the others, like rain, thunder and lightning?’’ Man Man stared at Si Wen Ming with a pair of beady eyes, and continued, ’’Abba said that Man Man is a little bit silly, but good uncle, don't you try to fool me!’’


Si Wen Ming laughed out aloud, looked at Man Man seriously and said, ’’Don't listen to him! Your Abba himself was...haha! Man Man is actually very clever, uncle Wen Ming will never lie to you, I can swear to the sky about this!’’

Right after Si Wen Ming finished his speech, a lightning bolt suddenly fell from the sky, struck a tree tens of Zhangs beside Si Wen Ming, as if the sky had heard his words.

Si Wen Ming took a careless glance at that towering tree, which was just set ablaze by the lightning bolts like a huge torch, and said calmly, ’’Ji Hao's Amma is from the Qing Yi Clan, and what about the Amma of Ji Hao's Abba? Couldn't she have come from a clan that has water-related bloodline power? And what about the Amma of Ji Hao's grandma? If we count generation by generation, we will find that, in fact, all of the bloodlines of the Southern Wasteland's large-scale clans have become mixed and are a lot thinner than before, therefore, many of these large-scale clans are not as powerful as in the old days.’’

Pausing for a second, Man Man frowned, seemingly lost in her thoughts.

After quite a while, Man Man seriously nodded to Si Wen Ming and said, ’’Man Man seems to remember that Abba had said similar things to those ministers. Amongst clansmen of the top ten large-scale clans in the Southern Wasteland, there are much less newly upgraded Magus Kings and higher level Magi than there were ten thousand years ago. Because of this, Abba had even lost his interests in booze for days, then he left home. I don't know where he went to.’’

’’The Pu Ban City!’’ said Si Wen Ming with a smile and looked at Man Man, ’’Your Abba, is now in the Pu Ban City and has a meeting with the king of the human beings. Man Man, Pu Ban is a very interesting place, where you can have a lot of fun. Are you interested in coming to Pu Ban with me and having a look around? Your Abba is in Pu Ban right now.’’

Stopping for a second, Si Wen Ming continued with a mysterious tone, ’’In the Pu Ban City, we have a lot of kids at the same age as you, all gathering together. You will have so much fun with them! Hm, it's true, I will never lie to you, that is indeed a really nice place!’’

At that moment, Ji Hao trod on a fierce gust of wind, flying towards Si Wen Ming and Man Man.

His Yuan Dan had just transformed into a Golden Dan. To a certain degree, Ji Hao's body was now thoroughly remolded, largely different from ordinary human beings, and had become a body of a demigod;therefore, he could now rely on the power of his body and control the wind, to help himself to fly.

To the clansmen of the Southern Wasteland clans, flying was a special ability that only Magus Kings and above leveled Magi could have. Even for the most powerful Senior Magi, no matter how high and how far they could leap, they were never able to fly in the air for a long time.

Ji Hao had caught the last sentence that was said by Si Wen Ming, and he curiously asked, ’’Pu Ban city...I feel like I've heard about this city before. The king of the human beings...the king of the entire human kind? What is his name?’’

Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao smilingly and whispered ’’The original name of the current king of the human beings is Yao Chong Hua, but all of us call him Emperor Shun[1].’’

Emperor Shun!

A lightning bolt suddenly fell from the sky and struck hard onto the ground, burst out in the jungle. Ji Hao raised his head, smilingly looking at the sky.

Yao Chong Hua, Emperor Shun!

Pu Ban city! Ji Hao suddenly grew a strong interest towards that legendary city.


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