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The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 155


60 or 70 times, how fast would that be!

Originally, Lu Li would have to spend three years to get to the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm from the initial stage. When he used the Heaven Xuan Pellet, his cultivation speed was improved by more than a score of times. Eventually, it only took him a month and a half to make the breakthrough. If he had the Cyan Phoenix Pellet back then, he could have done it in more than 10 days at most.

The gap of cultivating with and without resources were indeed wide. No wonder Xu Yaoyang and Bai Xiashuang could cultivate at such a fast speed and Ye Xiaoxi could reach the Soul Pond Realm at such a young age. No wonder Lu Renhuang reached the Human Sovereign Realm when he was young. It was understandable that so many forces wished to get bigger and stronger, and there were fights between families every day around the Northern Desert…

Resources meant everything!

Without resources, even Hunchback Tian who was at the peak of the Soul Pond Realm was wandering around like a stray dog, putting down his pride and begging. If one wished to be stronger, one must have endless resources. With resources, one could have the chance to be more powerful…

These were all intertwined together. There must be a reason for the chaos in the world.

A strong force was built to gain more resources, with which the force would be enlarged. Consequently, the force could take a larger territory. Only with numerous resources could a force become mightier and stand at the peak of the world.

This was the rule of living in this world!

Lu Li gained insights of many truths now. He treasured the hard-won chance very much. He used every second of every minute to better his power. Only when he became stronger and more powerful could he live on in this chaotic world, could he find Lu Ling and rescue his parents.

Lu Li stayed in closed-door training at the Elephant Dragon Mountain. He never left his room at the Elephant Dragon Mountain for more than 10 days apart from the time he went down the mountain to treat the blood.

On the 12th day after he came back from the Earth Dragon Island, Lu Li came out from his closed-door training. He only cultivated for 12 days, but it was of the same effect as he cultivated for more than a month in the old days. His Xuan Energy was about to reach the standard of the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm.

The reason that he came out from this closed-door training was that Patriarch Seven had come back. Liu Yi sent a message to ask Lu Li to go down the mountain.

When Lu Li entered the Blood Evil Fortress, he sensed the atmosphere very suffocating. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Lu looked gloomy.

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat. He asked, "What happened? Are there anything wrong with the Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Nether World Roots?"


Patriarch Seven sighed and said, "The quality was very good. We got high prices at auctions. We got a million Xuan Crystals. But on our way back, we were attacked. All the Xuan Crystals were robbed from us. The one million Xuan Crystals… were snatched from us!"


Lu Li’s facial expressions slightly changed. He had some doubts. Patriarch Seven could survive the robbery? Did they want to pocket the one million Xuan Crystals by themselves?

But on second thoughts, Lu Li believed that it was unnecessary action for Patriarch Seven to take. Since the two kinds of elixirs could be sold at high prices, the Blood Evil Island could grow them in large quantities. The Liu Family could earn many Xuan Crystals. It was meaningless to hog the one million Xuan Crystals profit.

Lu Li coldly asked, "Who did this? Why weren’t you more careful?"

"Don’t know…"

Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Lu were depressed on mentioning this. Patriarch Lu added, "We have been keeping a low profile on our way. We didn’t go to the Shun Feng City directly. We took several detours before we entered the city. We were cautious during the auction. But on our way back, we were surrounded by more than a dozen battleships not long after we entered the Thousand-island Lake. Their faces were covered up. They had three Soul Pond Realm warriors. We dared not to fight against them, and we had to give them the Xuan Crystals as we were ordered."

"Something is off!"

Lu Li raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why don’t you store the Xuan Crystals in the token given by the Chamber of Commerce? There are no big Chamber of Commerce in the Shun Feng City?"

"Yes, there are!"

Patriarch Seven explained, "But that is a Chamber of Commerce belonging to the Heaven Frigid Kingdom. They have no branch at the Thousand-island Lake. We cannot cash the Xuan Crystals from here. As such, we had to put the Xuan Crystals in the trunk to bring them back."

"Strange thing it was."

Patriarch Lu looked at Lu Li and said, "Whoever came to rob us knew our information very well. Brother Seven mentioned that he was a relative of Xu Chen, but they seemed to know our identity. They snorted at us and mocked us. Also, this time, they didn’t kill anyone. They only took our Xuan Crystals. They were not like regular robbers, and it was more like they were targeting at us."

"How can it be like this?"

Lu Li quickly thought about it. There were only two possibilities he could come up with—either the auction house at the Shun Feng City sold Patriarch Seven and the others out and ganged up with bandits to commit the robbery. Or, someone was targeting at the Blood Evil Island but didn’t want to make a big fuss.

Only the Killers Island, the Devil Island and the Black Fox Island hated the Blood Evil Island. But none of the Islands had such powerful abilities. They dared not to do anything impulsive since after all, on the surface, Lu Li and Ming Yu had a deep connection.

Targeting at the Blood Evil Island and was not afraid of revenge from Ming Yu?

A name came out, Bai Xiashuang!

If Bai Xiashuang orchestrated all these, it would make sense. Bai Family had the capacity. They were not fearful of the revenge from Ming Yu. Also… Patriarch Seven did not die, so it only meant that Bai Xiashuang was only getting back at Lu Li for what happened at the birthday banquet of Xu Chen.

Lu Li found the matter tough to deal with. Bai Xiashuang enjoyed such a high status. It would be so easy for her to do something against the Blood Evil Island. She could just give some orders, and perhaps many forces would be more than happy to revenge for her and be at her service.

Bai Xiashuang sent someone to rob the million Xuan Crystals. Was she also indirectly reminding something for Lu Li? Blood Evil Island had good products but they were sold not at the Thousand-island Lake, but instead in the Heaven Frigid Kingdom. Could it be that the Bai Family was offended?

So, perhaps some important people of the Bai Family were aware of this, but they deliberately ignored the fact and let Bai Xiashuang make trouble at will?

"Hoo, hoo…"

Lu Li exhaled. He found himself in a difficult position. If Bai Xiashuang continued to create disturbance with no obvious reason, as soon as the Blood Evil Island grew some Mystical Grasses and was ready to sell, they would be robbed. When that happened, people of the Blood Evil Island didn’t have to try to live on anymore. They could just jump into the lake and kill themselves.

Of course!

All these were just Lu Li’s speculation. He had no proof. Lu Li frowned and kept in silence. He thought about many things, trying to figure a way out of this.

Patriarch Seven and others said nothing. They pulled a long face and were in distress.

They could not sell the two kinds of Mystical Grasses at the Heaven Prison Island. When they sold them at other places, they were robbed. The Mystical Grasses they grew could not get them Xuan Crystals now. If they were robbed for several times, the Blood Evil Island wouldn’t be able to afford even seeds.

"Grow some more Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Netherworld Roots!" After a while, Lu Li said, "When the fruits are mature, I will sell them in person."

Patriarch Seven looked at him and asked, "Where?"

"Heaven Prison Island!"

Lu Li walked out and left only the three words behind. He must reconcile the disputes with Bai Xiashuang by himself. He wasn’t convinced that such a big Family as the Bai Family, the Overlord of the Thousand-island Lake, would be so petty as to go against a small Third-rank force on purpose.

Lu Li went back to his cultivation. He had been staying at the Elephant Dragon Mountain except for the time he went out to treat the blood. When a batch of Fire Fairy Lucid Ganoderma and Nether World Roots fruits were ripe, Liu Yi personally went to find Lu Li on the Elephant Dragon Mountain.

"Lu Li, you… are at the later stage of the Spirit Sea Realm?"

As soon as Liu Yi saw Lu Li, she felt something was different. She was even more surprised when Lu Li nodded with a smile. Based on her knowledge of Lu Li’s cultivation speed, she thought that it would take him at least three months to make the breakthrough even if Lu Li were to cultivate nonstop day and night and take the Heaven Xuan Pellets on a daily basis. However, Lu Li made it in just one month and a half.

"I found an elixir at the underground lake underneath the Earth Dragon Island. My cultivation speed now is faster."

Lu Li causally said something to fool her over. He brought Little White with him this time. After what he went through last time, he decided to bring Little White along under all circumstances.

When Lu Li got to the Blood Evil Fortress, Patriarch Seven and the others were stunned. The only one that didn’t find it strange was Hunchback Tian. Ye Xiaoxi could cultivate to the Soul Pond Realm at the age of 11 or 12. So, the Cyan Phoenix Pellet must not be something average.


Having Hunchback Tian following him, Lu Li left with Patriarch Lu. The three went to the God-down Island taking their battleship. They planned to go directly to the Heaven Prison Island via the Teleportation Formation.

Lu Li wanted to meet with Madam Yan and Bai Xiashuang this time. He wanted to see how he could get the Blood Evil Island out of the current predicament.


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