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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 60


Chapter 60: Promoted to the Wealthy Class
Translator: Jillian Editor: Jimmy

Qin Lianshan felt like he was in a dream with everything that had happened.
’’Congratulations to the Eastwood Qin for their promotion back into the Wealthy Class!’’ The
host's voice lingered around the ears and made Qin Lianshan realize that this was not a dream.
It had truly happened.
And it was his son, Qin Wushuang, who had made it happen for the Qin family.
In the recent years, with the lead-up to the Family Class Evaluations, Qin Lianshan had always
wondered how he would protect the family's Humble Class seat. Not once had he ever wished
for the chance to promote the family because he knew it was impossible for them to rise up
with small number of family members.
However, the happiness at the moment had genuinely happened.
Not only had the family risen up in rank, but it was also two levels at once. They had returned to
the Wealthy Class! In their ancestor's time, their most prosperous times was only as a Wealthy
A martial artist's instinct made him guess that something would surely happen after.
In his lifetime, Qin Lianshan had managed the family, and he did not even dare to wish to see
his family returned to the Wealthy Class.
Thank the Gods...
Inwardly, Qin Lianshan was surging forward with a large momentum as he could not help
waving his hand to show his pride to the audience beneath the stage. He could feel the earnest
blessings from this audience. During the entire competition, he felt their support and
Qin Wushuang watched his father's seemingly calm expression, but he knew that inwardly, his
father was jubilant. He could understand this sense of happiness after a long time of being
Qin Xiu's face was full of tears and brimming with joy. No matter the ’’Demon’’ or any
interference from the Xi Men Feudal Lords, she did not care to think about them at all. She only
knew that from today, the Qin family was now part of the Wealthy Class.
Her father would no longer be depressed all day, and her little brother would not get bullied
’’Please let the representative of the Qin family give a winner's speech.’’
This time, Qin Wushuang did not try to steal his father's spotlight. He knew that his father was
in dire need to unburden himself and to show his pride. Only this way, he could release the
dozen years of depression that had accumulated in his body.
Qin Lianshan had initially wanted his son to enjoy the spotlight and to let him receive all of the
applauses and cheers. However, he saw Qin Wushuang smiling at him and gesturing at him to

go on the stage.
He did not dare to act sloppy and walked in the center of the stage. Qin Lianshan cleared his
throat and spoke: ’’Us, Eastwood Town's Qin have received many threats from many
powerhouses that coveted our family's asset. They wanted the Qin to give up on the Humble
Class seat and our assets! But In the martial arts world, blood can be spilled, heads can fall, yet
we must never lose our pride. Our ancestors said, those who sought-after the assets of the Qin
family, we will fight back with five times the force; those who seek our social status, we will
fight back with ten times the force; and those who strive to destroy the Qin, we will fight back
with all our strength, regardless of death!’’
One should not be fooled by Qin Lianshan's low-profile during the recent days. When he went
on the stage, he had shown off his extraordinary side. When he spoke these words, he glanced
around with his intense gaze that appeared vigorous and formidable like a tiger. It was clear
that he intended to demonstrate his power.
The host smiled as he watched Qin Lianshan walking off the stage. Suddenly, he said: ’’The son
of the Qin family contributed significantly to the success of this fight. Since a genius teenage
boy has appeared in River County, please welcome him to the stage so we can get to know him.’’
Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly as he could not decline this invitation. However, Qin Xiu, who
stood behind him loved to see her little brother in the spotlight and the center of attention. She
lightly pushed Qin Wushuang and urged him: ’’Wushuang, hurry up, it's your turn. Say a little
Thus, he casually walked on the stage and spoke in a clear voice: ’’Everyone, my Qin family hasd
always kept a low-profile, but it did not mean that anyone can bully us. The Qin is generous, yet
it does not mean we are cowards. The Xu family had wanted to rob us of our Humble Class seat,
they tried to seize our lands, and they even used a lot of dirty tricks to deal with me, the only
heir of the family. No matter from which perspective you look at this, the Xu are no longer fit to
be one of the aristocrats. They don't even have the slightest bearing of an aristocrat. The Qin
have replaced them, merely following the trend. The fall of the Xu is not only caused by their
lack of power but also because the Gods have abandoned them. As a matter of fact A just cause
attracts much support, and an unjust one finds little! Everyone, don't you think so?’’
The audience beneath the stage were still feeling angry about how the Xu had fled from the
fight. Thus, they all started to shout in agreement.
’’Yes, that's right!’’
Qin Wushuang said again: ’’As for my Qin family, regardless of being the Wealthy Class, or as
the Humble Class in the past, we have always followed one principle We will not offend you, if
you don't offend me first; if you dare to insult me, I will definitely return the favour tenfold. I
want to share a few words with everyone As a human being, we should not act arrogant, yet
we should always maintain our pride and remain unyielding.’’
Behind the stage, that manager Huang, with the sword-shaped eyebrows, and Elder Zhou from
Zhen Wu Holy Place both looked at each other and nodded. From their eyes, you could see
satisfaction and a hint of expectation.
Next, of course, was to award the symbolic plate that represented Wealthy Class.
When he took the plate in his hand, Qin Lianshan's could not help but tremble.

To him, everything seemed like a fantasy. Even if he were to die the next day, he would not have
any regret.
Following the announcement from the host, the Family Class Evaluations of River County had
finally come to an end.
However, the entire River County was still immersed in the feverish atmosphere brought by the
Family Class Evaluations. Everywhere in the city, people filled the tea houses and restaurants
and almost all of them were discussing the same topic, the Wealthy Class seat fight.
While they were observing the match at the River Square, they did not have the time to digest
everything. Now, they had calmed down and had time to think back on the details slowly. Only
now, they found out how extraordinary the events that had transpired in the matches were.
The Qin family, which was approaching a crisis, whom everyone surely thought was going to
lose the Humble Class seat before the Family Class Evaluations, had risen up without anyone
The Qin had indeed surprised and shocked everyone.
The decline of the Qin family was initially the hot topic of conversationsswept away all the
signs of their decline, jumped out of nowhere and challenged the Wealthy Class while skipping
a level. Additionally, they had also consecutively fought twice and won both times. In the end,
their power had scared the Wealthy Xu to the extent of not having the guts to take the challenge
and led to their resignation.
Before the competition, the Xu had declared that those who had dared to offended the Xu had
ceased to exist and the Qin would not be an exception.
In the end, the Qin had not only offended them, but they had also took away the Wealthy Class
from the Xu along the way. And the Xu did not even have the courage to fight through all three
Of course, it was not because the Xu was powerless!
Everyone knew about the strength of the Xu family. The Patriarch was at Stage Five, and the
two Elders were at Stage Four of the Genuine Force!
In River County, besides the Venerable Da Xi family, such strength was indeed the peak in
people's mind. However, all of it had turned to naught.
The Qin family of three circled around the city three times escorted by tens of thousands of
It was a rule of the Family Class Evaluations and a method designed by the Zhen Wu Holy Place.
When awarding the winner, it also served as a political play to recruit the winner.
’’Do you see it now? They are the high ones. All this time, they had concealed their power, and
struck the bull's eye at the critical moment and won the Wealthy Class seat. The Qin family is
the perfect example and inspiration to us lower powerhouses.’’
’’That's right; I cannot help being impressed by them. Look at how depressed the Qin family was
before the Family Class Evaluations. Almost everyone thought that they were done this time. In
the end... Haha, the one finished was the Xu. In fact, anything could happen.’’
’’Look at that lady, she should be the princess of the Qin family, right? She is certainly pretty
and emits a good aura. Those princesses of River County cannot compare to her. It seems that

Eastwood Town is an excellent place to nurture pretty ladies.’’
’’Tsk tsk, she sure is pretty. I heard that Missy Qin and the eldest young master of the Da Xi
family like each other. It seems that if these two get together, they would make a good couple,
one blessed by the Gods.’’
Qin Wushuang was deeply moved when he heard these comments. It was the reality. When the
Qin family had risen up to become the Wealthy Class, their social status also rose. From other's
mouths, his father had become ’’Patriarch Qin,’’ and people addressed his sister ’’Missy Qin,’’
Eastwood Town had also become a place with good omens...
Everything had become so different from the past.
And it had all changed when the Qin rose to become the Wealthy Class.
Of course, Qin Wushuang knew that the battle for Wealthy Class seat was only a tiny first step
in a long journey.
While he was lost in thought, Qin Wushuang suddenly felt a strange feeling from someone in
the crowd. He looked around and only saw the back of someone quickly disappearing into the
Although it was only a glimpse of the person's back, Qin Wushuang still recognized this girl
immediately. He only saw her twice, and she had left an impression on him despite the fact that
they had never even talked.
He met her once at the Forever Flourishing Jewelry Shop and the other time at Venerable Da Xi
family. Both times, this girl stood inconspicuously beside to the sisters of the Yun family.
A moment ago, that feeling he had gotten from her seemed strange. As a martial artist, Qin
Wushuang instinctively guessed that something was surely going to happen soon.


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