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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Outrageous, Outrageous!

Qin Wushuang opened the letter and skimmed through it. A trace of a smile slowly emerged on
his handsome face, and he said to Qin Lianshan: ’’Father, someone invited our family to a meal,
shall we go?’’
How bad could this meal be when one of the Zhen Wu Holy Place's warriors had personally
come to deliver the letter? Of course, Qin Lianshan could never refuse such a dream-like
invitation. He felt extremely proud and bursting with joy. However, on the surface, he only
smiled: ’’We shall go.’’
The family of three walked out of the crowd, bathed in the gazes of the group of old masters.
To the side, the martial arts students all sighed: ’’Humble Class's level seven martial arts
student is surely extraordinary. As soon as the grade came out, someone invited them to a meal.
This Qin Wushuang will have a bright future!’’
A lot of martial arts students here came from the Humble Class. Thus, they knew that it was
hard for the Humble Class to produce a level seven martial arts student. His actual combat
ability could compete with the level eight martial arts student in the Wealthy and the Venerable
Class. Even level nine martial arts students would most likely be possible for him.
Why only level seven? It was, of course, to suppress the Humble Class to show off the power of
the Wealthy and Venerable Classes. Everyone came to a tacit mutual understanding of the
political maneuverings.
Zhang Maorui was dumbfounded, he asked in confusion: ’’How...How is this possible? Did that
warrior come from the Zhen Wu Holy Place?’’
The muscles on Xu Sanli's face slightly twitched. With complicated feelings, he said enviously:
’’He's genuine. Even if someone has wrapped their heart, they would never dare to pretend to be
someone from the Zhen Wu Holy Place.’’
’’Old Master Xu, you mean that the son of the Qin family is really a level seven martial arts
student?’’ Zhang Maorui still could not believe the scene before him.
’’It must be true.’’ Old Master Zhang said with an indifferent tone, ’’To swallow this Qin family is
going to require more effort than my initial expectations!’’
A level seven martial arts student of the Humble Class certainly had a higher value than the Xu
family's level seven martial arts student. This fact was without doubt.
Zhang Maorui's initial good mood had been disrupted. On the contrary, his illegitimate child's
level six grade now appeared somewhat shabby.
That child of the Humble Class had gotten a level seven grade! Although level six and level
seven were only separated by one level, they were, in fact, separated by a whole class. Level six
belonged to the middle class, and level seven was part of the upper-class!
While Zhang Maorui was inwardly feeling embarrassed, Xu Sanli suddenly spoke up just as he
was about to leave: ’’Maorui, would you be interested in coming to my house for a gathering?’’Zhang Maorui was stunned, his thoughts raced, ’’Is he going to use me again?’’
However, how could he refuse when the patriarch of the Wealthy Xu Class had invited him? He
quickly smiled apologetically: ’’It is Maorui's honor to be invited by Old Master Xu. Even if I had
two broken legs, I would still crawl over there.’’
Although he spoke those lovely words, deep in his heart, he had his doubts. It would not be a
good meal when the wealthy aristocrats took the initiative to invite you. He had better pay extra
attention so as to not step onto thin air and fall into a big hole.
One of his sons had already died, so he had to be careful when dealing with them.
Zhang Maorui had already experienced the luxurious house of the Xu family, but when he
walked through the manor, he was still astonished by the beautiful architectural designs.
Inwardly, he thought that the Wealthy Class was extraordinary! If in his lifetime, he could
upgrade the Zhang family to the Wealthy Class, then he would be able to meet his ancestors
with pride on his face after his death.
Xu Sanli leisurely relaxed after he had offered Zhang Maorui tea as he was not in a hurry to talk.
Zhang Maorui did not dare to show a trace of unhappiness. Carefully, he sat to the side.
After a while, Xu Sanli slowly held up the delicate tea cup with both of his hands. He lightly
blew on the tea and casually said: ’’Maorui, we have been friends for decades. I am going to ask
you something and you had better answer me honestly.’’
’’Old Master Xu, please ask.’’ Zhang Maorui was the kind of person who bullied the weak and
sucked up to the strong. To him, Xu Sanli was someone whose existence was far above him.
’’I've heard that you've also had some thoughts in regards the family assets of that Qin family.
Is this correct?’’ Xu Sanli did not speak with a stern tone; he seemed as if he were talking about
some ordinary things.
Inwardly, Zhang Maorui became fearful. Under Xu Sanli's gaze, he became flustered. Although
he wanted to find some random words to muddle through, he could not locate the phrase.
He could only nod his head obediently: ’’This... This was because one of my distant relatives
wanted to pursue a higher status and futilely attempted to gain a Humble Class seat. Since Old
Master Xu has spoken, I will never think about this matter again. When he signed up, I had
already reprimanded him to never think about it again!’’
Xu Sanli lightly smiled and put down his tea cup.
’’It's a good thing for him to be ambitious about wanting to improve himself. You didn't need to
reprimand him. Think about it, in River County; there are twenty-six Humble Class seats. There
are other families with Humble Class seats beside the Qin family.’’
Zhang Maorui quickly nodded in agreement with him: ’’Yes, yes.’’
Other Humble Classes depended on some other powerhouses. The Qin family was part of the
Humble Class, and they had never cared to carry out any dirty deals to form an alliance with the
other families. The Qin family was most likely the only Humble Class that did not rely on other
powerhouses in River County.
Most importantly, because the Qin family used to be Wealthy Class, they had much more
substantial assets than the average Humble Class family. For instance, the three or four

thousand acres of good farm lands that they owned would be equivalent to the property of two
and three Humble Classes. Not to mention that those were rich and fertile farm lands.
Moreover, besides the four thousand acres of land, the Qin family owned a large oil mill, several
acres of big ranches, several hectares of a fish mill and twenty or thirty shops.
With the combination of these assets, even the Prominent Class of River County could be
compared with them in regards to wealth. This was why the Qin family had existed for more
than four hundred years.
In each ’’Family Class Evaluation,’’ the Qin family had always been a juicy meat. Although this
piece of juicy meat had been bitten off by people throughout the years, they still retained a
significant amount of assets until now. Many people were, of course, envious of this fact.
Xu Sanli lightly knocked on the tea table and suddenly said: ’’Maorui, it's not appropriate for me
to show my face on this matter. Could you help me?’’
Inwardly, Zhang Maorui immediately thought that it would not be something good. This Xu
Sanli wanted him to charge and break through the enemy lines, and he would just sit back and
enjoy the reward. However, he was currently under pressure, so how could he say no?
’’Old Master Xu, I have limited abilities. I will never reserve my strength if I can use all my
power. You know what happened to my Xian'er...’’
’’That was an accident!’’ Xu Sanli clearly understood the Zhang Maorui's little thoughts, ’’We
have formed a long friendship, I will be straightforward. If you can deal with the Qin family for
me, I will give you twenty percent of the profits!’’
Xu Sanli knew the saying of ’’You would never get up early if there were no benefit,’’ very well. If
he wanted Zhang Maorui to become hell-bent on completing the task, then he must offer him
some benefits.
Twenty percent of profits? Zhang Maorui's eyes lit up.
’’You will get eight hundred acres of the four thousand acres of fertilized land. Additionally, you
will get those several acres of the Qin family's fish mill.’’ Xu Sanli said his words thoroughly.
This profit will be enough to satisfy Zhang Maorui's appetite!
’’Ok! What do you want me to do, Master Xu?’’
’’You must be thorough! The primary requirement of the ’’Family Class Evaluation,’’ isn't it to
have an heir? I heard that Qin Lianshan only has one son, right?’’ On the tip of Xu Sanli's mouth,
he formed a cold and threatening smile.
The demonic blood in Zhang Maorui's whole body immediately fired up!
The Qin family had murdered one of his sons; it would be right and proper to murder one of
their sons!
’’Master Xu, I understand!’’ Zhang Maorui immediately accepted.
Xu Sanli smiled somewhat happily, then he suddenly asked again: ’’All private duels are
forbidden inside the city. You must finish this task thoroughly and not let the cat out of the bag.
(In Chinese, he meant not to expose yourself) Most importantly, you have to watch out and not
anger the Da Xi family. The Da Xi family is like the god and the supreme authority of River

’’I understand. Since private duels are forbidden, open fights and assassination will all be
suitable methods. I have waited four years to do this to the Qin family. I cannot wait any
longer!’’ Zhang Maorui bit his teeth as he remembered the pain he had experienced when they
had murdered his son.
Xu Sanli immediately extended his well-maintained palm and stroked his own forehead: ’’Then
it's a deal. When it's needed, I will send some mighty warriors to assist you in the dark.’’
Zhang Maorui understood the hint, it was time for him to go. Thus, he left discreetly.
Eight hundred acres of fertile land, several hectares of fish mill...
Zhang Maorui walked out of the Xu residence and clenched his fists in excitement. This profit
was worth him taking the risk!
Son of the Qin family, I, Zhang Maorui will not be qualified to be the patriarch of a Prominent
Class family if I am not able to murder you this time! Qin Lianshan, I've already said that I
would ruin your daughter before your eyes, just wait!
When he thought about that stimulating scene, the demonic blood in Zhang Maorui's body
instantly fired up. With a malevolent look on his face, he laughed.


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