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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: Arrival of the Feast
Translator: Kazeyuki Editor: Jimmy
Time rushed away. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.
Qin Wushuang's strength had stopped progressing as rapidly as in the first two years. In the
past year, he had improved steadily. However, most of the time, he emphasized on
consolidating and summarizing his skills.
Consolidate his current strength, summarize his combat abilities and make preparations for the
future battles at the ’’Family Class Evaluation.’’ He combined his not-insignificant combat
experience from his last life with the modern martial arts system to realize his strength.
He also practiced repeatedly in the <Nine-Suns Palms>. Although he had practiced this set of
palm techniques for more than tens of thousands of times, he still believed the saying of
’’Practice makes perfection,’’ and thus, he never stopped his training.
He had already mastered the eighth palm technique ’’The Scarce Burning of the Eight Suns.’’ If
he was to use it, he could release about eighty percent of its power. This technique would
substantially improve Qin Wushuang's combat strength.
He was not in a hurry to practice the ninth palm, the ’’Nine-Suns Destroys the World’’ because
he had not yet improved his inner strength to it peak. If he forced himself to practice while his
inner strength was weak, it would only harm him.
On the contrary, he knew that the practice of martial arts required time and effort. When the
condition was right, success would naturally follow. Thus, he could not rush himself. It would
take some time to reach the peak state he had achieved in his last life. However, it would not
take too long, and he was still young.
Qin Lianshan mostly felt gratified. After he had started training in the <Classics of Tendon
Changing>technique, it had significantly transformed him. Originally, Qin Lianshan had not
been in a stable state at Stage One of the Genuine Force; now he had achieved Stage Three. He
also showed visible signs of being close to ascending to the Stage Four!
The ’’National Commentary’’ held every twenty years had finally and vigorously begun all
around the Bai Yue country. It was called the ’’National Commentary’’ because all sorts of
different commentary events took place.
It included the ’’Family Class Evaluation’’ held every twenty years, the ’’Genuine Force
Commentary’’ every four years, the ’’Power Force Commentary’’ every two years and each year's
Martial Arts Student Exam.
It would be quite a festival when all these lively Commentaries met.
With each county serving as the preliminaries, the entire Bai Yue country immersed itself in the
thick atmosphere of the Commentary.
On this day, Qin Lianshan prepared four strong horses and set the carriage himself because he
planned to take Qin Wushuang to participate in the earliest Martial Arts Student Exam.

Qin Xiu also rushed from the farmers' lands. She did not want to miss her brother's first major
After he had taken care of everything at home, Qin Lianshan departed from Eastwood Town
with his son and daughter and rushed to River County. On this journey, Qin Lianshan's mood
was completely different than his usual one because he was feeling quite proud of his recent
success in improving his strength. Thus, he maintained his reserve and was waiting to deliver a
fatal blow to those powerhouses that had joked the Qin family.
After four hours on the road, they had finally arrived at the gate of River County. They were only
let go after an identity check. Qin Lianshan was not unfamiliar with River County and settled at
a familiar inn.
Today, the sky was getting dark, so Qin Lianshan could only settle down at the inn. He planned
to hand in the registration forms early next morning to the county officials.
This time, it was not only Qin Wushuang that had come to participate in the Martial Arts
Student Exam, but the Qin family also felt obligated to attend the ’’Family Class Evaluation’’
event. This would be the most important battle to determine if they could protect their Humble
Class seat.
That night, Qin Lianshan's family of three hung out on the street of River County. Although it
was an old place to visit, Qin Wushuang was still astonished at the architecture in River County.
River County was at least ten times more prosperous than Eastwood Town. Just by looking at
the design of the buildings, it was a miracle that buildings like these had been built in a world
that had no machinery.
He did not want to miss any opportunity to get to know this world. Whenever he saw something
interesting, he sought after the details and only became satisfied after he'd received an answer.
’’In the city, an unauthorized personal duel is against the law. Wushuang, you are now back in
River County, and you must remember this point,’’ Qin Lianshan carefully told him.
Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and nodded his head to promise.
’’What if the other party provoked me? And I had to defend myself?’’ Qin Wushuang asked with
’’The one that provoked the other will receive severe punishment, and the one that defended
themselves will not be punished! Only on the condition that you have a witness,’’ Qin Lianshan
explained patiently.
Suddenly, Qin Wushuang's eyes stopped in front of him. Qin Lianshan raised his head and
noticed their enemies. On the opposite side of the street, Patriarch Zhang Maorui, who hated
Qin Wushuang for killing his son, along with a few of his lackeys, stared at them with a pair of
cold eyes.
’’Don't bother. Let's go.’’ Qin Lianshan knew that the Prominent Zhang family had a great
foundation in River County. He would not be able to go against him.
But even if they did not provoke him, he came to provoke them.
With a dark face, Old Master Zhang said with a mocking tone: ’’No wonder my eyelids were
jumping frantically, and I thought that something good would happen. It was all because a fat
meat (Fat meat referred to the Qin family) has delivered itself to the door.

Qin Lianshan ignored him and walked away with his son and daughter.
Qin Wushuang also did not want to quarrel with these idiots. He turned his head and glanced at
Zhang Maorui and a trace of murderous intent flashed across his eyes.
It seemed that this Prominent Zhang family was still thinking about the Qin family!
It's better to squash the enmity rather than keep it alive. Once they had formed this hateful
relationship, it would not rest until one side's death.
That night, Qin Wushuang sat cross-legged. He did not stop his training.
Suddenly, his ears twitched. In the dark, he vividly heard footsteps heading into the room next
to him. Although the person had suppressed the sound of their footsteps, to Qin Wushuang's
ear, the noise from these footsteps was no different than the regular footsteps.
He concealed himself by the window. In the dark, he saw a dark shadow approaching like a
silent leopard.
With great courage, this dark shadow extended his hands softly and opened the window. Just he
was about to scuttle inside, his shoulder suddenly sank and his mouth was covered by a fieryhot
palm. Then, he was grabbed by the arm and dragged to a quiet corner.
’’Who sent you?’’ A cold voice spoke next to his ear.
’’Hump, you will never get anything out of me...Ah!’’His screams were immediately suppressed.
’’I am not here to admire your backbone. I am going to count to ten. Whenever I count to ten, I
am going to break one of your fingers. After I've finished counting to ten, you will never hug a
woman again with your hands.’’
’’One!’’ He counted with a cold tone.
’’I will talk, it was Old Master Zhang Maorui! He ordered me to bring him the daughter of the
Qin family so he could have some fun with her. He also said that he would rape the daughter of
the Qin family in front of the son and the father...Ah!’’ After he spoke these words, the sound of
his voice abruptly stopped. Qin Wushuang had effortlessly taken the life of a Stage One Genuine
Force Warrior.
’’Of course it was Zhang Maorui, that vicious old wolf!’’ Qin Wushuang stood up straight in the
dark; his eyes were cold as a knife. He whispered mercilessly through his teeth, ’’Since Mr.
Zhang likes to play around, then I will play with you. I promise we will play until you cannot
take it anymore!’’
It was a peaceful night in River County. However, it was not peaceful in the home of Zhang
Maorui. A servant's hysterical scream shattered the peace and quiet of the early morning before
the sun had risen.
A cold body hung on the vermillion gate of the Zhang house. A paper note also hung on there; it
wrote: ’’Next, Zhang Yao!
Zhang Yao was the eldest son of Zhang Maorui!
This paper note was an apparent death threat aimed at Zhang Yao and was obviously a
challenge to Zhang Maorui. Zhang Maorui observed the corpse carefully. Without a doubt, it
was he who had sent this goon.

Someone had shattered the throat of this Genuine Force Warrior! He had also hung the corpse
at the gate of the Zhang house without alerting anyone. The Qin family would never have this
kind of strength!
However, he had sent this warrior to deal the Qin family. So who had stepped in? Or had another
master protected the Qin family?
That would also be impossible. Zhang Maorui had thoroughly investigated the Qin family. If he
knew he had no chance, then how could he act without fear?
But, unexpected things had happened!
’’Bury him properly and compensate his family,’’ Old Master Zhang calmly gave out the order,
not losing his cool.
He looked at his eldest son, Zhang Yao, and suddenly spoke: ’’If you don't have anything to do,
then don't go out and stay at home during these next few days!’’
Zhang Maorui only had two sons. Qin Wushuang had already killed his youngest son, Zhang
Xian. If something else were to happen to his eldest son, what hope would Zhang Maorui have
Although in these past few years, Zhang Yao had reached Stage Nine of the Power Force, he had
not managed to ascend to the Genuine Force. When he saw that someone had easily killed the
Genuine Force Warrior they'd sent, he could not help but become somewhat worried and
obediently nodded his head.
Qin Wushuang gave a cold sneer as he watched the events unfold from one of the corners in the
Zhang house: You think you will be okay if you hide in your home? After a few nights, it will be
time for the Old Master Zhang to collect the body of your son!
Qin Wushuang would never be soft to a vicious tyrant like Zhang Maorui. He was going to
torture Zhang Maorui's mind until he slowly went crazy.
Zhang Maorui had dared to go after his older sister and had dared to have such thoughts like a
beast. To Qin Wushuang, this was unforgivable. It would not be too much even if kicked Zhang
Maorui to death one hundred times.
A crowd gathered at the County Hall. It was extremely lively.
Today was the first day of registrations, and a lot of people had come. From this registration
process, one could understand the strict feudal system of this world as well as an aristocrat's
The Humble Class, as the lowest class of the aristocrats, had to pay the most expensive
registration fee to enter the Martial Arts Student Exam.
Fortunately, they were still in the Humble Class. If you were a civilian, you would never be able
to afford that Martial Arts Student Exam fee which would cost you one kilo of gold.
Qin Wushuang could not understand. Why did the poorest civilians have the most expensive
registration fee? On the contrary, higher aristocrats had a lower registration fee.
He quickly understood. In this world, the aristocrats controlled the prices, made the rules and of
course, they had to protect the privilege of the nobility.

The strong will become stronger, and the weak will be made more vulnerable!
When he raised his head, he saw that his father was crammed in the crowd. With great effort,
his father procured two registration forms.
One of them was for Qin Wushuang's Martial Arts Student Exam, and the other was for the
’’Family Class Evaluation.’’
’’Father, let me fill in the registration forms! Can you and Big Sister go wait outside for me?’’ Qin
Wushuang was suddenly struck with an idea.
Qin Lianshan smiled: ’’You want to learn a little? That's good! You must face these things sooner
or later; it's good if you can learn it. Your sister and I will wait for you outside.’’
Qin Wushuang took the registration forms and the family stamp.
Filling in the exam registration was easy. You only needed to fill in your age, family
background, and other essential information.
However, the registration for the ’’Family Class Evaluation’’ was much more complicated. You
not only had to fill in the necessary information, but you also had to write in the class you
wanted to participate in.
With the Qin family's current situation, they could only register for the Humble Class evaluation
because they would not have any other hopes. However, when Qin Wushuang glanced at the
registration form in his hand, he thought: ’’In my ancestor's generation, my family was at least
a Wealthy Class. If I could help the Qin family to get back the seat of the Wealthy Class, my
father will be overjoyed!’’
The Wealthy Class was the highest class in the Shu Class. You needed at least one Stage Four
Genuine Force Warrior present!
Qin Wushuang dared to think, and he dared to do. He immediately filled in this section. With his
current strength, not to mention Stage Four of the Genuine Force, he could also beat a Stage Six
Warrior of the Genuine Force. He could take anyone except people at Stage Eight of the Genuine
He only wrote down Wealthy Class and did not write in the higher classes because he did not
have a full understanding of the higher-up political situation. He did not want to act
impulsively and to cause trouble for his family.
He then handed in the completed registration forms. The county official glanced at it and
stuffed it in between a pile of papers. Next, he threw out two rating cards to Qin Wushuang and
said, without lifting his head: ’’Go to the evaluation grounds with the rating cards!’’
After he had taken care everything, Qin Wushuang walked out happily.
Qin Lianshan asked with a smile: ’’How about it, did you finish the registrations?’’
’’Finished. The Martial Arts Student Exam will be in three days and the ’’Family Class
Evaluation’’ will happen in another ten or fifteen days.’’ He showed them the rating cards and
put them into his bag.
How could Qin Lianshan know that his son had secretly changed things on the registration
form? When he saw that he had settled everything, he smiled: ’’Good, for these remaining days,
let our whole family have some fun around this River County.’’


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