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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 289


Chapter 289: A Plan Backfiring

His experience and typical gait were appreciated by some guests, but in his eagerness to achieve quick success, he neglected basic modelling rules, such as the concept of the designer.

  He had forgotten what the designer had said backstage, as well as the notes he had given them. His step and anxiousness didn’t compliment his outfit.

  Everything was wrong! Shao's professional life would be over.

  Gritting his teeth, Shao joined Ouyang Fen, who was still taking pleasure in his misfortune. They entered the backstage area together.

  Before his eyes could accommodate to the sudden darkness, his arm was grabbed by a Japanese designer with countless braids.

  "How can you treat my work like that? You destroyed my concept!"

  What? I compensated for it!

  His arm was hurting as he watched the scene in confusion. The music was still playing and everyone was moving. Theirs mouths opened and closed. As he saw his agent running towards him, his mind seemed to pause.

  Shao lowered his head, staring at the clothes on his body. Reminded of the scene just now, he lost all his strength and sat down on the floor.

  By then, he had changed into the most gorgeous outfit of the Issey Miyake collection. It had a subtle Japanese style to it, but it was very fashionable.

  Fastening his last sleeve button with one hand, Qin Guan went out of the dressing room leisurely. The staff and other models made way for him.

  Shao Xiaobing was sitting on the floor, when a pair of magnificent black leather shoes went by without a pause. Shao fixed his eyes on the flying trouser legs moving away.

  The winner would be performing a solo dance on the stage. Most people had forgotten about the loser completely.

  After the final show, Qin Guan stood on the stage with the host and the director of the ceremony. He got a crystal cup as a prize.

  Fame always followed merit.

  Qin Guan was not used to such occasions. He denied all invitations after the ceremony. Tired, he sat in a chair backstage. An assistant from New Silk Road handed him a bottle of water considerately.

  In the noisy meeting hall, no one would care about his absence. He was the guest of honor though, so he couldn't just disappear.

  Sister Xue rearranged her formal dress and told Qin Guan, "Let's go. Eat something. The staff is looking for us."

  In the modern banquet hall, there was a fancy self-service buffet of traditional Japanese style. As a foodie, Qin Guan liked fancy dinner.

  The appetizers were in wooden boats, vine baskets and tough pottery, taking guests back to ancient times. The other dishes were decorated with flowers and leaves. They looked like a girl in a kimono in an ancient yard was about to enjoy them.

  The most attractive thing though was a giant ice mountain of sashimi, which was Qin Guan's main goal.

  Sister Xue pulled at his sleeve discreetly. "Watch your table manners. Stop poking at the mountain with your chopsticks!"

  She was too late though. There was already a deep tunnel on the mountain. Where is the soy sauce?

  Sister Xue looked around awkwardly. Everyone was talking with each other and making mutual introductions. The New Silk Road manager and the other models were talking with clients in a jovial mood. Thanks to Asian Fashion Man, the company’s status had been upgraded instantly.

  Suddenly, there was a small commotion. Fang Meiya and Chang Jin had entered the dining hall hand in hand.

  Fang, who was a frequent guest at the banquet, greeted everyone with a smile, while Chang Jin stared happily at the ice mountain.

  The manager and Ouyang Fen walked up to Fang and started talking with her. After several words, a voice was heard from behind them.

  "Ms. Fang..." It was Shao Xiaobing.

  Chang Jin stopped, too. Fang Meiya and Ouyang Fen had both had a conflict with Shao.

 As he watched the scene, Qin Guan took another pile of sashimi from the ice mountain nonchalantly. Where is my camera? This will be some good drama!

  Fang looked at the man in surprise. Although they had broken up, he had greeted her with clear intentions.

  After misinterpreting the designer's concept, Shao had decided to shamelessly fight for the media’s attention. He would make the black list of most brands in Asia. People would forgive the mistake of a green hand, but nobody would forgive such behavior when it came from a professional model.

  He had to open a new path for success, but that would depend on Fang’s mood.

  It was a pity that Chang Jin blocked him protectively. The two of them glared at each other. Ouyang Fen, who knew the man, stepped forward to block his glare.


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