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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 294


Chapter 294: Cooperation!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Master Bai looked at Ye Xiao. ’’Since you know so much about the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan,
I reckon you know who that great man is.’’
Ye Xiao nodded. ’’Sure. I clearly know everything about this story. I know the background of
that great man. What happened during his time was a great event of the history which all danmakers
should learn about. It is a great event that no other things could be compared to!’’
’’It took him three years coupled with the efforts of ninety thousand dan-makers from many
realms and all the materials he could collect in the universe. He had been through so many
failures, but eventually, one of the great dan-makers successfully made some Heaven Seizing
Supreme Dan beads!’’
’’It solved his biggest problem, and his son finally got rid of the divine punishment. However,
after that, no Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan had been produced ever. Even the great dan-maker
who had succeeded one time never made it again. He had tried so many times though. The
moment when he died, he was still upset about it. He thought it was just his good luck to
succeed that one time.’’
Master Bai blandly said, ’’It is true that you can produce supreme dan beads. That is something
that cannot be denied. You are astonishingly capable in dan-making, and you may even be a
genius in dan-making in all of history. However, the dan beads you showed us for now are all
some low-class dan beads, even though they are all at supreme level. They can only be used on
cultivation. If we used them on other purposes, they will have little efficacy. The Heaven
Seizing Supreme Dan only has one level, the supreme level. It is the true divine dan bead, and it
should be in a much higher league than the Nine Roll Golden Dan. In other words, it is too
different from those dan beads you have made so far. I am interested. Why are you so confident
that you can successfully make this dan and help me with my unaccomplished great plan?’’
Ye Xiao was frank. ’’You're right. There are several difficulties on making such dan beads. First
difficulty is to make it in supreme level. It is also the basic requirement anyway. I have
explained the reason earlier, so I won't repeat it. The second difficulty is the material it needs.
It doesn't require any extremely rare materials, but it requires eighty-one pairs of materials.’’
’’162 Materials, in 81 sorts. Two materials in one sort are against each other. All sorts are
against each other too. They are all materials with opposite efficacies... There are countless
contradictions in it. After my study, I discovered that the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is
exactly the impossible balance among all those contradictions. To find out the balance is the
only way to make it. Any slight mistake will fail the whole process.’’
’’It is not only about the balance of all different kinds of efficacies, but also the way the dan
beads are produced, and the mind of the man who is producing it. It requires the balance in all
aspects... It is even more difficult than flying up to the heaven.’’
’’So, like you said, it is so much more difficult than making ordinary dan beads.’’

Ye Xiao proudly smiled. ’’However, the key of making the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is to
reach the supreme level. No matter how difficult the producing process is, it is a problem that
can eventually be solved; only the supreme level that it requires is a tough task. In the history,
there are only a small amount of supreme dan beads.’’
What he meant was: Only I can do it!
Master Bai nodded. ’’You are reaching the point. In the recent thousands of years, there hasn't
been any supreme dan beads in the whole universe. Unexpectedly, in such a low-class realm, so
many supreme dan beads have suddenly appeared. Thus, if there is anyone who can make the
Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, it must be you and you only.’’
Wan-Er was delighted; since her master praised Feng Zhiling, it meant Feng Zhiling had at
least fifty percent chance to successfully make the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan.
Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’Well then, I think you just showed a yes to our cooperation this time.’’
Master Bai smiled blandly and said, ’’That's right. I accept your ace card in hand. However, how
long do you think you need to produce the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan? That is another topic I
want to talk about, and it is an important one.’’
’’It is not a simple question to answer, yet it is not that difficult either,’’ Ye Xiao said. ’’I will need
no longer than one year to make some dan beads. If I have enough material, it may only cost me
eight or nine months.’’
’’Materials are never a problem,’’ Wan-Er responded quickly. ’’You can make a list of all the
materials you need as quickly as you can; I will gather them all in three days!’’
’’I have no doubt on your capability, Lady Wan-Er. The problem is... I should need more
materials than the amount of one Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead.’’ Ye Xiao bitterly smiled.
’’I have confidence that I can make it, but I don't think I can make it supreme level in just one
shot. A Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead that is not at supreme level is just a useless dan bead.
It means nothing to Master Bai. In fact, if I say that I can succeed by one try, you won't believe
me, will you?’’
Wan-Er was apparently in a good mood. She actually laughed and said, ’’Of course not. If you
don't have all these supreme dan beads, I won't even give you the opportunity to try it. If the
Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is truly that easy to make, how can it become a myth. I surely
understand it. Materials are not a problem. You can keep on trying. All I want to see is just the
’’Not only a result, I want to see the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan in one year...’’ Master Bai said
with a pair of calm eyes. ’’No, you have only ten months. I will recover myself from such a long
time... Your dan beads will be no use to me.’’
’’As Lady Wan-Er said, the wise one will surely understand it.’’ Ye Xiao nodded, ’’I will try my
best. If I cannot make it, the House of the Chaotic Storm can do whatever you want to us. One
year is just a short time. It won't change the gap between the powers of you and us!’’
Master Bai nodded as a sign of agreement.
In fact, Master Bai didn't like this cooperation, or deal.
It was his first time in his life to make a cooperation with somebody else.
It was a special feeling of being pushed or lured.

This feeling made him feel uncomfortable.
He had seen the hope, the happiness, and the excitement from Wan-Er. He didn't want to turn
it down and hurt her feelings.
[Since I have been here in this world, my temperament has been changed a lot.’’ Master Bai
looked at the happy face of Wan-Er; he felt his heart becoming soft.


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