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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 638


Chapter 638: Guarding Against the Unexpected

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

Wei Chen glanced at Ye Xiu. Wasn't Ye Xiu basically telling him to use the money to finance the

team? How shameless, but then again, he would just be making a fool of himself if he attempted

to get into things like ’’innovation’’ or ’’the advancement of humanity’’. Helping the team had

been his original intention all along. This time, he would be financing his dream, so Wei Chen

would happily to do so.

’’Ahem, we need to hurry and improve the strength of our characters right now.’’ Wei Chen

cleared his throat and spoke. With the money in his pockets, his tone of voice became much

brighter. He acted like he was some great sage, completely different from his usual hoodlum


’’Oh, how do you say we improve them?’’ Ye Xiu asked.

’’Equipment. What else?’’ Wei Chen said.

’’Doesn't that require materials? Two million worth of materials isn't enough for you?’’ Ye Xiu

asked. Such a large amount of dungeon materials was more than enough for their team to use.

They hadn't received these materials yet though because they were still individual players in

the Heavenly Domain. They didn't even have the ability to receive these materials. The

materials in Samsara were stored in their guild storage, not carried by individual characters. All

of these dungeon materials were more than enough to use for improving their current


’’You didn't get any wild boss materials. What's the point?’’ Wei Chen hadn't slept last night. He

had carefully looked over the contract. There wasn't anything rare in those two million worth

of materials. For self-made equipment, the higher the level, the more stringent the

requirement for the materials would be. Even if one could find dungeon materials to replace the

rarer materials, the creator wouldn't be happy to do so. Different materials might be able to

form a self-made equipment, but how much would it affects its stats?

The shape of the equipment was crucial, but the stats were the most important. It's similar to

building a PC. The PC will have a CPU, RAM, hard disk, video graphics card, but there were

differences in quality. A PC made with higher-end components would certainly perform better

than one with lower-end components. Self-made equipment strived for the best stats. If one

used low-grade materials to create a piece of equipment with the stats of an Orange equipment,

what was the point?

Using these materials to replace higher-end material was just a way to save on costs, but some

things just couldn't be replaced. And this was just based on the upgrade process alone. When

the equipment needed to be upgraded to Level 70, if the conditions permitted it, it was best to

completely use uncommon materials to create the equipment. Only then would the stats be at

the peak.

If one didn't use uncommon materials, the equipment created wouldn't be considered truly

self-made equipment.

’’Can you get uncommon materials even if you have money?’’ Ye Xiu asked in return.

Wei Chen couldn't answer him. There were very very few uncommon materials amongst the

normal player base. Even studios couldn't compete with the Clubs. Uncommon materials were

completely monopolized by Clubs, and as a core component of self-made equipment, as long as

the Club wasn't about to go bankrupt, no Club would ever sell them. Even if they weren't going

to use the material, they could still use it to trade for other uncommon materials.

When a team dissolved, their storage would be thoroughly cleaned out. However, these sort of

dissolved guilds wouldn't have many materials to begin with anyways. In addition, the other

Clubs would have swarmed over to buy the materials first. Ye Xiu and the others would never

even get the chance to buy them.

They had money, but this money couldn't be used to buy uncommon materials. Of course, if you

put up a high enough price like ten million for material, no Club would refuse, but who would be

so wasteful?

Their need for dungeon materials had been met, but the crucial uncommon material still had to

be obtained through the game.

’’Little Tang, Steamed Bun, try and enter the Heavenly Domain as soon as you can. Once you do

that, finish the rest of those quests.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’What? Are you afraid Samsara is going to pull some sort of trick?’’ Wei Chen noticed.

’’Just in case!’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Didn't you say that, with a foundation like Samsara's, the game company won't be able to

figure out the reason?’’ Chen Guo said.

’’But what if they intentionally revealed it to the game company to establish their advantage?’’

Ye Xiu said.

Everyone was startled.

’’For Samsara, the most important thing is to maintain their advantage over all the other teams.

They aren't going to use the guide to make money, so once they use it, they'll throw it away.

That would be the safest way to ensure they maintain their advantage. From then on, no one

else will have this guide to improve their skill points and they would keep their advantage in

skill points until who knows how long.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Even though they have restrictions set in the contract, this sort of thing isn't too easy to

control, so just in case, we should hurry and get as many of those skill points as we can.’’ Ye Xiu


’’Why didn't you say so earlier!’’ Chen Guo panicked and hastily urged Tang Rou and Steamed

Bun to step it up.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun weren't max leveled yet, but with their skill, they shouldn't have

any difficulty finishing the Heavenly Domain Challenge. After all, their skill far surpassed

normal players. Even if they somehow weren't able to complete it, wasn't Ye Xiu there? He

could finish it at Level 50 and he wouldn't have any problems finishing it for them if they were


When the two heard Ye Xiu's words, they also began to hurry.

Tang Rou had taken the quest chain at Level 50, but she had trouble completing it at that time,

so she decided to put it on hold. Afterwards, as she leveled up, she went back to the quest chain

and had finished the majority of it already. Steamed Bun hadn't received the quest originally,

but when she saw that Tang Rou was already doing it before she was Level 70, he also learned

from her and occasionally completed parts of the quest chain. However, Steamed Bun's

progress wasn't as smooth as Tang Rou's. In a few places that required precision, it wasn't that

Steamed Bun couldn't do it, but rather, he always wanted to try to succeed in some sort of weird

way, which always resulted in failure.

As a result, Ye Xiu supervised and urged Steamed Bun to hurry and finish the quest chain.

Tang Rou focused and finished the quest chain that day. Following after Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and

Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash, there were now three characters from the tenth server in the

Heavenly Domain.

Afterwards, she went to do the skill point quests that she hadn't done yet in the Heavenly

Domain. After receiving a quest, she completed it and received a skill book, which meant that

Samsara hadn't pulled a dirty trick just yet. It had only been a day or two. No matter how fast

Samsara was, they couldn't be that fast.

The game company might not decide to change the quests, even after knowing about this skill

point farming method. Let alone Samsara, even the Alliance could only communicate with the

game company. They didn't have any way of forcing them to do anything if they didn't want to

do it. More often than not, the Alliance had to adapt to whatever changes the game made.

That night, another 5000 skill point character was birthed from Happy Internet Cafe. According

to Concealed Light's data, of the 1650 skill points possible, a character would get around 965

skill points on average.

From this number, Ye Xiu's and Tang Rou's luck were already extremely good. They hadn't even

finished all of the quests yet and they already received 1000 skill points.

Wei Chen didn't stay idle. His Windward Formation had finished all of those quests, but didn't

he still have a Warlock account on hand?

However, this account had been obtained along with Unrivaled Super Hottie when Ye Xiu won

the wager. The skill points were very average, 4210 points. Wei Chen had run quests all night.

Quests already completed couldn't be done again. In the end, he ended up with a total of 4480

skill points.....

This was pretty good for normal players, but for them, Wei Chen's efforts were for nothing.

’’What do I do? Do I buy a hundred Warlock accounts?’’ Wei Chen was starting to panic.

Windward Formation had 4920 skill points, but it wasn't good enough! Now that he was rich,

he started with an estimate of a hundred accounts.

’’A hundred? A thousand wouldn't even be enough. These are normal accounts. Do you think all

of them have the same base stats as a pro characters?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’It looks like I'll have to specially order a few, but what if the accounts come out and the quests

are wasted?’’ Wei Chen was worried.

’’4920 skill points isn't bad. Even Samsara won't have all of their characters maxed with 5000

skill points.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’No, I refuse. Let me think.’’ Wei Chen hadn't slept the previous night and had been focusing

hard the entire day, but he was still full of energy!

Tang Rou was done and it was just a matter of time before Steamed Bun finished as well, but

there was also Concealed Light and Little Cold Hands.

Concealed Light's issue lay in his mechanics. He wouldn't be able to reach the Heavenly Domain

in a short amount of time either. There were also a few places in the guide, which required a

certain level of mechanics too. It would be a waste if Concealed Light didn't get the same

treatment. With no other choice, Ye Xiu took Concealed Light's account card and completed it

for him.

As for Little Cold Hands, they had only been in touch with him for a short amount of time. The

trust between them was still extremely limited, so he didn't feel confident in giving showing

the guide over to Little Cold Hands. Even more so, Little Cold Hands was an old account. If he

had finished all of the quests before, he wouldn't be able to get receive any skill points. Would

his account be like Wei Chen's or Chen Guo's accounts and only be able to get around max out at

4500 skill points? That was far from being good enough to compete with the pros.

Just thinking about it wouldn't get anything done. Ye Xiu contacted Little Cold Hands on QQ.

Little Cold Hands had 4170 skill points. As expected, it was only a normal account. As for which

quests he had done before, Little Cold Hands was an account that had been gifted to him, so he

didn't know either. With no other choice, Ye Xiu gave the handed over a list of quests to him to

and have him check which quests he had done before. If he hadn't, then he shouldn't touch

them for now.

’’It's very important. Please hurry and check.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’What's so special about these quests?’’ Little Cold Hands wasn't like Steamed Bun, who

wouldn't think to ask before doing something.

’’It has to do with improving your character's strength, but it requires a special method, so I

need to make sure your character hasn't done all of these quests already.’’ Ye Xiu explained.


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