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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 637


Chapter 637: A Large Sum of Money

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

(TL: Money is in RMB. 6.9 RMB : 1 USD)

The practice room was silent. No one ever thought that they could ever have too much money,

even someone like Steamed Bun.

Everyone looked nervously at Ye Xiu in anticipation. Ye Xiu slowly poured himself a cup of

water to drink, took a sip, then grabbed a cigarette from his pocket and slowly lit it......

’’If you don't spit out the answer, I'm going to kill you!’’ Wei Chen had been anxious all day.

When Ye Xiu finally returned, he kept on stalling. How could Wei Chen not be furious?

’’2 million worth in materials.’’ Ye Xiu calmly answered.

’’2 million...... materials?’’ Wei Chen's face twisted in disgust. To put it plainly, did Ye Xiu even

have the right to split the earnings? Of course not. This was considered Wei Chen's goods.

Concealed Light would have a much greater split of the earnings than Ye Xiu. All Ye Xiu did was

run errands. It would be nice of Wei Chen to even give him a share. Wei Chen obviously wasn't

planning on keeping the money for himself. However, it seemed like Ye Xiu only cared about

himself and traded his years of effort for a bunch of materials. It was clearly for the team to use,

but Wei Chen still didn't feel comfortable.

Even though Ye Xiu had contacted him asking about what materials he needed, he had expected

something like this, but he didn't think Ye Xiu would be so aggressive. 2 million! In


Even Chen Guo felt Ye Xiu had been too excessive, when she heard Ye Xiu's response. This guy

seemed to take Wei Chen's things as his own and only thought about his own interests! If it was

just a small amount, it didn't matter, but this was 2 million they were talking about!

But things had already gotten to this point. Wei Chen was a grand person. Two million? In the

end, he laughed: ’’Ha, that much materials should be more than enough for us to use.’’

’’Enough my ass. They're all dungeon materials. They refused to give us any wild boss

materials.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’F*ck! Just because they won't give any, doesn't mean they won't sell any. What the f*ck were

you doing!!’’ Wei Chen heard this, he had a hard time enduring it any longer. They spent two

million, but didn't even get any of the materials he urgently needed. Ye Xiu had done a real sh*t

job this time.

’’You you you...... sigh.......’’ What could he do though? Wei Chen could only sigh. He had given Ye

Xiu full authority to settle this deal and he was very unhappy with the results, but he felt bad

saying anything. In the end, he could only sigh with regret.

Chen Guo couldn't stand it any longer and was ready to ask a few questions. Was he planning

on selling these materials for money? He wasn't going to use all of the materials, right? Even

though, Chen Guo didn't call Ye Xiu out for being so despicable, she didn't feel happy either at

only getting materials.

’’Apart from materials, they're also paying us six million in advance.’’ Ye Xiu said indifferently.

’’What?’’ Wei Chen had been shaken up by the results, but after hearing this piece of news, he

suddenly became excited again.

Chen Guo, who had also been about to say something, froze. She heard it clearly and didn't need

Ye Xiu to repeat it. She suddenly felt gratified. Ye Xiu hadn't just gotten materials. Six million!

’’You really are quite capable!!!’’ Wei Chen grinned widely and gave Ye Xiu a strong slap on the


At this moment, Tang Rou noticed the words that Ye Xiu had specifically used: ’’Six million is

just the advance?’’

Wei Chen stared blankly. Six million was already enough to make his head spin. There was still

more to it? Wei Chen stumbled backwards and held himself up using the table. He was afraid he

would faint.

’’Yeah. There's also another 12 million that will be paid monthly over the next year. That's it.’’

Ye Xiu finally took out the contract. Wei Chen grabbed it and flipped through it madly. He didn't

care about all the clauses and what not. He just kept on flipping it, while mumbling: ’’Where

where? Where does it talk about the money?’’

Wei Chen wanted to verify that this number was correct.

Ye Xiu had drawn up the contract line by line with Samsara, so he was obviously very familiar

with it. He went over and found the line talking about the payment. Wei Chen's eyes sparkled,

when he saw the startling number. He yelled out: ’’Oh my god. F*ck me.’’ and went back to

collapse in his seat.

Chen Guo, Tang Rou, and even Steamed Bun were shocked.

Two million in materials, six million down payment, and another twelve million paid over the

coming year. The total value was twenty million! They knew that that the guide would be

bought for a considerable amount of money, but who would have thought that it would be such

a large amount? Chen Guo kept up with the competitive scene and had previously been an

Excellent Era fan. Sun Xiang's transfer for seven million had been the highest ever seen in

Glory, but now, this guide was worth almost three times as much as a God. Chen Guo couldn't

help but raise her eyebrows. In any case, as long as it was better than Excellent Era, Chen Guo

would be happy. A bigger number making her happy was a mark of her mentality as a fan. As a

team manager, whether it was spending or earning money, it was all a business strategy. There

was nothing to be so excited about.

’’In two days, the down payment should arrive. Starting from next month, they'll be paying us

one million every month. The money will be transferred directly to your bank account. Okay,

have you got any more questions?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!’’ Wei Chen laughed wildly as he continually patted Ye Xiu's shoulder.

’’This guy's already gone crazy.’’ Ye Xiu hastily ran away.

Chen Guo felt gratified too. Such an insane deal was definitely something to be satisfied with.

As for how Wei Chen was planning on splitting the money, no one had the right to ask. If he

wanted to invest in the team, that would be obviously be great. If he didn't want to, they didn't

have any right to say anything. Chen Guo could only remind him that he shouldn't forget about

Concealed Light! If Concealed Light hadn't helped, would they have been able to get this deal?

Ye Xiu also agreed. If they didn't have Concealed Light's precise drop rate data, even selling it

would have been an issue in and of itself. After all, Wei Chen's previous data had been a

complete mess. If they had given it to Samsara to look at, Samsara would ask what the drop rate

was and he wouldn't even be able to give a definite answer. When Samsara had inspected the

goods for their exact value, if it was Wei Chen's original data, it wouldn't even be possible to

test it.

If Samsara couldn't verify the value, it meant that there was an unknown risk and the price

would certainly be much much lower.

’’Of course.’’ Wei Chen showed his spirit of loyalty. Even though he acted shameless, he would

never act in such a way for important business.

Twenty million! Concealed Light wasn't an internationally-renowned mathematician, why

would he refuse? Wei Chen messaged Concealed Light in the group chat. At this moment,

Steamed Bun came over, sized up Wei Chen, and commented: ’’Who would have thought Old Wei

was so smart! To think you could casually earn so much money.’’

’’Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.’’ Wei Chen laughed madly.

’’In the future, I won't fight over who will pay the bill.’’ Steamed Bun expressed.

’’Who's going to fight for it. I'll pay!’’ Wei Chen replied magnanimously.

At this moment, Concealed Light replied. He saw that it wasn't Ye Xiu, but another team

member. Concealed Light was surprised and carefully greeted Wei Chen.

’’Scientist! Thank you very much! That guide sold for 20 million! Tell me! How much do you

want?’’ Wei Chen said.

’’Oh? That much! Amazing!’’ Concealed Light replied. Because they were talking online, they

couldn't tell if he was excited or not from his words.

’’Without you, we wouldn't have gotten so much.’’ Wei Chen said.

’’No way. I didn't do anything. I just organized everything.’’ Concealed Light said.

The two talked for awhile, but it seemed like Concealed Light didn't care about the twenty

million and insisted that he didn't contribute anything to the guide, so he didn't have the right

to any of the money.

After talking back and forth, Concealed Light refused to budge. Wei Chen couldn't do anything

about it. He wanted to give Concealed Light money, shouldn't that be an easy thing to do? It was

a huge number like twenty million too. Even if it was just one percent, two hundred thousand

was still a good amount of money.

’’This scientist is so enlightened.......’’ Wei Chen couldn't persuade Concealed Light. Later,

Concealed Light explained that he should tell his professor about it and see what his professor


No one had any objections, of course. Soon afterwards, Concealed Light went offline.

That night, Wei Chen didn't go back to the apartments to rest. He stayed up all night in the

practice room. He was too excited to sleep.

The next day, Concealed Light came back. He had asked Professor Zhang, who said he didn't

need any money. He didn't seem to care that he had helped them earn such a huge sum of

money. He just hoped that Wei Chen would use this money appropriately.

’’Use it appropriately.......’’ Wei Chen studied Professor Zhang's words and asked everyone: ’’Is he

telling me to use it to help run the team?’’

F*ck! There was no saving him. Professor Zhang clearly wasn't talking about funding a

professional gaming team, when he said to use it appropriately.


’’The advancement of mankind!’’

Everyone reminded him that this was what Professor Zhang meant.

Wei Chen heard their responses and froze. He never imagined that he would ever do anything

related to ’’innovation’’ or ’’the advancement of mankind’’. How was he supposed to do that? Wei

Chen felt vexed. It seemed like he was about to have another night of insomnia. Ye Xiu sighed:

’’Don't think about it from a scholar's perspective. Just do what you think is appropriate! He just

hopes that you don't waste your money on worthless things.’’


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