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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 633


Chapter 633: Deadlock
Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

Even though it wasn't the maximum 5000 points, it was shocking enough already. This random
account in Ye Xiu's hands had already broken the 4900 point zone that had never been broken
through before.
’’As for your characters? True gold never fears fire. These quests will certainly improve the skill
points on your characters, but my one fear is that your characters will have already done most
of the quests. If that's the case, there's nothing I can do for you. From the looks of it, Little
Jiang's Empty Waves isn't the case! Little Zhou, has your Great Gunner cleared any of these
quests?’’ Ye Xiu said.
’’No.’’ Zhou Zekai shook his head.
’’What do you think?’’ Ye Xiu asked, ’’Don't count on me trying out these quests on all of your
accounts. If I do that, the skill points on your characters will probably go up. When that time
comes, wouldn't that be a huge loss in profits for me?’’ Ye Xiu said as he looked sympathetically
at Jiang Botao: ’’Your luck is really bad. Even if this deal didn't go through, your character could
have gotten a 20 point skill book for free. Unfortunately, only Old Tong benefited.’’
’’God Ye, you're being too suspicious! If it really works, how could we not want it?’’ Samsara's
manager kindly said.
Ye Xiu heard the implication in his words and smiled: ’’So right now you're hoping for some
concrete proof, right? After all, you heard me say 60%, but that number doesn't seem too
reliable. It looks like this 4920 character still isn't enough proof in your eyes!’’
’’Ha ha ha.......’’ Samsara's manager laughed without explaining himself. This had clearly been
what he meant. Ye Xiu never said how he managed to get the skill points and only showed the
results. It wasn't very convincing at all. The 4920 point character was astonishing, but Glory
had such a large player base and it had been so many years. Who could say whether there was a
character with such high skill points out there? Samsara's manager had seen the account card.
It was a second edition card, which meant that it had been issued when Glory's second server
opened. If an old account like this account had extraordinary luck, it wasn't impossible for it to
have an incredible amount of skill points.
But just like he said, if this method truly worked, Samsara would absolutely buy it, but because
they would definitely buy it, the value of this method would not be low. He had to be careful
before closing a large business deal such as this one.
’’If that's the case, you can keep on thinking about it. I'll be leaving.’’ Ye Xiu logged out, grabbed
his account card, and got up. Samsara's manager looked at him in alarm. He was actually just
going to leave? Did he not have any intentions on marketing his product? But after thinking
about it again, he quickly understood that Ye Xiu didn't need Samsara to buy it. If he brought
this method to any other Club, who wouldn't want to buy it? Thus, Samsara's manager thought

up another issue: how many Clubs had this guy already talked to? Did the other Clubs already
have a team of 5000 skill point characters by now, while they were hesitating?
If that really was the case, then they had to buy it no matter what! Thinking about this issue,
there was no way Samsara's manager could sit still. Ye Xiu hadn't even taken two steps yet,
when the manager stopped him. Seeing the manager move, Tong Lin and Jiang Botao naturally
helped him persuade Ye Xiu. Zhou Zekai also wanted to help, but this sort of situation was even
more challenging for him than participating in the playoffs. He walked around the other four in
circles, but he couldn't find an opportunity to say anything.
’’God Ye, there's something that I have to know.’’ Samsara's manager said.
’’Have any of the other Clubs bought this method yet?’’ Samsara's manager asked.
’’How can I answer that?’’ Ye Xiu answered back.
’’See..... the price is very different depending on whether or not this method has already been
bought by other Clubs, don't you think?’’ Samsara's manager explained.
’’Ha ha ha, if you say it like that, of course no one else has bought it yet.’’ Ye Xiu happily replied.
This reply made Samsara's manager want to cry: ’’Are you telling the truth or not?’’
’’I didn't say anything, but you had to ask. When I gave you an answer, you didn't believe me.
What am I supposed to say? Why don't you just act like it has already been bought by others and
give a starting price from there?’’ Ye Xiu said.
’’So no one else has bought it?’’ Samsara's manager was very careful.
’’I'm going!’’ Ye Xiu threatened.
’’Don't be in such a hurry! Let's take some time to talk about it! It must have been a long trip
here. Have you eaten yet? How about we get some food?’’ Samsara's manager started firing
sugar-coated bullets.
’’Ha ha.’’ Ye Xiu chuckled, ’’Sure, I'd be willing to stay and eat. I'm not in a hurry, but you guys
should be! If you get more skill points, wouldn't you need to do some research on how to
distribute these new skill points? Wouldn't you need to try out the newly leveled skills and get
used to them? Do you even have the time to eat with me? How many days is it until the playoff
match?’’ Ye Xiu said.
Samsara's manager listened and thought it was reasonable. Even though he wasn't an expert in
Glory, he was the manager of the Club, so he still understood this sort of general knowledge.
Thus, Samsara's manager grit his teeth: ’’Okay, let's sit down and talk.’’ He had wanted to
carefully probe the situation, but they were on the passive side from beginning to end. There
was nothing he could have done about that! The bargaining chip in Ye Xiu's hands was
something that couldn't be refused!
Buy out!
Once they started talking about the deal, Samsara's manager wanted to head in this direction,
but the bargaining chip in Ye Xiu's hands was too valuable. The price for buying it out certainly
wouldn't be low. Even worse, what could they measure the price against?

If a character didn't have a solid base like their pro characters, 1000 skill points worth of quests
wasn't enough to max out the skill points, but even if the character didn't have a solid base, a
character that surpassed any of the pro characters could still be created through this method.
What the price should be was something Samsara's manager wasn't sure about either.
As a result, he didn't give a price for now and instead tried to feel out Ye Xiu's intentions. At the
same time, he would tell the boss about this deal. The buyout price would be very high, but it
was completely necessary, so he needed to let the boss know about it.
After negotiations officially began, Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao left. Tong Lin didn't participate
either. This sort of deal required a certain amount of secrecy.
Because the seller absolutely needed to buy it, Ye Xiu held the advantage in this negotiation. As
a former pro player, he had a strong mental fortitude. He was calm and unhurried, making it
difficult for Samsara's manager to handle. Take advantage of Ye Xiu? Samsara's manager didn't
have any thoughts about doing so. Right now, the other side was currently showing reluctance
towards his plan to buy out the guide.
’’I suddenly feel like I made a mistake.’’ Ye Xiu suddenly said.
’’What is it?’’ Samsara's manager was a complete mess. Ye Xiu's sudden comment confused him.
’’I should have gathered all the Clubs together and auctioned it off!’’ Ye Xiu's words were
’’Ah!’’ Samsara's manager was frightened. Even though this wasn't an easy negotiation, they at
least had the advantage over the other Clubs! If it really had been auctioned, Samsara's
resources weren't any better than any of the other powerhouses. It was hard to say whether
they would be able to get it or not if that were the case. What's worse was that for an auction,
the winner wasn't necessarily the richest, but who had the courage to stake thousands of pieces
of gold in one throw. Samsara's manager couldn't help but think of a powerful opponent.
Correct, Tyranny. Club Tyranny was currently the Club, which was the most willing to spend
money. If this guide was auctioned off, it was likely that Tyranny would rely on their great
courage and take the guide for themselves.
’’God Ye, how about you give me a price! We can negotiate from there!!’’ Samsara's manager
wanted to cry.
In truth, Ye Xiu felt the same as the manager! He didn't know how much this guide should sell
for either. After all, he was just a former pro player. This deal with Samsara would very likely
help Samsara win this year's championships. It could also affect their future momentum in the
pro scene as well. There were many ways to measure the worth of a character. It wasn't
something that could be measured with just a few words. Ye Xiu wasn't sure how high of a price
he could sell it for.
If he had created this guide all on his own, Ye Xiu wouldn't care too much about selling it for the
highest price possible, but the problem was that this guide had been created through the many
years of effort of Wei Chen and then completed through Concealed Light's help. From the start
to finish, Ye Xiu hadn't made a single contribution to the guide itself. If he had to split the
money, he would only take a very small percentage of it for closing the deal. However, as the
person responsible for closing the deal, wasn't it his duty to sell it at the highest price possible?

As a result, even though both sides had confirmed their intentions, they still hadn't reached a
conclusion. The two of them kept on probing each other for a price all the way until it became
dark, but nothing came out of it.


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