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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 627


Chapter 627: Assembly Line
Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

The top guilds prepared themselves for Lord Grim's return to the tenth server. Who knew what
evil this God was planning on committing this time. All of the guilds from top to bottom were
assigned to monitoring him. They swore that they wouldn't stop until they figured out what his
intentions were for returning this time.
In reality, Ye Xiu was just here to do some quests. Getting involved with the guilds never even
crossed his mind. When he arrived back in the tenth server, he still greeted everyone in Guild
Happy though.
Without someone as mighty as Ye Xiu watching over them, Happy naturally had no way of
contesting the various Club guilds, especially as the influence of the pro teams pervaded their
way through the server. In fact, no player guild could compete against these Club guilds. Right
now, Happy was developing like a normal guild. People came and left.
Chen Guo still managed the guild. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun could only provide their
strength. For the guild affairs, the person who helped Chen Guo the most was the player, Horse
Shooter, who had joined because he had been a fan of Su Mucheng. The other player who joined
alongside Horse Shooter was Thousand Creations. Even though he was also an experienced
player that had been in a top guild before, he was pretty much a lone wolf. He couldn't be relied
on for matters regarding the guild. In the end, he was the same as Tang Rou and Steamed Bun,
and could provide some strength when needed.
These four players were the highest level players in Happy. They couldn't compare to the crazy
power leveling of the Club guilds, but amongst the player guilds, their levels were still
considered very high. From this perspective, Happy couldn't compare to the Club guilds, but it
was still much more powerful than the other regular player guilds. At the very least, they had a
fairly robust guild storage system.
Seeing the guild storage system, Ye Xiu thought of Blue River. He asked Chen Guo about him
and found out that Blue River hadn't logged on in a long time. His smurf's level had stopped
there. When Ye Xiu checked his friends list, of the people he had interacted with, nearly all of
his enemies and none of his friends were online!
Ye Xiu didn't greet them. He just chatted with his guild members in the guild chat while having
his Lord Grim head over to the quest locations. Steamed Bun obviously participated in the guild
chat. He said even more than Ye Xiu did, boasting wildly about him. Steamed Bun talked about
Ye Xiu as if he were an all powerful entity, making Ye Xiu feel embarrassed to say anything in
the chat anymore. Steamed Bun didn't stop and began talking about their team. Returning to
the pro scene and winning the championships really was Ye Xiu's goal, but the problem was
that Steamed Bun was brainlessly talking without any basis for it.......
Very few players in Happy were noobs who had just started playing Glory. So when the guild
heard Steamed Bun's words, who would believe him? However, Steamed Bun was quite popular
in Happy and many of them understood his personality, so quite a few of them played along,
however, Steamed Bun was being serious! As a result, anyone who saw Happy's guild chat

would see it as absolutely ridiculous and that Happy was bragging and exaggerating about their
own abilities.
The Club guilds had spies inside Happy. It was just that without Lord Grim, it wasn't any
different from a normal player guild, so they didn't make trouble for Happy. The various top
guilds were busy competing against each other and didn't have any plans on picking a fight
with Happy. After a while, many of the spies stopped logging in, but now that Lord Grim had
returned, the circumstances had vastly changed. All sorts of dead accounts suddenly popped up
out of nowhere, observing Lord Grim's activities in the guild
At the same time, the players spread out around the leveling areas in the tenth server and
constantly reported Lord Grim's movements to their guilds.
Ye Xiu wasn't thinking about any of this. He just went to the quest location, accepted the quest,
and then started following the guide.
’’He's doing quests!!’’ The players monitoring Lord Grim reported to their guilds.
’’What quest is he running??’’ The higher ups asked one after another.
’’It seems to be Ambitious Frank.’’ The reporting players guessed.
Ambitious Frank?
Some of the guild leaders, who heard this quest's name, knew of it, while some didn't. For them,
if the it wasn't a quest in a quest chain that helped them level up quicker, they wouldn't touch
it. They might have some impression of this quest, but they didn't know why they had an
As a result, everyone looked up the quest online. They browsed through numerous related pages
to see if there was anything special about this quest.
Page after page after page......
The links on these pages all explained the quest and how to complete it. It was a very normal
quest. There weren't any secrets involved.
Impossible! It couldn't be so simple.
The guilds affirmed.
Their analysis wasn't wrong. Ye Xiu obviously had a very good reason for returning to the
normal server to do quests. However, this reason wasn't something others could think of.
’’Keep monitoring him!’’ The guilds ordered as they continued to search for any mysteries to
this quest.
During this time, Ye Xiu smoothly completed the quests. Fighting was troublesome though
because the equipment that he had included in the upgrades of Myriad Manifestations
Umbrella had been from the Heavenly Domain, so he couldn't bring it back into the normal
server. The naked Lord Grim grabbed some equipment from the guild storage. Ye Xiu was
accustomed to using the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, so now that he had switched to a
different weapon, it didn't feel comfortable to use.
The guilds were still trying to figure out this quest's mystery, when Ye Xiu finished the last part
of the quest.
The quest rewards dropped. Ye Xiu checked the rewards and laughed out loud: ’’I got one.’’

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun hadn't gotten anything from this quest, but Ye Xiu got the 20 point
skill book.
This quest had a 34.314% chance of dropping one. For a skill book, this was already an
extremely high probability.
It had been ten years since Glory came out and there still hadn't been a single character with a
maxed set of 5000 skill points. One could easily imagine how difficult it was to get skill books.
After many years of research, Wei Chen was able to get a batch of characters with around 4700
skill points, but with Ye Xiu's understanding of Wei Chen, he knew that when he said around
4700 skill points, there were definitely fewer accounts with more than 4700 skill points than
accounts with less than 4700 skill points. It might have just been him having crazy luck to get
4920 skill points, while the others might all be below 4700 skill points.
If those were the results, it wasn't too special in Glory. If someone really wanted an account
with 4700 skill points, it could still be bought with money.
But after Concealed Light and his professor cleared up Wei Chen's efforts, the probability of
skill books dropping were even higher now. Even though Concealed Light didn't say exactly
how much the probability went up, with the part that they have right now, it would definitely be
higher than Wei Chen's original method, not lower.
A bunch of characters at that level would truly be the best, even in the pro scene. Let alone the
limit of 5000 skill points, anything above 4900 skill points was enough to make all of the God
characters kneel. There were quite a few characters in the pro scene with 4800 to 4900 skill
points, but there weren't any with over 4900 skill points.
Currently, building characters with high skill points could only be found through luck, but for
Ye Xiu's group? Through the years of effort from Wei Chen and analysis from extremely
intelligent people like Concealed Light and his professor, they suddenly came up with an
assembly line. If they manufactured a ton of high skill point characters, the account market in
Glory would take a huge hit.
The value of an account was mainly based on its class, equipment, and skill points. The
difference between different classes wasn't much and equipment could always be bought, but
skill points were different. If you had them, you had them. If you didn't have them, you didn't
have them. If these high skill point characters were poured into the market, they would be of
the utmost priority amongst buyers. As for other accounts, if they didn't have equipment that
added skill points, they wouldn't be able to sell. Even if they had the right equipment, they
might as well take off the equipment and buy a more powerful account.
Wei Chen's efforts weren't just for fun, nor were they just to strengthen his character. He had
thought of all of these issues before. However, his results weren't too stable. Accounts with
4700 skill points weren't bad for accounts that had been accumulating skill points for ten years,
but it wasn't anything too amazing.
As a result, he didn't immediately sell those accounts to make money. He wanted to find a more
steady assembly line to increase the amount of skill points.
And now it had become a reality. The original goal was to solve the problem of their team's
weak characters, but now couldn't they also make some money in the passing?
Seeing how Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Ye Xiu continued to easily get skill books, Wei Chen
offered this suggestion.

Chen Guo was startled. She had been excited at how their team would have a bunch of powerful
characters. She hadn't thought of making money by using such a method, but she was an
experienced player after all. When Wei Chen made the suggestion, Chen Guo immediately
understood the opportunity.
’’Not only are they extremely valuable, have you ever seen such an account on the market? If one
actually came out, there would definitely be a huge bidding war. Of course, as the number of
these accounts increase, the price will certainly lower, but don't forget that we have a complete
monopoly over them! The market would be completely controlled by us.’’ Wei Chen had clearly
thought of doing this before and said a whole bunch of stuff.
’’In your dreams. The game company wouldn't let that happen. I feel like they'll quickly figure
out how these characters came about. Then, all they need to do is make some revisions to the
code and our method will become useless.’’ Ye Xiu said.
’’You're right! That's why I haven't done it yet. I was waiting until this method worked well, so
our profits would be maximized. That day has finally arrived!’’ Wei Chen grasped his fists.
’’Then let me ask you, are you planning on creating a team or creating accounts to sell?’’ Ye Xiu


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