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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 617


Chapter 617: Let's Work Hard Together Everyone

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

’’Ah?’’ Chen Guo was very surprised at this response. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain had been the

account that Su Muqiu had originally intended to use in the Pro Alliance?

Guys playing female characters or girls playing male characters weren't commonly seen in the

game, but it wasn't anything strange in the pro scene. Every character in the pro scene had

been built up step by step. The character's gender was something that had been set at creation

and couldn't be changed regardless. In some cases, a younger generation successor would be a

male player playing a female character, or a female player playing a male character.

Team Misty Rain's Chu Yunxiu and Team Void's Wu Yuce were two notable examples. Both of

them were All Star level players. Chu Yunxiu's Elementalist, Windy Rain, and Wu Yuxe's

Ghostblade, Carved Ghost, were the opposite gender of their respective players.

Windy Rain was a male character. Carved Ghost didn't sound like a female name, but she was a

female character anyways.

These two were famous, so they were talked about more often than others. There were also

others, but there weren't very many. After all, there were more male players than female

players. Male players were, on average, more skilled than the female players. In the pro scene,

whether it was players or characters, males held the majority.

Nearly all of the above players had inherited their current accounts. In the beginning, this issue

would often be talked about by others, but later, everyone got used to it, so not many were

surprised by it anymore. However, if someone took the initiative to play as the opposite gender,

it would attract a lot of attention. In the past few years, there were no lack of players who

wanted to attract attention in this way. Unfortunately, this was a competitive place and not a

place for recreation. Just relying on this method wouldn't allow them to keep their position.

Everything depended on their skill alone. If your skills were just for show, then you would be

picked out swiftly. Let alone players who played a different gender, even if you were an actual

transgendered person, you would just be seen as a joke if you couldn't back up the attention

with skill.

But this Su Muqiu had actually planned on joining the pro scene by using a female account? It

was quite surprising to Chen Guo. Someone with such confidence didn't need to gather

attention in this way!

After she said ’’ah’’, Su Mucheng explained to her with a smile: ’’He didn't care whether or not he

played a male or female character. The reason he created that account was to tease me.’’

’’Oh......’’ Chen Guo understood. It was just a little joke between brother and sister. It had

nothing to do with the politics of the pro scene.

He had even used his sister's name for the female character. Chen Guo could tell that Su Muqiu

loved his sister dearly. Such a caring person ended up in such a way......

Chen Guo felt sad, but she didn't want to disturb Ye Xiu's and Su Mucheng's feelings, so she

tried hard not to cry. Now she understood why, that day, when Excellent Era's boss Tao Xuan

came over and promised he could even let One Autumn Leaf go if Ye Xiu desired, but Ye Xiu

decisively asked for Dancing Rain instead. In his eyes, Dancing Rain meant much more to him

than even One Autumn Leaf. Whether it was for Su Muqiu or Su Mucheng, he would try his

hardest to get Dancing Rain back. As for One Autumn Leaf, it was mostly Ye Xiu's memories. He

could give the, up or maybe it was because he was confident like Su Muqiu that he could start all

over from scratch.

Afterwards, the three fell into silence. No one said anything. After standing there reminiscing

for a short while, Ye Xiu spoke: ’’Let's go back?’’

’’Okay.’’ Chen Guo didn't object. Su Mucheng also nodded. The three left. Before leaving, Chen

Guo couldn't help but look back one last time. With Su Muqiu's skill, personality, and even

appearance, if he had been able to join the pro scene, what would he have been able to


’’Had he been planning on joining Excellent Era together with you?’’ Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

’’Yeah!’’ Ye Xiu nodded his head.

’’If you had been able to fight alongside each other in Excellent Era.....’’ Chen Guo couldn't help

but imagine the possibilities. Just Ye Xiu alone had been able to bring Excellent Era to dominate

the pro scene for three years. If he had someone else, who was no worse than himself, someone

like Su Muqiu.....

’’Then maybe the Pro Alliance would close down because the same team would win the

championships every year without any competition?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Alright......’’ Today was a special day, so Chen Guo didn't make any remarks towards Ye Xiu's


The three walked along the road down the mountain and returned by taxi. All the way, they

talked about the game and their moods gradually returned to normal, but Chen Guo had just

listened to the story for the first time. Her mood couldn't go back to normal so quickly. At this

moment, her ambitions became even grander. She suddenly felt that bearing so much weight

on her shoulders was something to be happy about. She was glad that she had the opportunity

to meet all these people and share their burden. Struggle and move forward! Whether they

succeeded or failed, they could be proud of their life. Their life wouldn't be filled with boredom

or loneliness.

’’How are things going? How are things going? Is everything done yet?’’

When they returned to the Internet Cafe, Su Mucheng went back to Club Excellent Era, while

Chen Guo checked with the second floor renovators on their current progress. Her energy

startled Wei Chen and Steamed Bun, who were playing the game in the room.

The two came out to see what was going on. Wei Chen still had a cigarette in his mouth, which

Chen Guo quickly noticed.

’’No smoking!’’ Chen Guo pointed out.

’’Are you joking? You can't smoke in this Internet Cafe?’’ Wei Chen was astonished. Chen Guo

recalled that exact same scene four months ago. Ye Xiu had arrived at the Internet Cafe with a

cigarette in his mouth. After being scolded by her, he also had that same incomprehensible


’’If you're going to smoke, go smoke in that room.’’ Chen Guo pointed. Prohibiting smoking in

an Internet Cafe would make things difficult for customers and would negatively impact the

business, so even though Chen Guo didn't like smoking, she had to open up a smoking area for

these customers. There were certain areas downstairs and upstairs for customers to freely

smoke in.

’’How did you survive?’’ Wei Chen looked at Ye Xiu. He clearly knew that Ye Xiu also smoked.

’’I've got morals. I only smoke in smoking areas.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Don't tell me the Clubs allowed you to smoke in the practice rooms?’’ Chen Guo asked


’’Usually not.’’ Wei Chen said, ’’But I was the captain.’’ After speaking, he sucked in a deep breath

and handed a cigarette over to Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu took it and skillfully lit it. After taking in a deep breath, he puffed out: ’’Mm, I was also

the captain.’’

’’Scum! Both of you are scum!!’’ Chen Guo was furious. At this moment, she couldn't help but

think of Su Muqiu. If he had been the captain, he definitely wouldn't have acted so


’’Even if you don't care about yourself, you have to at least care about the other team members.

A lot of our team members are minors! Don't you feel bad exposing them to secondhand

smoke?’’ Chen Guo lectured.

’’This senior had already started smoking when he was a minor.’’ Wei Chen inhaled.

’’What a coincidence! Me too.’’ Ye Xiu nodded his head and also inhaled.

’’YOU TWO!!!!’’ Chen Guo yelled.

'Speaking of which, who's going to be our team captain?’’ Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.

’’Are you going senile? If not me, then who else?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’I guess we have to make do with what we got!’’ Wei Chen nodded his head.

These two guys chatted and went into the room.

’’Steamed Bun, do you smoke?’’ Wei Chen even asked Steamed Bun.

’’I don't know how.’’ Steamed Bun said.

’’There are youths who actually don't know how to smoke?’’ Wei Chen expressed his disdain.

’’Then let me try?’’ Steamed Bun asked. Chen Guo was going crazy. Wasn't he being brought

over to the dark side too easily? Just when she was about to stop their vile behavior, Ye Xiu said:

’’If he doesn't know, there's no point letting him try. It'd be a waste.’’

’’Agreed.’’ Wei Chen nodded his head.

After speaking, the two went into the room. Chen Guo was depressed. Just Ye Xiu alone had

made her go mad, but now Wei Chen was here too. With these two shameless villains colluding

with one another, they directly ignored her no smoking policy.

Chen Guo once again thought of Su Muqiu and felt grieved. Why did such a good person have to

die? Was it really as the saying went, good people don't live for long, while disasters can last


She couldn't do anything about these two. Chen Guo went back and checked on the renovation

progress. She was quite satisfied with the progress, but when she thought about those two

scourges, she had to propose another requirement: the practice room would need very strong


’’You're back?’’ At this moment, Tang Rou came out from her room and called out to Chen Guo.

’’Hmph. Those two make me angry.’’ Chen Guo grumbled.

’’What's wrong?’’ Tang Rou asked.

Chen Guo explained. Tang Rou consoled her with a smile: ’’There's nothing we can do. From the

looks of it, that Old Wei's smoking addiction is even worse than Ye Xiu's. If you didn't let him

smoke while he played, he might not be able to handle it.’’

’’Mm, I know. A lot of old players are like that.’’ Chen Guo said.

’’Just let them do what they're used to doing!' Tang Rou said.

’’What else can I do? I can only lecture them a bit.’’ Chen Guo sighed.

’’Ye Xiu wasn't here in the morning. Did he go out with you?’’ Tang Rou asked.

’’Yeah! He and Su Mucheng went to sweep a gravestone.’’ Chen Guo pulled Tang Rou to one side

and told her about Su Mucheng's brother, Su Muqiu. She wasn't afraid that she would disturb

Ye Xiu's or Su Mucheng's mood. Chen Guo completely poured out her thoughts. Tang Rou

listened and could only feel sorry as well.

’’This has made me even more determined to work hard for this team!’’ Chen Guo said.

’’Let's work hard together.’’ Tang Rou said.


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