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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 612


Chapter 612: Lose the battle, but win the war
Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

’’Did you watch this match?’’ Just before the match began, Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.
’’I watched a bit of it after it concluded.’’ Ye Xiu said. That day, Happy Internet Cafe hadn't
broadcast this match, so Ye Xiu had watched a recording of it later.
’’Oh.’’ Wei Chen nodded his head and didn't say anything else. On the screen, the match had
begun. It was progressing quite quickly. By the time the individual competition and the group
arena ended, Wei Chen already had his hands against his forehead.
’’You devil! Look at the sins you've committed! What exactly did you do to them?!’’ Wei Chen
Ye Xiu was expressionless. He continued to quietly watch the match. In the team competition,
Excellent Era lost miserably. For this match between Excellent Era and Thunderclap, the final
result was 1 point to 9 points in favor of Thunderclap. Their performance had been nauseating
to watch. Wei Chen couldn't even keep watching. It was so terrible that, in a post-match
interview, Team Thunderclap's captain Xiao Shiqin didn't even know what to say. Facing the
question ’’how did you think your opponents performed today?’’, a question every player could
recite backwards, Xiao Shiqin had been stumped.
’’There wasn't even one good point about that match. Everything about it was terrible. Do you
have the post-match statistics?’’ Wei Chen asked.
’’I do.’’ Ye Xiu opened up another folder with documents on the statistics for every match. Each
document matched up with a recording.
’’Wow, holy sh*t...... hurry up and get me a bucket. I'm going to puke.’’ Wei Chen glanced at the
post-match statistics and remarked.
’’Let's watch the next match!’’ Ye Xiu was calmer.
’’The next match isn't going to be like this too is it? How about you give me a summary. I'm
scared that my old heart won't be able to handle it. It isn't easy for someone my age.’’ Wei Chen
pressed on his stomach and acted like he was an elderly grandpa. In reality, his ’’age’’ was only
relative to Glory's professional scene. At this moment, he wasn't even 30 yet. He was a young
person no matter how you looked.
’’They got two points in this match.’’ Ye Xiu calmly stated.
’’Oh, then let's begin!’’ Wei Chen looked as if he were about to watch a horror film. Moments
after the match began, everyone heard someone shout: ’’The bucket has arrived!!!’’
Everyone turned their heads in astonishment. Steamed Bun had actually slipped out of the
room who knew when and had returned just now. He carried a bucket in his hands and handed
it over to Wei Chen: ’’Go ahead and puke......’’
’’......’’ Wei Chen stared stupidly at Steamed Bun: ’’Bro, are you serious?’’
’’Are you serious? Are you going to puke or not?’’ Steamed Bun questioned.

Wei Chen turned towards Ye Xiu: ’’Is he really going to be a part of our team?’’
’’Mmhm.’’ Ye Xiu nodded his head.
’’You're joking, right?’’ Wei Chen asked.
’’Stop with this nonsense. It's starting.’’ Ye Xiu said to Wei Chen before turning to speak to
Steamed Bun: ’’Steamed Bun, put the bucket down. Let's watch the match!’’
’’I'll be putting the bucket over here. If you need to puke, just say the word!’’ Steamed Bun called
out before placing the bucket in the corner.
The recording began. This match had been that day's highlight match. Happy Internet Cafe had
broadcast this match. It was between Excellent Era and Samsara. In the individual competition,
Excellent Era had earned a total of two points. In the group arena, Zhou Zekai swept the field.
During the team competition, the fight had been just as nauseating to watch as it had been in
the previous match.
’’This guy adjusts quickly. He performed quite well in his match.’’ They replayed the recording.
In the second round of the individual competition, Wei Chen praised one of Excellent Era's
The winner of this second round was Excellent Era's Liu Hao. Ye Xiu nodded his head at the
praise, while Chen Guo gave a snort of contempt.
Excellent Era lost the third round, but having won two points already, this loss was easier to
accept. At this moment, Wei Chen was more spirited. He felt like this individual competition
didn't require the bucket. However, in the group arena, Excellent Era had been cleanly swept by
a single enemy, making Wei Chen speechless. In the end, he gave a way out for Excellent Era:
’’That punk Zhou Zekai is looking pretty stylish now! Excellent Era isn't in good condition
either. Beating them 1v3 isn't too surprising.’’
Ye Xiu didn't comment. The match moved to the team competition.
Even though Wei Chen hadn't watched this team competition before, he knew the end result
because Ye Xiu had told him that Excellent Era had only earned two points total in this entire
match. However, they were studying the match, so the process during which it happened was
more important than the end result. Right now, they needed to analyze what problems
Excellent Era had encountered during this match.
’’What's wrong? Would you like the bucket?’’ After the team competition ended, Ye Xiu asked.
Wei Chen actually shook his head. He didn't say anything, as if he was thinking about
’’Keep going?’’ Ye Xiu asked.
’’Continue!’’ Wei Chen didn't express any opinions about this team competition. He only told Ye
Xiu to play the next match.
The two continued to quietly watch match after match. Once the recordings finished, they
would check the statistics, but none of them made any verbal exchanges. As for Chen Guo, Tang
Rou, and Steamed Bun, they had been watching along too. However, whether or not they were
analyzing it carefully or watching it for fun, only they knew.
They could skip over the short breaks in between the competitions, so they watched each match
in one sitting. Moreover, Excellent Era usually got dominated, so the matches progressed

swiftly. They practically all finished in less than an hour. They kept watching matches, not
caring about the amount of time that passed, until they had reviewed all of the matches at least
once. Midway through the session, Wei Chen had gotten a pen and paper. He was constantly
writing stuff down. Ye Xiu occasionally glanced to see what he was writing, but didn't do
anything else.
After the final match concluded, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
’’Did you two discover anything?’’ Chen Guo impatiently wanted to know the results. For her,
this was like a suspense film.
’’Excellent Era kept on losing. Did we make a mistake?’’ Steamed Bun commented, but he clearly
didn't know what was going on. This guy was an expert in Glory, but he didn't have much
understanding of its pro scene.
On the other hand, Tang Rou didn't express any opinions. She just silently waited for Ye Xiu and
Wei Chen to speak.
’’What are your thoughts?’’ Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.
’’I've watched them all before. Why don't you tell me your thoughts?’’ Ye Xiu asked.
’’Lose the battle, but win the war. What do you think?’’ Wei Chen said.
’’Sounds about right.....’’ Ye Xiu let out a sigh.
’’What do you guys mean by that?’’ Chen Guo asked.
Wei Chen lifted up his notebook with a bunch of arcane symbols on it and pointed at these
symbols that no one could read: ’’The problem with Excellent Era is the mentality of their
players. From these matches and statistics, we can see some of this.’’
’’First there's the impact on some of them from the fight in-game. This impact could clearly be
seen. That disgusting match that made me want to puke was because of this reason. The person
affected the most was their core player, Sun Xiang. The impact of that in-game fight on Sun
Xiang changed over time. This can be seen through his performance in this match. Initially, he
had been struck a heavy blow. He was unable to concentrate during the match, so he frequently
made noob mistakes, but as time went on, he slowly began to adjust. However, this doesn't
mean that the impact from that in-game fight completely disappeared. After that match, Sun
Xiang became impatient to show off his skill. To put it plainly, at his current level, pursuing
glory is a good choice. His skill has already been publicly acknowledged. He doesn't need any
proof, but clearly, because of a certain God, he might have started to doubt himself, which was
why he appears so impatient. Simply put, in the beginning he was unable to concentrate, but
afterwards, he became too focused, causing his playing to become erratic. This is how a noob
behaves. Instead of maintaining his condition, he keeps up his guard against everyone.’’ Wei
Chen said.
’’A perfect example of an experienced player the opposite of Sun Xiang is that punk Liu Hao.
Apart from an extremely terrible first round, he performed quite steadily. If you pay attention
to his individual competition and group arena win rate, you can see all these things present. His
performances have been pretty good. Even with the team being a complete mess, Liu Hao still
showed moments of brilliance.
’’As for the other players, most of them fit into one of two categories. A portion of them had
been deeply impacted by a certain God. The others like Su Mucheng and even a few substitute

players were normal. However, even if this God didn't harm them in any way, their team
brought them down. Because the team performed terribly, their normal conditions were also
brought down with the team. Afterwards, they continually infect each other, resulting in
Excellent Era's current plight.’’
’’If we pick out Sun Xiang and Liu Hao, these two are the only exceptions. After Sun Xiang woke
up, he was able to piece himself back together. Unfortunately, he was unable to piece the team
back together, along with himself. There are probably a lot of reasons why. For example, he's a
new member of the team. Even if he holds the title of team captain, he doesn't have much of an
influence on the team, or maybe he was only in a rush to prove himself and didn't think of the
team's conditions. Or he might have thought of it, but the team's condition was so bad, that he
didn't know how to fix it, so he didn't bother. As for Liu Hao, our God here should explain it. He
clearly knows this person better than I do. His analysis would be much more accurate and
trustworthy.’’ Wei Chen chattered a bunch and then shifted it over to Ye Xiu.
Ye Xiu let out a sigh: ’’Liu Hao is only thinking about his own future. He has already abandoned
his team.’’
’’Ha ha, so it really is like that. That's why I said, lose the battle, win the war. Even though
Excellent Era performed terribly, someone like Liu Hao was able to display his strength. Not
only was he dragged down by his team, he even showed brilliance in this sort of environment.
By putting himself above the others, he's probably planning on using this opportunity to climb
up into a higher branch! Also, I'm afraid Liu Hao isn't the only one with these types of thoughts.
The team's already like this. Their record is so poor already. It'd be strange if they didn't have
these thoughts.’’ Wei Chen said.


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