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Quan Zhi Gao Shou - Volume 5 - Ace Showdown - Chapter 606


Chapter 606: Gathering

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

Chen Guo had lived in the area around Happy Internet Cafe for close to thirty years and was

incredibly familiar with it. However, Ye Xiu had only been here for about seven years too, so he

wasn't too unfamiliar with it. Even though he seldom went out during those seven years, Ye Xiu

still knew about the Forest Park neighborhood.

Forest Park was considered an upper-middle class neighborhood. Quite a few people from Club

Excellent Era lived here. The boss Tao Xuan had property in this neighborhood and had once

invited the entire team over during a vacation period for a party. In the blink of an eye, the

things stayed the same, but the people have changed. Ye Xiu couldn't help but let out a sigh.

’’The contract starts in April. Why don't you take a look, pick a room, and give some ideas on

how to arrange everything?’’ Chen Guo pulled the sighing Ye Xiu back to reality.

’’Oh, me? It doesn't matter. We can talk about it when the time comes!’’ Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was helpless. Clothing, food, housing, and transport were basic human needs. In

most people's eyes, shouldn't this have been an urgent issue? But for Ye Xiu, all of these were

unimportant. Chen Guo reckoned that he would probably be more nervous over discovering

that he had no cigarettes left.

’’When will Steamed Bun be coming over?’’ Chen Guo asked.

’’Didn't he buy a ticket to come?’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’You haven't gotten any messages from him?’’ Chen Guo and Tang Rou had spent the entire day

looking for housing.

’’None!’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’Maybe he already bought the ticket and is already on his way here?’’ Chen Guo wondered.

’’Mm, if it's Steamed Bun. It's definitely possible.’’ Ye Xiu said.

’’These guys......’’ Chen Guo looked up at the ceiling. She suddenly realized that she was carrying

a lot of weight on her shoulder.

’’Should we also call over Old Wei over?’’ Ye Xiu asked his boss.

’’Sure sure. Call over anyone you'd like. We've already have the housing settled. Let's not put it

to waste.’’ Chen Guo remembered the reminder Tang Rou had given her that afternoon: the

house rent was expensive and it was very likely much of the money would go to waste because

they didn't have enough people to fill the house yet. Steamed Bun Invasion could throw down

whatever he was doing and buy a ticket to come over, but Little Cold Hands and Concealed Light

were university students. They probably didn't have the luxury to do that. They most likely

needed to stay on school grounds.

Unfortunately, Chen Guo was too happy with the suite. She had barely stepped into the suite

and she made a deal immediately out of impulse. The deal went so quickly that the real estate

agent almost laughed. From Tang Rou's logical point of view, it was extremely likely much of

money for rent would go to waste, when Chen Guo thought about her contribution to the

team, she still felt satisfied with the decision. As for money, Chen Guo didn't place too much

value on it. If everything was prepared well, recruits would be more willing to join. If she had to

hurry and make emergency arrangements, wouldn't that be too abnormal? Thinking about it

this way, Chen Guo felt like the money spent was well worth it.

Meanwhile, as soon as Ye Xiu got the nod, he contacted Wei Chen.

’’Oh? So it's like that? It's not too inconvenient for me, but I have a bunch of brothers that I

usually hang out with too.’’ Wei Chen was a bit hesitant, but he was just a bit regretful. He

clearly knew that if they were going to create a team, everyone would need to be together in one

place. No matter how much he loved his friends, he couldn't demand that his friends come to

the pro scene with him.

’’Okay. I'll make some arrangements and I'll be over there soon.’’ Wei Chen was a decisive

person and quickly gave his answer.

'Okay, I'll be waiting.’’ Ye Xiu didn't say anymore.

Over the next few days, Ye Xiu didn't use his Unrivaled Super Hottie account. Instead, he used

Lord Grim and continued to level. With Unrivaled Super Hottie gone, Jiang You, as well as the

other core members of Tyrannical Ambition, knew why, but the other normal players didn't

know the reason. The players of all the branch guilds were still waiting for the incredible tank

to help them pass through any difficulties in their way, but suddenly, he vanished. Many of

their players were very upset.

However, this was a game. If someone suddenly disappeared, it wasn't too weird. Unrivaled

Super Hottie was only deeply missed because of the abnormal amount of attention they had

placed onto him. After being gone for a few days, everyone slowly forgot about his existence.

Ye Xiu's leveling with Lord Grim was going smoothly. Apart from the loads of experience from

dungeons, he didn't need to worry about the big guilds bothering him anymore. Even though it

had been a good while since Lord Grim had entered the Heavenly Domain, Ye Xiu had no idea

what policies the big guilds had towards him. In short, he would do what he could to defend

himself. Dungeons were naturally safe places for him to be. As long as he went into one, he

wouldn't need to be afraid of anyone bothering him.

The number of Heavenly Domain dungeons were as numerous as there were hairs on cows. If

the dungeons were as numerous as cow hairs, dungeon entrances were even more numerous.

Guarding the dungeon entrances and waiting for him to come like they could in the normal

servers was impossible here. Ye Xiu cleared dungeons all day and Lord Grim's experience shot


His leveling speed was even faster than it had been in the normal servers. The rewards in the

Heavenly Domain were far greater than they were in the normal server. This was the same for

experience and money.

However, his Level 50-55 leveling had been too bumpy of a journey. Ye Xiu's fast leveling these

past few days wasn't even close to catching up to the highest leveled players in the tenth server,

who were already Level 67 and pushing for Level 70. Players like Tang Rou's Soft Mist used to

be among the highest leveled players in the server, but after some time, they had been slowly

tossed behind. After all, they couldn't level their characters 24/7 like guilds characters could.

This time advantage couldn't be made up for by Tang Rou's advantage in player skill.

None of this mattered though. After Ye Xiu's Lord Grim entered the Heavenly Domain, their

battle had shifted. In the normal servers, even though there were valuable resources to be

competed for, in the Heavenly Domain, normal server items became cheaper. It wasn't worth

spending most of his effort on the tenth server. What's more, their strength hadn't really come

together yet. With limited resources, it would be better to place more importance on the

Heavenly Domain. Even if they had to trade the items that they earned for items from normal

servers, it would still be worth it.

As for what to compete for? Currently, Ye Xiu needed to complete his Thousand Chance

Umbrella and Wei Chen's Death Hand. With a goal, the two knew what needed to be done.

If they could get anything else along the way, they would take it. After all, relying on two Silver

weapons to strike the heavens down wasn't realistic. Their other equipment would need to be

complete too. The other members of the team would need suitable equipment too. There was no

such thing as having too many materials. If they weren't useful, they could be traded for


Ye Xiu was just leveling these past few days, so he didn't have much else to do. As for Wei Chen,

after making arrangements to come over, he continued to swim around in Samsara.

His journey to the top of the guild was essentially the same as Ye Xiu's Unrivaled Super Hottie.

However, he wasn't as dramatic as Unrivaled Super Hottie, who rose all the way up in just a few

days. During the two weeks that Unrivaled Super Hottie shone his way up in Tyrannical

Ambition, he slowly worked his way up in Samsara from a newly joined member to an elite.

After all, his skill level was there. The big guilds wouldn't ignore such a talent. However, even

though he was an elite, he was still far away from being a core member.

It was similar to Unrivaled Super Hottie's situation in Tyrannical Ambition. Even if Jiang You

hadn't seen through Ye Xiu's identity, someone who had only just joined could only do hard

work at first. To become a core member of the guild, skill wasn't important. Trust was.

This was the hardest part about being a spy. If all you need was skill to become a core member,

then the guilds would just send one of their experts to immediately become a spy. Speaking of

which, it wasn't the first time guilds had exploited experts like Unrivaled Super Hottie. Many

spies that had been compromised were intentionally ignored by the guild and used as hard

labor instead. The spies didn't know that they had been caught and were doing their best to win

the favor of the guild. Their skill was good, so they were very confident. When the crucial

moment came and the spy was misinformed, nothing could be more tragic for that spy then.

Wei Chen had played Glory for so many years. There was nothing that he didn't know about.

During his time in Samsara, he showed his skill, but he didn't dare to be too outstanding. If

anyone showed ridiculous skill like Unrivaled Super Hottie did, with the current situation in the

Heavenly Domain, there was only one label that could be put on him: Ye Qiu.

As a result, Wei Chen had counted the many times that Ye Xiu had failed to be a spy. His

commotion made everyone's work that much harder.

However, with Wei Chen's ability, he just needed to casually play and he had more than enough

skill to stand out among other players. With too much skill, he would be suspicious, but he

would also gain a lot of attention. It was a double-edged sword. If he didn't rely on displaying

his skill, then it would take too long to climb up the guild's ladder. Other spies had the time, but

he and Ye Xiu didn't. Thus, Wei Chen went around brandishing his double-edged sword.

At the fight for the North Bridge Mage, Wei Chen was amongst the Samsara's elite troops. He

wasn't a core member of Samsara, but his current status was already enough for Ye Xiu's

purposes. Maybe Samsara was still suspicious of Wei Chen's identity and was using him as a

helper for now, but it didn't matter to him.

Because in terms of power, their guild couldn't compare to the club guilds. The various club

guilds need to receive information multiple times to confirm it, but for Ye Xiu and the others,

this was too much work. If they could directly participate in these battles, it was equivalent to

knowing the situation.

If not, with just Ye Xiu and the others alone, how could they find wild bosses that randomly

spawned every week?

’’I'll come over tomorrow. Send me the address.’’ At 8:00 PM on April 1, Wei Chen suddenly

messaged Ye Xiu over QQ.

Fifteen minutes later, Steamed Bun Invasion's steamed bun icon suddenly up: ’’Senior! I bought

my ticket. I'm on the train. I'll be there soon!’’

’’Steamed Bun, you've used the same ticket for the past few days?’’ Ye Xiu asked.


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