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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 9


Today, Chen Xiang did not go to ripen the spirit herbs. Early in the morning he went to huge field located in the middle of the Chen family villa, because today is the day to finalize the position of the new elder. The Chen family patriarch position has been empty for three months, causing Chen family to be somewhat chaotic.

The huge field of the Chen family villa is covered with bricks, many important children of whole Chen family were standing there, they roughly amount to three hundred, and they are the Chen family's elite juniors.

Everyone from Chen family encircled the field, in the middle a large area was left empty, in that place stood five middle-aged man, of which one was Chen Tianhu.

Chen Xiang is also present among the crowds, watching everything with joy, ready to jump anytime to help his father compete for elder position.

One man with thick eyebrow and big eyes, with the grey hair middle-aged fellow, said while sneering: ’’Chen Tianhu, you know we have one very important condition for Chen family patriarch position.’’

The middle-aged fellows name is Chen Haohai, he is a branch commander of the Chen family and he is also older than Chen Tianhu while having the cultivation of 7th level of mortal martial realm. This branch of Chen family is also quite strong, so he thinks he has the qualifications to become a Chen family patriarch. On seniority, Chen Xiang need to call him an uncle.

Chen Tianhu eyes which was filled with anger stared at Chen Haohai and he coldly said:’’ Of course I know, Elder relatives should have good potential, in order to avoid misappropriation of public resources to waste on their family member.’’

Chen Xiang mother already passed away, since Chen Xiang is sensible he never asked about how she passed away, Chen Tianhu is the only close relative of Chen Xiang.

’’Ha-ha....but your son don't have any spiritual vein, if you get the elders position, you will certainly spend lot of valuable pills on him! Everybody knows all these years you have purchased many spirit herbs and pills and used it on him, are you not going to help your son again?’’ Chen Haohai while laughing said: ’’Everyone know he is a waste who can never advance!’’

Chen Tianhu naturally knew that his son is a genius among his peers, he just wants to hide his strength and not expose it, and otherwise it will lead to trouble.

’’My son can release True Qi fire! He has the potential to become alchemist, who says he is useless? Chen family veterans will probably have another opinions.’’ Chen Tianhu said while sneering.

At this time everyone started discussing, Chen Xiang refusing the offer to become spirit dan hall master apprentice is already spread all over in Wohu city. Although Chen Xiang did not have a spiritual vein, but he can still release True Qi flame and has the opportunity to become alchemist.

Chen Haohai with a coldly snort said:’’ But he refused to become spirit dan hall master apprentice, he doesn't even have a teacher so he will have a hard time becoming alchemist.’’

At this point, Chen Xiang calm and steady voice is heard by everybody:’’ I am now able to refine low-grade mortal level 'Quenching body dan'.’’

Hearing Chen Xiang words, everyone stared blackly, and Chen Haohai started laughing: ’’Huang Kou Xiao Er, you're only sixteen year old and can refine pill? Do not think lying will provide any help to your father in competing for the position of elder. Also, lying before an elder can lead you with some severe punishments.’’

[TLN: Huang kou xiao er is a Chinese proverb I couldn't find any similar proverb in English, it is used to ridicule someone younger of age, if you can think of something please comment.]

’’You think you're the Yao family genius? People of the Yao family belong to one of pill making aristocratic families! They have vigorous heritage.’’

Chen Xiang walked from inside the crowd, with steady gaze and calm complexion, he put forward an alchemy furnace and looked at that sneering Chen Haohai, said: ’’Do you dare to bet with me? I can refine Quenching body dan in one try, if I succeed how about you kowtow to apologize to me in front of everyone?’’

Chen Haohai started laughing again, and everyone else got stunned, they did not even think that Chen Xiang could be in this way presumptuous in front of an elder!

Chen Haohai got angry by Chen Xiang's attitude, not only is Chen Xiang much younger than him and is also defying him in front of everybody.

For this action of Chen Xiang, Chen Tianhu fully supported his son, at this moment he felt more proud with his response.

Chen Haohai face is full of anger, heavily said: ’’What did you say!’’ In between conversation, True Qi rushed toward Chen Xiang, but it was actually dispersed by Chen Tianhu.

Chen Xiang's both eyes stare at Chen Haohai, enhancing his sound and said: ’’I want you to bet with me if I could refine 'Quenching body dan' in one attempt, and if I am successful than you will kowtow in front of everyone and apologize to me!’’

Chen Xiang repeated it with serious face making sure that nobody thought of it as a joke, moreover his expression is also full of the arrogance. Can a teenager face an elder like this, not many within the Chen family would even dare to think of doing something like this.

Chen Haohai was trembling with anger, he saw Chen Xiang ask with a serious look, he does not dare to comply immediately, but everybody around is waiting for an answer.

Chen Xiang is watching Chen Haohai intently, while continuing: ’’You slander me in public by declaring me as a useless waste, now I want to prove myself, simultaneously making you apologize to me! You as a senior still refusing to bet with me?’’

Chen Haohai wants to beat the crap outta this little brat, but he actually does not dare. After all killing a child of the Chen family is a very serious matter.

An old man said: ’’Since it is like that, Chen Haohai you bet with him, but kowtow apology is exempted, after all it was simply some angry words of a little brat. If he can refine a pill in a single attempt, Chen Haohai you must give appropriate compensation.’’

’’I agree, if my son losses, I will not fight for patriarch position!’’ Chen Tianhu said, then nodded his head towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Tianhu's words cause an uproar!

Chen Haohai while snorting:’’ Ok I will bet, if I lose, than I will give him my one thousand year blood spirit grass.’’

One thousand year blood spirit grass! Everyone together shouted in a low voice, how could they not be surprised, the thousand years grown blood spirit grass is a very expensive and profound level low-grade spirit herb.

’’Chen Xiang, if you start alchemy now! About how long will you need?’’ That old man asked, He is Chen family patriarch and carries a certain prestige.

According to everyones understanding, refining mortal level low-grade pill will at least takes half a day, the fastest it will take two or three hours, but it is now being refined by a sixteen year old teenager.

’’Quickly, we do not need to delay much time!’’ In between conversation, Chen Xiang sat down cross-legged, and that elder and Chen Haohai came to check the alchemy furnace, to prevent Chen Xiang from cheating.

’’Inferior alchemy furnace, it seems Chen Tianhu that you are very poor!’’ Chen Haohai started sneering, everyone knew that all of Chen Tianhu's money was spent on Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang finished removing the herbs from his storage pouch, reorganize and inspect them. Then he poured the warm True Qi flame inside the furnace and then only put all the herbs inside, his every move is very meticulous.

But that True Qi flame also made everyone slightly surprised, although many people can release flames to attack but only through some martial skill and those flames can only be released for the purpose of attacking. In simple words they cannot control the flames as freely as Chen Xiang, only if practice controlling fire type exercise, but these exercises are very rare and difficult to practice.

Chen Xiang continuously poured the flame inside the alchemy furnace, at this time from within the alchemy furnace, the smell of some herbal aroma leak out.

One hour past, everyone sees the close eyed Chen Xiang eyebrows suddenly started twitching. Onlookers know he is in most crucial phase, and Chen Haohai who is also watching this starts sweating, he is worried that he would have to give up a one thousand year blood spirit grass if he lost.

Everyone saw smoke drifting out from inside alchemy furnace, and at this time Chen Xiang also opened his eyes and with a happy expression stood up and said: ’’Please inspect.’’

’’What? Completed in one hour?’’ Everyone expression is full of question.

That elder starts to inspect first! Although he does not know about alchemy, but he is fully aware of the alchemy process, he had been carefully watching Chen Xiang, knowing that Chen Xiang followed certain basic steps of alchemy. Although he is not clear about the situation inside the alchemy furnace, but he was able to sense the heat in furnace constantly changing, and these changes were very subtle.

Opening the lid of furnace, everyone smelt the faint herbal aroma, they are truly familiar with this aroma, moreover they also witnessed the refining process, when they see elder taking out five snow white pills, everyone cannot help but exclaim.


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