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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 6


Chen Xiang practices Azure dragon divine exercise which is wood attributed exercise. Azure dragon True Qi contains endless amount of elemental life force and is very helpful for growing spirit herb. There is even a particular exercise called ’’Dragon saliva exercise’’ which provides assistance in planting herbs. Casting 'Dragon saliva', brings out a mystical liquid cohesion from within body Azure Dragon True Qi, which accelerates the growth of spirit herbs.

Practicing Zhu Que divine exercises can allow you to release a flame. The flame is formed by practicing this divine exercise, and is essential in alchemy.

’’The four symbols of divine exercises’’ includes all aspects, there are many fierce exercises but because Chen Xiang's strength is not adequate he cannot practice.

At the moment Chen Xiang has 3000 spirit coins, equivalent to 300,000 small spirit coins, but it is still not enough for him to buy a mortal level middle-grade 'Baptising marrow dan'. Pills are rather expensive, an ordinary martial artist cannot afford it, even the cheapest pill is very expensive

[TLN: I prefer using Dan (丹) instead of pill, I will use dan in names of pill because it creates a mismatch with names. For Eg: - Baptising marrow dan and baptising marrow pill.]

In entire Wohu city there is only one place that specializes in selling pills. And that is 'Spirit dan hall', a four storied building, although not very large, but still the things sold inside are quite expensive, moreover a hundred acres behind the Spirit hall is a big manor, that is dedicated for growing spirit herbs.

Although Spirit dan hall is not associated with any clans, but it is not weak, they have many experts inside. Even alchemy masters sits inside Spirit dan hall and their status is the same as ancestors. After all pills are very rare, but still their benefits are great, allowing martial artist to elevate their power level, and enhancing their body and strength.

Chen Xiang came inside Spirit dan hall, an herbal aroma wafting all around and soothing the soul, letting the buyers feel very comfortable.

There were many counters, while each counter selling different kind of pills, some selling spirit pills, while some spirit herbs.

Before coming here, Su Meiyao told Chen Xiang to start practicing with low-rank pills, thus he intends to refine mortal level low-grade pill 'Quenching body dan'. It is cheap and easy to sell, one pill is about 700 spirit coins, and anyone below 4th level of mortal martial realm can get a significant boost after eating it.

’’Young master, spirit pills are sold there, this stand is specialized in selling spirit herbs!’’ A cute beautiful girl from counter said with smile on face.

Inside Spirit dan hall there are not many people, so Chen Xiang strolling is very conspicuous, but in Spirit dan hall everyone attitude is extremely good, even if she saw Chen Xiang wearing a shabby outfit, she didn't underestimate him, because many hidden experts coming to Spirit dan hall have ordinary appearance.

’’I want to buy spirit herb seedlings for refining 'Quenching body dan', I do not know if you sell them here?’’ Chen Xiang went over to the beautiful girl and inquired.

Very few people come to buy seedlings, as few have the ability to grow them. Those who are able to grow are generally affiliated with big forces, and are responsible for handling herb garden and are quite proficient in alchemy. They are treated as treasures by those forces and rarely come out for a walk.

That girl was slightly surprised, but still said with a sweet smile: ’’Of course, to refine 'Quenching body dan' you need four herbs, the prices are the same for all seedlings. They are quite cheap, only 100 spirit coins for each seedling.’’

The herbs needed for 'Quenching body dan' are 'Azure spirit grass', 'Blood element flower', 'Profound bright flower' and 'Spirit leaf grass'.

Chen Xiang considered for a moment, then said: ’’Give me five of each.’’

400 spirit coins for one set that is 2000 for five. Chen Tianhu gave him only 3000 spirit coins. Just with this more than half his fortune is gone, this basic pill really cannot be consumed by ordinary martial artists.

The girl is surprised, she didn't know any young master around his age in Wohu city that could practice alchemy techniques, and grow herbs.

’’I'll go fetch it for you, please wait for a bit.’’ The Girl was not worried about Chen Xiang joking with her, cause people messing with Spirit dan hall have very serious consequences.

’’Yo, who is this? ’’A handsome teenager, wearing a magnificent and expensive white robe, holding a folding fan was coming down from staircase, looking at Chen Xiang with disdain said.

The upper floors in spirit dan hall sells higher ranked pills, and people that can go up are all distinguished guests.

’’Are your eyes behind your back, ** your big mouth. Opening your big mouth just to speak bullshit.’’ Chen Xiang curling his lips replied.

That teenager is Chen Zhenhua, he and Chen Xiang are of similar age. He is also extremely intelligent, at young age he managed to enter the 4th level of Mortal martial realm, and just a step away from 5th level.

Chen Zhenhua face immediately turned green:’’ Chen Xiang, I admit in childhood you were very formidable, but you do not have spiritual vein, now I can easily beat you with one hand behind my back!’’

Chen Xiang being at 5th level of mortal martial realm, can only laugh at those words. No matter how strong a level-4 person is, they are absolutely not his match.

’’This is Chen Xiang? One of the Chen family elder's grandson? I heard he doesn't have spiritual vein and can only remain at mortal martial realm 3rd level in his entire lifetime, it seems he is here for some pills!’’ Behind Chen Zhenhua came one beautiful girl, looking at Chen Xiang with disdain.

Chen Xiang recognized this girl, she is the Wohu city governor's daughter.

’’Really birds of a feather flock together, I did not expect governor's daughter will be so superficial, staying together with such fellow.’’ Chen Xiang said, then no longer pay any attention to them, now he has absolute strength, for many years he suffered cynicism, worked hard diligently to obtain strength. Therefor his mind is much more mature than these rash boys and girls.

See Chen Xiang no longer paying attention to them, Chen Zhenhua and that girl are angry. Chen Zhenhua wanting to show-off in front of the governor's daughter, thus walked towards Chen Xiang.

’’Young master, here are you spirit herbs seedlings.’’ The counter girl having his order, pulled out the seedlings wrapped in paper from a storage pouch.

Chen Xiang is even buying seedlings! This was a surprise for Chen Zhenhua, but he laughed scornfully and said: ’’Chen Xiang you do not have a spiritual vein, do not presumptuously think to planting spirit herbs. Don't tell me you want to become an alchemy master;this is way too funny.’’

Although there are not many people in Spirit dan hall, so it's usually very quiet inside, thus when everyone heard someone speaking in a loud voice 'one does not have spiritual vein but wants to become alchemy master', they cannot help but give curious looks.

Chen Xiang is well known in the city, after all his grandfather is Chen family patriarch, his father is one well-known figure, but he does not have spiritual vein. Most people when talking about Chen family patriarch and Chen Tianhu always end up sighing.

Chen Xiang silently paid the money and received those spirit herb seedlings. He chose to ignore everyone gazes. Just when he was about to leave Chen Zhenhua with sneer said: ’’One waste, wasting so many spirit herbs.’’

Chen brow wrinkled, when he said 'he did not have spiritual vein' he chose to ignore him. He was ridiculed a few times, nothing more, but he could not tolerate being called a waste.

When everyone saw the Chen family children fighting, they were happy inside their hearts, because it will be a good show to watch!

Chen Xiang turned around a looked at the arrogant Chen Zhenhua. Suddenly from his five fingers surged out flames in form of a palm, many people began to feel like they were in a sauna.

Inside Spirit dan hall, there are many people who have excellent insight, they are well aware that this flame is not same as other flames, but is absolutely a flame of alchemy.

’’Chen Zhenhua, I dare you to try to face this True Qi flame cohesion out by a waste.’’ Chen Xiang said with emotionless cold tone.

Only those with special talent and rare practice exercises can cohesion true Qi flame, they are born with this type of talent are able to understand the changes inside True Qi flames.

Because Chen Zhenhua was very close to Chen Xiang, his whole body is covered in sweat, the beautiful girl in the counter is also in the same state, making her body's thin clothing soaked with fragrant perspiration, and sketching out her seductive curves.

This fierce flame made all the people in whole spirit dan hall shocked, dumb as a wooden chicken.


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