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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 4


’’Little guy, you say your little fairy is attractive, are we master sisters not attractive?’’ In Chen Xiang mind suddenly appeared a cute voice, this voice belongs to Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang Cough twice and with a dry laugh says:’’ As long as my wife is beautiful, hei hei...., of course you are certainly beautiful......Yes, Meiyao Sister hurry and teach me those divine exercise and alchemy.’’

’’Dirty Fellow, what do you mean?’’ Spat and said.

’’Nothing.....’’ Chen Xiang grinned while scratching, his eyes flashed with strange aura.

In order to prevent Xue Xianxian from being disappointed, Chen Xiang plans to practice day and night and redouble his effort in practice.

A trace of weak aura suddenly flashes from the invisible ring on Chen Xiang finger, both Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao appear in front of him, wearing noble and elegant purple robe, Chen Xiang guessed that this was already present inside the ring.

This time in the afternoon, the sun is very sinister, but it seems that these two stunning girls is enjoying that annoyingly sinister sunlight.

’’The spirit Qi here is really bad, if we do not rely on pills, it'll be very difficult for you to enter True martial realm!’’ Su Meiyao looking up the hot sun, murmured.

Chen Xiang was somewhat heavy headed, these two girls are able to enter and exit the ring freely, moreover they can also be able to hear the outside sounds.

Chen Xiang entered his small residence with them, inside is not very big, there is only one hall and four rooms. When compared to huge Chen family this is indeed considered small.

In the small hall, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou drink spirit tea prepared by Chen Xiang. This is Chen Xiang's collection, usually he himself is reluctant to drink it.

’’The Spirit Qi is thin in this place, if you quickly want to elevate you have to rely on pills, but before this, you must practice True Qi fire. You have Yin and yang divine vein, so this will not be difficult for you.’’ Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, said: ’’Please Meiyao sister, give me advice.’’

’’Come, I will teach you Tai Chi divine exercise and divine exercise of four symbols.’’ Su Meiyao with tender sound said, stroking her hair, it is truly fascinating and charming, because Chen Xiang has infinite potential, Su Meiyao also wants to teach him with attention, so that later she could have one fierce helper.

Su Meiyao's delicate hand covered Chen Xiang's forehead, while in Chen Xiang mind there are many texts revolving around. Each one obscure and difficult to understand, but afterward he unconsciously mastered it thoroughly.

Su Meiyao Said:’’ This is my divine sense transferring you the steps for practicing, I not only passed you the divine skill, but also my understanding of it, you just simply have to follow the steps.’’

Chen Xiang's hearts was slightly surprised, he did not think that Su Meiyao be able to use ’’divine Sense’’. To practice divine sense one has to be in the 6th level of Mortal martial realm, it is bread out by fusing spiritual power and true force. It is invisible and stateless spiritual force and also very mysterious.

’’Things about us must be kept confidential and you must not tell anyone, including your little wife!’’ Bai Youyou said with serious and cold tone.

Su Meiyao said: ’’I can tell you, mine and senior sister enemies are numerous, those enemies can crush you just by pointing at your head, so you have to keep this secret about us and we will also not come out from ring casually.’’

Chen Xiang heart shuddered, he did not think that he is harboring two dangerous women, he quickly nodded his head, while Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao suddenly disappeared, entered the ring inside.

Tai Chi divine exercise and divine exercise of four symbols! Although only a small part of it, but Chen Xiang is extremely excited, after all not anybody can practice divine skill!

In martial artists world, martial skill is divided into Mortal level, Spirit level, Profound level, Earth level, Tian level, Sacred level, divine level, and further divide into Upper and Lower levels, pills are also similarly divided but further divided into Upper, Mid and Lower grade unlike skills.

Tian level martial skills are very rare, divine level martial skills are even rarer.

divine exercise, are after all only practiced by legendary gods who have incomparably formidable and overwhelming strength, they can summon lightning to strike the land, they can even change things against heaven wills, break space, and are able to ascend into greater beings.

Tai Chi divine exercise is the main exercise, it specialized in training the body within Qi, is a very profound and powerful martial art heart law.

[TLN: here heart law(心法) can be interpreted as chant]

The divine exercise of four symbols is divided into four parts, namely Azure dragon, White tiger, Vermilion bird and Black tortoise divine exercise, these four divine exercise are auxiliary in nature and helps in boosting attack and defense of martial skills and after practicing, it can demonstrate formidable Martial techniques.

Chen Xiang arrives at the backyard of his house, with lush green trees, breathing in the air, he can clearly sense the five elemental spirit Qi between heaven and earth.

Common spiritual vein is divided according to attributes, Chen Xiang's yin and yang divine vein represents the world's five elements, so he can practice five elements True Qi.

Tai Chi divine exercise, although has profound heart law, but after Su Meiyao transferred her understanding of it, he quickly mastered it. He operated the Tai Chi divine exercise, the Tai Chi Yin Yang diagram in his dantian start rotating immediately, while the spirit Qi between heaven and earth violently surge into his body.

The absorption rate of spirit Qi for High-grade spiritual vein is very fast, as for divine vein, needless to say! At this time Chen Xiang sat cross-legged while running the Tai Chi divine exercise, spirit Qi entered his body immediately while purifying it, Qi transforming into a pure white stream, spreading in his body within bones, muscles and meridians, while making his body sturdier.

To become formidable martial artist, one must purify the body, both internally and externally. Chen Xiang is now strengthening his internal body, making his internal body bred out powerful Qi stream containing formidable power, this is true Qi.

[TLN: we can say True Qi(真气) is also Zhen Qi, i prefer using true Qi, more about Qi you can find here]

Chen Xiang unconsciously enter into a practice state, spirit Qi with madness surge into his body, if somebody saw it, would be scared in broad daylight.

Azure dragon and White tiger divine skill specialize in attacking ,while Vermilion bird divine skill mainly specialize in fire and Black tortoise divine skill for defense.

Practice True Qi up to Mahayana, can cohesion out a form in dantian, If Chen Xiang practice divine exercise of four symbols, he can later cohesion out Azure dragon, Vermilion bird, White tiger and Black tortoise in dantian, in the forms of four divine beast.


This means that Chen Xiang can have power of four in one, although for him it will be very laborious, but his grasp of power will be above as compared to others.

[TLN:one person generally able to cohesion out only one form but he will have four......woot OP!]

A large amount of spirit Qi surge into his body, he simply starts running Tai Chi divine exercise refining it into polished True Qi! True Qi flows inside the large and small veins of his body, making his meridians within his body much more sturdier.

Next morning quickly came, warm sunlight entered the backyard, reflecting on Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang opens both of his eyes, electricity is almost visible in his eyes, wind from his body surface disperses the white morning mist, his body is covered with a layer of black filth, he at this moment already entered into 4th level of Mortal martial realm!

Mortal martial realm from level 4 to 6 is one stage, Chen Xiang now reached level-4, Opening vein stage! This stage has been unachievable to him for many years.

Chen Xiang again closed his eyes, attentively watching the Tai chi yin and yang diagram within his dantian, he discovered that in the Tai chi yin and yang diagram there are five True Qi whirlpool, separated in four direction and centre! But ordinary people have only one, he currently has five! His vigorous breath degree can only be imagined.

With this degree of vigorous True Qi, his strength is comparable to 5th level of Mortal martial realm.

’’Finally entered Mortal martial realm level-4, now father don't have to beg those old man for herbs!’’ Chen Xiang was rejoicing due to his overnight breakthrough.

When he thinks about Xue Xianxian, who entered 6th level Mortal martial realm at the age of fifteen, he immediately calm himself down, thinking about that Yao family talented young alchemist hitting on his fiancée, Chen Xiang heart become ruthless, he want to practice more strenuously, then go to Yao family and challenge that genius alchemy master.

’’Start practicing Azure dragon divine skill!’’ Su Meiyao said, as her divine sense restore to a certain degree, can clearly sense outside things.

divine exercise of four symbols generally speaking is only one divine exercise, but comprehensive of Boxing, Palm techniques, kicking techniques, Qigong and many more, after mastering, thinking about how much he can display its prowess depends on him, it is infinitely abstruse.

Azure dragon contain wood attribute, not only wood attribute but also has wind and lightning attributes, so practicing Azure dragon divine exercise can cast out martial skills containing wind and lightning power.

Chen Xiang after cleaning his body had a meal and came back to his backyard to again practice Azure dragon divine exercise.

Tai Chi divine exercise and divine exercise of four symbols already integrated within his soul, no matter how profound and mysterious they are, he will be able to understand.

Quite a while past, Chen Xiang runs True Qi within body according to Azure dragon divine exercise, seeing his body overflowing with soft azure aura. Some lightning is flashing inside the azure aura, Chen Xiang body also burst out some breeze from time to time.

Chen Xiang now released the True Qi inside his body which contained wood attribute with lightning and wind power, but for him this level is not enough to cast Azure dragon divine exercise martial skills with more powerful wood, lightning and wind attributes.

Chen Xiang control the wood attributed True Qi within his body to flow inside his meridians, flowing cycle after cycle, True Qi moving in a strange way, sometime fast sometime slow, sometime flowing similar to big river, sometime flowing gently like a mountain stream....


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