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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 24


Fist and sword collided with each other, with powerful momentum True Qi surged in all four directions. As the azure aura exploded, Chen Xiang's vigorous True Qi directly broke Yao Tianhua's long sword with a burst of sharp sound.

Chen Xiang's 'Heavenly tiger storm killing fist' was unstoppable. Violent fists with powerful and steaming True Qi smash into Yao Tianhua, pressuring him in a way where he can neither move his body or able to take a breath.

’’Stop!’’ Just then the Yao family elder shouts, but Chen Xiang's fists were like thunderbolts attacking from the sky, everyone was shocked to extreme even their eyes and mouth are fully open. Accompanied by powerful wind, Yao Tianhua body flies off the stage, spitting out a large amount of blood he fainted.

Yao family elder and several of the Yao family bodyguards quickly flew into the sky and landed near the fallen Yao Tianhua.

’’ actually injured him so heavily!’’ a Yao family elder angrily shouted, he quickly took out a pill and placed it inside the mouth of Yao Tianhua.

After treating Yao Tianhua he handed him over to the Yao family bodyguards, then the Yao family elder jumped up on the High stage.

Chen Xiang with only his fists broke Yao Tianhua's sword and severely wounded him in the process, this level of strength made others blush with shame. At this time these family juniors were pretty much excited, because they have realized that now Chen and Yao family are now enemies, moreover that Yao family elder is preparing to fight Chen Xiang.

The Chen family elders and branch commanders were also getting ready to deal with the trouble, but before they could move they were stopped by Chen Tianhu, in a low voice he said to them: ’’Everyone do not move! We will simply watch a spectacular play.’’

Chen Yihan said with a somewhat unnatural complexion: ’’This brat defeated me with only 5th level mortal martial realm strength and now he has already advanced to 6th level. That Yao family elder absolutely will not be able to take advantage of him in any way.’’

Although Yao family elder's strength is that of a mortal martial realm 7th level, but for Chen Xiang who practices divine exercise and has Yin and Yang divine veins, it will not be difficult for him to defeat the Yao family elder.

Someone who is highly talented with huge potential becomes the future of their family. The Chen family although very powerful, has many powerful families that are secretly hostile towards them. Now that other family's juniors have witnessed Chen Xiang's strength, those families with vile intention against Chen family are bound to restrain their thoughts. Also other families will try to get friendly with the Chen family to establish equally beneficial relations.

’’What's wrong? Can the younger generation not beat the elders?’’ Chen Xiang sneered, while his pair of fists occasionally burst out azure lightning. Everyone present in the field were surprised, Chen Xiang did not cultivate flames? How come he is releasing such violent lightning True Qi?

The Yao family elder was not stupid. He realized that this was not the true extent of Chen Xiang's strength, what surprised him even more is that the Chen family experts did not even step forward to help Chen Xiang! This made the Yao family elder feel an inexplicable shame, because the Chen family experts thinks that Chen Xiang can cope with him and that they disdain to step forward to deal with him!

Chen Xiang looked at the Yao family elder standing in front of him, watching that angry old face he said: ’’Yao family elder, you in the end came here to do what? Are you also going to exchange pointers with me?’’

Exchange pointers? One who lived dozens of years is going to exchange pointers with a ten year old brat! This is simply going to make him a laughing stock, whether he wins or lose this is only going to tarnish his reputation.

’’ wounded Tianhua!’’ the Yao family elder really had nothing to say because he simply jumped up on the stage in spurt of the moment.

Chen Xiang in a relaxed tone slowly said: ’’So what? If I did not retaliate, his sword would have pierced my throat! I did not kill him and that is already considered as me being lenient on him! ’’

Anyone can see that Yao Tianhua's sword attack was very ruthless, so Chen Xiang's actions were also natural, let alone that they were in a competition, getting injured is obviously unavoidable!

Only the Yao family elder felt unjustified, he belonged to one dignified pill aristocratic family, had a wide range of network and many strong families have alliances with the Yao family. But today the Yao family not only lost their precious herbs but also lost face, moreover the Yao family prided alchemist also got injured, and all of this is due to Chen Xiang!

’’Ha-ha-ha........’’ the Yao family elder suddenly looked up and laughed: ’’One little Chen family really overestimate its own capabilities and is going to oppose my Yao family! Today I will teach a lesson to a brat who does not even know the immensity of heaven and earth!’’

The Yao family elder was already desperate, in his opinion the Chen family was only a small family, even if he spank Chen Xiang this one time, the Chen family would not dare to say anything, even if the two families go to war, the Yao family would definitely not lose.

[TLN: hahahahahaha, ok ok now the real sentence]

The Yao family elder was already desperate, in his opinion the Chen family was only a small family, even if he taught a lesson to Chen Xiang this one time, the Chen family does not dare to say anything, even if the two families go to war, the Yao family would definitely not lose.

’’Shameless old bastard! It's your Yao family who don't know the immensity of heavens and earth. The reputation of the Yao family already lost face because of you today.’’ Chen Xiang said in a loud and clear voice which resounded over the whole field.

Everyone in their heart had already secretly despised the Yao family. They did not even admit defeat but also tried to bully the weak. They were relying on their strength and prosperity, regardless of morality and justice they were going to attack Chen Xiang, it was simply too ridiculous!

The Yao family elder got more angry, with a howl his whole body suddenly was covered in fiery-red True Qi, from both eyes gushing out fire, with just one step he appeared in front of Chen Xiang, both of his palms similar to radiant fiery meteor strike rushed towards Chen Xiang. Whilst an invisible wall made of the fiery True Qi aura surrounded Chen Xiang.

Those pair of hot palms had not yet hit Chen Xiang, but the invisible True aura still penetrated in Chen Xiang's body, but Chen Xiang with calmness and tranquillity stood still, similar to a mountain even when faced with the scorching flames. On both his fists True Qi were overflowing, an azure light flashed on them with burst of lightning. They immediately transformed into tiger heads and it was bigger than the attack that injured Yao Tianhua!

The Yao family elder whole body was gushing out flames, appearing ferocious like an angry fiery devil, his pair of skinny palm congealed out vigorous True Qi.

’’Old man, actually even against me you are so much heavy handed! Than I'm also not going to be polite!’’ Chen Xiang suddenly roared similar to a mad dragon's roar, while azure Qi waves spewed out from inside his mouth. Suddenly fierce azure wind started to blow, in these fierce wind, azure lightning flashed round after round. But at the same time Chen Xiang like a bolt moved towards the Yao family elder, the of pair tiger head fists instantaneously transformed into two solemn and powerful Azure dragon head.

Azure dragon roar released a fierce wind containing lightning that were very powerful, the Yao family elder after seeing this could not help but be surprised, at this time he saw two giant dragon were roaring and rushing towards him.

’’You brat.........’’the Yao family elder panic-stricken watched Chen Xiang's violent True Qi rushing towards him.

Chen Xiang's double fist met with the approaching Yao family elder's fire palms, punching each other away, palm and fist fiercely collide.

All of a sudden 'bang' with thunderous sound and scattering various aura, Qi waves similar to sea waves, like hurricane spreading in all four directions, instantaneously destroying the high stage and even some of the nearby dining tables and chairs were also lifted up.

Everyone was horribly shocked, eyes staring and mouths left open, unexpectedly one sixteen year old teenager is on par with Yao family elder, moreover he even got the upper hand. Because everyone could clearly notice the blood overflowing from the corners of the mouth of the Yao family elder.

Chen Xiang although looked embarrassed and could not bear with it, but was steadily standing there like a mountain, with uniform breath unlike the Yao family elder who was panting. Everyone could see that the Yao family elder probably consumed a huge amount of True Qi to withstand the crazy and fierce attack of Chen Xiang.


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