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World Defying Dan God - Chapter 2


The two stunning beautiful girls didn't move, their pretty faces were entirely covered with monstrous killing intent. The two pairs of pretty eyes were squinting due to anger but unexpectedly they were not able to turn their heads.

’’Sisters, aren't....aren't you cold? Why are you not wearing any clothes, I am feeling quiet cold here.’’ Chen Xiang did not know what to say, so he just randomly asked.

At this time, the elegant cold noble girl, with an ice cold face said ’’You take one more step and I will let you experience the pain of your bones corroding, so that you may as well wish for death.’’

Although the girl sounded crisp and ethereal, it didn't contain any feeling, making others think that it was perfect but had a minor defect. That girl's look and temperament were just like her sound. This could make others feel cold from thousands of Li away, the pair of pretty eyes were flashing with a cold aura revealing their deep hostility.

[TLN: 1 Li= 500m]

’’Brat, if you dare come closer, I'll make sure you regret ever being born in this world.’’ The other girl coldly said in a low voice. Her voice was charming and pleasing to the ear, coming from all sides and captivating one's soul. Her beauty made her a seductress, a stunning masterpiece to all those who see her.

Having two stunning beauties standing in front greatly tempted Chen Xiang, although he did not think of himself to be a gentleman, he was not a deceitful person. At present the two girls are unable to move but still he did not take advantage of them.

[PF: *applauds* good on you fella.]

Chen Xiang quietly calmed down and politely said ’’Ladies, not intentional, I was trying to harvest some herbs above the cliff, but suddenly the whole cliff shook and after that I fell. I'm lucky to be alive.’’

While talking Chen Xiang removed two gowns and walked towards the two girls. He could see that the two girls weren't able to move and in order to not let them feel shy, he could only cover their bare bodies.

By then Chen Xiang had shortened the distance and was looking at their bodies. The elegant beautiful girl could only close her eyes and endure the fiery hot gaze of Chen Xiang looking at her body! She was slightly trembling while emitting a cold slaughter Qi which could be felt to the bone, making Chen Xiang tremble.

Chen Xiang's whole body was covered in cold sweat, somewhat dismayed while trying to cover the cold girl's body.


This allowed the girl to become somewhat appreciative of Chen Xiang as her complexion also improved, there was no longer slaughter Qi being released by her.

Chen Xiang arrived at the seductive girl's side, seeing that the seductive girl was slightly smiling at him, which made Chen Xiang's face slightly red, he took a deep breath, only then did he put the gown over her.

This act of Chen Xiang, made the two girl feel slightly grateful in there heart and also somewhat guilty, they had threatened him just before. Moreover they also shook the cliff, if not for Chen Xiang's luck, perhaps he would have died.

The two girls let out a loose sigh, Chen Xiang did not do anything dirty to them, this mind-set of his made the girls appreciative. They were very clear on how strong a man's temptation can be especially with bodies like theirs.*

[PF: unless they go for that sausage hey you never know¯\_ꖘ ³ꖘ_/¯]

’’Ladies, have you stayed here for very long? Can you tell me how to go up? I cannot stay here for a lifetime, I have some very important business to attend to!’’ Chen Xiang spoke with frustration.

The seductive girl with faint smile softly said ’’Little brother, I think you don't have a spiritual vein, in this life you will never be able to become a strong martial artist! However.....I can gift you an extreme yang divine vein and also teach you some formidable divine exercise and alchemy so you can make pills, making you a formidable martial artist, but only under one condition.’’

The seductive girl threw a coquettish wink towards Chen Xiang, increasing his desire, it could not help but make Chen Xiang's mood increase a little and these words made him slightly startled. However he somewhat felt uncertain, he could see that these two girls were very strong, but since they are currently injured and cannot even move, how are they able to help others?

The beautiful cold girl's eyes lit up and coldly said ’’Brat, I can grant you an extreme yin divine vein! Teach you how to practice devil exercises, my devil exercises are not any different than my junior sister's divine exercise! We will never go back on our word’’

Chen Xiang's body shook, only geniuses were born with high grade spiritual vein. But above a high grade spiritual vein was a profound vein. Next was the tian vein which was even rare than the profound vein and above the tian vein was the legendary divine vein.

Having a divine vein was going against heaven's will.

’’Did you injure your head somewhere from the fall? Don't make fun of me. I don't have skills but you can't treat me like I'm stupid.’’ Although a moment ago Chen Xiang was shocked, he could still not believe them.

’’If you obtain these, becoming a formidable martial artist is not difficult! However later you have to help us restore our strength.’’ the seductive girl said, this shook Chen Xiang's core.

The cold girl said: ’’We were struck by a personal enemy and were severely wounded, unable to move and even lost our previous power level. Also formidable demon beasts haunt here so we have to leave quickly.’’

They couldn't even move and were seriously injured, the meridians within their bodies, bones, dantian and internal organs had been hit hard. It can be said that it was completely destroyed, this was due to the battle with a personal nemesis, it also shook the earth and mountains making Chen Xiang shudder.

The arrival of Chen Xiang was undoubtedly a good opportunity for them to leave this place. They knew this place was frequently haunted by demon beasts, as they were defenceless here they may become a meal for these demon beast anytime.

’’You must believe us now, otherwise you can never climb up in this life.’’ the seductive girl said seriously.

Chen Xiang had a difficult time accepting what the two had said. Having a Yin Yang divine vein from the two girls for free and also getting devil and divine skills. But considering everything he could only choose to believe.

Chen Xiang with a bitter sigh, said: ’’This young one is named Chen Xiang, how may I address elder sisters? I do hope that you are not playing me.’’

The cold beauty said: ’’Bai Youyou.’’

The seductive girl with a smile said: ’’Su Meiyao.’’

Chen Xiang smilingly said: ’’Really aptly named! Then what are we going to do next?’’

[TLN: Bai Youyou (白幽幽) =幽幽 means distant representing the cold temperament.

Su Meiyao (苏媚瑶) =媚瑶 means charming jade representing the seductive temperament]

Su Meiyao said ’’We can first have a blood deed which ensures that both sides won't betray each other, because we have to live together for a very long time. Transferring the divine vein to you is a very common thing for us. I and senior sister have dual divine veins, giving you one of them will not affect us.’’

Dual divine veins and both of them! Chen Xiang's mouth was twitching, this made it more difficult to believe. However his heart was somewhat excited, because these two formidable girl will live together with him for a very long time, for any man this was a dream come true, but they still have to rely on him to restore their strength.

[PF: see the girls are the true gift in this situation, martial arts are just secondary.]

Bai Youyou said ’’We don't understand each other, to prevent dismantling the bridge after crossing, a blood deed is a must.’’

Su Meiyao explained the common things about the blood deed and then explained the steps of a blood deed in detail.

The blood deed was simple, first soak a beast skin in their blood, then draw the blood deed totem on it, after that write down the contract content on the blood deed, then have the three bleed on the blood deed and the process is complete. The blood deed will form a contract with the soul, this can also allow the soul to feel the contract clearly.

After completing the blood deed, Chen Xiang was cocked by the profound technique, only at this time did he believe what these two said was real! His heart was also filled with excitement, because from now on he will live with these beauties for a very long time, moreover this rotten salted fish not only can stand up from failure, but also can overturn Tianshan.

[TLN:Tianshan , it's just an

After the two girl with celestial appearances and Chen Xiang formed a contract.

’’Sisters, you can't move because your bones and meridians within the body have received quite severe wounds?’’ Chen Xiang asked, he just picked up the ’’hell spirit grass’’, this ’’hell spirit grass’’ had an effect for re-growing flesh and bones, it provides a big help when recovering from an injury.

Bai Youyou while nodding said:’’ Our enemy was very strong, but that slut cannot kill us directly due to the blood deed, therefore she destroyed our powers and then let us sit here to wait for death.’’

Chen Xiang's arrival, undoubtedly saved them. Therefore they were willing to transfer their unnecessary divine vein to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was wrought with fear, these two mysterious girl with dual divine vein are very tough, but their enemy is far stronger than them, also that person put them in this state.

’’I picked up the 'hell spirit grass' on the cliff, will it be helpful for you to recover from the injuries?’’ Chen Xiang asked, as he will soon have two divine veins, the hell spirit grass didn't really matter to him.

Su Meiyao face filled with joy, said: ’’Yes of course, with this we can move quickly.’’

Chen Xiang grinned a simple and honest smile, as he took out one half of the ’’hell spirit grass’’ he divided it into two, feeding the two women, feeding the two beauties made Chen Xiang quite happy..........

Although the 'hell spirit grass' cannot fully restore the injuries of the two girls, it can allow their bones to recover without any internal disruption, allowing them to walk freely, but they still will not be able to recover their strength.

’’Sisters, what is your background? Your enemy is so formidable, who is your enemy?’’ This is also what Chen Xiang was most curious about.

Bai Youyou coldly shot a look with one eye: ’’On the contract there was nothing mentioned to tell you about this, I do not have to reply to you!’’

[PF: ah the ’’you know when you have enough power statement, and so the secret stays until he becomes uber op.’’]

Su Meiyao reorganizing her hair, softly said:’’ These things you should not ask, it will involve you too broadly, you are still young, satisfying your curiosity will bring fatal disaster to you, which is not good for you. Now let's transfer the divine veins.’’


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